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16 Ways on How to Invest Beyond the Stock Market: Beginners Guide to Alternative Investments for Income (Latest Money Making Ideas)


When you decide to invest out of the stock market, there’s a general belief that once the risk of the investment is less, then the lower the return will be. Although the profits may be small but the easy predictability and stability of these methods will definitely have lots of value in the portfolios of investors.

When most people are asked the way to invest, they normally say it is all about the rate of return. Some of the most common ways to invest are stocks and mutual funds. But given latest market turmoil, some think avoiding that turbulence altogether can be a very vital strategy in itself.




1...Investing in government bonds

A financial security that is normally used just to regulate the volume of circulating cash in the economy by the government is called a government bond.

Do you know that investing in various types of government bonds is a lot more secure than doing it in the stock market, because you will be very certain that you will be able to redeem it. Just in case the government is faced with any cash crunch, it can easily print lots of new cash to clear off the debts. But, the truth is one can never be certain of regaining the capital invested, because just like some other investment risk, bond prices can simply fluctuate as well.  



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The main issuers of bonds are by the Italy's BTPs, France (OATS), governments of Japan (JGBs), America's U.S. Treasuries, the Bonds of Germany and the Gilts of England. The oldest issuer of bonds is the latter; it started in 1693 with the aim to collect money for their war against France.


Some popular types of government bonds include:


·       U.S. Treasury Issues

They are the most secured in all the types of government bonds when talking about public investment in the country. But you normally pay a good price for this security by making interest that is very low on it. But, the interest money is normally tax free. Included in this bonds are treasury bills (Maturity of 10 years usually starting from $1000 to $1,000,000. Treasury bonds are no longer issued in America, but investing on it can still be done by buying it from the secondary market. Treasury notes have a growth of 2 to 10 years normally valued at $1000. To this note there are two kinds of bids: competitive and non-competitive bids. Treasury Inflation Protected Security (TIPS) are bonds that are sold for $1000, with a maturity of 5, 10, or even 20-years. It is normally adjusted half yearly to take out the effect of inflation on it, after that a fixed rate of capital interest will be calculated on it. Treasury bills are just like cash management tools with growth period of 4 to 26 weeks.  





·       Agency Bonds

The Federal National Mortgage Association (Fannie Mae), the Government National Mortgage Association (Ginnie Mae), the Federal Home Mortgage Corporation (Freddie Mae), and the Student Loan Marketing Association (Sallie Mae) are all institution of finance which is actually owned by the United States Government. They are the ones that can only issue what is known as Agency Bonds. So, they work as agencies of the government.


·       Municipal and Corporate Bonds

The truth is every Municipality needs money to continue working in their area. So, Countries, districts, states and townships normally gives such bonds that they will use in bringing in money that will be use for looking after the infrastructural needs of the surrounding areas.

Corporate bonds are big amounts, which is mostly giving out to finance some major infrastructural developments like roads, bridges, and buildings. They are of two types which is convertible and callable: convertible can easily be converted into common stock while callable can be redeemed before maturity.  



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·       Zero Coupon Bonds

This is a government bond that can be giving out by so many entities. It does not have any common interest payment against it. It is also bought on a big discount but easily redeemed at face value.


2...Owning a business

Have you been considering owning your own business? So many people have fantasized about this, but just few are actually bold enough to simply take the steps towards becoming self-employed. This is actually not for everyone, and some that succeed here share some qualities which I will list below.

To start with, all entrepreneurs which are successful share same qualities which always make it very possible for them to easily make it in the harsh realities of day to day business owning. Now I know you will like to know the way to measure up, just ask yourself if you are:  


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·       Determined - Have you been able to define your business and personal goals?

·       Opportunist - Did you see the opportunities which have showed up in your target market? Have you arranged a strategy or a product which can easily make the most of this?

·       Positive - Are you very enthusiastic and decisive about succeeding?

·       Leader- Are you a good example of a great leader? Can you easily bring out the best from your colleagues at work? Can you discipline them when necessary?

·       Proactive - Are you able to make things happen, or prefer to just sit back and wait for them to come to you?

·       Hardworking - Are you ready to work on the business always 24/7?

·       Self-Critical - Can you easily see how you are performing from a good point of view? Do you like receiving constructive criticisms from others?

·       Flexible - Do you think you can easily change your products or methods very fast if necessary to attract a target market?  



The truth is you are not required to have all characteristic listed above, having most of them can simply ensure that you are now ready for the sweat and hard work which is involved in making your own business a success.

You are also needed to know that until you have a stable business, you may have to live without a regular income for years. Much ebb and flow to the business is very much expected, and as a result there will be times when you have negative flow of cash, but other times when money will be much. You have to be ready for yourself and family to always do without some good stuff while times are tough. It is also very necessary for your family to be solidly behind you during this period because their lives will also be affected, so you will definitely need their backing. The truth is your income is very unstable and your time will also be short as well. Most especially at the very start, you may even find that you are always away from your family for so long, unsociable hours. It will be very good if you can easily ask your family to assist you! Not only will you be able to gain from their individual skills, but they will also be more understanding of the reason time and money has been very hard for awhile.  




Now if you are prepared to accept this kind of responsibility, you can easily go for it! Just take some time to create a very good business strategy because you will actually need it if you are thinking of securing funding for your business idea. You will have to research your potential customers, your marketplace and also your competitors, using some published material such as marketing surveys or by speaking to your potential customers directly. Find out the size of your target market if it is expanding or contracting. Research who your customers will be, where they can easily be found, what they actually want and how much exactly they want to pay. Also study your competitors very well. Know the exact products they offer, the prices which they normally charge and their market share. When you have this understanding, you can easily make a very informed decision on whether your business will be viable.  



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3...Investing in Treasury Securities

One of the best and safest ways to invest your money and get a good and stable return is treasury securities. There are a lot of trade-offs to be expected with such a safe return, but the gains can offset them.

Now let's take a very good look at some types of treasury securities that is available and what you can get from them in terms of safety and return.

The primary treasury security which is available is the Treasury bill or T-bill, for short. The US Department of the Treasury issues them and they are sold at a discount from face value. These are short term investments that normally mature in less than a year, and they are not required to pay interest until the maturity date.

Treasury note is another type of treasury obligation. It is different from the Treasury bill because it matures in two to ten years, and then issue some interest payments also known as coupon payments each six months. They are always issued with maturity dates such as two; five, or ten years and they also have par values of $1,000 to $10,000.  




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A third type of Treasury security is called Treasury bond, and has the highest maturity of all the Treasury securities. The period of maturity for these is normally 30 years, and just like the Treasury notes, have coupon payments each six months. But these are no longer available from the Treasury department directly, because issuance of this type of bond was actually stopped in 2001. Although they are still traded very largely on the secondary market and will continue to be until the last one get matured in 2031.

A final type of Treasury security is called the Treasury Inflation Protected Security or for short TIPS. This security is very different from every other security because the principal or par value of the security is always adjusted for inflation over the time of maturity. The amount of adjustment is usually coupled with the Consumer Price Index so as a result, the coupon payments on a TIPS will be different by the amount the principal has been adjusted. This normally has the end result of securing the investor against the degrading effects of inflation on the principal value of the investment.

Treasury securities are largely seen to be a very good and secure investment because they are backed by the US government, which is the biggest economic power in the world. Because of the relative safety of these investments, however, the yield on these securities is low in comparison to other municipal bonds or corporate bonds. Capital preservation rather than growth should be the primary aim for anybody who is interested in investing in these securities.  





4...Investing in Gemstone-grade diamonds

Investments are very important, so when you are thinking about investing, you will be amazed to know that there is a lot more to investments than just real estate, stocks, mutual funds and some other common investments like these. Investing in gemstones is a very good way to make a great return of investment if you are very careful about what you do and also know what exactly you are getting involved with. You have to know that there is a lot to learn from this type of investment, including the basics of investing in gemstones listed below.

To start with, you have to be warned about a dirty phrase that is not actually illegal. "Some investment grade" diamonds and gemstones are mostly advertised by salespeople who are very fraudulent or trying to scam some people out of money. So don’t be fooled when you see this term. The FTC doesn't actually like this term because it isn't very useful and doesn't really hold the significance that most people thinks that it holds. Just because somebody calls a gem "investment grade" doesn't actually make it better than another stone which does not have that label. The fact remains that, dealers which are reputable won't even try to use terms like this to mislead people.

If you want to make quick gain, just look at investing in some low-priced colored gemstones. These stones will give you the very best profits and also the most security in all of your investment. Before investing in gemstones, you need to take the time to take a look at your options because the market is very unpredictable. You can easily invest in diamonds which are very expensive, but it will be a very great risk and also facing a much smaller profit in most cases. Always take the time to make a list of pros and cons and also learn some little things about the market before you start using big money or getting your hopes high.

You have to be aware that being absolutely ready is the best tool if you want to be successful in investing. So if you choose fine diamonds or colored gemstones, you will need to know exactly what you are getting involved in. There are so many types of investments out there for lots of people to easily choose from, but gemstones is a very good way to find a hobby which is enjoyable while also making a good investment. You can easily look at things such as markup, retail value, wholesale price, and other elements that are involved in the purchase so that you can easily make the best deals on your purchases when you start investing in gemstones.  





5...Fine Wine investing

This isn't actually saying that everybody should go out and purchase wine but for all those that are ready to dedicate effort and time into choosing good and careful investments, the returns can be very substantial.

Fine wines markets has been there for some centuries but the introduction of online trading platforms has undoubtedly assist to ensure the sustained development of the fine wine market.

After deciding to invest, you will have to start with specialist wine investment company. The wines which you can invest in are Old World Wines which are actually wines grown in Europe traditional areas such as Bordeaux which has long histories and good traditions in wine making. The other wines to be invested in are New World wines which are wines grown in some areas outside of Europe such as wine mainly from The United States & Australia.  



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You have to know that there is a big difference in these two ways but both are very important when it actually comes to building a big wine portfolio.

When you decide to buy wine from a company or broker, always ask about how they intend to give you a return from the wine. This could easily be a holding plan or they could also just look at flipping the wine in quantity, but either way, it is very necessary to find out how they intend to offer you the return on your investment.

The key to a solid investment is good research; so this is another reason to make use of the services of an investment company, who will use their experience to guide you through the whole process. Wine Investment companies are always researching the market very well; this understanding assists them to easily know where the best investments are.


6...Business angel investing

Angel investing is perfect if you really want to get started with new businesses but it can also be a very risky investment, so you have to always ensure that the business which you have decided to fund looks as though it has a very good opportunity of actually turning a profit. If you also do not know the business then you should easily pass by. Angel investing also needs that you have big amounts of money to begin with, because you're actually going to be giving out lots of big loans to some start-up companies.

If you want to easily start-up your own business, then you'll have to search for an angel investor. The main reason for this is that a lot of people do not have the money required on hand to start up their very first business. Therefore, all you have to do is search for somebody who has good capital to spend on your business - venture capitalists. While there are also some very few new businesses who sometimes manage to get money from some professional venture capital firms, this is not always possible. Because of this, you are required to search for angel investors - these are very rich people who want to make high-risk investments.  




Most times people think that it is difficult to search for somebody who is actually interested in angel investing, but it is not all that very hard. The truth is so many new starts up businesses are always funded through angel investing than through venture capital investments. You can easily get venture capital funding after you have been able to find someone who is actually interested in angel investments - because of the growth of your business.

One of the things which make this very hard is that it is very difficult to know the amount of money angel investors are going to invest in. But, you'll need to do a lot of work in order to make your business look very desirable. It might be difficult to make it very desirable to angel investors who are actually searching for specific features, but the best thing you will have to do is to make your business easily look as if it will be easily profitable. Immediately you have a very profitable business strategy, you will be able to get angel investing - but ensure that your business also has a chance to be high-growth!  




7...Real estate investing

Real estate is a good and well know investment. There are a lot of modifications in the monetary system having puffed-up dangerous or lesser returns, the investment marketplace normally go on with the strategy imaginative and good-looking approaches of investment. These usually make it necessary for real estate licenses to get an elementary and also an up-to-date understanding of real estate investment. Now, this does not actually mean that licenses should start acting as investment counselors but all the time they should simply refer investors to some knowledgeable tax accountants, attorneys, or some investment professionals. These are the people who normally give expert and good advice on specific needs.


You can think about all the three factors before you start investment in real estate


There are three factors in investing in real estate which are area, perception and economics. The major key to easily making a very good investment in real estate, and in cooperatives, and townhouses, is to think about all the three factors. When you are investing in real estate, it corresponds to a particular commitment on the very part of the purchaser. Real estate investment made only upon the very location of the property will not get those results. So it is always important to follow the three considerations before making an investment.


·       Consider on the whole area.

·       Consider awareness of the area.

·       Consider the financial factors.  




8...Equity crowd funding

A process in which people (i.e. the ‘crowd’) invest in a new-stage unlisted business (which means a company that is not listed on a stock market) in exchange for quality shares in that company is called equity crowdfunding. A shareholder has some little ownership of a business and usually stands to gain should the business do very well. The opposite is actually true, so if the business fails, investors normally lose some or all, of their investment.

In time pass only rich, business angels and venture capitalists, normally invest in startups. Equity crowd funding have assist in democratizing the investment process by bringing the door open to a bigger pool of potential investors also known as “the crowd”.  



9...Investing in commodities

The basic resources that are made used off by everybody are commodities. They normally include some food products which consist of corn and sugar, some basic products like steel and aluminum, some energy-related resources like natural gas and crude oil, and some precious metals like silver and gold. Instead of purchasing some physical quantities of these commodities, you can purchase contracts to buy or sell them on the stock market.


10...Forestry investing

If you are looking to diversify your portfolios as an investor and insure your wealth against the damages of volatility in traditional markets, then you must have seen a range forestry investments, which promises to create superior inflation-adjusted and some risk-adjusted returns for the long-term investor.

But the truth is how has the forestry investments performed over the years? And how does the investor who doesn’t have much money take part in this very interesting alternative investment asset class?

Investors normally choose forestry investments because of their importance as an inflation hedge, and their ability to create non-correlated return on investment in the long-term.

Asset class performance is also driven by the high demand for timber, weighed against worldwide supplies, and in the long-term people are using timber at a very quick pace than we can easily grow it, this therefore makes timber investments a very attractive asset class for all investors which are seeking secure and long-term capital appreciation within the portfolio of their investment.

Now any investors which are looking into the right type of forestry investment that may be right for them should simply consult an adviser that has much expertise and experience within the sector.  






11...Diamond investment

A very good way to beat the recession is diamond investment. All traditional investment options are laden with dangers of a high order because the economy is fluctuating like a badly moving pendulum. So under these circumstances, the best and proper way to make your money count in the long run is investing in diamonds.

Diamonds are profitable investment because of their per unit mass high value. It is a simple commodity to stock and easily transport internationally. If you actually want to make a diamond investment, it will be very good to get yourself educated about different aspects of diamond. Websites, online blogs, and forums are all very good places to understand how to value diamonds on the basis of their weight and quality.

Now according to some industry experts, the trend is actually shifting towards trading of some antique diamond jewelry. There has been an increase in the demand for antique diamond jewelry all over the world with some investors eyeing antique diamond pieces as a very profitable investment opportunity.  




12...Collectibles and other rare items Investing

Let’s say you are already tired of riding the stock market rollercoaster. So how do you fancy placing your money into a crate of very good fine wine or just buying a restored Jaguar E-Type instead? Not only will you easily get to enjoy the item but you may also have lots of bumper returns.

You are welcome to the good world of collectible investments. A lot of financial expert usually advise that it is very easy to lose a fortune if you put your money into alternatives, that sometimes includes everything from stamps to antiques, but a lot of people still add them as part of their overall portfolio.

It is actually a big sector which is diverse. Some people also focus on some specialist little items such as collecting  rare comics or cigarette cards, while some other people prefer to put their faith in larger ticket items they hope will actually make lots of money at auction.


13...Rare stamps Investing

One of the most easy and profitable of all the investments is actually investing in rare stamps and there are a lot of potential investors in this kind of investment. This has made it very possible for some stamp collectors who are well-trained to simply get big profits rather than the trainees or the beginners. Collecting postage stamps & regular government stamps normally gives the needed profit. Investing assets or money comes from the Latin word vestis which means garment and also the deed of things to place into pockets of a lot of other people. Investing or investment is a term with different closely related meanings in economics and finance, also in line with saving money. The deed is normally expected when an asset is normally bought, or the same money is placed in a bank. This investment is usually made in hopes of getting some interest or from it in the future. Now in the instance of rare stamps they are very small and portable, also attractive to art form and come under collectible investments.

These normally provide lots of profit to some nation's wealth. For instance after Princess Diana death, her stamps was now sold at 10 times the real value which was offered on eBay issued by different British Commonwealth nations. After the 2nd World War the Japanese and Germans took away the war stamps after the growth in their economy to bigger prices.

You have to know that the demand for rare stamps will definitely rise whenever the quality of stamps decreases.


14...Rare coin investing

Investing in rare coin can be a sweet and very good way to invest. Instead of just trading paper as people normally do in the stock market, you will have a very good asset that you can easily collect and also enjoy the beauty of it.

Now exactly what type of rare coins can one easily invest in? Well, so many, actually people think that you need to have the biggest grade coin of a small mintage year to actually be worth investing in. This is not true; a lot of the coins that were actually tracked by Salomon Brothers were coins that were not very rare and more easily gotten by the average investor. There is actually no doubt that rare coins of high-grade normally bring in the biggest dollar amounts, but the investors needed are also very limited. So some coins which were graded by some very reputable companies such as NGC and PCGS which are moderately priced are definitely the best choice for so many investors and collectors.

Not what you decide to invest in is actually up to you. You will have to do some research as you would if you were really investing in stock in a company. You can easily take a very good look at what you actually like and then track the performance over the past 5 - 15 years’ periods. Now see if actually the rise in value has been strong or falters. You can take a look on eBay - are so many of those coins easily available? When one becomes very available, is there usually a strong bidding trend. Considering these kinds of things can easily clue you into whether or not an actual coin might be a good investment.


15...Farm land investing

So many investors are now turning to farmland investments to give both sustainable growth and stable income in a very strong financial climate.

The population of the world is rapidly growing, and that growth is also putting on the rise the global demand for "food, feed, and fuel". This high demand is also complimented by climate change, expansion of the human race, low in supply and a lot of other pressures on the existing production, this has made keeping up with this increasing demand very hard.

Man has actually eating more grain than was produced for the 7 out of the last 8 years. The United Nations official numbers shows that per capita grain production has been on the low since the mid 80's and also the per head availability of farmland since well before that.

Farmland investments normally provide investors with some danger-managed exposure to the rise in agricultural commodity prices, it also offer an income stream which is very attractive and a level of capital growth that is not found when associated with such a low level of risk.


16...Investing in paintings

The best and most important plan for investing in paintings is to buy an artist's work that is still very early in his career before he becomes popular. I know that this is very easy when saying it because unless you have some inside details about the painter's career then it is actually a game of luck.

To put on the increase your chances of success on this, then it is very important to purchase some good pieces of paintings when the economy is poor and the prices are very down. So when you see any painting which you like, just do some important research on the background of the artist for instance the paintings he has made in the past, the length of time he has spent in the art world and any other press about him.

Now you have to be aware that it takes lot of years for an artist to easily make a good mark in the painting sector. And this really means easily getting noticed by their peers, appearing in so many major exhibitions and being covered by the press. If you have lots of money for investment, you can easily buy the paintings after they must have become very popular and sell them after some years later. Paintings normally go high in value with age unless maybe the economy is down.


Risk and Rewards

In life there are so many risks one must go through like crossing the busy road is very dangerous. Although, most of the time we can easily take control of this risk by looking both ways when we decide to cross the road. Now same also applies for investing. Investing has some risks but once again, one can easily control the risk and dangers involve. Your financial freedom is tied closely to the number of risk you have been able to take on, as this will actually bring the right and perfect rewards which you will get from your investments.

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