Rate of Change Indicator Definition

What does rate of change mean? Well, this is the technical indicator which measures the percentage changes between the latest price and the price of period in the past. This is calculated with the formula:
(Closing Price Today – Closing Price ‘n’ Period) / Closing Price ‘n’ Periods Ago
ROC is being classed as price momentum indicator or velocity indicator since it measure rate of change indicator or strength of momentum change.

Rate of Change Volume – Technical Analysis Indicator
Rate of Change Volume Definition
Volume rate of change is the technical indicator use to measure the instability in security’s volume. The rate of change volume is a great indicator when calculating security’s aptitude to drive through key resistance. Volume ROC is being calculated as the exact same way as rate of change indicators except in its place of tracking closing price it tracks the volume.
Volume Rate of Change Formula
Volume ROC is planned by dividing the quantity over last "x" period by the quantity over last "x" period ago. If the quantity from these days is less than "x" periods ago, then the quantity ROC is trending lower. Below are the formulas for the quantity ROC:
Volume ROC = (Volume – Volume n-period ago)/ Volume n-period ago) *100
Interpreting Volume ROC
Volume rate of modification indicator is skewed like several different technical indicators and needs a transitional technical analysis of education. The primary question you've got to raise yourself is what percentage periods ought to feed the input for indicator. The shorter the period, the bigger value fluctuations occur in the quantity rate of change indicator. Assume that you've got selected the right input worth for the time frame you're trading on, you would see the quantity ROC acquire considerably because it breaks through resistance. This is often a symbol that you simply are correct in long position and therefore the trend stay intact for the close term.
Volume Rate of Charting Example
Below could be a charting example of breakout that was established by big increase within the volume rate of change indicator. A lot of traders uses price larger than zero to point a rise in upward thrust and price but zero to point the increase in selling pressure. On the other hand, a number of most valuable signals are produced when the value of the asset and also the ROC are in title in the opposite direction (recognized as divergence). For instance, within the chart on top you'll be able to see that ROC is inclined downward whereas the value of the asset is in the increase. These can typically indication that a pointy decline could also be on the manner.

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