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How to Make Money in India? Amazing Money Making Business Ideas in India 


Have you ever considered leaving your job to start a business of your own? If yes, then here are some amazing business ideas you can easily start in India.


1..Make Money with Education in India

Are you aware that learning doesn’t really stop, no matter the age you are, so this is the reason some people with previous experience in the field of education start businesses that revolves around expanding the minds of both old and young. Credibility is very necessary in businesses relating to education, so you have to ensure that your experience and credentials show your expertise in the education sector. Before starting your business relating to education, you will have to contact your local Chamber of Commerce to know whether you are required to have a special license or permit for your business. The Chamber of Commerce will then provide you with some information on how to register your business as a legal entity in your state.  




Now you will also have to make a lot of research on the education sector to know the different education-related small business opportunities you can take advantage of. From teaching and curriculum writing to giving etiquette classes or academic editing services, you can easily begin a wide range of possible education-related businesses.  


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You will also be required to identify the target market you want to reach with your small business that is related to education. You may want to teach college preparatory courses to some high school seniors or just tutoring services for middle school students. Knowing your target market will assist you in figuring out where and how to advertise.

Go look for people that offer same products or services to your target market. This can be local or online, so you have to be sure to take both into reasoning. Try to know how they price their services, how they are able to reach clients and where they normally advertise.  




Now you have to come up with a list of services or products you actually want to offer and add a price to each.

You will definitely need a good graphic designer and web designer who can easily create marketing materials for your business because you need a logo that can simply represents the educational products or services you are thinking of offering. You will also need some business cards, a brochure and quality website.

You will need to hire and train some employees, this is very important because they will assist you in providing services and products for your business which is related to education.  



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You can easily be a part of local professional and networking groups, most especially those which are related to education. These groups will simply give you a chance to promote your business to some other people who may be in a good position to refer your services. You can even see the right opportunities to partner with some companies who serve same target market as you, but who aren’t competitors.


2..Make Money in Agriculture in India

The agriculture sector most especially in India is at the centre of a new revolution. The whole food chain is expected to be modernized and the production is also expected to be doubled in some years to come. Now do you know that apart from domestic demand, this sector brings in lots of export prospects? Currently agri-business usually involves either an input or a product or service and consists of items such as:

Productive resources (equipment, machinery, energy, feed, seed, fertilizer, pesticides, etc.)

Agricultural commodities – (Processed commodities of food and fiber that are raw)

Facilitative services (storage, soil testing, processing, credit, transportation, insurance, marketing, packing, distribution, consultancy etc.).  



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Making lots of money from agricultural business normally needs you to have knowledge of farming practices as well as some easy experience in developing a business. Before you finally come to a decision on an idea, always create a very good business strategy that includes some research on market demand for the products you have decide to grow and how to normally get them to the market. You’ll also need to have a very good plan on financing as most agricultural businesses need good access to a very large area of land and some farm equipment to get started.


3..Make Money Online tutoring service in India

In the past 10 years, education in India has seen a lot of improvement from the normal traditional classroom-based teaching to a very well planned online education. Now with the Internet becoming a thing everyone including kids can simply operate, it has become very simple for some students to easily enroll in some programs online and, at the same time, there are so many possibilities for teachers to create lots of niche markets and make some money online, while still making the overall quality of education improve on daily basis. But because of different technical and legal hassles following with this business in India, the online teaching business is in a nascent stage.

But still, with good research and planning, people or companies can easily start their online tutoring venture and get results in a virtual environment.  




Do you know that online tutoring is actually changing the way tutors reach out and teach their students? Today for a teacher with the perfect skills and good teaching experience ‘the world is a stage’ because a tutor can be living anywhere in the world maybe from Tamil Nadu (India) to California (USA) and easily teach students in their home country or in some distant lands across the sea. Online tutors normally use myriad online tools to aid the remote teaching process.

You also have to be aware that it’s not just an average student who still goes to school that is looking for someone to tutor him online. There are some graduate and even postgraduate students, even some professionals are highly looking to improve their technical skills and industry expertise with the help of online tutors. Now apart from some traditional school subjects, higher education and some management subjects like logistics and supply chain management, accounts and finance, competitive exam preparations, business administration, lean and six sigma, human resources, project management, and language courses (especially TOEFL coaching) are being tutored online.  



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So it should not sound as a surprise to you when you hear that an average online tutor usually earn between $10 to $100 an hour, sometimes more depending on their experience, academic qualifications, and technical expertise.

A lot of exciting growth rate has been recorded in the private tutoring sector. In 2007, EduVentures which is an education research firm estimated the size of the tutoring sector at $5 billion to $7 billion a year. Then after five years, a 2012 “Private Tutoring: A Global Strategic Business Report” by market research firm Global Industry Analysts (GIA), said that the global private tutoring market will reach US $102.8 billion by the year 2018. The online tutoring market is also estimated to be worth more than US $12 billion.

As per the GIA study, 90% of the demand for private tutoring services is usually accounted by United States, Europe and Asia-Pacific countries, specifically Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, South Korea, and China. India has also emerged as a leader in e-tutoring services at rates that is very affordable (most especially mathematics), with most of its customers from the United States.  



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Online tutoring sector is actually increasing very fast because the academic system have failed to cope with the demands of the students, and some parents desire to give the best possible education to their children. In so many countries slashing of public school budgets has affected teacher-studio ratios. Also in some countries, the large curriculum has made it very important for some parents to hire the services of private tutors. Some other reasons that has made online tutoring big in recent years include poor school infrastructural facilities, unprecedented competition (especially for coveted courses such as engineering), and the need for young tech savvy professionals to always upgrade their skills.

Do you know that despite the global financial crisis of 2008, private tutoring went up by 7% between 2009 and 2010? Now you know that the need for online tutoring services will always continue to rise as global conditions slowly improve and unemployment rates decrease.  




4..Ecommerce business - Make Money in India

Currently the e-commerce sector is having a very good growth in India which is backed by the increase in smart phone and internet penetration and also with more increase in internet service providers and the start of 3G and 4G services, at very cheap prices – the e-commerce and m-commerce sectors are still increasing in growth.

Any business done over the internet is normally called ecommerce. In some recent years, m-commerce also knows as mobile commerce – business done through smart phones has become very well known. Now there are two main ways to start an ecommerce business, a proprietary ecommerce website or becoming a member of an established marketplace.  


One of the hardest ways of starting an ecommerce business is creating a proprietary ecommerce website. Starting a proprietary ecommerce business usually needs an online marketing team, web development team, and a payment gateway to be receiving payments. If you want to start a proprietary ecommerce website, then you have to know that it is a long-term initiative and it will need some very good amount of money and effort to be able to build up a very successful business.

One of the best methods to start an ecommerce business or sell any products or services online is to join an established marketplace. Being part of an ecommerce marketplace as a seller normally requires only a bank account and VAT registration, thereby making the process very easy and simple. You will also have to know that on an ecommerce platform, things such as development of technology, payment gateway, marketing, logistics, etc., are always taken care of by the marketplace platform, thereby making the workload very reduce for the seller. In addition, as a seller you can easily join multiple marketplaces and sell your products, making it the best and easiest method to start an online or ecommerce business.  




5..Digital media - Make Money in India

Do you want to get into the digital media sector? Then I can say that there is actually no better time than right now. The statistics from government reports actually suggested that the digital marketing industry is growing very fast than the traditional economy, which will result in a skill gap of over 900,000 spots to fill.

The digital marketing industry is not just growing fast, but it is definitely one of the best and competitive markets around today. And for businesses today it is very important to know people who actually want to learn from the ones who are just chiming in for the ride. This sector needs innovation that is consistent, passion and a good thirst for success.  



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As a digital marketer it is actually your job to always keep on top of all sector news and developments. You need to follow all the digital marketing sites that are important and also influence some people on the social media networks. To be a major player on search engines sites like Bing, Google, Yahoo and other social media platforms like FaceBook, Twitter, etc. you must know that they often change their paid campaigns and search algorithms, so be prepared for a wild ride.

It is usually not very comfortable knowing that you are being surrounded by more talented people. But that is what you need to do. The people you come in contact with everyday should be a very big part of your supporting network, so that when you run into challenges you can easily find help. This can also open so many doors of opportunities that you would not have found from anywhere else.




Always try to attend all meetings or conferences relating to your industry around your city, this will definitely make you to nurture and forge relationships with some fellow digital marketers. You will also be able to enhance your skills through different specialized workshops and presentations.

If you want to be very successful you must have a very clear objective of what you really want. You can learn from the wise words of advertising genius Paul Arden which says “Without a clear goal, it is always impossible to score”.


6..Software - Make Money in India

In years past, in India software companies only included subsidiaries of some multinational organizations. Some startup software organizations in the country went with the growth of the IT industry. Entrepreneurs and institutions hoping to start a software company in India need to go through different procedures and requirements, which are strictly regulated by India's enterprise regulations, including some provisions on business endeavors in the IT sector. Other requirements often depend on the business' scale and range of services.

You will start by writing a business plan and a business plan for a software company usually include a description of the technology and experience your company is going to use to make the software. You will also be required to provide a very detailed description of your niche market, since the type of software you are going to develop is actually related to your clients. For instance, if you decide to make software for medical use, your market will be the medical field, and you must give a very good description of this sector as well as of other companies making same software.  




According to the report on the website of India's government, if your company needs staff with some specific skills and technical knowledge, the best thing for your business may be a partnership. But, the size of your software company and if you want to give services nationwide, or only to the community you live in, are two important factors which affect the kind of organization you choose. If you have chosen to place your focus on the mobile software sector, the best option for you is to focus on a national market. In this case, the best fit for your business is a limited company structure.


7..Make Money with Export business in India

Are you aware that India is actually the 14th biggest exporter in the world; they normally export a wide range of goods and services? India’s exports grows every year and in a recent report by HSBC, they said that in the year 2030 India will definitely be among the top 5 exporters in the world and with the Government promoting manufacturing aggressively in India through campaigns like Made in India, exports from India will actually grow at a very quick pace over the coming decade.

This is a business that most people would like to start as it would be owned by them and the result would be to earn lots of profits. Now this question normally comes up as to if we should start the business in the local market or the international market. There might be a very simple going aspect found, when it comes to the local market, but the business which involves the international market will definitely have an exposure to the foreign standards of business and also gains. This is actually because the value of the amount paid in the international market is always in the currency which would then be converted to the currency that is use in India.  





8..Renewable energy - Make Money in India

Now that the world population keeps rising, the reality keeps setting in that our energy requirements cannot longer depend on fossil fuels, and although the advance in technology can easily allow us to tap into reserves that were not accessible in the past years, at some point we will definitely run out.

These concerns coupled with the bad impacts of burning fossil fuels, have actually created an environmental and social conscious mindset between various sets of economic actors, including investors, consumers, firms and governments. So many investors and industries companies which are looking for gains have taken some advantage of consumer interest in cleaner energy alternatives and also in government-greener business initiatives.

Also the political instability in places like the Middle East has set a lot of countries on a quest for energy independence and security. Solar, wind and geothermal sources of energy can simply be tapped into from anywhere in the world – at least in different degrees – thereby giving the hope of energy independence and security. With these things moving the shift towards renewable energy, now is actually the time to start looking for opportunities to help solve the world’s energy problems and, perhaps, make money.  



There are so many opportunities to start a very good renewable energy solution. But, the best place to start looking is where you actually have a lot of expertise. You can consider sectors you have worked in and think about how renewable energy could help them.

You also have to know that becoming an entrepreneur in the renewable energy sector doesn’t actually mean you must build your own hydroelectric dam or wind farm. Renewable energy is actually more than just generating electricity; it is also about conservation, storage, and distribution. You won’t actually need to produce a new product or technology; you can easily choose to get involved in installation, repair/maintenance or consulting. Think very broadly, and remember your areas of expertise.

You can also talk with family, friends and colleagues as they will assist in pushing you towards ideas for things people actually want or need. Most people normally build their business around an idea and then they usually sell that idea instead of building the business around something people really want to buy.


9..Waste management - Make Money in India

Do you want to start a waste management and waste recycling business? Nowadays it is very hard that huge amounts of garbage will be thrown away from homes every day because of the onset of globalization and modernization. Due to this fact, it is very necessary that the percentage of dirt that is normally managed and recycled is usually equal to those which cannot be recycled.

Waste management not only assists in getting rid of garbage all over the world but it can also assist in making sure that there are lands which are polluted. Now with the high increased in awareness towards environmental protection, you as a business person can simply take the opportunity to start your own waste recycling plant.

You have to know that starting a waste management business is a very good option for business enthusiasts, especially because of the size of the waste management sector. Now according to the research made by United Nation environment program, 11 billion tons of garbage is taking by waste management and recycling businesses all over the world and making a total sum of over $410 billion in revenue every year which actually caught the eyes of so many aggressive entrepreneurs increasingly.

When you decide to start a waste disposal business, it is very vital to know that this sector is very concentrated. In India and so many developing countries, there is a huge chance to go into this business. And so, a lot of entrepreneurs are needed to excel in scalability and reach to the perfect people to create awareness for your brand about what actually makes your services different from the one that is already available.

What you need to do before starting a waste management business, is to know your niche. But it usually depends upon your money; you can easily find your niche or maybe a combination of 2 or more types of garbage. There are different types of waste products and materials with each of these wastes requiring various means and procedures for disposal.


10..Make Fast Money in India Producing good quality toys  

To start a toy producing Company in India, you will need to have the following


·        Business Structure - You will have to choose amongst five, any one business structure according to your need.

·        License - You will have to get Trade License from a local Municipal authority. Now in addition, go for MSME Udyog Aadhaar Online Registration and also check whether it still needs VAT registration or not. But for import, you will have to get IEC code. Also get a fire protection system to protect your unit from the fire.

·        Safety standards - Now you must follow the safety measures, these toys are going to be used mostly by kids. keep in mind not to make it sharp or pointing which can easily injure the user in any way whatsoever also become a member of THE ALL INDIA TOY MANUFACTURERS’ ASSOCIATION (TAITMA) which was established in 1976 with the prime object of fostering integrated and accelerated growth and development of the toy industry in India.


11..Chocolate - Make Fast Money in India

Almost everyone around the world loves chocolate but you would have to make sure that the quality is up to food standard and you will be needed to get a permit for this type of business. But, if you like chocolate and you also have strong business acumen; you would start making money in no time, as you could start different recipes.


12..Make Fast Money in the Leather industry in India

One of the most widely traded goods all over the world is leather. The high demand for leather is largely driven by the fashion industry, most especially footwear. Now apart from this, interior and furniture design industries, as well as the automotive industry are also in demand of leather. In the India economy, the leather industry has a place of prominence because of substantial export earnings and growth.

The leather industry in India accounts for around 12.93 per cent of the leather produce all over the world. The country is second in regards to production of footwear and leather garments in the world and also accounts for 9.57 per cent of the world’s footwear production.


13..Make Money in Tourism in India

All over the world, a lot of cities and countries get money through tourism and it also gives jobs to the local residents, thereby benefiting the country or city. Currently India has finally realized the profits which are available from this industry. Thanks to its economy that is growing and promoting itself as a nation that is diverse and rich culturally, billions of dollars goes into the economy of India every year because of is tourism industry. The tourism sector growth is as a result of the rise in the arrival of a lot of foreign tourists and also the increase in the number of domestic tourists.

Words cannot describe the beauty of India because it is a country with diversified culture and traditions. The natural beauty of India such as festivals, dresses, heritage sites of India are well known among tourists. These things usually make travelers go to India. There are a lot of scenic blesses places such as Darjeeling, Goa, Kerala, Kashmir, Shimla and Manali. These are very popular places and they are prime attraction of travelers from all over the globe.

There are a lot of other places worth visiting, like Bangalore also Known as the Garden City for its lush landscape, Agra Tajmahal, Delhi Kutub Minar, Hyderabad Charminar and Salarjung museum /Chennai a city of fine arts, lakes and temperate climate, it seriously represents India’s marriage of past and present, kerala also known as god’s own country, Kolkata was actually second only to London in administrative necessity in the British Empire. Home of luminaries like Rabindranath Tagore, Amartya Sen, Mother Teresa, and Satyajit Ray, the city is mostly know as the “cultural capital of India” etc.

In an effort to boost Tourism in India, the Government has established the Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of Tourism has done a lot of projects which has proven to the world that India is a good Tourist destination and also shows a visitor-friendly image of the country. Some of the actual steps taken by the Government are the Atithi Devo Bhavah Campaign which actually gave a widespread message of “honor your Guest as he is always equivalent to God” and also the fantastic India Campaign which was very successful in showing a colorful and a good image of the country as a perfect holiday destination.


14..Make Fast Money in India's Packaging sectors

Do you want to start your own packaging company but it seems difficult since you don’t actually know exactly where to start? This is a very profitable sector as long as it will make you know the factors which can affect your business success and failure.

Going into a packaging business is usually very profitable as long as you know how to go on this field. You have to know that your company’s service will be primarily focused on taking people’s material belongings for storage. Now to further make your service to your business clients awesome, it is highly-recommended to be able to also provide them transportation service.

Your business strategy for packaging need to include the followings: employing staffs who have prior knowledge on how to perfectly pack items that are breakable and other very vital materials; now also consider where you can start your packaging business; getting a business license from your local Department of Finance so that they can operate legally; and then ways to assess the required startup cost for packaging business that can cost some money running into thousands of dollars because you will need to buy equipment and facilities such as pulleys, trucks, wrappers, and other supplies (e.g. boxes, bubble wrap, plastic wraps, markers, etc.). Another way you can bring down the dangers involved is by thinking about some other packaging business competitors and by learning how to give quality service that can compete with other companies. It is also advisable for you to choose a location where people who are always on the move and are very capable of paying the packaging service and they can easily be reached.

You are needed to adopt some marketing strategies and operation when planning for startup packaging business which includes the right documentation, timetable plan, business expansion, effective advertisement and promotional tactics. One of the most necessary packaging business guide is getting an insurance that can help you just in case a client has accused your packaging company of refusing to pack his belongings perfectly which has caused damaged, then you won’t be afraid because you have financial backing which you can easily use to pay for this. And also to save you from more financial troubles, it is very necessary that you have a contract made between you and your client in order to cover liabilities and certain legalities. This is sometimes helpful, just in case your client has accused you and also holding you responsible of breaking an important item even though your company is not to be blamed for this.


15..Make Money in India - Consumer goods

One of the most well know products that are mostly offered in the market are consumer goods, so many people will no longer have curiosity about it. These goods are currently the best selling products in the market for so many years maybe due to the fact that it is affordable. So just because of this, most people are having the interest to know the right way to start consumer goods distribution business.

CG is consist of different products. These goods are mostly eaten and used by so many people for their everyday needs. The creation of these goods is actually a very good idea for those people who are actually living a lifestyle that is very simple. A lot of people today are patronizing these products just to keep their money budgeted.

CG means consumer foods which are mostly offered very fast at very low prices. The products that are included are actually non-durable goods like soft drinks, toiletries, toys, over the counter drugs, processed foods and some other things that people normally use. The fact is the profit margin that is gotten in CG products is very small because they are typically sold in bulk.


16..Make Fast Money in India - Franchising

One of the best places to research this idea is the International Franchise Association because it is the sector trade association for franchising and it has a lot of resources that you can easily use to get started. You can go their website and start your search.

Starting a franchise company is not a very easy process. There are a lot of requirements you are needed to have and some other things that may not be legally required, but are also important.

Systems are a very important aspect of any franchise company that is successful. You will have to produce and completely document the systems that a franchisee will normally use to run their business. You will also be required to make a training program that will easily teach a new franchisee all they are needed to know in order to become a very successful operator. You will also need to formalize the marketing strategy that a new franchisee will use to drive customers into their new unit. You will also need to design a sales system that you can simply use in getting new franchisees into your franchise company.

Having the right focus and attitude is one of the most important things to do in order to be a very successful franchisor. You are the boss in the business you are currently doing, you have a lot of employee and they always do what you tell them to do without asking questions. Franchisees are very different from employees and you must not treat them as if they were employees.

The gains and satisfaction you will get when you start a franchise company are very incredible but so is the price that you'll actually pay to get to the goal.


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