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How possible is it to work from home completing surveys? This is one of the many questions that I have heard people ask and the answer is yes because it is very possible. So many people think that the only way to work from home is through tedious jobs like product reviews and marketing. However, there are so many people who work from home and earn money with surveys.

This is the simplest method because apart from being less time consuming, a lot of knowledge and effort is not needed. It is actually one of the methods that can give you money for lunch just by giving your answers and opinions to the survey company for less than thirty minutes or so. Although they are different companies and they vary in both time and payments, there is still a possibility of making up to $5 by completing a single survey.



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To be a part of these surveys, you will need to find a company of choice in a list of so many companies offering survey that are online. Now you will need to become a member by registering and most of the registration are done for free.

A new member is ask to fill a registration form, which is then followed by a membership confirmation. After this, members can start earning points or money but it depends on the company you registered with.


Here are some of the paid survey websites online  



Swagbucks has loads of other methods of earning money online apart from surveys so it is one of the most reputable survey companies. For instance, the company pays people to watch videos, play games and also pays people to shop. The company normally pays in points, which can easily be converted into cash and rewards. Their surveys take about 20 minutes and they release money earned through PayPal.  


America consumer opinion is a network of so many people from all over the world who give opinions to American consumer market and then get paid. There's no doubt people are seriously making lots of money running into thousands of dollars every month. All you have to do is just register on the website and then you will be a part of the network where you can be able to learn so many productive and useful stuff. And you will also get a big sum of money if you get the proper and right online paid survey website.

A very unique feature of the "ACO" is that every member of the website are entered into a lucky draw. The winner of this lucky draw might get up to thousands of dollars and the amazing part of it is you won’t need to pay any money to be a part of these lucky draws. All you just have to do is register on the American consumer opinion website and automatically you will become a member of their large network.

You are been paid whenever you complete a survey and a survey takes more time than a screener and it is from several companies. All you need do is to survey only the company’s products that you have been using. Although it is not a very strict and hard rule. You can also survey so many other companies that need opinion from prospective users and general public. 



This is an app that is available for both Android and iOS. Some people normally earn $10 or even more using this app. This app normally offers rebates on any brand savings of eggs, milk, laundry detergent, bread, spaghetti sauce, apples, peanut butter, potato chips, ketchup and tortilla chips. They also offer rebates on stevia, Chobani yogurt and monk fruit sugar but every week the rebates changes. When you shop at Amazon, you can also get cash back. There is something for everyone because Ibotta app makes the savings, shopping, and general consumer experience more personalized.  


Unique Rewards is an online reward site that offers different range of ways to get paid online. They pay direct cash to people for doing simple tasks online like completing offers, taking surveys and even reading emails. They started this since 2003 only serving people from Canada, United Kingdom and United States.

After you register for Unique Rewards, they will send you an email and you will have to click the activation link within 7 days, after activation you will receive an instant $5.00 for doing so. Sign up for UNIQUE REWARDS Here  

UniqueRewards - online rewards program



Ebates has its headquarter in San Francisco, CA and it is an American cash back website. It is a shopping portal and it offers cash back and coupons from more than 2,000 online retailers.

Whenever a shopping session is done via affiliate network links, Ebates makes a commission and they share a percentage of the commission with their members in the form of cash back. They pay their members quarterly through PayPal or check.

Since its inception in 1998, Ebates has bought 7 dot-com companies and apps such as: One Receipt, Fat Wallet, BFAds, AnyCoupons, Shopular, Extrabux and Pushpins. Sign up for EBATES Here.



Harris Poll Online is a very popular website which allow users get paid to conduct surveys. More than six million users belonging to over 90 countries are on the platform.

This is a project fully supported by a New York based business company Harris Interactive which focuses on market exploitation and research. It was established in 1975 and has been consistent through the years, which gives a sign of confidence regarding its performance and products.

Harris Poll has found its grounds all over the world due to the age of the company. Its positive reviews are sources from companies covering all over the world and different industrial segments. It has also been recommended by so many marketing groups in the USA and Europe. 



There are multiple ways to earn on here so Users can make money online on their own time and conversion because conversions happens when somebody completes the first page registration form successfully, no incent. No agencies, affiliates that are new must test with a maximum of 300 leads per day.  



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