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How to start blogging

I know you have heard that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a step. This is very true whenever you decide to start blogging. Now if you have been contemplating on how to start blogging, the answer is very easy. In order for you to start, you have to learn some of the basics and then start doing it.  



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One of the biggest issues most people usually run into when they are new to blogging is that they over complicate things. Now do you know that most of the software available out there for you to start a blog is very easy to operate and understand? To be precise, it takes a few clicks for you to get started. Same thing goes for many of the blogging platforms that are free on the Internet. These were created with simplicity having the end user in mind. Often, you can easily have one of these free blogs set up and ready to go within just some minutes after signing up for an account.  




Now, if you have been asking yourself how do I start blogging? You have to think about why you need to start blogging in the first place. Some people blog just to always keep up with family and friends and to let them know about what is going on in their lives. It is also one of the best ways to share pictures and videos. You can also make some money by blogging because there are some advertising programs which are available on the Internet that allow you put in a little bit of code into your blog and all the advertising on the back end will be taking care of .


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Probably the most difficult aspect about learning how to blog is placing the very first post out there on the Internet. You only need some few minutes to set up a blog, maybe an hour that’s if it is the first time you are doing it. The article that you will post on your blog might take nothing less than some hours to put together, now depending on what you really want to do. It is very important that you get your first post online because this will encourage you to keep going.


How to install a WordPress blog

Installing a WordPress blog is very easy to learn. The software is easily available for download on the web, and it's one of the best programs available to users out there. All you have to do is get a domain name and web hosting for the program to put your blog because these are not included in it.  


Once you have got the domain and web hosting, and the program has been downloaded; the rest is very simple. All you need to do is to open the application and follow the procedures. Just enter in the information like the domain name you have and the details of your web hosting. You also need to pick a good title for your blog and then you move onto picking out themes, colors and templates. There are so many that you can choose from and with the latest version you can change the templates later if you actually don't like them. At the very end, all you have to do is "create", and you're done. In a couple of minutes your blog is on the internet and ready for you to customize.

There is a lot of plug-ins that you can use to make your site function better or even more unique. These are easily available online along with some tutorials on creating your own plug-ins. You will be amazed at how easy the software is and how fun it is to customize. Learning how to install a WordPress blog is something that will just take you some few minutes, but it can also be addicting because you will find yourself spending lots of time changing your blog appearance a few times until you finally settle on one.

I firmly believe that beginners can learn how to install a WordPress blog without any problems at all. There are easy procedures to follow, and the instructions are very simple. There are also tutorials available if you need a little more help. It's already set up for success and beginners will definitely enjoy the results they are going to get with it.  


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How much does it cost to start a blog?

The first question people ask when they are trying to start a blog of their own, is what exactly is the associated costs involved? Now depending on how complex or simple you want your blog to be, the actual start-to-finish costs normally varies. To make this as easy as possible, we will have to cover the important aspects of blogging, while also making it as easy to the point as possible.

It won’t take you much to get started with a quality blog of your own. In the “blogging necessities” list below, I will cover all the things you need to kick start your blog, along with the costs associated with each.


- Domain name – $15/year


This name is what people will use to search your blog on the internet. It is the name and address for your blog and it’s also the most important thing people will remember about your site. The money required to register a new domain name is normally in the range of $7-$15. After registering a domain name, you are required to pay a yearly fee to renew the domain. The cost is usually the same amount which you paid for the domain when registering.


·        Web hosting – $10/month

Web hosting is a necessity because it store site content on the internet and make it accessible to people all over the world. As a blogger, you really don’t need to know the technicalities of hosting, but all that is required for you to know is that the majority of web hosting companies on the internet will definitely be fine for your blog. You also have to know that Web hosting is always paid on a monthly basis, though some hosts give discounts with annual billing.


·        WordPress – Free

This actually is the platform that powers almost all the blogs on the internet today. You can easily and freely download the WordPress software from and install it onto your server. Another good option is to register for web hosting through HostGator, because they offer one click WordPress installation. You will never be ask to pay to download wordpress or any other associated software updates because it is free.  

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WordPress security and plugins

How will you feel when you visit your site and found out that all your previous work has gone and somebody else has taken over your site?

So many sites are been hacked every day, for all its strengths, there is also a lot of downside to WordPress. Unfortunately, the truth is just because it is so popular that’s why it attracts so many hackers and internet evil-doers that use WordPress sites for play and prey. And they usually don't scan for vulnerabilities personally; all they use is automated "bots" that work non-stop searching for holes.

Once they see a hole, all they do is use that entrance point on so many thousands of other sites.

Now you need to always have a recent backup so you can quickly swap a hacked site. Always make sure you have the latest versions of WordPress and all the plugins required because they contain the latest fixes for known holes that the bots are searching for.

Delete those unused themes and plugins you are keeping. Keeping themes are Old and inactive are serious security threat. You can either make use of WP admin or ftp dashboard and remove them from the wp-content/themes/ directory; all you need do is just to reinstall when you need them.

Don’t ever use public wifi to logging into your sites or bank accounts because there is actually no security in public. You have to only install trusted plugins because if you install the wrong ones they will install a free key to all the things you have; be warned.

Delete the automated "admin" user and setup a very hard name that will be hard to crack. Use passwords that are scrambled but genuinely random making use of all kinds of characters from your keyboard. After setting up that new user, you have to give them a nickname that will always show to the public - it must be different from the username so it is difficult to find.  




There are so many good security plugins available but you don’t have to install too many plugins because it will make your site load very slowly and that always damage search engine rankings. I will give you some tips that you can easily do yourself using ftp. If that sounds too difficult for your current skill level, then you can use plugins such as Akismet, Chap Secure Login, WP-secure, Login Lockdown, and WP Security Scan which will do many of these things for you.

You have to start by creating an empty index.html and an empty index.php then you can upload them into your plugin directory to easily hide your plugins folder so no one will see what plugins they can exploit there. You will also upload the same file into your themes folder to hide them too.

You can set file permissions to 644 on your wp-admin/index.php and to 600 on wp-config.php so they will not be able to execute.

Always keep your WordPress version hidden so that hackers won't know the version you are running. Go to your theme's folder and click open "header.php". Then delete the line <meta name="generator" content="WordPress <?php bloginfo('version');?>" /> - because it has no useful purpose.

You will have to change the automatic wp_ MYSQL table prefix with something more non specific. But if this is too risky for you to do, WP Security Scan plugin can do it for you.  




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How to choose the perfect blogging platform for you

If you really want to start a blog, but don’t know the right platform for you, some important factors to look at are time and goals. Now if you're seriously wondering if one platform offers quality more than another or more people prefer one particular blog platform over another then you're in luck! Not only are there so many popular blogging platforms to choose from, changing from one platform to another as your requirements change is earlier than ever due to cross-connection.

Because of the simplistic nature of blogging it has become very popular. So many free blogging platforms are available with each containing features that are robust both built-in and as add-ons for serving published content that are dynamic. All blogging platforms are very similar but vary a little bit in terms of scalability and user-friendliness.

WordPress is a very popular choice because it can be hosted on your own server or by wordpress, giving you more "control". While a good hosting costs and maintenance of the server are some very important aspects to consider, Tumblr a micro blogging platform has also gained a lot of respectable audience as a very good business blogging platform.  



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Pros and Cons

Before you choose a blogging platform let's keep in mind the following:


1. Are you good with installation, configuration, and self-hosting your blog yourself, or would you rather rely on a hosted service?

2. Can you design your blog theme, or are you satisfied with using or modifying an existing theme?

3. Do you want others to be able to comment on your posts and interact with your content in a social way?

4. Will you always be writing your own unique articles or you prefer posting interesting things you find online?

5. Is this for business or personal use?

6. Are you willing to pay for this blogging platform?

7. Will you need multiple user access to your blogging platform?  






Blogging Platform Options

This is a list covering some of the well established and popular blogging platforms that is good to most needs along with a brief explanation of its strengths.


·        Tumblr

This is a microblog platform that's free and designed to take all the effort out of blogging. This is not like conventional blogging platforms that publish posts; Tumblr is a social community that shares good and quality content from different online sources and then reblog the content with the hope that others in the community will enjoy the content. This is one of the best methods to filter mediocre content from interesting content with the potential to go viral. Tumblr also handle good and original content as well, but it's not good for anybody who intends to create a long-form blog. If what you actually want is to share quality and interesting content and also have a social network built-in to your blog so you can quickly interact with other users, then Tumblr is the right blogging platform for you.


·        Asaph

This is similar to Tumblr because it is a self-hosted microblog platform, where you are able to add content through a bookmarklet for easy usage. You can simply choose from the selection that is included or you can also create your own themes. If you like Tumblr but still want full control, then Asaph's open-source option is what you're looking for.


·        Posterous Spaces

Posterous Spaces gives you an interpretation the article you provide is allowing you to post from the Posterous site and also through emailing what you really want to post on your blog. It normally turns photos into galleries and converts video into a player as well. It`s a great option if you don`t require a lot of control and simplicity is of importance to you.


·        WordPress

The most popular blogging software which makes up the majority of blogs and Content Management Systems (CMS) is WordPress. It`s reputation is backed by both the highest ranked website on the internet and open source community. It's very easy to get your blog started after choosing a hosting service, and what if you host WordPress yourself there are also many hosts that offer one-click installations of the software. WordPress offers over 1,000 free themes, while there are many great themes made available for purchase, with basic scripting and web design knowledge you can even create your own from scratch.


How to make money with your blog

Blogging has gained tremendous popularity in the last years. Millions of people have personal blogs where they share their thoughts or provide valuable information on specific topics. Perhaps the most popular blogs are able to make a living from advertising programs, but there are many other ways to diversify your income streams. If you already have your own blog and you want to monetize your content, check out the following tips:


Affiliate programs

There are thousands of affiliate programs that you can use to monetize your blog. The most popular of them include Clickbank, Amazon, and Commission Junction. As an affiliate, you promote products and services offered by various merchants. Every time you make a sale, you receive a commission. If you have a fashion blog, you can make money online by promoting clothing stores and fashion magazines.


Direct Ad sales

Another way to monetize your blog is selling ad space directly to advertisers. By using this strategy, you can eliminate the middle man and set up your own price for displaying other people's ads. Another advantage of direct ads is that publishers are able to offer more targeted advertisements to their visitors.


Self-published books

If your blog focuses on a specific niche, then you should create an eBook with self-publishing services and earn profits. Write an original eBook that provides value to your visitors and then advertise it on your blog. Create a relevant blog post about your book and give people a reason to buy it.


Paid content

Paid content is a great monetization tool for popular blogs. If your blog has loyal readership, you can offer premium content to readers who are willing to pay for the information. Publishers can monetize their blogs by selling mini-guides, white papers, eBooks, and tutorials. You can also create special sections featuring videos, webinars, and events, and then create revenue by selling subscriptions or charging admission.



Donation buttons have been a part of blogging for years. Bloggers have long been using their platforms to raise money and awareness. If you provide quality content on your blog, ask your readers for donations in a polite way. The ones who truly value your work will support your actions and reward your efforts by making a donation.

Selling products, joining ad networks, and writing sponsored posts are other great ways to make money online with your blog. If you offer specific services such as copywriting or web design, you can use your blog to promote your business and find new customers.  



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Secrets to making a full-time income from your blog

According to statistics, there are a lot of people making lots of money working from home. These people might be doing this by simply having and operating so many blogs. Maybe you will be thinking that this takes a whole lot of money to start but most of them don’t even spend any money. If you are in need of some extra money you too can set up some simple blogs.

You can start with as simple as 4 or more blogs because it does not take much. You can always start out with free blogs if you don't have the necessary money to get your own domain. There are so many blog service providers which are free out there that can easily offer their services to you and also gives you free templates to use.  Once you have set up your blog, you can then give value to it by adding things like Google Ad Sense or some other advertisements that you can easily make some money from. Google AdSense is actually one of the easiest to work with because all you need to do is just place the code from Adsense on your site and when your visitors click on those ads you make some cool money.

Now in addition to AdSense, you can also make money blogging by registering at 'blog for money' websites. These websites give you weekly blogging tasks. What you need to do is to always follow the simple tasks that they give you and you just blog accordingly. To get paid require that you simply do the tasks that are required of you and these 'blog for money' website owners will then pay you according to the task agreed upon. These tasks may be paying you for each post or they can also pay you according to the number of hits that particular content receives.

Blogging for cash is very easy to do and you can always make a living doing just that. All you need to do is make some research and some of your time and then start sharing your knowledge and you will be well on your way to the bank literally.


Tips to make your blog a success

Are you trying to make your online business a success? Then you have to consider blogging as a very powerful tool that will aid you in generating lots of traffic to your Website. If you maintain your blog after setting it up, then you will always get huge returns with very little investment.


Here are some great tips which will get you started when building your blog and also help you in maintaining it.


·        Always get to the point by putting your ideas in a blog without writing too much.

·        One of the best ways to get the interest of your readers and keep it is to stick to one point at a time. If you begin to go from one subject to the next, you will lose your reader's interest very fast so always write about one idea at a time.

·        State your ideas in a very simple format, so even a first-grader could understand it because the fact that you know so much about a topic doesn't mean everyone else does.

·        Always connect with your audience by keeping an informal approach that allows the readers to read your articles and feel as if they're actually communicating with you.

·        Proofread your work always because no one really wants to see bad grammar or misspelled words when they're trying to educate themselves about something. It will just defeat the purpose.

·        Negativity doesn’t count so you have to always be positive. A lot of encouragement is needed by everybody in this day and age so keep your blogs positive and uplifting and it will affect your reader.


How long does it take to make money blogging?

The truth is, the blogging model you choose will determine how quickly you start to make money online. If you choose the wrong one then it will take you years. One of the simplest methods to make money online is blogging, because it is such an easy model to start. Yes, it’s very simple, but a lot of people get it wrong.

There are a lot of people who start new blogs everyday with the intentions of making so much money from them. But most of them don’t even make enough to pay for a cup of coffee, let alone the weekly grocery bills.

And this is mainly because they use the wrong blogging strategy from the very beginning. Choosing the right strategy will determine whether you make money in the next 2 months or the next 5 years.

There’s a perfect science to blogging for money that most people don’t know about. It’s so easy but most bloggers “miss it” – even when it’s starring them in the face.

Most people are very good in creating a blog – no problem, but not all are able to make money from them, and I believe it’s all down to some few little clues that they miss.

These clues normally determine if you’ll make money in 2 months or 5 years. So whether your goal is to make $200 a month or even a $30,000 a month it can all be achieved using blogs coupled with the right strategy.

How much money you make is actually connected to how much effort you’re willing to put in.


How to get traffic to your blog

The frustration to gain readership has been experienced by almost everybody who's ever hosted a blog. The truth is, it normally takes some effort to build an audience although we’d all like it if readers just magically came to us.

It’s very simple to get frustrated and easily give up on blogging, but once you know the benefits, you'll understand that giving up on your blog is not the solution.  

Here are some proven strategies that can help you boost readership and increase traffic to your blog.


Know your niche.

Your content need to follow a clear theme because you have to decide who your target audience is, what they will always want to read and what specific messages you want to convey.


Incorporate links

Whenever you talk about another company’s product or service in an article, you have to include a link to that company’s page because Google like seeing outbound links on site, another advantage is the company you mention may also notice your post and link back to you. Plus, readers are always happy when you provide resources to make it simple for them to find the things they're looking for.


Write guest posts

You can offer to contribute guest blog posts to other blogs that reach your target audience. If the site has a good audience, you can bet that readers will in turn want to engage with more of your blogpost.


Write more

Do you know that the more often you post on your blog, the more traffic it will receive? Google normally gives higher priority to websites with good and fresh content, so to get more attention from the search engines, you have to update your blog at least twice a day.


Inviting guest contributors

If you allow others write for your blog, then you add more articles that you didn’t have to write yourself. Now those contributors will also share with their networks and they may ask you to write for them, opening up new readership avenues for you.


Social media promotion

Always share all new articles across your social media networks, like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn. If you spend some time growing your networks and sharing great content, social media sites can become some of your top traffic sources.


Write better titles

The title for your articles is more important than the content itself because titles help most potential readers decide whether they should click on the link and read more. Now take a look at the article titles you see on magazine covers. They normally entice readers with promises and solutions. When you try this, your readership will definitely increase.


Add social sharing buttons

At the top and bottom of your articles, make sure you put social sharing buttons for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and the other major social networks. Make it simple for readers to spread the word.


Add video

Google is the owner of YouTube, this is one of the reasons videos drive more traffic to your site. Always supplement the articles on your blog with informative and entertaining short videos.


Always include photos

Do you know that photos in articles boost readership. A photo does not just make the post more appealing, but you can also include keywords in the Alt Image tag on the photo, boosting search engine optimization (SEO) for your site.


Past content retweeting

We aren’t all looking at Twitter at the same time, so when you share a new blog post link, the majority of your fan base won’t see it the first time. Repeat your tweets, and don’t be afraid to share past content. Readers don’t care when it was written as long as it’s still relevant.


Invest in promotion

Sometimes invest in sponsored posts if you believe your audience is spending most time on Facebook, for as little as $10, you can “Boost” a post and increase its reach significantly.

Use lots of subheads, bullets and numbered lists so that your content will be easy to read.

Always promote your blog through your email signature and your bio in any online profiles.

Make sure subscribing to your RSS feed by blog visitors is very easy.

Always invite readers to leave a comment, and then reply so that they will know you’re engaged.


Using Google analytics and ad word

Is it very hard for you to keep track of your blog performance in search engines? Now apart from downloading software that usually offers to keep track of the SEO performance of your site, Google analytics is the integrated service of Google especially for people who are into SEO which are very concerned with the performance of their site.

Google analytics is a strong service that keeps track of the success of your site on paid and organic search results. It gives you very good understanding on how your web site's visitors react on your site. It normally gives you detailed experience of your web site visitors.

It will also keep you aware of the key words users in relation to your web site frequently use. You will also be thought on the very best link text that brings in most prospects.

Google Analytics shares with you a lot of analytical data which will greatly help you to being aware about your site visitors and target visitors' preferences.

Google Analytics also provides lots of free information about the way visitors to your site interact with it. If you take a very good look at Google Analytics, webmasters will know that it is a very valuable tool they should always use especially if they do not have any form of visitor tracking solution.

Google Analytics also shares with you the SEO campaigns that delivered the return on investment. Google Analytics can also be used to track down results of your internet marketing campaigns. Now combined with Google Ad Words, you will be very sure of getting significant information about your web site.

Google Ad Words is a very powerful service to put your site in search results based on some special keywords that is related to your site. Your major web site's key words are taking note of by Google Ad Words and it guarantees that your web site appears in search engine results. With Google Ad Words you can easily reach millions in seconds, and get in front of the right audience and then sell your goods or services to visitors all over the world.


WordPress blog maintenance

You don’t need to sit and relax forever after creating a self-hosted WordPress blog. You need to always improve its themes and plugins. The complete installations may have to be upgraded, or maybe all you simply need is for some modifications to be added to your theme, or you may sometimes just add little functionality to your blog or you may just need to replace your CSS. While you are carrying out all the above mentioned, you will probably want to inform your visitors that your site is under maintenance. Now how are you going to do this?

Apart from this, it is also good that you conduct all kinds of modifications and test on your local server and then upload the newest modified version. During this period when your blogs are not online, it is your priority to respect your visitors by informing them that you are running maintenance and will be back soon. You can do this by using one of the useful plugins created for such purpose.

The truth is a lot of work is needed in WordPress maintenance including website optimization, broken link checks, regular backups, fixing security loopholes, updating core files & plugins, database repairs, and so much more. But you can hire someone to do this for you if you don't have the time to do this kind of technical stuff.  

Note: Blogging for money as a career is a source of online income definitely not a get rich quick business.



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