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Nigerian Stock Market Investing: How To Become Rich Like Warren Buffett And Bill Gates



The Nigerian stock market offers a way for the educated investor to build wealth like Warren Buffett and Bill Gates. Both of them are very successful and have become multi-billionaires partly through stock market investing. It is worth the effort for you to educate yourself on this process.

Warren Buffett is the second wealthiest person in the United States and is only beaten in financial wealth by Bill Gates. Since stock market investing has been so successful for them, it would be wise to learn from them so that you can also build financial wealth.



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There are three different types of assets: business, real estate, and paper. Bill Gates made most of his money by building businesses such as Microsoft, but business assets are the most difficult to duplicate. Businesses take a lot of time, effort, and resources to build. Real estate is easier to invest in than businesses, but it still takes time to manage. However, paper assets such as stocks are the easiest assets to acquire, and the easiest to manage. This is where Warren Buffett made most of his wealth.

Stock market investing is when you buy shares of a company for a specified price. Once you purchase the shares, you now own a small portion of the company’s assets and earnings. When most people think of stock market investing, they think of short-term investing. When they purchase shares and the price goes up, they make money. When it goes down, they lose money. Long-term investing is when you purchase stock and then hold it for awhile, instead of selling it as soon as the value goes up. Stock values can go up and down, but a long-term investor is interested in how a company performs over time.

The Nigerian stock market is where shares of companies in Nigeria, or companies that have branches in Nigeria, are exchanged for money. Because of the fast business growth in Nigeria, there are a lot of opportunities to invest in the Nigerian stock market exchange. The way that you can earn money in the Nigerian stock market is to buy shares at a low price, then either hold the shares or sell them at a high price.

The Nigerian stock market is a great place to consider as an investment. Stock market investing can be very lucrative, but it’s not as risky as Forex (foreign exchange market). With Forex, you can make a lot of money, but you could also lose your money very quickly. However with the Nigerian stock market exchange, you will find stocks that give investors a great return on their investment, very quickly. Therefore, investing here gives the best chance to gain a large return.

There are many reasons why someone may choose to invest in stocks. One reason may be to plan for their retirement, and to ensure that they have enough funds to live on. Another reason may be to build generational wealth, so that they have something to leave for their children. Whatever your reason, you need to know why you are investing before you begin to invest.

Some of the questions that you need to ask yourself are:

How much do I have to invest?

Can I afford to risk these funds?

How soon do I need to see a return on my investment?

What types of companies do I want to invest in?

Once you have the answers to these questions, you can take this information to a stockbroker. Using a stockbroker is the best way for you to invest in stocks. This will help you if you aren’t as familiar with the basic stock market terminology that is used. Of course, you shouldn’t pick just any stock broker…doing your research or going to someone that comes highly recommended is best.

However, if you choose not to use a stockbroker, you will need to take the time to educate yourself on what you need to learn so that you can minimize your risk as much as possible. You will need to learn how to analyze company financial statements, so that you can determine the growth potential and profitability for a particular company, and whether it would be a good company to invest in.

Investing in the Nigerian stock market exchange gives you a way to become financially successful through educated stock market investing. The best way to become successful is to follow someone that has the success that you seek, and to do what they did to become successful.

Warren Buffett became successful by investing in the stock market. As a result, he is one of the wealthiest men in the world. He recommends that when you start making money through your investments, don’t spend it. Reinvest your profits, and your portfolio will grow faster.

Bill Gates has also amassed a great deal of wealth through stock market investing. If you desire to be financially successful, it would be wise to follow in the footsteps of these two very powerful men by investing in the Nigerian stock market.










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