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7 Frustrating Reasons Why Your Website

 Speed is Painfully Slow


Getting on your computer and clicking on a website link seems like a simple thing. However, there are a lot of activities happening at the back stage that facilitate the speed of loading that specific link. There is so much going on in those few seconds of running a link and hence several things can go wrong all together. One of the worst experiences for your website traffic is dealing with slow websites while there are several other websites with the same contents on the internet. This means that you can end up losing a significant number of website hoppers within a second. 




With that being said, in this article I am going behind the scene to determine the reasons why your website speed is slower than you expected.  


1…Wrong server location

The data relayed on a website goes through cables and hence it may take longer to connect. What happens is that when you click on a link, you send signals to a server asking it to load the information. As a matter of fact, the longer the distance between you and your server determines the time your site will take to load. If you have ever made a long distance call i.e. from Ghana to Australia, you can testify with me that it took a longer time to connect. The same thing happens with the servers. If your server is far away from you, then you can be sure it will take a longer time to load the data. Although people think that data is fast, it is not magic and hence it takes some time to reach its destination. 





2…Bad server configuration

The reality of the matter here is that your website runs from the ground up. When a visitor clicks on a link that is like igniting the car. The car has to be in good condition to start. However, if the engine of your website is not in good condition, then you can expect that it will take a longer time to start. Get a good website host and an expert to configure your server. 





3…Non-optimized images and complex file formats

Remember some time ago when you had to wait longer for a large image or a complex file to load. Although several things have changed since that time, the general rule still applies. After you click on a link and send signals to a server, it will start bit by bit loading data and relaying them on your screen. The larger the image or how complex the file is, then the longer it will take to appear on your screens. It works the same way with a laborer offloading stock from the delivery truck. The heavier the product the longer he will take to reach the store. If you have got a large collection of large images and complex files on your website, don’t expect things to go faster for your website visitors. 





4…Pointless webpage redirects

Redirects are automatic instructions or methods that take your website visitors from one file location to the other. Although these redirects are accomplished in different ways, each of the ways affects the speed of your page. Assume you ask for the direction to the bus stop and on reaching there you find that the bus stop is no longer operational. You ask and be redirected to another bus stop. You can be sure that you will take ages to catch a bus to your destination. This applies the same way here. If your website has too many redirects that are unnecessary, then be sure your website will take long to relay the data on the visitors screen. 





5…Excessive usage of website ads

Despite the fact that displaying ads and other advertisements is a good mechanism of monetizing your website, too much of them affects your website speed. Monetizing your website shouldn’t compromise the performance. Try and minimize the ads up to a level that they work censurably with the speed of the website. Don’t let too many ads kill the speed of your website. Once you overload your website, you add to the HTTP requests which are believed to require additional processing time. Reducing the number of interstitials and auto downloads will ensure better performance for your website. 





6…Unreliable shared website hosting plans

The company you are trusting with hosting your website makes a significant impact when it comes to the speed of your website. What I mean here is that the slow loading pages may not be entirely your own fault. Sometimes the host may be making things work against you. If you have tried all other ways to improve your website speed and nothing is working, then make an effort and contact your  website host. In some cases if the problem is not solved, switch your hosting provider to solve the problem. For the highest performance, choose a service provider who offers performance optimization services at a no fee. 




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7…Excessive usage of social media scripts

The reality that Google uses page load speed as a factor for SEO makes so many bloggers and website owners to get a deeper social media sharing buttons in their sites. The slow websites are a problem to end users because it slows down instant gratification typical internet users wants out of life. If you increase the number of social media buttons on your site, then you will affect directly the speed of your website. There are several social media button providers out there with each of them claiming to offer button with speed and ease of use. However, if you tried them in most cases they slow the speed of your website. Use minimum social media buttons and get them from trusted providers. 







There is no one out there who likes a slow website. Slow websites are sometimes frustrating and annoying. This can have some negative impacts on your website performance and the monetization measures. Always ensure you measure the speed of your website time to time and determine the issues that are making your site slower.









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