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9 Critical Things I Wish I Had Known

 Before I Started My Photography



 Getting paid for taking pictures is a fun thing. In case you are in campus or you just graduated and have some creative Photography chops, you may think of starting your own photography business. Although it is fun to be out there making a living out of seeing and recording beautiful memories, there are several things that you have to bear in mind to ensure you don’t make a mistake.  





In this article, I have put forward some of the most critical things to consider. To ensure that you find your photography foothold, I researched comprehensively and talked to some of the prominent photographers before coming up with the list.


1…Dedication, Creativity and Patience Pays

Being creative and patient is a lesson you need to keep on reminding yourself of constantly. The main reason why majority of Photographers give up before time is because they expect so much from the reality. You didn’t venture into this business to make money instantly. You need to be patient. You have to wait until you are a ground figure in the industry. Creativity matters. It brings uniqueness. It gives your clients the reason to come back to you and the reason to pass all the other photographers in the market for you. Be dedicated to what you do by simply making your career make a living for you.    





2…Referrals are essential

Invest in a word of mouth. The reality of the matter is that people are more likely to trust the recommendations of their friends than the brand they heard about in the town. You have to invest some money in getting referrals. The first step in getting referrals is being unique. Give your clients exemplary services that they will feel confident referring their family and friends to. You will get referrals because you are unique and you offer satisfactory services.  





3…Learn to embrace failure

You will fail at one point or the other. Maybe it doesn’t feel like it right now but one of the days you will think of giving up. In all the challenges you will encounter, take everything as a lesson to make you better. Remember, success is for those who don’t give up yet. Some of the most prominent business leaders in the world had spectacular moments of failure before they found success. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Think of Henry Ford who had more than 5 businesses fail before he made it in life.  





4…Inspiration matters

Sometimes you can lose the motivation and energy to go on. You will feel like you will not make it to the top. However, the best way is to stay with those people who don’t give up. Stay close to those who inspire your career and also get close to those who have had a successful career. Inspiration will awaken you and make you realize that the limitations you are experiencing are nothing compared to what some of the most prominent business people in the world have dealt with.  





5…You need to market your business or kill it

If you are a business minded individual then you must be knowing very well the importance of marketing. You are starting something new that nobody knows about except you. This means that if you won’t let people know about your business and the services you are offering then you are likely going to fail. Showing people that what you are doing is valuable and interesting is the key to a successful business. Make good use of social media to market your business. You can create some Facebook page or even get a website for your business. This way, most people will get enough information of what you are offering and why they need your services.  





6…Find a Great Mentor

A mentor is someone who has successfully made it in life through patience, dedication and personal realization. You should get someone who will always be giving you a reason to hold on so tight. Get someone whose work you admire and wish to get something close or far beyond what they have achieved. The person you choose should be available to spend some little time with you at least two hours a month.


7…Always back up your projects

You are a photographer now and you need to be careful with the projects you hold. You have to take photos and back them up. You don’t have to take photos and end up losing all of them before your client is ready to pick them up. You can back them up in a hard disc, flash disc, phone or a personal computer. One of the reasons for this is to make them available whenever they are needed.  





8…Be a close friend to some of the photographers in your locality

Most business people would want to be the only figure in the market. Though, in real sense, there are a thousand other competitors trying to lead the park. The same applies to you here. There are several other photographers in the town that are potential competitors. Stay close to them and learn from them. It’s always good to keep your competitors close.


9…Find the best Photography course

If you are thinking of starting a successful photography business, then you first of all have to locate a photography course for your training. This is where you will get a basic knowledge in operating Cameras, how to shoot and how to keep your customers coming. There are several photography courses offered online and even in some of the local colleges.




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The Bottom Line

Photography businesses have worked for several photographers in the world and can equally work for you. All you need is the right knowledge, equipment and the right mindset. The first thing to do is to get into a serious and comprehensive research before you venture into the business. Have the right skills, stay dedicated, be creative and patient. Success doesn’t happen in a day. Keep moving.









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