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Now that I Do Not work at Disneyland anymore, I’m spilling all my beans. Sorry that they’re largely all depressing / soul-crushing. Love you! Inspect my seco…
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50 Responses to “Disneyland”

  1. Li Docaine says:

    Oh my gosh..why do they smile after every finished line? It annoys me, when
    the information itself is nice to know ( e.g. free coffee-refill)

  2. Luis Terrazas says:

    I got the Premium Annual Pass for christmas!

  3. Michael Gardner says:

    The Park is still PURE MAGIC…it brings out the kid in most!

  4. Tricia Maraschino says:

    Check out this video on YouTube:

  5. MusicMania says:

    I love Disneyland :) 

  6. Solo Flyer says:

    Ahh can’t wait to be there in a few weeks. I’m actually vlogging my
    expectations and trip on my channel. 

  7. lam im says:

    aahhhh california

  8. Sariyah Barnett says:

    I seen alias in wonderland in there

  9. Adam Medina says:

    Check out all of the Disneyland videos I have on my channel. I proposed to
    my wife there and we have been 65 times and counting!

  10. Brandon Bowditch says:

    I seriously don’t know why your comment got spammed. People can make
    homophobic comments on YouTube and not get spammed at all. But when a
    smart, respectful comment comes along… EVERYONE LOOSES THEIR MINDS! lol

  11. Very unOfficial Travel Guides says:

    Wow. I didn’t even realize it was spammed!

  12. Mark Headley says:


  13. Brandon Bowditch says:

    Yeah, I don’t think any “bitches” will be going out with you at Disneyland.
    At least not with your attitude.

  14. Brandon Bowditch says:

    Disneyland isn’t that bad. There’s no reason to say that it sucks now. As
    far as the tourists go, I’ve met a lot of tourists at Disneyland who were
    pretty cool. On the other side of the coin, I’ve met a lot of douches whom
    you call “stuck up tourists”. So I can’t agree or disagree with you on that
    factor. I can’t disagree with you on the food, but that’s why you should
    bring your own food. haha Anyway, I don’t think Disneyland sucks. It can be
    a really fun time. (If you go with someone. lol)

  15. Priya Soni says:

    disney land is a wonder ful place

  16. Adam Wyson says:

    Love me some disneyland

  17. alice silva says:

    very good i love disneyland

  18. Thiar Axel says:

    In California

  19. MontageFilmsHD says:

    I go every 2 months but don’t like it sometimes because i want other people
    to go that have never went

  20. California Travel Tips says:

    Hope you can make it soon!

  21. LeVamp OuO says:

    I go to Disneyland every year, it’s been a family tradition since i was 3
    months old. I’ve seen changes go throughout Disneyland, and i’m so thankful
    to get to experience the magic, we recently got an annual pass last year in
    april, and we went three times that year and saved a lot of money, :D
    annual passes are making the experience even better, especially with the
    new attractions added! i’m so excited to be going soon, hopefully by
    february and before the expiration date in april~

  22. R Mtz says:

    I would like some info about disneyland its been about 15 years, I
    understand they got 2 parks now. Do you have to pay seperate or is it just
    one admission for both parks. And where and how can I find cheap admission
    tickets. 2 adults and 3 children

  23. Wyatt Shipp says:

    I’m staying at DL Saturday-Sunday for my birthday!

  24. Hannah N says:

    Hi CA Travel tips, I’m going to Disneyland next saturday, the 4th. Do you
    think it’s going to be very busy? Thank you!

  25. California Travel Tips says:

    Yes, as long as you are comfortable in them!

  26. Grammicals says:

    How do you feel about the Main Street Elite?

  27. Ryan Lamont says:

    Haha, this was interesting!

  28. haroof says:

    I would totally bang this batshit crazy Disney hooker.

  29. horrorjunkie92 says:

    Where is Walt’s cryogenic freezer? (Inbox me.)

  30. Robert Dean Vassar says:

    Wow. Idk even know what to say about this. “A job is a job”??? Well,
    personally I would LOVE to work at Disneyland even if I was the “Clean up
    puke” Cast Member. Yes I’d be cleaning up puke, but I’m cleaning it up at
    Idk the reasons why you left Disneyland but your gripes about it sound
    trivial. But, I do appreciate you sharing.

  31. Doombuggy53 says:

    I use to work at the haunted mansion, and yes, several times a day, a cast
    member will ride the attraction for “show check” purposes… and maybe
    sometimes on my break/lunch using that excuse :) 

  32. Alicia Cleeland says:

    uhrm I’m an Annual pass holder.

  33. Labyrinthian95 says:

    Loved this and don’t worry, I still want to work there. Only one more year
    til Disney College Program, yup

  34. christian newcomer says:

    you basically suck – the idea isnt for you to be happy – you work there.
    its an altruistic thing. im a bit surprised disney gave such an ugly,
    unwarranted, fat girl, such as you, a chance. if you didnt quit – i should
    hope you would have been fired shortly before that decision.

    people pay LOTS of money to go there. disney is actually quite a good
    employer as well. its in the top two – #1 being google. so go be fat and
    bitch about something else.

  35. taurnguard says:

    Dare I ask did you quit or were you fired?

  36. Natalie Salamy says:

    I can’t wait to work at Disneyland, I saw your happy things about working
    at Disneyland video as well, it makes me want to work there so bad! there
    are pros and cons about every job people, even at the happiest place on
    earth. Love you’re videos Sarah!

  37. Jefferson Lewis says:

    I wanted to speak up for my fellow Entertainment CM’s and say that we refer
    to our AP guests as “AP’s” or “Guests”. Some of the most amazing guests
    I’ve met are AP holders and I’m happy they come to the parks so much! It’s
    sad to see you slam an entire department that works hard, like everyone
    else, to create magical moments.

  38. Rika Re says:

    THERE’S A SUBWAY BACKSTAGE?! 3oijsdf0fh. Yep. I need to work there.

  39. Jen Alvarez says:

    I used to work there, you’re pretty much right on the money w/ your facts

  40. Geshmake says:

    Hi, your video is great! Just curious, what makes Disneyland Annual
    Passholders assholes? Thanks!

  41. Viddy1155 says:

    I just like BEING at Disneyland

  42. Li Docaine says:

    Please stop waving your arms all over the place…

  43. beautifuldancer says:

    Wow, I expected a video about disneyland cast member secrets, not some
    chick ranting about why SHE hates disneyland. Oh well.

  44. DisneyMagicDreamer85 says:

    I got an interview! I finally got a job interview for Disneyland casting! I
    am so pumped, plz wish me luck. One step closer to my dream job!

  45. Rachel Mc says:

    +Imsarahsnitch sorry 

  46. Carlos Figueroa says:

    I did not like video

  47. Katie Nichol says:

    my cousin works at Disneyland too! she does makeup! :) 

  48. mewpie85 says:

    annual pass holders are giant dicks!! and actually, I rode splash when I
    worked in pooh corner;) a few times!

  49. TheAlicialady says:

    Not helpful. Very spiteful. 

  50. Rae1777 says:

    Former castmember circa 1985: Getting my paycheck in the office behind the
    jungle ride, listening to the african guys chanting over and over and over.
    Still loved it. I’d go in after work in civilian clothes. Eating lunch in
    the employee side of the River Belle Terrace…. good times, good times…


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