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Vlogging on YouTube: How To Make Money Online Through Vlogging on YouTube - (Tips To Get Started Making Money Vlogging)



Making money online is becoming increasingly easier in this day and age. There are literally thousands of ways to make money online with very little experience. One of the best ways is through YouTube. Some people may ask the question is it really possible to make money on YouTube? This is the question that is asked quite often by most people who are ready to use the power of the internet for making a career for themselves. The answer to the question is a YES, there is really a lot of money to be made on the internet using YouTube.  







In today's world, vlogging has become a sensation and vlogging on YouTube is a proven means of generating sustainable income and the fun fact about video blogging is that it is quite easy to start and it yields good revenues in the long run.

 Let's look at the main reason why people watch YouTube it is either for the purpose of entertainment or for the purpose of gathering information on products and services. The fact that YouTube uses video as the means of conveying information could be one of the main reasons why there are so many viewers and a craze for this particular mode of getting to know more information. Hence it would be the right place for Vloggers to be in. The first step towards getting to make money is to ensure that you have a captivating content for viewers and also the best video quality, once you have all this ready to work with as a vlogger, you can now work your way into making millions. However, join me while I walk you down all the procedures you need to follow.  





If you have not heard about the term vlogging then you must be new to the internet, Vlogging is all about video plus blogging and it allows people to convey their opinions verbally rather than having to write long submissions and posts, and yet it so much more on implementation than conceptual definition implies, Vlogging is also about generating a full exposure of the person's life that is creating the vlog, this new means of vlogging has grown to be successful and many people have made millions from Vlogging while there are some who are itching to learn as much as they could so as to get started, well vlogging is quite easy, but before looking at procedures to get started, you might also want to know reasons why you can venture into this business.




All the tools you need to get started for vlogging are;

Internet connection

Video recording device

An editing software

Get a webcam or camcorder: The webcam is a better option as it allows you to see in detail what you are recording, it also has features that can make it get connected to large screens and computers

A video editing software will add polish and give you the chance to overlay some text or a URL onto your video as well as trim off the first few or last few second so your video.

Get a Youtube account and claim your Youtube "channel": getting a Youtube account is pretty easy and all you need is to go to the website and get registered, after this process of getting your YouTube account you can now move on to creating your videos

Creating your videos:  Short videos is better. 2-5 minutes is optimal. Anything shorter and you probably won't communicate enough information to be useful. Anything longer and you might start to lose people.

Upload your video to YouTube. Just log in to your account and click the big yellow upload button in the top right-hand corner. Once the video is uploaded, add a descriptive but short title, a short description of the video, and your tags (basically just keywords or other descriptive terms). Don't leave these steps out. They help people find your video more easily; it's also a courtesy because it allows viewers to quickly surmise what your video is about before they press the play button. Also be sure to allow comments which you can set to be moderated first.

Following these procedures with the right content can enable you to earn much money from vlogging. Also, note that creating interesting contents for your vlogs will increase the number of viewers on your vlogs.  


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Now that you've got the ball rolling. You may now be thinking of a way on how to make money off your Vlog? The first option is just like how you make money off a blog-we mean the regular one-advertisements. Once you've established a regular following, you can sell targeted advertising space, offer promotions or even conduct a paid interview. Once you have a good enough online reputation, you may also work alongside YouTube via the YouTube Partner Program and make revenue off running regular ads. Seeing the trend that Vlogs have created, advertisers are keener to target YouTube as not only does it have a very huge audience, being connected to internet makes it easier for them to keep track of the population who responds to their ads, including as to when it was done and which area of the globe they may be.  




The next option you may want to venture into is merchandise. Remember that once you have your following, the majority of your views would be from a repeat audience. After providing enough new material, which you add regularly, they may be able to assist you in your quest to make money off a blog, in this case, your Vlog. You may compile the fan favorites into a DVD to sell. T-shirts and other apparel are also very popular items among fans. It doesn't have to stop there, have a cooking themed Vlog? Recipe books or Personalized Cooking Utensils. CDs for Musicians, How to Books for Artisans or even Plush Dolls. Like when you started you Vlog, your merchandise can be anything, because you can.  





     Making money form vlogging is a common trend and vloggers are not new to making money from vlogging on Youtube, this platform is a reliable source of income and most vloggers have turned it into their profession, however, before you can start making the money that you desire there are many factors that will lead to making the money that you want,  there are many things you need to put in place before earning money, once you can apply these principles, making money will definitely not be a problem.

Be passionate about your content: Whatever content it is you are offering always ensure that you are passionate about your service, whether it is an informative and educative content always go for something that you are passionate about, most viewers are always looking for vlogs with interesting content from passionate vloggers and viewers can tell if your vlog is created solely for making money sake, so it is imperative that the vlogger should be passionate about the his content.




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Dedication is key: If your intentions are earning much money from vlogging, then being dedicated is a style to implement, whatever content is being posted on the vlog it is important that there is consistency and viewers have something new and exciting to see when they check a vlog, this is one secret most vloggers use to create a loyal fan base. Whether your content is posted daily or weekly it is important that a vlogger is consistent.

Create opportunities for yourself:  there are many opportunities to look out for when running a vlog, there are affiliate marketers looking to sell products, you can start monetizing your videos by the time you have more than 1000 views, you can contact companies that are willing to advertise their brand for a huge amount of money, advertising your vlogs on social media platforms like Facebook, twitter, and other sites.

When you have followed these principles, you can go on and earn as much money that you want, there are many vloggers out there who have made millions from vlogging on Youtube. So now is the time to make money from vlogging.  





YouTube has become an easy way of making money without having to go through the stress if you were asked what are the ways to make money with YouTube you would most likely be told these three popular methods to generate a whole lot of income.


The three typical methods include:-  

Being A YouTube Partner

When you become a YouTube Partner you get access to extra tools that will help you promote your videos. And you can also have adverts shown on-screen whenever your videos are played. When these adverts are shown, each time someone clicks on one of those adverts, you will receive a commission. This is one of the easiest ways of generating income in the comfort of your home

Developing A Video

Blog By creating good content videos and uploading them to your YouTube channel, you will soon develop a wealth of resources in the form of your videos.

These videos can then be embedded into your own blog, which can then be developed into a Video Blog or VLOG.  





Most YouTubers have figured out the trade of making money from YouTube with many experienced vloggers making more than 10-20,000 dollars on a monthly basis, the trade is quite easy to learn and there has been no myth attached to the learning process. The good news is that not many people have realized the secret to making money off YouTube and there are still many opportunities to explore.

DAILY VIEWS: The major source of income for vloggers is gotten from the number of viewers on every vlog as the standard of payment per views is 1 dollar per 1000 views, so getting more viewers to watch your videos will generate more income and The secret is the more viewers you have the more money you make, as it stands there are thousands of vloggers creating content with millions of views on a daily basis making millions of dollars.  




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Some Youtubers who have more than 1000 viewers per video can also create monetized videos for making money, an example is this, let's say the stipulated price for video's in Ad revenue costs 10 dollars per video, imagine posting a video every day, You should be sure of making 70 dollars a week and maybe 3400 dollars every year.


 Vlogs are beginning to be perceived as lucrative means of selling products and YouTube vloggers have been able to capitalize on this trend. Vloggers also make money from creating interesting reviews of affiliate products on their vlogs, providing links to those products that are advertised. When people see the video that is promoting the product, they can then click on the link under the video to be taken to the product page and when they eventually buy a product, you will receive a commission. The more affiliate products sold the more commission a YouTube Vlogger receives.

Most Youtube vloggers are also consistent and devoted to their vlogs. If you can create interesting videos for your viewers and build a fan base, you can be ready to earn as much as you could.  





       Generating money has been a consistent feature of vlogging and many Vloggers are making thousands of dollars on a daily basis. One of the biggest secrets to making money on this platform is generating many views for every video, by the time you have many views you can go on and start monetizing your videos, receiving sponsorships from brands and start selling affiliate products.

There are many top Youtube Vloggers in the industry who are calling the shots when it comes to subscribers on their vlogs and the money they make on a daily basis. Of recent, we have seen vloggers like pewdiepie

Top YouTubers like pewdiepie has more than 50 million subscribers and earns an average of 7.6 dollars. Statistics have also shown that pew die earned around 121 million since he started his vlog in 2010, he earns a lot of merchandise and earns most of his money through G2A affiliate links.  




We also have Olga Kayce who earns more than 200,000 dollars from Google advertising, she also revealed that she had earned $100k -$ 130k from YouTube annually over the last three years.

Her secret to success is making videos that are highly appealing to viewers. You need an active YouTube subscription to get more clicks which will only be possible if you post catchy content, and get a high YouTube rank that will improve aspects such as visibility when people look up YouTube. The salary varies from one user to another depending on their efforts to publicize their Vlog.

Most Youtuber Vloggers earn a lot especially when they have set the game right.



   After learning everything you need to know, you can go ahead and start your own video blogging business, starting out in the video blogging world demands that you give it your time, creativity and watch your business grow while you make more money for yourself, all you need to get started with your video blog is finding the right tools and having the right knowledge of becoming successful with your vlog. The right tools to work with are

Camera: You can focus on a camera to buy. The best camera to use for clogging is flip cams or webcams. Not only are these cameras inexpensive, they are also very easy to use. The Video also looks amazing with flip cams; they are very easy to upload to your computer. If you want to edit your videos, go to windows movie maker. It should come with your computer. It's very easy to use. If you own a mac. Use iMovie. IMovie is also easy to use, but it will take you a little more time to get the setting.

Audio equipment: You should also watch out for audio. Invest in a microphone, and recorder that will capture good sound quality.


Quick tip for creating a good content

Always go for creative contents that will attract many viewers to your vlogs, you can start out by searching Youtube for what is trending and knowing which videos will attract many viewers to your vlog, be passionate about the topic you want to cover.

What people don't realize about vlogging is that it is easy to get started and the whole process could be a whole lot of fun, for some people vlogging has grown into a hobby and many Vloggers have shared their experience on what it is like, so whatever reasons you have in mind to start vlogging, go for it and create a video blogging business.  



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If there is something taking the internet world with a bang, it is video. There is no more need for one to stay concentrated on the computer trying to read something as it can be out into a fun video. This has given vlogging an edge over regular blogging, it has really proven to be a lucrative business as time goes by and there are really many means through which a person can make a lot of money. Most bloggers have even realized that the best content you can put on your blog today is a video. It will definitely help increase your revenue as more people come to view the videos and it will also improve how you connect with your blog readers.

Vlogging is not only an easy business but it yields great income as time goes by, bloggers, no matter what topic it is they like to blog about they are now seeing the power of video. Film and broadcast have become their most powerful tools for reaching us, which is today known as video blogging.



For the fact that Youtube has become one of the biggest sites after google, you should expect good income as a blogger. Youtube has more than 10 million users using the platform for different things that you could think of. Once you start using YouTube as a medium for vlogging, you will definitely get the best results, a vlog with many viewership's will make you richer as time goes by and the lovely part is that it is quite easy, find a creative content, get a big fan base and get richer!

Affiliate marketers are on the search for vloggers: more than ever before, vlogging has been considered the perfect tool for promoting affiliate products. Most vloggers monetize their vlogs with AdSense adverts and affiliate links which can generate income exponentially. The truth is that most affiliate marketers are on the search for vlogs and not blogs anymore.

There are still many more reasons to choose vlogging over blogging. And if you were to look at it in the real sense, you will find out that there is nothing better than making a 5 minutes video and earning more thousands of dollars.




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 Vlogging on Youtube has really become a gold mine over the past few years, as there are many opportunities awaiting those that are willing to venture into this business, it is not only a lucrative business it also is quite easy to get started, Vlogging has become the easiest way of making money online as of today, anybody can get started and work his way into making millions, with all this information being said you can learn what you need and  start making and uploading your own vlogs, and  become the next YouTube sensation, garnering millions of views and thousands of dollars.

Happy vlogging!


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