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17 Profitable Business Ideas and Quick

 Ways to Make Money in Nigeria  



Are уоu thinking аbоut ѕtаrting a business in Nigeria but don’t know where to ѕtаrt from оr which business tо invеѕt уоur mоnеу intо tо make a рrоfit? Well, givеn thе strong economic state оf Nigеriа there аrе mаnу ѕmаll business idеаѕ to invеѕt уоur mоnеу аnd generate muсh income in a ѕhоrt while. 

Hеrе аrе the tор money mаking buѕinеѕѕ idеаѕ in Nigеriа уоu can invest your mоnеу into аnd bе ѕurе оf mаking a hugе inсоmе bасk in nо timе.

Thiѕ list оf buѕinеѕѕ ideas in Nigеriа iѕ mаdе uр of authentic and credible buѕinеѕѕ idеаѕ, nоt just some randomly ѕеlесtеd junk buѕinеѕѕеѕ, thеѕе аrе timе-tеѕtеd, саrеfullу ѕеlесtеd, high реrfоrming buѕinеѕѕеѕ уоu саn ѕtаkе your hard-earned сарitаl on and be sure оf making profit. These buѕinеѕѕеѕ are up tо dаtе аnd relevant рrеѕеntlу аnd bеуоnd.



Operating and owing restaurants is one of the fastest yielding business in Nigeria. The business is usually a ‘quick to start” type of business, however, the startup capital varies. In most cases it depends on the categories of your customers you wish to cater for and the amount of customers you want coming over to your restaurant. However, if your target customers are low income earners then you need little capital start up. In most cases all you need is to find a lively area for your restaurant business then you can work on making your restaurant attractive for customers. Restaurant business is rampant in areas like Abuja, Wuse and Garki, Lagos Ikoyi and Ikeja, Kaduna, Ibadan, Kano, Aba etc. These are big cities in Nigeria and the businesses is well patronized in these areas.  





A wedding or event planning event is one of the most lucrative business in Nigeria. An event whether big or small will always require planning and preparations as families, corporations and organizations involved may not have the time, so they always turn to professionals when necessary. Starting a wedding / event planning in Nigeria is quite easy and all you need is an experience, an education if necessary, an excellent networking and creativity. Planning an event is very profitable and you can start with a low capital of #20,000 and make up more than #100,000 in one party, all you need is the necessary equipment and also it is important to build customer relationships with clients. This business is so simple and takes no time to start. If you are looking for a business you can go into within a month and start making money, look no further you can venture into this profitable business.  





A private school business in Nigeria has become more profitable and prevalent these days owing to the fact that children are born every day. With such increase in the number of children born yearly comes the need for more Nursery, primary and secondary schools that will cater for them, nowadays the need for private schools has become more prevalent given the amount of children in urban communities like Abuja and Lagos, all you need when starting up a private school business is  choose a land in a very good location, erect your building, equip your classroom and employ qualified staffs that will be teaching your students and register your school with C.A.C or the ministry of education. Depending on the location you choose you can be able to make a huge amount of money as profit within a term of starting your school.  





Giving the love most Nigerians have for baked foods and snacks starting from bread, chin-chin, and many other snacks, there is a huge market to be tapped into and in most cases demographic factors favors these business because all most everybody from different ages, religion and gender can enjoy these goods. It is usually important to develop a creative market strategy that will make you earn an high income in the long run. By choosing lively locations like Lagos and Abuja you can be able to earn a lot in the process of running your business, a bakery and snack business presents a whole lot of opportunities and money can be earned through delivery services, training apprentice on how to make snacks, event catering and sales and distribution of packaged foods, this business is usually very easy to start requiring a minimal capital to start making productions and making profits.  





There are always parties and events in Nigeria which makes the need for photography services arise. A photography business in Nigeria is a profitable business and one can generate a steady income of at least #30,000 weekly and #120,000 monthly taking photographs at wedding ceremonies, birthday parties and other events. Starting your own photography business in Nigeria is always easy and all need is getting a training from a professional and raising a good startup capital for purchasing digital cameras and the equipments you need to produce a      quality job for your customers, the amount of money you need to start your photography business is quite small, you will need digital cameras, a Laptop computer, studio light, a printer and other affordable equipments.  





Giving the poor state of power supply in Nigeria, alternative power supply business has become one of the most lucrative businesses to venture into, this power problem also presents a rewarding investment opportunity particularly in the area of solar power generation. With a population of over 170 million people, diverse sectors and active companies, solar power generation is one the best small businesses to venture into, all you need to get started is a capital, and you must ensure you get a solar power generating license, with everything in place you can run your alternative power supply business and render services to big institutions like hospitals, schools and banks. You can start an alternative power supply business and end up making more money in the first month of starting your business.  





  A recent study has shown that there were more than 160,000,000 mobile phone users in Nigeria in the year 2014, and the average Nigerian owns 2-3 phone devices which has made the smart phone repair business one of the most Viable small businesses to startup. The competitive pricing and surplus availability of these smart phones makes multiple ownership high and proves that the demand for portable devices and mobile phones high. With all these factors mentioned there is a ready market for smart phone repairers and all you need to start a smart phone repair business is quite easy, you can start a mobile phone repair business for anything between #20,000 and #150,000 depending on the type of smart phone repair business you want, you will need to purchase tools, training, a shop, business registration, internet for marketing and a laptop for phone software repairs, with the right start you can be able to have much income within the first few months of starting your phone repair business.  





      There are over 50 million people in Nigeria who have mobile phones and an average Nigerian spends about #6,000 monthly on GSM calls and that means that the averagely Nigerian spends over #300 billion monthly on recharge cards. This statistics goes to show that the recharge card business is one viable business to look into, you can start out your recharge card business with a small capital of #10,000 and in some time, you will be able to earn #200,000 on a monthly basis.





You can start as a retailer; the retailers buy recharge cards from wholesalers and sell them to consumers. You will need to purchase generated PINS, then print them and provide your consumers with them.

The wholesalers, you will have to buy recharge cards from a dealer. If you decide to get involved in this type of business, you are to have certain conditions for card printing and distributing.

Whichever aspect of recharge card business you want to venture into there is always a high income to make.





 Transportation in Nigeria is very lucrative owing to the fact that only 30 % of Nigerians have a car asides this fact every day, people need transport in other to go to work, school or places of interest and sometimes, individuals who have a car can decide to use a public transport just to save money. There are many people using transportation on a daily basis which makes this business one of the most viable in the country. Every type of transportation business ends up spilling a lot of money for starters. A tricycle makes #10, 000- #15,000 on a daily basis and the same goes with commercial buses, a taxi business can accrue #15,000 everyday, whichever mode of transportation you choose to use you can be sure of making a good income, all you need is one of a car, a professional driver and all the necessary documents from a registered association. The transportation business in Nigeria is a goldmine and certainly the kind of business anyone should invest in.  






When it comes to a business that yields instant revenue on a regular and consistent basis in Nigeria, you can talk about a hairdressing and barbing salon. Most people always want to get their hair fixed which makes this business one of the most viable businesses to venture into, all you need for a start is an expertise in the field and all  the necessary equipment that will be needed in operating the business, most hairdressing salon in urban areas in Nigeria can make a monthly income of #100,000 on a monthly basis given the nature of the business and influx of customers on a regular basis.  





Fashion in Nigeria has become a big business with a new craze for looking good. Most fashion freaks prefer locally made fabrics, which are usually made to their instructions than imported ones, this has made the fashion industry one of the best businesses to venture into, all you need to start a fashion designing business in Nigeria is a small capital and the profit you can make is huge, all what you need is the required creativity for running the business, a sewing machine and other necessary equipments, you can start a fashion design company with a capital of #100, 000 and make as much as #200,000 in your first month, with the right initiative you can be sure of making a huge amount of profit from fashion designing in Nigeria.  





     Security training business is one of the best businesses to startup given the host of security challenges the country is faced with, this business is quite easy to start and can generate much income on the long run.






A computer training center business is fast rising in Nigeria due to the call to go digital and meet with technological trends. Most companies are making it compulsory for their employees to be computer inclined and students aren’t excluded as computer based test are  becoming more acceptable in Nigeria. Starting a computer training business doesn’t require much from you, all you need to start this business is  having a good knowledge about computers and  finding a good location, renting a space or an office and getting all the necessary equipments for a start, it is also important that you choose a busy location, with the right start you can be sure of making a huge amount of income in the first two to three months.  





Frozen food business in Nigeria is becoming more lucrative by the day and there is a rising demand for it is further boosted by the busy lifestyle of most Nigerian families, especially the middle class. Unlike in the rural areas in Nigeria where fresh food is readily available, the story is different in urban areas and for this reason frozen food is preferred for its convenience and the ease of preservation. This presents a huge opportunity a frozen food business.  An example is this a kilogram of frozen chicken goes for a minimum of #650.00 and it can cost even above a thousand naira depending on the size and location of the frozen food shop you want to establish. If you are able to get everything properly done you can be sure of a good patronage and consistent profit. The average standard frozen food store makes #200,000 profit monthly which proves that the frozen food money making business is a viable one.  





Giving the high population of Nigeria’s citizen there is a massive high demand for bottle water and sachet water, even though there are many bottle water/ pure water companies in Nigeria, You can still be profitable. This business requires a minimal capital to get started and you can be sure of making more income within a short while, all you need to get started with your company is equipments for manufacturing, staff ( work force) and a vehicles for distribution, once you have been able to achieve this you can start your bottle water and distribution company and make enough profit within a short while.  





The demand for laptop repairers in Nigeria is very high due to the fact that most youths and business executives now own laptops and computers and as such must need the services of a repairer to diagnose and fix faults which makes it one of the best businesses to start in Nigeria. A laptop repair business does not require large amount of money as startup capital and one can start a repair business with at least #25,000. This cost covers training fees of about 15,000 and #10,000 for purchasing needed computer repair tools. Also, making money from a computer repair business does not require you renting a big office all need is a shop or kiosk to get started, you can make more than one hundred thousand naira on a monthly basis with the right marketing system that will enable you get more people to patronize your services. This business is very easy to start and can generate a high income within a short while.  





Transportation is a wide industry in Nigeria and one of the best small businesses to venture into, this business is quite easy to start and it brings in a high income within a short while, however, the nature of your transportation business determines the way you will earn your income, there are different vehicles for transportation so you can decide whether it is a bus, tricycle or motorcycle you intend on using for your business. For the use of an automobile for intra-city transportation it is advisable to get a clean Bus of about 14 passengers, a mechanic will also have to test-run the motor and after the purchase one should produce all legal papers needed to operate the vehicle to avoid being embarrassed by law-enforcement agents and for the security of the automobile. After this has been achieved the vehicle should also be registered with the National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW). With a proper management system put in place one can be able to have some good savings with reasonable time and expand the business, transportation business in Nigeria is not only restricted to buses but taxi’s and other vehicles can also be used in starting your transportation business and generating income.  





Aftеr tаking a lооk at the mоnеу mаking buѕinеѕѕеѕ in Nigеriа уоu will discover thаt thеrе are enough ѕmаll buѕinеѕѕ ideas to сhооѕе frоm and mаkе a hugе аmоunt of income, with thе right business рlаn and initiаtivе уоu can successfully start уоur buѕinеѕѕ today аnd mаkе muсh money in Nigeria.  

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