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Cattle, Goat and Sheep Farming Business - (Surprising Ways to Make Money)  


Livestock farming business is one of the booming aspect of agriculture, it has even been encouraged amongst youth and entrepreneurs by governments and other economic agencies to engage in it not only because of the huge income one can generate from it but because of its ability to stand and sustain the farmer for a very long period of time and also its significant impact on the economy of the country. There are many reasons why people raise cattle, goats and sheep, some intend to use them for personal use, household source of meat while others intend to make a living from it by generating huge incomes. Yet, most live-stock farmers donít realize that expected income and they end up abandoning the business.

Surprising ways to make money from goat farm business: there are various ways by which more income can be generated from raising goats and it all narrows down to diversifying.  


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Goat Milk: as a livestock farmer, you can expand your business by not only selling the goat itself to also selling the goat milk. As simple as it sounds, the goat milk also have a high demand in the market because of its many health benefits, for example; it has the ability to protect against weight loss, reduce inflammation, optimize digestion and also improve the bioavailability of nutrients, strengthens the immune system and increase metabolism. You can make a bonus sale of this milk in addition to the amount made from selling the goats individually.

Goat milk soap: apart from selling off the milk harvested from the goat, you can be creative too by making homemade soaps from the milks too. It will surprise you to know that goat milk soap is wonderful for people with dry skin or with skin condition such as eczema and psoriases. Therefore, there is a market for goat-milk soap too, it is easy to make and does not require high cost of production, but it monopolizes a market because there arenít many competitors in its line of production yet it generates an attractive profit in the long run.

Goat meat: goat meat always have a reasonable demand in the market, people now prefer goat meat to our traditional chicken and pork because of the health benefits of the goat meant. The nutritive value of goat meat is becoming increasingly important in the health management of the people, not only is goat meat lower in total fat and cholesterol, but itís also lower in saturated fat. You donít need to be a butcher too to sell goat meats, you can either sell of the goats to butchers when they are old enough to be sold, or you can hire a butcher and sell the raw meats to hotels, restaurants, fast-foods, eateries Also with the right packaging you can attempt selling the meats frozen, well packaged to big companies that deals with frozen foods, but you can start with a local restaurant before expanding to the big shots.

In the same vein, you can make extra cash by renting out your herds of goats for the purpose of weed control. Itís funny right? But itís also one way to top up that income of yours, many homeowners and business also use this method by renting goats for  weeding  their yard with a moving landscape. It is cost efficient, no heavy machinery cost and effective than hiring men or laborers so you can find a target market where these services are needed and provided them.  

Sheep farming business (surprising ways to make money):

Sheep farming is an excellent business, the biggest expenses you are likely to encounter is on the sheep food. Therefore you will need to start by locating a trusted feed dealer or local farmer because for you to make profit, you must reduce cost by all means.

Sheep wool: selling of sheep wool is another way of making extra cash but you must know that this aspect deals immensely with quality. The demand for wool at the market is limited and may bring limited profit potential to most producers, but the niche marketing of the wool will pay bigger. Fleeces sold to hand spinners pays most but it has to be of high quality. Thus, feeding, housing, healthcare, handling and harvesting are all crucial to the production of quality wool. You can also have the wool processed into yarn, roving, blanket or craft and market value-added products. There are many big ventures that have demands for them and pay more.

Lamb: selling of lambs is one of the major sources of income for a sheep-farm and it depends on the market demand of particular breeds. For you to effectively sell your lambs and generate huge revenue from it, you must know the breed with the higher market demand and when this breed is mostly demanded. This will help you plan your sale right, and help you beat competitors.

Vegetation control: using sheep for custom grazing could prove to be the most profitable sheep enterprise. While the demand for lamb and wool seem to be limited, society, land managers, business and organizations are willing to spend more money to enhance their environments. Sheep and goats are being use as natural and environmentally friendly way to manage landscape. You can put your sheep also for hire to grazing service and get paid that way you have indirectly fed your flock and have made money too from feeding them.

Meat: sheep meat is also one of the major reasons why farmers attempt the business, as a farmer, you can sell your sheep after they are old enough for meat or you can butcher them and sell the raw meat too.

In conclusion, the most important decision to make as a shepherd must be to decide which aspect of sheep production to focus on. While most sheep breeds are multi-purpose, some are best suited for meat, milk or wool production.   

More ways to make money with Cattle farming business


Cattle farming are one of livestock business that requires lots of attention, knowledge about the business, and also cost of production.

Firstly, make a business plan: before you start making money from a cattle farm, you have to analysis the cattle industry. There are many big competitors in the cattle market, but the question is how can you still make money, beat competitors and have a ground at the market. A lot of farmers think that if they increase the number of cows, their profit will be increase but this is not usually the case. So itís advisable to start small.

Secondly; choose the right cattle breed: Choosing the right cattle breed is very essential to be able to be able to survive in a competitive market because not all breeds of cattle are demanded so if you have what everybody wants you are sure to have more money from quicker sales. Also, different breeds have different aspect they are good for so if you want to specialize in meat production, milk or leather you have to choose the right breed for it bearing in mind that itís not what you want but what is demanded by the market.

Lastly, maintaining and managing farm facilities: these are also important; remember the lower the cost of production and a constant sale is profit on its own so always maintain your farm implements to avoid an unforeseen expenses.

In conclusion, the most effective way to make more money from cattle, sheep and goat farming business is the ability to be creative, find out what other farmers in the line of business are doing and introduce new idea to the system with lesser cost.

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