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8 Valuable Tips to Know Before You Start

 a Candle Making Business


A major benefit of starting a candle business is that you can turn it into part time or full time job according to your availability. The other good thing is that you enjoy the benefits of being your own boss, have the freedom to do what you actually enjoy doing, spend more time with your family and at the same time sell from home. Homemade crafts such as clothes, candles and plastic recycling is the next big thing. The job market is continually tightening and hence you have to look for other alternatives of employment.  You cannot just stay at home for a year or two waiting for job opportunities. Many potential business leaders and entrepreneurs in the 21st century are looking to their hobbies, passions, interests and talents as business opportunities.  





In this brief, I will share some of the basics in starting a candle business.


1…Define your target market

The first thing that you need to do before establishing any kind of a business is to understand the people you are going to offer your products and services to. The wisest business starters define where their business fits in the broader market place. This is the same issue here, you need to determine who will buy your candles, how they will buy them, why they will buy them and how much they are willing to pay for the product. This way, you will start with a target in mind.  





2…Purchase lots of Wax items at all times

We may spend a lot of time talking but at the end of the day, what matters is execution. You have to purchase lots of Wax items at all times. Waxes come in different groups and the group you choose greatly depends on your preference. One of the groups is paraffin. Paraffin is a by-product of petroleum and you can find it in a variety of melting points. You can also decide to purchase beeswax which has a natural, light honey smell. The third category is the vegetable waxes. Soy is the most popular source of vegetable wax. Choose the type of wax you want for your business and ensure you have lots of them all the time.  





3…Premade wicks

Candle wicks are usually made out of cotton. You need to get premade candle wicks to facilitate your candle making process. Since you now have the candle wicks, you can then proceed to cut a piece of it about an inch longer and dip it in the wax. This is what burns to produce the frame. You should have a continuous supply of wicks for all the ingredients that you will use to make the candles.  





4…Finding the right Fragrance to add to the candles

Adding fragrance and color is done after the wax has melted. Fragrance is the essence of scented soy candles and you have to make your candles the best scented out there. There are so many different fragrance and fragrance oil supplies and it can be difficult to determine the one that you really want. You can get that hot scent throw that every other candle maker is striving for. However, in some cases, the candle can have an awesome cold throw but turn otherwise after some time. That is the reason why you should get the right fragrance for your candles. Get candle science, candle solution, candle cocoon, Brambleberry and many more fragrances.  





5…Invest in quality Dyes to color the candles

The best solution to coloring wax is dye. It actually dissolves into the wax and will not clog the wick. This is the only thing that will make your candles look better. Dying your candles allows you to customize them to suit any sensibility. There are several companies out there selling liquid dyes that are specifically designed for use with other products. However, some candle companies sell dyes that can only be used with their products. To be sure, just purchase an all-purpose dye that you can use with your candles. Choose an appropriate dye for the type of wax you are using to make the candles.  





6…Have an abundance molds

The next step is to purchase plenty of metal molds for your business. Although there are very many other types of molds you can use for your candles, metal molds and especially aluminum molds are the most popular. They are available in different sizes, shapes, and patterns. There are molds for a single candle or for several standing candles. Have enough of them for your candles.  






7…Buy an abundance of glass containers

A candle container is the other thing you have to consider in your business. It is the one in which the melted wax is directly poured into. Purchase non-flammable containers such as glass for the process. You have to face the market demands and one of the best ways of doing so is to make all what the market expects from you. Have enough containers for making container candles. The fact that the candle burns inside the container, the dripping of wax doesn’t occur and that is the reason why most people like them.  




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8…Inventory and price list

A candle business just like any other needs proper accounting. Once you have already accounted for all the expenses, determine how much you are going to sell a single unit of your candles to compensate the cost of production. Check your competitor’s pricing and price accordingly. You can choose to fall a small unit under their product price to attract some of their clients or just price the same.  




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The bottom line

Small business owners routinely take many responsibilities at the same time and believe they can do everything by themselves. This is the leading cause for their closure. For you, it is best if you sought outside help when the need arises. It’s okay to hire an assistant or even a part time accountant to come and advise you regularly. Don’t just work, work smart.










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