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Poultry farming is one of the business venture that can help you make decent amount of money if done properly. I will be explaining how to turn your efforts into more money and sales. If you are just about to start, this content will help as a guide to profit more even as a starter.

So many countries around the world have taking poultry farming as a micro, medium or small business with women empowerment as a means to sustain rural economy. Poultry farming involves raising different kinds of domestic birds commercially for the purpose of eggs, meat and feather production. The most easy to find and worldwide raised poultry birds are chicken.

Layer chickens are the chickens that are raised for eggs, while broiler chickens are the chickens raised for meat production. Less capital investment is required by commercial poultry farming and it ensures quick returns of investment.  



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Here are some different methods of poultry farming

Deep Litter Poultry Farming

Battery Cage Poultry Farming

Intensive poultry farming

Here I will briefly discuss the different ways to make more money in poultry farming

Day old chicks

The very day you buy your day old chicks is the first secret to making money in poultry farming. Donít buy if the birds have already been trained for some weeks because you will be cutting the profit you can get if you were to train them yourself. More profit is made when you brood your chicks yourself than when you buy them already brood. Brooding is a very easy process, but if you donít have the required time for brooding then donít start poultry farming because my advice to people going into poultry business is that if you canít grow them from the very beginning to maturity, then there will be no need to go into the business.

Chicks brooding

When you raise chicks from day old to about 2 weeks old that is called brooding. It is a special period and requires loads of care just like the way you care for a little child. The only thing the chicks know how to do is eat and drink, because when you bring them from the hatchery, they will require food and water. Now if you refuse to give them food, shelter and water, you will start recording lots of death on their path, so it is advisable to make their shelter ready before going to take them from the hatchery. Always know that at the hatchery, no food have be giving to them, so once you make them pass through the stress of packing, transporting and transferring them into their original shelter etc. All these processes cause lots of stress for the chicks, so it is advisable that you give Anti-Stress solution such as vitamin solution and glucose to the birds so that they can drink once you have brought them from the hatchery. You will have to keep giving them this solution until they can know the drink and food container, this will definitely happen after the third or fourth day.

Nurturing the chickens to maturity

The growth and nurture of the chicks to reach maturity is the step that need more work because it requires a lot of effort such as washing their water cans, feeding them everyday, vaccinating them up to the fourth week in broilers and adding of drugs and vitamins once in a while. You really need to add more effort here to prevent death.

Always make sure that the chickens have food available, remember that they will not cry before you come to give them food. You have to feed them well so that you will not end up spending more.

Always know the time of their vaccines and make sure that all of them drink the vaccine. All you have to do is starve them of water in the evening so that they will become very thirsty, now you bring the vaccine around 8am or 9 am (This is the best time to make them fully thirsty), because when you bring the vaccine, all will struggle to drink the water, by doing this, all the birds can drink the vaccine.

Commercial feed or making your own Poultry Feeds

There is nothing that consumes money in poultry farming business more than feeds. Lots of people are confused always as to make use of locally made feeds or commercial feed. Understanding what the birds need and doing the ingredient formulation yourself is where the answer lies. Poultry feed formulation is a simple process to do because it requires little calculation. But immediately you know what you are doing, your profit will increase as much as 70%.

Marketing the birds

This is the real and major reason why everyone go into this poultry business. For every start up, the owner need to be the marketer, producer and financial officer. It is like this because you first of all have to start everything and make it work very well before you start searching for employees. To make more profit and be successful in poultry farming, the first thing you have to do is learn how to interact with everybody that come your way and also have the right mindset of becoming successful. You must learn how to market and make more sales than other farmers.









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