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Top 6 Reasons Why Most Websites Fail

 and are Unsuccessful  


Things have really changed since the first ever website was brought forth by a Physicist. He combined some few computer codes and came up with what we value up to now. It was a way of connecting millions of people in the world to an endless amount of data. There are more than 700 million existing websites but what we value much is that one website that gives us the information we want. What this means is that online visitors are loyal to websites and hence you have to do something unique to keep them. However, the bad thing is that majority of websites fall short.





In this brief, I am going to explain some of the main reasons why websites collapse. Here is where very many websites owners go wrong.


1…Terrible Content

If you gave your website visitors poor contents then they will go away. This is the main reason why blog websites are falling off. The reality of the matter is that they ignore the information architecture. More than 90 percent of the website owners don’t even know what information architecture is. This is a blunder that leads to nothing more than loss of money, resources and time. Information architecture is the art of arranging the data and revealing it to the user in a very organized way. If the information architecture is ignored then you can be sure people will always think the quality of contents provided is poor. 





2…Infrequent Content

When it comes to the website contents, most of us think about word-count and the search engines before we think of the end users. Although these things matter on your website, the users first want quality content and one that can flow. They have to be assured that they are on the right site and it will serve their purpose. Wordcount is not more important than the quality of work and the search engines. Look for fastest, easiest and the shortest copies that can convey your message in a clear manner and fast enough. You can get the best quality of content but if the information doesn’t flow in time to time, then your website will struggle to thrive. You have to feed your web site with page views. To remain relevant, you need to post content from time to time.  





3…Most of the websites are not mobile friendly

The reality of the matter is that most of the times am online am using my mobile phone. In fact am on the internet more times with my phone than I do with my PC. Think of it like this, how many people in the world are sited on their computer all day long looking for contents in the internet. A recent research approximated that more than 80 percent of the people who access the internet do so via a mobile phone. If you are a website owner and you haven’t yet optimized your website for mobile then you are losing a lot. This is the reason why majority of those websites cannot sustain themselves for a long time. Marginmedia carried out a public study and majority of the respondents said that if they visited a website and found it not responding well with their mobile devices they take it as an indication of the business not caring.  





4…Poor social following

If you have a website and ignoring the powers of social media at getting you visitors, then you are losing a lot. The huge potential following that you are missing is what will kill your website. You have to open a twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts and put in some extra work to make people like your pages or follow you. Some of the most successful website owners will usually tell you that majority of their website visitors come from their social media accounts. This is why you may miss out on some visitors for your website if you don’t have strong social media accounts. You can create an invitation for the website visitors to follow you on social media. You will be surprised to realize that more than 20 percent of them will follow you and remain updated. You will also realize that more than 3 percent of the followers are the people who know you and those that can testify the quality of work in your website. Turn that one visit into many through enabling social media sharing.  





5…Ignoring the consumer

Most of the company websites that we interact with are built for the company not the consumer. If you have ever been involved in a website redesign you can testify with me that there is nowhere the consumer is mentioned. This is the reason why they don’t optimize the website to meet the demands of the consumer.  





6…Minimal Interaction

If there is no interactions between you and your website visitors then they are less likely to stay. Also, if you have a fun page and you are not always there, Facebook will notice this and act accordingly. They will stop sharing your contents with some of your followers and the impact will be felt in your website. You need to be always there to participate in discussions on your account or at least keep on updating your contents all through. At least three updates in a week or one in a day if you are up to it will work wonders. Always ensure you are there to reply to the people’s comments and inquiries. Failure to that some of them will just leave and never come back. This way, they will not only consider you as an authority but also they will come back because they know you will be there for them. 







Final thoughts

If you don’t avoid the above six factors, then your business is destined to fail. The best way to tackle this is not to see the website as just a website. See it as a media channel where you and your customers interact and communicate. It should be the voice of your customer.










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