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Tips to be Successful in Life




The Essential Guide To Personal Success 




Making money is an essential element of personal success. These days there are more opportunities than ever before to make money, and we are going to discuss some of the best methods in this article.





 Making Money Online and Offline  

You have a choice of making your money through conventional business practices (offline) where you may have a brick and mortar shop or office, or you can use the Internet to make money (online). The smartest entrepreneurs will use a combination of the two methods for the best profits. The Internet has the advantages of low cost and convenience. You can start an online business for just a few dollars, whereas an offline business usually requires significantly more investment in stock, premises, hiring employees and so on. You can operate an online business from anywhere in the world. All you need is a computer and a connection to the Internet. 



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How to Invest in the Stock Market for Beginners 

A way of making money online that is growing in popularity is the buying and selling of stocks on the Stock Market. There are plenty of different ways that you can participate in stock trading as a beginner. Successful investing for beginners is best achieved by choosing from two different types of financial instruments. 

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The two recommended choices are stock funds and individual stocks: 


Stock Funds 

Exchange traded or equity indexed funds enable you to make a purchase of smaller pieces of a number of stocks in one transaction. These funds basically track an index for example the Standard & Poors 500 fund. This fund replicates the index by purchasing stocks of the companies in the fund. You will own several small pieces of the companies within a fund when you choose this option. When you become more experienced in stock funds it is a good idea to invest in several different funds and develop a diversified portfolio. Stock funds are diversified by nature, which means that your risks are lower. There is less chance of a stock fund rising sharply like individual stocks can though. They are usually a safer choice than individual stocks. 



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Individual Stocks 

In this scenario you will buy a single share or a number of shares in a single company or different companies. This is a good way to get your feet wet with stock market trading. As you progress a diversified portfolio of several individual stocks should be your aim. To do this you will be looking at making a serious investment. It is possible to make handsome dividends with individual stocks if they rise rapidly in the market. Unless you are prepared to invest heavily it is unlikely that this will make you rich though. Individual stock prices can fall which is the downside. 



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How much do you need to Invest? 

This really all depends on the price of the shares. It is possible to invest in fractional shares if you use the right broker. If you are on a budget to start with then take a look at Exchange Traded Funds (ETF's). Index and mutual funds tend to be pricier to start and normally require a minimum investment of around $1,000. The actual amount that you choose to invest is down to you. Only you know what kind of savings that you have and other disposable income. You could start off with as little as $500 and build on this each month.






Choose the most suitable Online Trading Account


 There are many online trading brokers out there looking for your business. Some of these accounts will require a deposit of differing amounts, and there are some that do not require a deposit at all. There will be some brokers that will transact funds "commission free" for you so do your research on this. For individual stock trades it is likely that you will pay around $10 per trade but you can use apps that will let you trade for free such as Loyal3 and Robinhood. When you are looking at the different brokers see if they have training resources (usually training videos) that can be of immense value for a beginner. Also find out about their customer service and what support they offer. Common support mediums are telephone, instant chat and email. Support is crucial when you are starting out. 



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Other Business Ideas with Low Investment and High Profit 

For really low investment business opportunities making money online offers the most opportunities. You can create and sell your own digital products, you can create, source or sell physical products and you can promote other people's products and services for a commission as an affiliate marketer. 



Start a Blog 

If you have experience in a particular field (or even if you don't) then starting a blog can be a very lucrative venture. The start up costs for blogging are minimal. You will need a domain name for around $10 a year and web hosting for around $10 a month. You can set up your blog using a fee blogging platform such as WordPress. Most web hosting companies will have this as an automatic installation feature. You can monetize your blog with affiliate offers, Google Adsense and by selling advertising space. Cost free or minimal cost ways that you can promote your blog include social media where you can use Facebook Ads. If you blog about really popular subjects such as making money, weight loss, self help and so on then you can create a huge following on social media platforms. 




Create a Niche Product 

Do you have expertise in a niche? Do you know what the market is looking for? All niches have problems that need solving. It is not difficult to identify these problems and then provide solutions in the form of digital products such as video training or PDF documents. There are forums for most niches these days and a lot of these have classified sections where you can promote your product for a small fee. 


Sell Services 

Are you a good writer or do you have graphic design skills? Maybe you are a good programmer or you can solve website problems? These kinds of skills are in great demand and there are plenty of places where you can promote your services. Websites such as, and only exist and thrive because of the demand for freelance services. Companies do not want to hire writers, coders and graphic designers when they can hire a freelancer on a short term basis for a particular task. 



There are plenty of opportunities for good consultants these days. Businesses want help with marketing, social media marketing, choosing the right computer system, management and a number of other areas. You will need a website, some business cards and stationery and a telephone. It is easy to set up as a consultant from home.




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