Does Your Home Budget Or Budget Spreadsheet Fight Against Your LTG Achievements in Life?

Your home budget software or budget spreadsheet should be aiding you in reaching your L.T.G.s. in life. Are you tired of living week by week, month by month, and existing without actually living? And do you want the fruits of life and not just the mere act of existence? Then, by all means, I seriously suggest that you start by adding some L.T.G.s to your daily financial diet! Oh... You want to know what L.T.G.s are? Of course! L.T.G. is the short way of saying, "Long Term Goal". I know...Your thinking "Sure, right, my life consists of three Children, one spouse (actually forth child), rent, car loans, and a bank balance that hovers somewhere between going and gone!" Yet, L.T.G.s are not impossible when employing an comprehensive strategy geared from the outset to the achievement of your long term goals in life. As a matter of fact, anyone, at just about any level of income can have and achieve their long term goals in life.
Did you know that there are two driving forces, or perspectives at work in achieving your long term goals in life? It true, they are yours and the author behind the home budget or budget spreadsheet you have opted to use on a daily bases; and any commitment failure from either end will most likely cause a derailment of any and all of your long term goals. So let us take under consideration, these two perspectives and how they apply to achieving your long term goals in life.
The first perspective is of course yours, and is broken down into two parts. These two areas are your personal commitment to achieving your long term goals and will work apart from your budget spreadsheet; but they are none the less foundational to its success. First, you will need to exercise focus and/or determination. Please, keep in the cracks and crevices of your mind that abstract goals in life that are akin to "power", "financial freedom", and "being rich" are nice; but will soon fade away, since wealth and power are at best relative; you will never earn enough, nor have enough power. Ergo, these are unfocused and unrealistic "types" of goals to have in life. Focused goals in life should revolve around items of need, trips or get-a-ways, and personal achievements. Thou, this is not a comprehensive list; these are however, tangible and attainable for the resolute of mind. Secondly, you will also need to allow for time in reaching your long term goals in life. Many families become discouraged in the short term, soon giving up for failing to grasp this basic concept in Long term goal achievement. When looking at other families we tend to see the results and not the determination, hard work, and time that had produced such results. So please, work hard, remain patient, focus on each goal, and allow for plenty of time!
The last perspective is the authors' and is reflective in the type of budget spreadsheet or home budget software he has designed for you to use. This is the authors' commitment in aiding you to reaching your long term goals in life. It should be interjected at this point that the purpose of any budget spreadsheet or home budget is only to provide useful information in one form or another. It does not decide on which bills to pay, nor the order in which they are paid. Simple put, your home budget is not your brain; it is a means to an end! That being said; the types of information provided will have a direct bearing on your ability to reach your long term goals. Information such as daily bank balances, your lowest balance in the year, and bank balance trends over a period of time. It is not wise to have a long term commitment without understanding it impact on your finances today and all of your tomorrows to come. The authors' commitment should also include easy to use software or spreadsheets. There is nothing more taxing on the mind than trying to navigate through a hard to use and complex home budget or budget spreadsheet.
So, now that the lights are starting to dim and everyone has gathered up all of their belongings as they prepare to leave and journey to their perspective homes; what will we take away with us and remember the most about this article? That there are two perspectives or driving forces that impact your ability to reaching your long term goals in life.
While it is our responsibility is to be focused, coupled with patience and time; the authors' responsibility is to provide useful information in an easy to use and understandable format.
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