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8 Unique Differences between

 the Rich and Poor People


Everyone wants to be rich but no one can explain the reason why they hate being poor. Although Human beings are equal before the eyes of God, they are different in the eyes of other human beings. From the time I began understanding the need for money and why it makes someone healthier and wealthier, I have since then wanted to be rich. There are many other people out there who have always dreamt of being rich but most of them remain poor after so many years of trying.





In this article, we are going to evaluate the reasons why people remain poor after being focused and trying to accumulate wealth and point the difference that exists between the rich and the poor.


1…Rich people manage their finances well, poor people don’t

One of the reasons why rich people are called rich is because they are rich both in their pockets and also in their minds. They know how to manage their finances well and therefore they are less likely to fall into a financial crisis. Rich people always understand that credit card bills and car payments are toxic to building wealth. If the rich people use their credit cards, they pay off the bills every month to avoid carrying them to the next level. Poor people believe that credit cards and other debts are just a part of their life. Most of poor people have no written budget and do not keep a written track of their finances. 





2…Rich people have clear investing goals, poor people have spending goals

Life is full of risks and those risks have rewards. Rich people are rich because they can cut a bit of their monthly earnings and use it on their investments. Poor people cut a share of their monthly salary to eat and the other share to eat later. This is what differentiates the two. Rich people think of what to invest on and they usually have a clearly stipulated investment plan. Rich people ensure that their investing goals are met and they have worked for them. 





3…Rich people take risks to get rewards

There is nothing sweet like watching your courage investment grow into a money source of a lifetime. Rich people unlike the poor know how to take risks to attract rewards. They understand the need to take some financial risk in order to get some significant financial rewards. Rich people measure the value of risk and rewards and takes the risk in case the rewards are greater than the risk. Poor people are risk averse and they can only make small investments to avoid risks. The end result is small rewards or the return of the initial investment. 





4…Rich people are obstinately positive, poor people are relatively negative

In the current world where everything is a hustle, there are plenty of things to be negative about. However, the reality is majority of rich people tend to be positive on negative things. If you don’t look at negative things from a positive perspective, then you are likely to be affected by their negativity. Apart from losing hope when faced with challenges, rich people tackle them positively. The truth of the matter is, keeping a positive mind and hanging around people with a positive mindset is the key to building wealth. Poor people tend to be negative about almost everything in the world. A negative mind will never unblock the senses of reality and see the opportunities out of the challenges. 





5…Rich People Make Their Money Work Harder for them, poor people work hard for the money

Rich people see every coin as a seedling that if planted can bear many fruits at the same time. Poor people see every plant as a chance to sell and get money. That is what differentiates the two. Rich people look on ways to plant those dollars, bear fruits and replant the seeds to get more harvest. Poor people don’t invest the money they earn, they get the money to spend. That is the reason why majority of poor people will work hard to get money to spend. 





6…Rich people use their time wisely and efficiently, poor people are time wasters

Almost everybody in the world is trading their time for money as we talk. However, what they don’t know is that you can get money tomorrow but you cannot get yesterday’s time today. In the real sense, poor people trade their precious time with money and end up not realizing their full potential. Rich people don’t trade time with money, they trade money with time. That is why they always make more money as time passes while poor people use more of their time to make little money. 




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7…Rich people constantly are looking to learn, develop and grow

One of the ways that you can know your poverty score or rich score is simply listening to the way you think. Rich people usually think that they know little and they need advisers and more learning to know something. Poor people think they know it all. However, the reality is that if you are not willing to learn, you will never know how to make money.





8…Rich people hang around other rich people, poor people hang around other poor people

There is this saying that I have heard several times that talks about who you are from the people you hang out with. The saying goes ‘’you are an average of the five people that you hang out with’’. If you hang out with the rich even if you won’t become wealthy at least you will be a middle class person. Rich people always hang out with other rich people sharing investing ideas and life goals. Poor people on the other hand hang out with poor people sharing instances of challenges and discussing how they gave up after a life challenge. If you want to be poor, hang around poor people. 






The bottom Line

Everybody wants to get that status of a rich person. However, some of us don’t take the initiative and learn the basics in attracting wealth. Whatever we do today will impact directly to the life we will live later. If you learnt to invest the little you have then you will accumulate wealth in the later years and lead a wealthy life. So make up your mind.    









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