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Composting might be a new idea for many horse farms, but it makes a great deal of sense. The natural decay process is fastened by composting, turning manure into a nutrient-rich, nearly odorless, time-release fertilizer. Composting has many side benefits like killing weed seeds, flying larvae, and a range of pathogens, it also reduce several insect, germ and plant pest population in a farm. Composting kills the strong manure odor and from an environmental point of view, it helps in reducing the discharge of minerals into water sources.  



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Compost is a better fertilizer when compared to raw manure. The nutrient and nitrogen in manure leak out very fast and foul wetlands and water sources. Composting usually balance the nutrients for them to be released very slowly. When rightly managed, it will easily lower expenses, now you have to know that by producing quality compost, you can generate a source of revenue typically between $10-$12 for a cubic yard. Among the waiting customers are gardeners, farmers and tree nurseries.

About 50 pounds of manure is produce by one horse a day. Now let’s multiply it by over 9.2 million horses that are in the United States., and we will have 460 million pounds of black gold– which probably are not being put to any use. In a post published by Herald Online, Dan McQueen living in South Carolina notice this as an opportunity, and met with horse farms around her neighborhood to produce “GardenSoxx“–tubes of composted manure that help gardeners to grow anywhere as long as there’s sunlight.

“The world is going organic because businesses are now ready to bust wide open. And this means, life is getting back into the soil.” says McQueen

So don’t you think this looks like a very good way to make your horses earn their keep!

Compost your manure

Composting need some money to set up and aerate properly, but you have to be aware that it will be a very good investment to bring the most out of the big pile of “black gold” in the muck heap. Bulk compost normally go for $40 to $70 per cubic yard, although this depends on where you reside, now if you have already got something to till and aerate the compost or a manure spreader, the only up-front investment needed will be the time to set it up and maintain a compost heap.

Turn your manure into energy

You can use the heat of fresh manure “steams” on a brisk morning for your water pipes, your barn or a winter garden because as manure degrades, it normally give off up to 120-165ºF in heat, which is usually harnessed with an air circulation and pipe system first used at the Diamond Hill Custom Heifers cattle farm in Sheldon, Vermont.

Now you have to know that to get a system like this set up, you will need some money, but it is possible that you can get a rebate from Natural Resource Conservation Services or state and local agencies.

Turn your manure into tea

I know you may want to run off shouting at how bad horse-poo-flavored tea would taste like but you have to relax because it’s only for plants. A California cattle rancher by name Annie Haven was thought how to make “manure tea” by her grandmother to fertilize plants. Now in really, really cute packaging, she sells dried-out cow patties and horse manure as soil conditioner for gardens.

Now if that’s not making the most of what you’ve got, I wonder what is. I mean, its poo. Really cute poo.

Bank your horse poo

As I was researching on the internet for ways to make money with manure, I saw a blog post about a Horse Poo Bank, a local service in the United Kingdom that normally let farmers gather their manure together for a bigger composting operation. Although the website they use currently, which its name has be changed from Horse Poo Bank to iHorse Bank, is a little bit sketchy, so I do not recommend piling your money into a non-publicly traded foreign company because they did not put any financial reports on their website. But the idea behind it is very good just in case your neighborhood benefit from a manure composting co-op of sorts

Turn it into Art

This (literal) crap, and other forms of manure art is actually bought by people, so the very next time your horse poops in the water bucket, give him a smile because he’s just trying to help earn his keep.








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