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9 Easy Ways to Make Money with Drone

 Photography and Video  


With the advancement in technology, there are several ways you can make money from home, out in the fields, travelling or even having fun. The technology has progressed to a point that small unmanned aerial systems commonly known as Drones are now part of us. For both their availability, accessibility and the ease of flying, they are everywhere used for different purposes. The good thing is that there are plenty of ways you can use your drone to make money





1…Make money selling Aerial Photos and footage

Aerial surveys are used in cartography, topography, archaeology, GIS application, to provide information on terrestrial sites and even for feature recognition. One of the most common ways of making money using your drone is to capture and sell aerial footage and photos. This businesses is very popular nowadays but it is still profitable. However, to beat the competition, you need to buy a camera that has a gimbal and a quality camera. A camera that is capable of taking crystal clear photos and videos. You can buy a drone with a GoPro camera. The camera should be able to take 4k ultra HD videos. 





2…Offer services in Aerial surveying

A high quality drone can take photos and record important aerial information that you can sell and make satisfactory income. Today, drones can be remotely controlled and they have great flight capabilities which make them the best choice for aerial surveys. They have come to replace helicopters and other air crafts initially used for surveys. You can start your own company and provide aerial survey services at a fee. 





3…Surveillance, video monitoring and private investigations

There are great opportunities in providing aerial surveillance, video monitoring and private investigations. Some large companies in the world are hiring private drone pilots to do air surveillance. In some cases, it is better for them to hire one drone owner to do all the work. In case you land on such an opportunity, you will be a lucky person. Drones also have practical applications in private investigations and aerial monitoring. 





4…Aerial Wedding Videography and Photography

This is one of the most profitable uses of Drones. The competition in this field is really tough but there are plenty of opportunities. You just need to be unique, reliable and offer high quality services. People want to keep outstanding memories of their wedding. They want to be reminded of their beautiful day and that’s why they invest heavily on quality cameras and reliable back up services. You can use your drone for this purpose. Just be there when need arise and invest heavily in marketing your business. 





5…Build and monetize your own YouTube Channel

Do you know how much some people are making from YouTube by just posting daredevil videos that they took in their day out with their drones? Making money like them on YouTube is not a difficult thing. You have to leverage your followers and video viewers. Promote your online contents, get a huge following, drive them into your online store or just keep them on your burners and you will make a lot of money. You can as well sell in-video, advertise and even sell other company’s products and services. 





6…Get hired for inspection jobs

Many companies especially the electricity transmission and pipeline companies have been hiring helicopters to inspect their electrical lines, pumping stations, remote sub-stations and other facilities. The activity was considered dangerous for the pilots and the services were also expensive. Drones are gradually taking in the services and are now considered one of the best ways of carrying out inspection jobs. They can quickly and easily reach the remote areas and take clear photos and footages to identify the source of problem. What this means is that there are plenty of opportunities in this field. You can make a lot of money doing inspection jobs. 






7…Search and rescue

Drones can easily maneuver through remote areas and give on time information in case of any disaster. Traditional search methods can be costly and also takes a lot of time to facilitate the rescue process. The traditional methods are also unsuccessful in most of the cases. Drones have the ability to remotely locate lost people, animals or the thing you are looking for and call for action. In some instances, drone owners are hired for the same purpose. Therefore, this is another great opportunity to make money using your drone.  


8…Precision Agriculture

In the recent days, drones came into existence and reduced the cost and time of crop surveillance. They are now very helpful in crop surveillance. They can be equipped with specialized cameras for the infrared video that can capture the specific wave length. With this videos, the farmer can be able to realize where his crops require special attention. If nowhere, then he can at least be aware of his general crop health. The farmer can reduce crop damages, reduce the operation costs and at the same time increase crop yield. 




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9…Package deliveries

Another great way to make money with your drone is to venture into light-goods deliveries using your drone. Drone delivery is an innovative solution to late taxi and Postal deliveries. You can offer drone deliveries to a couple of companies in your town especially those that deals with light-Wight goods. Many companies such as Amazon, OLX and Jumia are already using drones for these purposes. This is a great opportunity for you to make money




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The Bottom Line

As a matter of fact, there are several other ways to make money with your drone. The above list provides you with some of the most common and the most profitable mechanisms of making money. You just have to sit down, reconstruct yourself and put your mind at work. In case you have a drone and you think the fun of flying a drone can give you enough money, then start working today. Give quality and reliable services to your clients, their referrals through the word of mouth matters. Brand your services and market your business.










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