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24...Great Ways to Make

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 Make Money Blogging (Proven Strategies to Actually Make Money Online and Easily Earn Revenue with a Blog)


 If you are looking for ways to make more money then take heart; there are a thousand ways that you can raise extra cash at the end of every month. Although people talk about the most experienced gigs giving you the most earnings, if you have decided to join the blogging community then even the smallest earning will add up with time.

Here is a guide that will help you make money through online blogging. Whether you want to supplement your salary through side hustle or you are looking for a way to make money to sustain yourself, then this guide is for you. The information is quite detailed and helpful.  




1...Know your vision

The first step in establishing a blog that will really work for you is the establishment of a vision map. This is what will keep driving you and give you the energy to hold on when things get tough. A vision map should contain everything from the topics you would want to approach, your blog title idea and what you want to accomplish in your blogging career. You can put all this down in a note book that you should keep for the longest time possible. You may need to use the notebook at one point or the other. Most people use it to scribble blog post ideas and also map future plans.

Going through your vision map will reenergize you and keep you moving. You can go back to it when you get into a blogging slum and when you feel unmotivated. Rereading the visions and the things you want to accomplish in your blog will give you an inspiration. This will refuel you and you will even get more consistent and involved than before.  




Establishing a well-structured blogging vision is the same as getting a business plan before you implement an idea. It will help bring clarity in several ways just like the business plan does to the business person. It will leave you focused on the main agenda of your blogging site. Spending a lot of time writing the reasons why you want to get into a business and the reasons why you will keep going can greatly bring clarity to your mission.

A blog vision map will also make things clear on what you want to create. This goes hand in hand with the content you want to post on your blogging site. Although changing your mind down the line is allowed, a blog vision will keep you in line with your agenda and nothing will make you redirect your mission.

It will help bring the content ideas even when you are starting with insufficient information on what you want in your blog site. Thanks for the inspiration it brings along. The inspiration will help open the mind and get unlimited ideas for the content.  




2...How to vision map your blog and make it successful

Have goals - What many people do is to create a goal for the blog, then create a stretch goal and a super stretch goal. For example, you may want to get 1500 views during your first month. In addition, you can have a stretch goal of 2000 views and a super goal of 3000 views. If you don’t meet your stretch and super stretch goals, then at least you will be able to land on your ultimate goal for the month.

Have a purpose - Purpose of the blog is the fuel for your vision. If you don’t have a purpose then you cannot have a vision. You should discover and find your purpose so that you can be able to establish your mission and vision from it. If you have not found it yet, then make an effort before you get into blogging.

Manage your self - Most of the visions fail because we focus on managing our time more than ourselves. You must know how to navigate your days to ensure your vision is a success. You need to manage the way you use your time and not the way time works for you.  


Avoid negative voices in your life - Many things will come and discourage you along the way. Tolerating them is the first step to failing. You will also be fighting a few demons along your way that can suppress your inspiration and motivation.

Have a mission - A mission and a vision work hand in hand. The mission of your blogging will keep you focused on what you are doing. It will give you direction on what is worthwhile and what is not. This way, you will always meet the vision for your blog.

Having a vision for your blog is a good method to finding your way and keep you focused. It will help you do exactly what you envision. Therefore, if you are considering establishing a blogging site as a source of part-time or full-time income, then start by writing down a detailed vision map for your blog.  




3..Develop a Blog Marketing Plan

I hope you are already aware that there is plenty of competition that already exists in the market. You may be new in the blog business and there are those with more than two years’ experience that you have to deal with. You have to start with a very well-executed plan in order to beat them. This is where the marketing strategy should come in.

Having a good blog marketing plan means you will be able to create, publish and promote the contents of your blog with ease. This will ultimately help to capture the attention of internet visitors. You will now be able to generate website traffic and increase sales.  




You can use the inbound strategy that turns strangers into leads and eventually into customers. What this means is that you need to have appealing content that will bring visitors to your blog and turn them into leads.

You will be making several mistakes with your contents but without a good marketing strategy, all the efforts you put in creating your contents will go to waste. Human beings are wired to seek a quick fix to all the mistakes we make. This is one of the strategies that you should implement in ensuring your content is of high quality. As a matter of fact, good content will always market itself and attract a significant traffic on its own.

You will actually double your earnings with a written marketing strategy that you will implement in your blog every day. A blog content is a necessity if you want to see appealing results. It will not only increase the chances of possessing a successful blog but also reduce the number of hours you waste in a wrong promotional strategy, writing about wrong topics and working with the wrong influencers.  




Creating a plan for your content should involve two separate but equally effective approaches. The first one you should concentrate on the quality of your content and the second one on the promotional details. What this means is that you need a high-quality content for your audience promoted through the right channels.

Here I have evaluated the most effective tips to create a content marketing plan that will bring you solid results.  




4... Content creation plan

As I had indicated earlier, the first approach to developing an effective blog marketing strategy is to focus on the quality of your contents. No matter how sophisticated your promotional strategy is, delivering low-quality content to your audience is the worst idea. It will not be productive and you will end up wasting your money and precious time.

You need to create a blogging content that will be both appealing and attractive to your target audience. Here are several steps that can help you in this.  




·        Set goals -You should sit down and comprehensively determine the purpose of your blog. You should be very aware of what you want from your blog. Whether you want to make sales from it or whether you want more traffic to your blog. This is what is going to direct you to the next moves.

·        Define your target audience -This will help you to remain on track. Who are you targeting and who do you want to reach in the market. You should target a particular group of potential customers.

·        Create your content on the Buyer perspective -You should create your content based on the buyer persona. The buyer persona is the profile that clearly describes your target audience. You should have a well-set goal of what you want to do to your buyers and what you want to achieve. The buyer persona perspective will help you to figure out the type of the customers you are targeting. This is the first step in delivering content that is relevant and directly focused on your customers.

·        Define your content quality - Content is the determinant of the sales you are going to make with your blog. Define what you call content quality according to your target population. The better the content, the greater the impact.

·        Analyze and improve- Another way to maintain high-quality content is to always analyze the comments of your customers and improve where you feel that the content is letting you down.  Have a routine check on the visitors’ behavior in order to understand their needs.

5...Promotion plan

The second step after publishing high-quality content is to promote it. You need to have a very sophisticated promotion plan in order to attract more visitors to your blogging site. 


Here are the most popular tactics that you can use to promote your blog:  




·        Identify and collaborate with influencers -This is a strategy that is common among many bloggers. An influencer has a robust community behind him/her. They also have high authority and connections. Collaborating with an influencer will bring incredible results for your blog.

·        Utilize the social media -You can focus on different social media platforms to market your contents. You can utilize Facebook and LinkedIn for textual contents. Videos you can consider YouTube channel and Image focused networks for your visual contents.

·        Encourage sharing - Encourage your site traffic to share your contents on social media platforms. This way, they will be able to spread the good news to their friends out there.

·        Inbound marketing - Having a large number of links leading to your blog is also an effective way to market your blog posts.

·        Set up PPC campaigns-You should, first of all, ensure that you have a lot of contents in your blog before launching this campaign. PPC campaign gives you a lot of control. What this means is that you can target your specific audience with your ads. This will also ensure that you are advertising your whole blog.

Both plans are equally important and they are there to supplement each other. Developing high-quality content and promoting it through the right channels will guarantee you significant positive results within no time.  





 6...Create Unique and Evergreen contents regularly

When we talk about evergreen content then we are talking about unique, high-quality content that will be relevant to your audience for a long period of time. The quality of the content that you create determines the success of your blog site. Evergreen content will not lose its relevance anytime soon and hence it will earn you a lot of positive views and shares.

It delivers relevance, leads, shareability and content growth for the long term. Another good thing about evergreen content is that it can be updated with the latest information to ensure that your visitors keep updated.

Evergreen content will enhance site traffic. The content is timeless and hence it will attract a huge traffic for a long time that it will remain relevant. This means that evergreen content on your blog is very effective and can bring positive results for the longest time possible. 





Evergreen content generally receives the most social shares than the trending topics. This becomes a reality due to the long presence of this content. It will be available for a long time and so people will be able to share it on their social media platforms. This content is easily shared with confidence since many people think it is of high quality.

It will also allow you to insert keywords naturally into your pages. It also includes internal links to other pieces of onsite contents. It will keep people on your site for longer and therefore support your SEO strategy. It will also help you build your backlink profile and give your website more authority via links from other websites.

The content you create for your blog can affect your blog reputation greatly. There are very many bloggers who had already established themselves in the blogging community and hence you should be unique and publish quality contents. This is what will make you different from the larger pool of bloggers on the internet.

Publishing unique content on your blog every time will extend your customer base. It will be authoritative in nature and therefore attract a large number of people. Unique content will build your reputation as the industry expert.

Being unique in the industry will also promote your ranking. What this means is that you are supposed to avoid duplicate contents. It confuses search engines in one way or the other. The content may be appealing to your visitors but at the same time create a mix-up on the internet.  




7...How to write evergreen contents for your blog

This step can be overwhelming at times but if you are fully focused you will find it easy to navigate. It involves a whole new approach that requires you to be fully informed about the likes and dislikes of your audience. You also need to be sure of your mission, vision, and goals of your involvement in writing.

·        Who is your audience -This is one of those things that we have discussed severally in this brief. You need to determine who you are targeting and what they like the most.  You should focus on the beginners - those people who have no existing knowledge about your topics. Research shows that the size of beginners on the internet far exceeds the size of the experts. They will be interested in knowing about the topic and so this will keep them active for so long. You need to make the process of navigation on your site simple and easy for them.

·        Be very specific - Evergreen content is very specific in its nature. You need to craft the content to address a specific need of your target audience and at the same time offer desired solutions for their needs.

·        Write in-depth, futuristic credible content - Evergreen content is focused on staying relevant to your target audience for years. You know exactly where the industry is headed and hence you should support this by building contents that will be relevant today and tomorrow. Therefore, writing evergreen content needs in-depth research about the topic at hand and a very comprehensive analysis of your niche.

·        Write in an easy-to-consume format - One thing about evergreen content is that you have to write long contents for your population. This means that if the topic is not structured well and if it doesn’t have an easy to read format, the viewers can easily get bored and never come back.

·        Refresh your old contents - One of the ways to ensure your content remains relevant for longer is to keep it refreshed and updated. No matter how good your content is, it can fade with time. Therefore, if you are focused on keeping it relevant then you have a long way to go.

In blogging, content is King. The quality of the content you publish determines the success of your blogging site. Creating unique and evergreen contents for your blog will help you beat the enormous competition in the market and emerge a monopoly in your field.  




8...Build engagement with your traffic

After all the effort of creating and promoting relevant and useful content for your visitors, you will start seeing people visiting your blog and engaging with your content. Your ultimate goal at this point is to have ways of sustaining and making them your loyal visitors.

You need to switch your focus and try building a community with them as the first step of retaining them. Set a platform where they can comment on your contents. Make it engaging and listen to their complaints. This way, you will come up with ideas for improving your blog posts and site user experience. All this is focused on answering their queries and satisfying their needs. This way, they will always be back to get more information from your site.  




Encourage post sharing - This will ensure they are out there to share your posts on their personal social media platforms. This is what will increase your site visitors and increase your earnings. Having very active and engaging readers is much easier to make money from your blog.

The worst mistake that bloggers make is to assume that the readers will know what to do after reading the content. You have to request for engagement from them. One of the ways to do this is to ask your readers for their thoughts and experiences with your blogging site. Make them ask all the burning questions and answer them immediately. This is one of the ways to lure them to ask more questions and rate your posts and the activities in large.

An internal linking structure can also work wonders when you are talking about website traffic engagements. It is not only beneficial to search engine optimization but also a great way to ensure more page views per visitor.  




Have a subscription form at the end of every post - This is one of the best ways to recycle your traffic. The subscription form should request for the visitor's email where you can reach them on a later date updating them on other topics that can be interesting to them.

Getting social is quite obvious but it is very important when it comes to making money from blogging. The Google spiders will crawl in your site and eventually reward you with a higher ranking when they locate social signals on your site.  




You can also have clear navigation Menus to ensure easy navigation by the visitor. Ensure you use appropriate hierarchy if you are using subpages and categories in your menu. This will be one of those effective strategies that will keep your site traffic flowing back for years. They will win you a higher ranking in Google and be sure of huge earnings from them.  




9...Create a mobile-optimized website

We have been talking about user experience and the ease of accessing your blog posts. Majority of the people will access your blog from their mobile device. However, there is one very critical question that you should ask yourself ‘’is your blog suitable for mobile devices? ‘’.

Smartphone usage will continue to increase and hence you should set your blog to utilize these potential upcoming users. This number is not set to decrease and so you will be surprised to know the number of people who will access your blog through mobile devices in the future. You can try and do an analysis of those people who will access your blog via mobile phones and compare with those who use PCs. You will get to discover that more than 80% of your traffic access your blog through mobile phones.  




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Therefore, you shouldn’t underestimate the power of mobile users in making your blog grow. You should ensure the sharing and comment icons are optimized to work on mobile phones. The primary reason why smartphones are widely used to explore the internet is that of their convenience. They can be easily accessed and also less costly to use. With this in mind, you should utilize several ways that will make you tap those mobile users who will make a profit for you.    




If you haven’t optimized your website for mobile devices then you need to act swiftly and adopt these methods to make your blog more profitable:

 Build a separate mobile version of your website -This is one of the methods to diversify your sales. You will have one website for the desktop computers and the other one for mobile users. What this means is that you will be able to tap internet users from all corners. You should develop a mobile version in such a way that if someone visits the website via the mobile phone, they are redirected to your mobile website. One of the ways to build a mobile version of your website is to ask your developer to do the task for you. The other method is that you can use the tools that are available on the web to perform the same task on your own.  




Use a mobile-optimized theme -You can still have one website but a different version of it is displayed on a mobile device. Choose a theme that is generally light on graphics and that can function simply with a mobile device. There are basically several methods of creating a mobile-optimized site. One of them is the use of a WordPress plugins. Use WPtouch that creates a very simple mobile-optimized template for your contents.

Make your website 100% responsive -What we are talking about here is a website design that will be friendly to mobile devices. It should be highly responsive to the size of the device used and at the same time be fast and reliable. A responsive design will automatically offer the correct layout and be able to adjust content according to the size of the device. The users will not have to waste their precious time zooming in and out in order to view the contents correctly.  




Use the Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) - Here we are talking about the amount of time your website takes to load on mobile devices. This is one of the determinant factors of your blog success. If your website takes a lot of time to load and display the contents, then you can be sure that most of the visitors will get bored and never come back.

Use best site navigation practices - A site should always be easy to navigate. It shouldn’t be confusing to the mobile users. Ensure your site is streamlined and direct. Do not confuse the users in one way or the other. You should adopt navigation strategies that will lead the visitor directly to the content that they are looking for.

The worst of all is when the largest share of your visitors are not attracted to your website. They will leave your site and never come back. Invest a lot of your money, time and energy to ensure that your blog is easy to navigate. Increase the uptime and ensure the loading speed is high. This will make your visitors happy and they will always be looking forward to revisiting your blog site.  




10...Build a network of internal links

This is another strategy to maximize your earnings online blogging. By now your content is of high quality and is promoted through the right channels. It should be creating an emotional reaction out there and many people want to read and share it with their friends and family. The next step is to create internal links to your products.

Internal links will help your content to rank high on Google. Google uses links to find out what content on your site is related and ranks them in the hierarchy of importance. If you are building internal linking strategically for your contents, then you are using a very powerful SEO technique for your content.  




Internal linking also helps in visitor retention. A visitor is more likely to stay on the site if they see a link that has related contents or contents that appeals to them. What this means for you is that the visitors will stay for longer and you will have more opportunities to sell your products and services out there.

If you build a network of internal links thoughtfully, then they will help your website traffic navigate your site easily. They act as a guide to inform and guide your visitors to other content that they may find useful. This is a way of giving shortcuts to the most relevant contents of your website. This will increase customer satisfaction and hence increase your chances of earning more from their visit.  




They are also a strategy to redirect your visitors to a specific direction that you want them to follow. You may want to direct them to subscribe to your site or direct them to the buying process. If you can be able to direct your visitors to the buying process then it means you will be making more money every time someone visits your site. Internal links will also be a way to lure the visitors to take the last call of action. It may be to subscribe, comment or rate your services. This is one of the ways to increase engagement with your visitors.

The process of creating a network of internal links needs commitment and hard work. However, it is rewarding and you will be able to tap those visitors and earn something from their call to your website. Here are some of the ways to creating effective internal links:

1.     Create lots of content - Having a variety of content on your blog means you will have many internal pages. Their marketing strategy should be very effective and as a result, you will be able to build internal links that will really work for you. The more you link your content the better your internal linking strategy will be.

Use anchor text - By this I mean the clickable text on your website that will direct the website visitors to another content or call for action. The best strategy here is to create anchor texts that are related to the content that the visitor is currently viewing.

Link old and new posts -You will be creating a new value for your old posts if you link them to the new posts. You can as well link a new post to an old post for the visitors to relate. Google sees new contents as a positive ranking factor that can be used to promote your old links.

Include title tags in your internal links -Title tags will give your visitors an info tip. This will inform them of the content they are about to explore. It’s a good opportunity for them to decide whether the link is worth following. Adding title attributes to your links is good for your SEO. Therefore, adding a title attribute to your links will be beneficial to your website.  



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Link deep -The deeper your links are, the better. This is one of the strategies to avoid links at the surface. The navigation menu already has links and hence you should link deeper than this for them to be relevant.

Internal linking, when undertaken carefully, is a clinch. It will benefit your site and you will be able to make more money from a single visitor. The process is not difficult, it only requires you to be committed and keep your content updated to ensure it is relevant.  




11..Monetize your contents

The reason why you are joining the blogging community is to make money. Maybe some money to supplement your monthly earnings. One thing that you should bear in mind is that you need to be a very patient blogger. Do not expect to get rich overnight. That is why you should take some of the effective measures to monetize your contents.

Remain topical and create useful contents that will attract visitors. Your lead magnets will drop people into your sales funnel and you will end up making something out of it. When we talk about monetizing your content you should be thinking of those other measures that you can take to generate small amounts of cash flows from your contents.  




Another method is to build out audio tutorials that will ultimately sell some big package. The visitors also may want to get information on what you are good at. This means that you can sell systems that will teach them what you do.

One thing that you should avoid like war is taking shortcuts with your contents. Do not take those paths that can affect your future selling capability. In blogging, you should just take action and remain persistent if you want to be successful in this field.  



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Now that you have the blog set and you are attracting huge traffic, you should be looking for ways to start making money from it. In addition to the mechanisms that I have listed above, there are several other ways that you can adapt and generate cash flows from your blog. You must have heard about bloggers who make up to $80,000 per month. Have you ever wondered how they generate this huge cash? 





Here is a couple of methods that they use to monetize their contents that you can as well use to make some appealing amount of money per month:  

12...Make money by advertising banners

If your blog attracts a lot of traffic on daily basis, then this is the method for you. If you have implemented all the above measures in your blogging site, then your site should now be attracting more than 1000 visitors per day. With this, you can now venture into advertising banners as a way of generating additional revenue. There are several ads that you can advertise on your website. They include:

Pay per click ads

PPC ads are ads that are displayed on your websites with which you will be paid every time one of your visitors clicks them. When you place AdSense locks on your website, you will get paid a portion of what the advertisers pay Google.  




This ad can work well for driving high conversions, especially with in-post ads. You don’t need any coding knowledge to implement the Google AdSense into your website. What this means for you is that you will just take some few minutes to set them up and you are good to go.  What you are supposed to do is to maximize your PPC price so that you can get enough money from every click.

Your blog website should be impressive for Google to post the highest paying ads on it. This means you need to invest much energy in the quality of your contents in order to attract a large number of visitors. This is what Google uses to determine the type of banners to post on your website. There is a lot you can do to attract the best paying adverts: those with the highest PPC.  




One way is to get quality traffic. Your visitors should be highly focused on your niche so that they will be lured to click on the adverts. You must ensure that your traffic is seeking what you are advertising. The adverts should always be related to the contents your visitors are seeing in order for them to click on the advert. Few will click to an ad that is not related to the keyword or the phrase they used to get to your website.

Secondly, you must research and do it comprehensively on the best paying keywords in your niche. Advertisers bid for keywords and hence in order to attract Google crawlers from the millions of keywords available, you need to have exactly the keyword that they want for the advert. Do your research and get your energy on the content that is direct to the keywords that attract the best paying adverts.  




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Use the AdSense channels to increase AdSense PPC - This is aimed at testing your PPC placement by the use of AdSense channels. Measure the performance of every created channel over a period of 4 weeks and then design your AdSense strategy on the results. You will be at a position to promote high performing blocks and delete the low performing ones. The position of the low performing blocks can also have an effect on your overall earnings. This test will help you to determine this blocks and later change their position.  



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Try to avoid Link Unit ads - They can affect your customer involvement. The visitor has to click twice for the ad to appear. They will either leave or have learned never to click on adverts again. You should as well block advert categories that traditionally do not pay much per click.

The final thing that you should do in order to attract high paying adverts from Google is to improve the quality of your site. This will not only increase the traffic in your site but also attract higher AdSense CPC from Google. Work to research and use the best keywords, quality backlinks and other on-page SEO techniques. With this, you are more likely to be given higher CPC ads for your niche.

Advertising is an easy way for bloggers to start making an income stream from their online activities. Some of the countries do not allow bloggers to run AdSense ads. However, there are several Google AdSense alternatives.  




13...CPM Advertising

This is an alternative that can earn you steady income from your blog. It is one of the best ways to earn income with your blog. CPM advertising pay according to the number of impressions received on an advertisement. This means that even if your traffic is not clicking on your blog ads, you will still be able to earn something out of it. When we talk about an impression here we are talking about an instance of an advertisement appearing on your website.

Cost per Mile is very easy to set and just as CPC, they do not need any coding knowledge to set up. This kind of advertising is a great supplement to other strategies that you can implement to monetize your blog. CPM ads are pretty good for blogs that have a great number of viewers on daily basis. If you are holding a tech blog, then you’re better off with CPM since most tech folks do not click on ads.

If your page doesn’t get a lot of ad clicks or if you feel that the payout per click is quite low, then you can Supplement Google AdSense ads with CPM. This two combined can bring an impressive income at the end of the month. If your blog is a little bit older and if it attracts a large number of views, then you can get into CPM ad networks such as Casale media, Value click, Right media, Burst media and several others out there.

Before you rush into a certain CPM ad network, you should have a comprehensive research about the networks that are a good fit for your blog. Most if not all of the ad networks target a specific niche and hence you can be sure to select the one that is a good match for your niche. 





After you have determined the network that you want to work with, get the online form on their website to apply for the ad network of your choice. If there is no application form on their website, you can contact the network directly to get an application form or a procedure.

After you are granted the partnership, you should then test the network on your blog. Some of the networks will give you a week or two test period after which you will determine if it is the best for your blog. You will be assisted in putting the code on your blog.

If the ad network works well for you, you should then decide where you will place the CPM ads on your blog. Some of the experts in this field argue that you should place them above the fold. The fold is the part of your site that is visible to your readers directly without scrolling down. This is the main strategy that will guarantee you profits at the end of every month.  

The number of impressions that your ad will get is directly proportional to the number of viewers that get into your blog each time. What this means is that you have to optimize your content to increase your website traffic. Increased traffic to your website means increased profits. Your content should be of high quality as one of the means of attracting an increased number of visitors every now and then.

Another effective way of increasing your monthly revenue from CPM is choosing three to four of the best and related keywords to describe your content. One of those keywords should be included in your post title in order to optimize it for SEO. Search engines such as Google use these keywords to determine the search results to feature and so you should use these keywords in a very interesting way in the body of your articles.

Your traffic quality and type will determine whether you are going to make more money with CPM than with Google AdSense ads. Therefore, always use strategies to fetch quality traffic for your blog and maintain an increasing number of them to your blog daily. When you have a high traffic but it doesn’t like clicking ads, then it will be profitable to use CPM or both.  




14...Direct Advertising

It makes more sense financially to drop the brokers in your blog and directly link with the businesses to advertise their products. Instead of incurring a lot of cost negotiating with Google and those Ads networks, you can strike your own advertising deal and raise a lot of money at the end of the month. The only existing limitation of this strategy is that you need to have a huge following before you think of it.

I have no doubt that your blog can be getting more than 1000 visitors per day. This is a good number that can be appealing to business owners. You should also be considering other methods that can help market your blog and increase the number of people that visit daily. I would shot for 50,000-page viewers before you choose to implement this method. This means that if you are new in the blogging community, you will have to wait long before you consider direct advertising.  




In addition to the number of traffic, page viewers and subscribers in your site, advertisers want to get a clear picture of the people they will reach through your blog site. Decide the type of advertising you want to allow on your site. This will ensure that you only display the advertisement banners that are related to your content and avoid disgusting your site visitors with irrelevant ads.

By advertising directly, you will be able to negotiate the ad prices with the advertisers directly. You can be able to decrease or increase the value of a single ad depending on several factors that you have established. You will also be able to manage your ‘’advertise here’’ banners. What many bloggers do not know is that if there is no advert on your banner for so long, it can give out the impression that no one is willing to advertise on your site. This can greatly affect your conversion and reputation out there. Therefore, advertising directly gives you a room to manage your affiliate banners as you want.  

The number one benefit of direct advertising is that you are going to keep the whole bread. This unlike the CPM and the CPC where you are given just a share of the amount that the advertisers are willing to offer. Though ads networks and Google AdSense are great ways of mobilizing money from your blog, they give you a predetermined share of that money. If you were directly advertising through your site, then you are advantaged. You will keep the whole income to yourself.

Keeping a direct contact with the advertisers is one of the ways to sell your site out there. Most if not all of the advertisers can recommend your site to their friends and businesses out there. What this means is that you have a better way of increasing the number of advertisers and eventually increase the income generated from direct advertising.  




By selling direct ads to your advertisers, you will have to hustle less and get direct and instant payments. Unlike the CPM and CPC, you can get the money even before placing the ads or immediately after placing it.

The other hard thing with direct advertising is the hassle to get advertisers. With a great following and a quality site, advertisers will always be looking for you. However, you can really hustle to get them if your site is still young. The power of CPC and Google AdSense ads are not to be underestimated. The 3rd parties have a pool of advertisers and hence your ad inventories will never go dry.


15...Pinterest advertising Traffic

Bloggers show off what they earn per month and it is enticing. However, if you are starting to monetize your blog to earn as many figures, it might be difficult to know the best method that will work for you. Pinterest is one of those platforms that can help you make money with your blog.

 We all know the blogging community has several methods that you can use to earn money. One of them is putting external ads on your site. The only disadvantage of this method recently is that earnings have dropped drastically leaving many bloggers who relied on this method with relatively low income. Most of them have considered adding many ads on their site and this has worsened the case. Their websites are now working slowly. This can be one of the reasons why your website traffic will continue dropping with time.  

Create a Pinterest account on the Pinterest Homepage - You will just need an email/personal Facebook account and a password. After this connect your personal profile to the Pinterest if you want to sign in with Facebook. You will then be prompted to select a few topics or categories that match your niche. Go ahead select them and follow them. This will help Pinterest to populate your home ‘’feeds’’.

Fill out your Pinterest Profile and verify your website - You can add your business name and proceed with other steps. When you are done with the process of verifying your account and website, apply for the Pinterest Rich Pins. This will help you drag traffic to your site as the first step of increasing your earnings. Pinterest recognizes your blog posts through this rich pins.

Create some Pinterest Boards - Optimize your boards with some useful and related keywords so that people can find them easily. The next step is to fill your account with your pins and pins of others. Eventually, follow your top players. Select those players that are key to your blog before you start pinning other bloggers content.

Crete your first post and your first Pinterest pin at the same time ensuring you are active on the platform. When I talk about ‘’active’’ I mean pinning. The more you pin the better. Your content will get seen more often. Get on the Pinterest group boards. This is a very effective method of driving traffic to your blog.

The final step is to get a Headstart with Pinterest Organic Traffic Avalanche - This will be a good strategy to attract countless traffic to your blog. A lot of people underestimate the power of Pinterest when they are considering to monetize their blogs. However, it is a good strategy to raise additional income from your blog each month.  




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16...Affiliate marketing

A good place to start when monetizing your blog is with Affiliate marketing. This is the process of promoting other related products in your niche as a form of supplementing your monthly earnings. You have to promote high priced products as a way of earning money in your blog. You can never earn a good income from affiliate marketing if you are promoting low priced products. You should choose to market products such as drones, expensive courses and other products that are worth the effort. The effort you will put in order to raise a six-figure earning from low priced products is crazy.

Your niche matters in affiliate marketing - If you are targeting health, wellness and fitness audience, then you should be prepared to add an extra effort when promoting products. The products that people in this niche usually demand are low priced. However, their demand is quite high and you can sell several products through your blog.

Another good thing about affiliate marketing is that you will learn how to sell. You will get experienced on how to sell digital products and later you can implement this knowledge in selling your own products. Selling your own products can also be profitable in such a way that you will have to keep the whole income.

In affiliate marketing, you just have to know that you don’t own the products. What you are doing is promoting them and you are paid for this. This is a source of risk in affiliate marketing because you don’t know what the company might decide to do with the products in future. They can decide to lower the price or the commission and this will mean a great decline in your monthly earnings.

 However, Affiliate marketing is quite competitive and hence you have to be strategic and unique in order to make some good money from it. Some of the most successful bloggers out there make a six-digit income from this method. Some of the products sold through your blog can earn you up to $150 and a recurrent earning on a monthly basis.  

17...Social media promotion

This is another very effective method to increase your earnings. You can sell your products through social media or market affiliate products using social media channels. You can as well be able to promote your own Webinars or share your product reviews and affiliate posts. This way, you will be able to increase sales and mobilize an additional monthly income from your blog.

Another good thing about Social media promotion is that you will also be able to market your blog post out there to advertisers. They will want to use your blog to reach those visitors that go to your blog. There are several social media channels that you can utilize to facilitate this process. You can promote your products or services up to six times in a day through Facebook. Another mechanism is to set a store on your Facebook business page.

Twitter also allows any kind of link you like and hence you can be able to market what you do up to 24 times in a day. You can as well run twitter paid ads to sell your products and services. In twitter, you have to use hashtags to show up in searches and automated events.

If you are promoting or selling physical products, then Instagram is the best channel. You can choose to post pictures of the physical product that you want to promote and at the same time make sure your shop link is in your profile. If you have a huge following on Instagram, then you can make use of Mobile Media Lab to sell advertising to companies and businesses out there.  




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18...Make Money Blogging - Create and sell online courses

Selling online courses is the best way to go when you want to raise a passive income from your blog. The fact that creating an online course can consume a lot of your time and energy, many bloggers fear it. Most of the time someone can give up when they are just a step behind. Therefore, this is an exercise that needs huge time investments and a lot of patience.

People go online for a variety of reasons and getting reliable online tutorials and courses is not limited. Many people get into the internet to find information and learn new things. Most of the time you get online to get information about recipes-how you can prepare your supper and other things. Other time people want to learn how to navigate a certain application on their computers, how to start a fruitful business, how to start freelancing and many other things. As a blogger, being there to help can earn you a lot of money at the end of the month. The increasing need for information and instructions from the internet has created a great opportunity for bloggers and if done the right way, you will benefit.

Many bloggers concentrate on serving this information through blog posts or writing books. Although this is equally beneficial, the best way to approach this great money making opportunity is by creating online courses and selling them out to the public.  

19...Make Money Blogging - Monetize your webinar

This is a very easy method of monetizing your blog. You offer a paid product at the end and people will be able to purchase your product or offering. If promoted correctly, webinars can be a great way of making money from your blog. You just need to teach your attendees well and deliver a pitch that makes sense to them and you are good to go.

In order to make your webinar profitable, your promise must align with the offer. If the promise that you created in your webinar topic doesn’t align with the offer, you will offend your attendees and your business will suffer. Show your offers in a very attractive design. You can use Visuals and Graphics. This will make your offers tangible in case the products are digital. It will also attract the attendees’ attention and they will purchase the offering.

The best way to do a webinar is to select a topic that you might like to create a product on. This will give you ideas and concepts about what you are about to do and what you will do in future. Presell the idea at least one month before you release the product. This is a way of testing your market and if you get a presale for your product, congratulations, go ahead and release it.

Webinars are a great way to presell your idea.  You just need a solid idea and an outline of your whole process in order to make it a success. You should make as many webinars as you need. This will ensure increased sales for your idea.  

20...Build a membership site and make money

A membership site just like a Gym subscription, members pay a certain amount of money in order to access your services and products. Making money with a membership site can be easy and overwhelming at the same time. However, if implemented the right way it can help you make thousands a month.

People join a membership site with high expectations that it will simplify their lives. This is the reason why you should be highly cautious and promising at the same time when you are building a membership site. The content in the site should be satisfactory in order to keep people subscribing each time their membership expires.

If you’re able to retain a good number of your members as recurrent subscribers then you will be able to generate a steady income. This is the best method of maintaining your earnings. You don’t have to start with zero income at the beginning of every month simply because you lost a significant percentage of your members along the way.

Sustaining a good membership site will build your reputation out there. People will build trust with your services and you will be seen as an expert in the field. This will increase your monthly subscriptions and at the same time ensure you retain the initial subscribers.

As I stated earlier, people expect so much from your site. If you will be able to retain the quality of your contents then be sure to earn quite a lot.  You will build a loyal community of subscribers that will always give you passive income.  




21...Make Money with Vlogging and Podcasts

There are many smart ways to make money online. Vlogs and podcasts are one of them. It is not so difficult to make money from Vlog and Podcasts as people make it look. People spend their precious time getting entertained on YouTube. They spend much of their time watching movies and videos and hence you can be sure that vlog can earn you a good income. People all over the world like to watch video contents because they are more entertaining and requires less energy. This is the reason why YouTube is generating millions of viewers each day.

There is an increased demand for podcasts recently. It is easy and informative to tune in to a podcast. What this means for you is that you can monetize your podcasts and earn money. In order to raise money from this two channels, you need to find a less saturated niche first. The niche that you are passionate about and the one that you will never get tired or bored to relate to.

Then set up your channels. This can be a vlog where you can place your content for the public to view. Ensure you have added channel art, description, and links to your website and cover photos. The next thing that follows is the content. Create high-quality content for your audience. Make sure you prepare the script for your videos and audios.

You can hence monetize your podcasts or vlogs by the use of ads. Ads are a great way to make money online. You will have to display adverts on your channels in order to get that share of revenue from advertisers. You can sign in for Google AdSense account and enable monetization in your YouTube settings page.

Go around the internet and you will hear many bloggers who make tons of cash by simply making videos and putting them on the internet. Don’t be left out if you want to supplement your monthly earnings.


22...Make Money Blogging - Sell Sponsored Blog Posts

There are several successful bloggers out there who are making a lot of money directly from displaying sponsored posts on their blogs.  A sponsored blog post is a blog post that you are paid to publish on your blog. You can be the writer or publish a gig that is written by the advertiser. However, every time you think of publishing a sponsored blog you should indicate who has sponsored it to adhere to FTC regulations.

The good thing about this is that you are the one to decide how many sponsored blog posts you want to display on your blog site. This means you have the power to decide how much you want to earn from it. You can promise three blog posts in a month and charge more for that exclusivity. You can as well decide to work with several clients and charge less.

 If the sponsored blog is something that you are sure is going to interest readers and improve the credibility of your blog, then you shouldn’t be worried about posting it. The only thing that you should be worried about is if the post you are considering to post on your blog is the content that is shown out there to your readers. If the information is going to affect your reputation negatively then think otherwise.

You should as well consider your online influence and if it is going to be affected in the future. If that will be eroded for working with certain brands, then do not take the next step.  

23...Set it and forget it

Many bloggers are always concerned about how they can make money from blogging. The reason being we are risk-averse. We are worried about what will happen tomorrow and how it can affect our conversion. You will start noticing a drastic reduction in engagement. As a blogger, this will not be something to smile about.

You wake up every day and most of the time you are late in delivering what your customers are waiting for out there. You need apps that will always remind you every time you need to post to your Instagram. You can then go and post manually.  The good thing is that you can use Tailwind and schedule auto-posting to ensure you are there for your Instagram audience when they most expect you. Instagram is now allowing 3rd parties such as Tailwind to create apps that facilitate an automatic update of posts on your Instagram.

You can as well use Tailwind to schedule your pins on Pinterest. This will drive a large amount of your blog and shop traffic. They have also added another feature that is called Hashtag Finder. It will notify you of the number of the hashtags you have used on your post and inform you on their competitiveness.


24...Build an email list and make money

 I bet by now you should have understood the importance of building an email list. Email is still the perfect way to reach your target audience. Whether you are trying to sell your products and services, build relationships with your customers or deliver the information that you want your target audience to consume, an email will always work for you.

You spent a lot of time and other resources building your email list and making sure it is up to date. Now the next step is to monetize it and ensure it is earning you something at the end of the month.  The truth is that almost half of your email list is active. If you are dealing with a big list, then this is a great opportunity to earn something from them. Turn every email into an affiliate marketing blast if possible. This will be possible if you add an affiliate link to every email that your audience receives.

Another way to ensure emails are earning you something is by paid subscriptions. You can charge something for premium contents that you are giving out to your audience. Also don’t be shy about linking back to your website or the blog site. This can be a great opportunity to increase the number of traffic and earn money from banners and PPC ads.  




Final thoughts

If you have a good idea or physical product to sell and make money from it, a blog can support those sales. The only thing that you should have in your mind is that all this will need time. You need to mobilize enough traffic in your blog site before you think about earning significant income from blogging. You will not get far unless you spend time promoting and syndicating your materials.

This means that it needs time to establish a blog site that will earn you money. However, with the right direction, planning, and hard work, this can be achieved faster. The determinant here is the method you use to promote your contents and the channels you will use to monetize them thereafter.

However, no matter how good the monetization angle that you choose is, it needs an ample traffic to facilitate the whole process. That’s why we are talking about the quality of content you post on your site and the way you promote it.

It will need time and sometimes money to keep your blog running. Unfortunately, too many bloggers give up because the blog is not making any money at all in the initial steps. You should be persistent and ready to invest your time and money in order to make money from it. My advice is not to give up! It needs time to build, run and maintain a blog post that will earn you money. Another thing, do not be disheartened if one of the monetization methods doesn’t work for you. Just try a different method and build upon that.

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