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Dance BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION to THIS music! The Day Prior To This’s Vlog: …
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25 Responses to “DISNEYLAND DANCE PARTY!!!”

  1. Historia Biersack-Quinn-Fuentes-Gaskarth says:

    He was more excited than the kids xDD

    That would be me if I had kids and went to Disneyland with them..

  2. Alishba Khan says:

    Carly is soo pretty 

  3. xPinkAsh says:

    Comment your recent emojis ❤️

  4. Kristine Haviland says:

    <3 I love your Disney and every kinda vlogs!!!!!!!!!! :D Love

  5. Aaron Griffin says:

    Who’s watching in 2015?

  6. Hannah Goncalves says:

    who else started dancing when bonfire came on?

  7. Niki Ebanks says:

    I am 8 years old my name is angel

  8. Tonya Davis says:

    at 16:36 do Carly’s dance and at 16:51-17:72 do Shays dance the best

  9. ramsdenamy5 says:

    6:00 did p-tizzle say white dick

  10. theawesomelittlegrace says:

    I’m going too disney world on October 10th but I’ll be in the park on
    October 11th 2015 first time I’m excited!!!

  11. Claudia Slavin says:

    ok, are you sure you want to EAT and then go on Space Mountain?

  12. Helen Cresswell says:

    he said grandma and grandma

  13. TimeCapsule1100 says:

    What is the song at 16:04?

  14. Cocopuff Welling says:

    Who has not bin to Disney Land? Because I have not

  15. Oluwakemi Adesina says:

    did you know you said grandma and grandma instead of grandma and grandpa

  16. tom einstein says:

    @16:05 haha that is too awesome. trap at disneyland? there is hope

  17. Rufino Cruz says:

    Who is watching this on 2015 answer

  18. Mariana Medina says:

    Where was Collette

  19. Thea O'Connor says:

    I thought they lived in Ohio

  20. American girl fever says:

    Anyone wanting a sub 4 a sub?

  21. Belinda Miller says:

    Am I the only one that hasn’t been to Disney land 

  22. Official OblivionRiderr21 says:

    im going to Disneyland tomorrow. and im going to do a meet and greet with
    Ariana Grande and im gonna see her concert with my family. :) 

  23. Abigail Foster says:

    Who’s watching in 2015

  24. KLKEA'S CRIB says:

    Why does Gavin sit in the back and princess yard sit in the front???

  25. ella cross says:

    We’re. Is the vid when princess tard gets lost ? Or what is the video 


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