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Essential Guide To Making Money Online On YouTube For Business Growth  

So many people love YouTube. They will spend hours on the website watching funny animal videos and product reviews. This is a very good opportunity for you to make some money. Making money on YouTube is not easy, but with determination and knowhow you can do it. It is unlikely to offer you a “get rich quick” opportunity but some people are making a fortune.  




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How to make money on YouTube

There are a number of ways that you can make money on YouTube. You can earn directly by partnering with them. You will need to have a channel that has at least 10,000 total views to do this and you have to adhere to their guidelines on advertising.

One way that you can approach the number of channel views is to treat it as a numbers game. If you can upload 200 videos to your channel then you will only need to get 50 views for each video. Contrast this with only uploading 10 videos where each one will need 1,000 views.  




The more entertaining and high quality you can make your videos the more views you will be likely to get. If you enjoy making videos then this is great. Put as much time into the planning and production of them as you can. In a short time you will achieve the required channel views and will be ready to go.

Google Adsense is a good way to make money on YouTube. You will need to set up an Adsense account and then you can link this to your channel. The advertisers that use Adsense will bid to have their ads placed on your videos based upon keywords, the topic of your video and the audience that you attract.  




With Adsense you receive payments every time someone clicks through on an ad displayed on your videos. YouTube will take a percentage so this will not be a large amount of money. There is also the YouTube Red service where you can make money. This is an “ad free” service that people pay a subscription for.

To use YouTube Red you will need to have over 1,000 active subscribers and then your videos go behind a paywall and you get Super Chat enabled. Super Chat allows your viewers to highlight messages when a live stream is occurring. They will pay for this feature.  



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Outside of YouTube there are many opportunities. You can make money as an affiliate by creating quality review videos of products and services. When people are considering the purchase of a product they will often turn to YouTube to watch reviews about them. Use the right keywords so that your video will rank well in both YouTube and Google search.

If you have a favorite niche that you create videos about (e.g. sports, makeup, fashion etc) then you can sell related products and services. For example people who create videos about sports can promote sports betting services and memorabilia. Beauty videos can be used to promote cosmetics.



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YouTube Marketing Strategy

You will need to establish your brand on YouTube and it can be a great way to get your name out there. Tell the world what you are good at and don’t be shy about it. If you sell your products or services using a conventional website then use YouTube to drive traffic to your site.

Set up your YouTube brand account. This will allow you to create a truly holistic presence and manage editing permissions. You can edit your profile and add a custom logo and channel art. Be sure to be consistent with your branding for all of your online channels.  




Other tips to boost your YouTube marketing strategy include ranking your videos high on YouTube and Google. YouTube is the second largest search engine and the biggest is Google. Google loves YouTube videos (it owns YouTube) so it will rank them well if they are well optimized.

It is best to start with keyword research before you decide on a title. If you are creating review videos as an affiliate then using the product name and then the term “review” is normally the best way to go. Use Google Keyword Planner to find other related terms.

Make sure that your main keyword is in your video title. Then add other related keywords in your tags and description. If the competition is low then your videos should rank pretty high for your terms without too much effort.

Do everything that you can to promote your YouTube channel. Use your social media accounts to tell everyone about it. You create images of your videos and use sites like Pinterest and Instagram to generate more video views.  






Are you running a small business or very much interested in marketing? Do you want some new marketing ideas? If you are looking to make it big in marketing you should start looking at video marketing as a medium. Unlike other internet marketing strategies to generate profit for an online business, Video marketing shows more promise of success. It is undeniable that video is becoming one of the prominent media and using this platform for business has become a phenomenon these days. However, if you are looking to bring you're -game in other to attract customers, make a sustainable profit and dominate the video marketing world then you have to follow some tips and ideas on creating the best video marketing strategies. These are strategies that have been tested and proven over time and has not only yielded a great profit for users but has created a big audience while generating traffic


·        The first strategy for a video marketing success is choosing one topic, it is better to have your topic focused around just one keyword and sticking to it. This makes the content of the video focused and at the same time benefits search engine optimization, if at all you have many ideas to talk about you can always create many other videos and always ensure that each video is focused on one point as it was earlier stated.

·        The next strategy involves using a clever marketing ploy where if you are creating a series of videos, let's say after the first two or three videos, you can make the viewer have to sign up to your email list to access other videos in your series, once you have been able to achieve this you will then be in a valuable position of knowing that you have captured a prospect who has expressed great interest in your content and ideas

·        You should provide your potential customers an in-depth glimpse into your personal business using video marketing. There is really nothing more captivating for your audience than offering them a chance to be a part of the whole process, you can go on and infuse some funny videos that keep your viewers glued. This secret is one common strategy that is used by most video marketers today.

·        Always make the videos that are going to be used for marketing are as positive as you can. People like content that can make them feel better about life or their own life and your video can have a positive edge regardless of your product's brand. This is an advertiser's trick that has been used over time and has always been successful, always complement your customers in the viewer, this also goes over well.

·        Your video has to be properly optimized for the search engines with the most important factor being the subject keyword forms part of the video's title. Also, don't forget to include variations of the keywords in the Meta tags. Finally, make sure you place your website's address at the beginning of the video's description and ensure that it is clickable. When the viewer watches the video, the link will be in full view resulting in a much higher probability that will be clicked.

With all these strategies properly employed, you can hope to create a successful video marketing platform and generate good income.









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