The Best Side Hustles for Lawyers, Medical Professionals, Accountants, Auditors and Bookkeepers - Ways for Medical Professionals, Lawyers and Other Professionals to Earn Extra Income - Creative ways for Lawyers, Doctors and Accountants to make extra money - Side Hustles for Lawyers, Doctors and other Professionals - Side Hustles for Lawyers, Medical Professionals and Auditors -


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Ways for Medical Professionals, Lawyers and Other Professionals to Earn Extra Income




The Most Lucrative and Proven Side Hustles Business Ideas for Medical Professionals, Attorneys or Lawyers and Accountants & Auditors



According to a research by the McKinsey Global Institute, one out of three workers in America make money through independent work and also the “gig economy,” . This aspect of the economy is actually associated with the likes of Uber drivers, freelance writers, and some people also doing odd jobs on places like TaskRabbit. But nowadays, some other people that has advanced degrees such as accountants, doctors, lawyers, and some other professionals are now looking for opportunities to also gig their way in order to start making a new income stream.




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Such professions normally work on the periphery of traditional companies, so it’s very simple for them to work independently, take the legal department for instance, could be in house, but it can be outsourced also. “These are professions that have, for the past couple of years have gotten increasingly specialized, so they are normally natural candidates for gig economy platforms.

The truth is as a professional working independently has always had almost the same pros and cons just like running your own store. For the pros, you answer only to yourself, have lots of flexible hours and you also get to keep a very good fraction of the value that you create. But on the downside, there can be a lot overhead in sales and marketing, and it is sometimes very hard to get big clients when you are very small — although this is not something a lawyer or doctor will like to use lot of time worrying about.



Side Hustles business ideas for medical professionals  

Now when it actually comes to supply and demand, in the United States there’s actually shortage of doctors and nurses and then a need for clinicians to start some extra work.


Why even have a side hustle?

Why don’t we face it: being a doctor is very good, but the fact is the job won’t meet all of our needs always and sometimes we definitely need just a little something more – whether it be a hobby, maybe time with our family, or even money.  


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A side hustle is just a way to make some additional income apart from the job you do primarily. Now you have to know that so many physicians are going onto this idea in droves, and it’s not mainly because they just want to be rich.

There are a lot of physicians that have be able to do everything from actually starting their own YouTube channels to then starting their own companies. So for most of these doctors, the side hustle has become a very good source of revenue.  



But while money is a very necessary aspect of the concept, there are some other reasons why a side hustle might be good for you. Listed below are five of those reasons, starting with the most common:


·       Make more money

  The truth is, everyone always likes the idea of making a little extra income. It can help provide a safeguard against some expenses that are unforeseen, a side hustle can also assist you take that dream trip that you have always wanted, or even perhaps it can assist train your kids through college.


·       Hedge against the unknown

  Now everyone knows medicine is changing. Doctors are always at the mercy of regulatory changes and insurance carriers who normally dictate the amount and timing of reimbursement. Some physicians sometimes see cut in reimbursement by as much as 10-20% on a yearly basis.  


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  Of course, losing your job altogether is the biggest worry. And if you actually think that doctors have full job security, then you can ask any anesthesiologist whose group was bought out by Sheridan (bought by Amsurg). One day you may be in, and then the next day you might be out.

  So in the face of all this uncertainty, don’t you think a little extra security will be nice? The fact remains that a side hustle will not only give more financial security to your family and yourself, it will also reduce your daily stress, just by knowing that you can make it no matter what happens.  


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·       Provide an outlet for your passions

  The truth is that most people became physicians because they are very passionate about it and I don’t think any other profession can define their passions in full. Although sometimes there are itches which practicing medicine just doesn’t scratch.

  Some physicians actually love to be creative maybe through art, writing, or even music, while some others love to start businesses. So whatever you think is your passion, don’t you think it will be very nice to have an additional pursuit which happens to bring in some little extra income.


·       Allows for more enjoyment in your day job

  Sometimes it is very good to flex different muscles. So having some other passions and pursuits, most especially those that can easily make you some sort of income, is very gratifying and it will also make you appreciate being a doctor in so many other ways as well.



·       Gives more freedom… and happiness

  Now one of the biggest benefits of actually having a side hustle is just the ability to simply decide what you do with your time. Happiness can easily be a very elusive state of mind, but most times a big part of it is feeling like you have choices.


Earn a little extra money to supplement your take-home Income

There is actually no limit to how much extra money you can make. A lot of people don’t usually seem to know this, and it makes sense sometimes. We have all been told to believe that we are actually destined to work from 9 to 5 jobs for all of our lives until we are able to make enough money to become “rich” and then retire to a condo.

But immediately we know that the potential of our earning is LIMITLESS, we can then start working towards living the good life which we want TODAY. Now most people best tactics to do that is by earning a lot of money on the side because even if you enjoy the job you are doing currently, there is still no reason for you not to be making more money on top of that.



Here is the list of medical professionals side hustles

While so many doctors make a very good living plying their trade, it’s no secret that salaries have been declining throughout the sector for years now. So if you will like to make serious money as a physician, you’ll have to branch out a little bit in order to consider a few sidelines you can use to earn more income.

Listed below are just some few good ideas for side businesses which can easily make you a mint without even having an impact your regular schedule.


Sell medical products

Selling medical products from home can easily give you the flexibility of running your own business. It will actually let you to give a very important service to your community. It is also very important to select the right types of supplies. You will have to work with patients, insurance companies and doctors in order to make your business very profitable.  



You can start by researching the market in your area and going online to decide the very best types of supplies which you can sell. It can also assist you specialize in some particular types of supplies, like home health supplies mainly for elderly patients, rather than trying to supply all kinds of supplies from the very start. This will eventually cut down on the inventory which you intend to purchase. It will assist if you actually have a background working with a particular type of supply.

Now how do you intend to sell your products, you can simply sell directly to doctors or you can also sell directly to patients. You can also do a combination of both; it depends on your area. You will have to decide if you will like to make personal contact with your customers or if you will like to sell products online.

You will also need to set up relationships with some insurance companies if you are actually selling the supplies that they will cover. It will be worth the additional business that you will get to work with so many varieties of insurance companies. They will also have to set the prices which they will pay for the equipment, and you will have to be very sure that you will still make some profit on the supplies.  


Take Surveys For Cash


Just contact vendors in order to buy your supplies, if you actually order in bulk, then you may be able to save some money on the product, but you also need to know how much exactly you have to sell each product in order to make the savings worthwhile.

You will have to design a website which you will lists the products you offer, the insurance companies that you work with and a method to buy the supplies online. Business cards and brochures are some other necessary sells tools that you will need to prepare, and the design and look of these products will have to match your website.

Simply prepare a place that you will store your products at home. The storage area will have to be climate-controlled and it also needs to be kept free from pest, because of the very serious nature of the products which you are selling.

Now you can start contacting customers that you will sell your products to, you can easily set up lunch visits to offices of doctors' in order to have the staff get to know the products you are offering to sell and your company. You will also have to provide brochures and then your Web address so they can always refer patients as well.



Create a medical podcast

These days, starting a podcast is very simple. All you need to have is an iTunes account, a laptop, and a decent microphone. But getting guests is a bit difficult if you actually want your podcast to be a very hot ticket. However the technological issues to starting a podcast are actually nothing at this point. Just get yourself familiarize with editing programs such as Audacity so that your final product will sound very professional.


Legal nurse consultants

The special terminology and jargon that is used in the medical field is actually very hard for a lot of people to understand, which normally includes lawyers and some other law professionals. Therefore, it’s mostly important for these people to always have someone who translate this medical terminology during cases in court which has to do with medical aspects. This is exactly where legal nurse consultants usually come in.

A legal nurse consultant is a professional that is experienced in the nursing sector which is qualified to work on medical cases as a legal consultant. Nurse legal consultants can be former or even current practicing nurses.  



The main aim of legal nurse consultants is to assist law professionals understand and process some legal details. They normally work to assist bridge the distance that is between the fields of law and medicine. Not only are they very good in practical medicine, but they also have a very strong grasp on the legal aspects of healthcare and medicine industry.

Legal nurse consulting is actually a relatively new field that began around the 1980s. Ever since, legal nurse consultants have help law professionals in almost everything right from criminal cases to medical fraud cases.



Coordinate health fairs

A health fair can be described as an event in which companies have the opportunity to give health information to the public at booths and/or to give health screenings. Health fairs are normally co-sponsored by groups, which includes sororities, hospitals, churches and community organizations. They sometimes last anywhere from a few minutes to a few days.


Health blogging

Having a wellness or health blog is a very good opportunity for you to be able to share your knowledge which is everything about health and nutrition. It’s also a very good way that you can use to earn lots of money, the most important thing about being a blog owner is that no one can just tell you what you can and can’t say. It’s actually yours from the very start.

But you will have to make each post compelling. It will also have to be of high quality in order to encourage more visitors to normally visit your blog. Although blogging gives you a very good potential to make money, not all bloggers have be able to make it to the circle of bloggers that are successful.

The ongoing issues of diseases, obesity, and some other medical conditions are just some of the reasons so many people are interested in reading health tips and news.




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Run an educational clinic

Now as a physician, you can simply teach every other person a thing or two about healthcare and then make some very good money in the process. For example, starting a CPR class for some corporate offices, local fire departments and small businesses is a very good place to start. But if you are an OB/GYN, you can easily start a Lamaze clinic which will give expectant mothers tips on how to manage their pregnancies.


Mobile medical screening

With so many countries in demand of preventive or medical screening for various diseases, it will be a very good idea to simply start a medical screening business and with the established business, any disease that is serious will be screened properly and then it will be detected earlier than usual. This can easily be a win-win situation for the patient and also for the business.

This is actually a mini-health clinic in motion. With just a moving medical screening van or any other mobile device, you can simply provide eyesight, hearing, flu, malaria, and blood sugar tests on the fly.



Medical waste disposal

Healthcare professionals usually have an obligation to do away with waste in the most efficient methods which would simply protect both the environment and the public. These wastes; which are mostly hospital wastes, have difficulties being handled properly, because of the potential effects or even the sensitive nature of their causes.

You can take advantage of this by offering a medical waste disposal (inclusive of biomedical disposal or waste management) service to different hospitals can simply land you a very good deal for a potential big business.


Develop a mobile app for physicians

Technological revolution has actually impacted different industries all over the world, providing various businesses the opportunity to develop custom solutions for their specific needs. The medical field is of no exception in this respect. Although this field normally deals with sensitive or complex data, patients and doctors can easily benefit from taking advantage of the mobile platform that is ever-growing through the development of different medical mobile apps.  



A lot of people usually depend on their mobile devices to assist them in simplifying their daily life. So by developing a medical mobile app which will always help in monitoring their health conditions and nutrition levels, you can easily provide so many people with good access to even the most basic levels of healthcare. As well as having a very easy and convenient method to schedule a doctor’s appointment or even share some health-related details can benefit patients greatly while also helping clinics saves lots of effort and time in their administrative duties. These are all very good reasons to develop a medical mobile app for physicians.


Medical coder and biller

Physicians and some other medical professionals normally depend on medical billing and coding specialists to help them in sending payment requests to patients and insurance providers. Medical billing and coding specialists are also the people who perform record keeping and customer service duties by giving details about billing to patients and insurance providers. While some medical professionals normally hire specialists to work on-site, some others usually prefer to outsource this work to little medical billing and coding businesses. The truth is that starting a very good and successful medical coding and billing business normally requires an attention to detail, medical transcription skills and excellent record keeping skills.


Publish a medical newsletter

For so many physicians, staying on top of the new developments in the medical industry is a very big concern. You can assist your fellow doctors in keeping up to date on the news by just putting out a monthly or weekly newsletter. You can just include a mix of current events and advice columns that will appeal to a wide range of readers. You can make use of a desktop publishing app such as Microsoft Publisher to produce the final product.



Run a natural childbirth class

A childbirth class is actually a very good way for women to prepare for labor and birth. Classes normally range from a one-day intensive workshop to some weekly sessions which normally last a month or even more. The usual class normally consists of discussions, lectures, and exercises.

While approaches normally vary, the main goal is to provide women with details on how to prepare for childbirth, assist them in making some informed decisions, and then minimize their fears. You'll also teach them techniques that will assist them relax and cope with labor.



Start a natural health talk show on radio

Health is wealth and this is a very famous ideology that is very true in every sense, because without good health, life will be worthless and it would be filled with uncommon strife. Everyone is conscious of health especially when it comes to preventive measures. So you can simply start a health talk show on radio that discuss about everything there is to know about health.


Start a medical equipment business

According to a research, the medical device sector is worth over $155 billion in the United States. You can simply snag just a piece of that pie by working as a sales representative for some major suppliers. But if you will like to go all the way, you can simply become a middleman and then bid on supply contracts for little hospitals that are in your immediate area.



Medical transcription agency

Medical transcriptionists are the people who normally listen to recordings that are made by health care professionals, such as doctors, and then transcribe them into medical reports and correspondence. Hospitals that are busy and some medical practices usually outsource their work to freelance medical transcriptions in order to handle overflow work. But in case you will like to start a medical transcriptionists business at home, you will need to go for a training program so that you will get hands-on experience and then market your services to potential clients.

You can start by getting the needed training because according to the BLS, medical transcriptionists will have to complete an associate degree program of two-years in medical transcription. You will have to focus on health care legal issues, anatomy and health care documentation, and medical terminology during this coursework.  



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When doing your associates program, you can just apply to medical transcription internships. These internships can simply be found through the department of your college’s career services. This will definitely give you hands-on experience when you start working in a medical transcription environment.

Now you will have to apply for the right certification, although certification is actually voluntary, it will assist you get potential clients. The Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity (AHDI) usually offers this certification. To be able to get this certification, you will need to have an associate degree in medical transcription and also pass an exam.  



You will also need to apply for a business license at your City Hall. You will have to always renew your business licenses once a year. Just contact your state’s licensing department in order to know if additional licensing is needed.

According to the BLSs, hospitals are the biggest employer of medical transcriptionists. You can just print business cards and then go to local hospitals. You can ask to simply speak with the medical office manager, which is actually in charge of outsourcing overflow transcription work. Some other organizations that you can target include speech therapists, physician offices, and medical diagnostic laboratories.


Forensic nurse consultant

A forensic nurse is a actually a type of nurse that has got some very good training in the field of forensics, or the practice of using scientific ways to collect evidence for the aim of solving crimes. Forensic science itself has been in existence for so many years. But, it wasn’t until the 18th century that forensic practices really started to take hold. By the 20th century, forensic science was becoming a field that is largely recognized and then it started to gain momentum quickly. These days, forensics has now become both a form of fascination and entertainment, but it is still one of the most instrumental ways of solving crimes.

Forensic nurses are usually immersed in the fascinating world of forensic science. Just like some other nurses, they are needed to treat and also attend to the needs of patients who are ill and injured. But these professionals normally have another agenda. They usually act as liaisons in between the justice system and the medical field. For example, they are actually trained to look for the signs of a crime in patients, and they are also entrusted in order to assist in gathering evidence which may be proof of said crimes.  


The first role of forensic nurse’s is a healthcare provider. They are mostly required to assess and then treat some minor illnesses and injuries in their patients. They may also be needed to help physicians in more hard procedures.

While providing treatment, forensic nurses are also expected to look for any signs of “foul play”. For instance, let’s say a forensic nurse might be treating a woman who supposedly ran into a door and then broke her nose. Although she was brought in by a very caring and worried husband, the nurse can easily notice that the woman is unusually jumpy around him. So upon closer examination after the husband is asked out of the room, the forensic nurse will find several bruises on different parts of her body. These bruises, when combined to the wariness toward the husband, may actually lead the forensic nurse to believe that the woman is not just an accident prone woman, but she is a spousal abuse victim.  


Forensic nurses are also the people who are mostly in charge of collecting evidence in the event of a possible crime. Using the case that is stated above, the nurse can simply take pictures of the bruises and then record her observation of the wife attitude toward her husband. Forensic nurses are also responsible for collecting the evidence of neglect, sexual assault, assault, battery, and so many other disturbing crimes.

Forensic nurses are also sometimes usually called upon in order to deliver expert testimony during criminal cases as well. When there, they can easily give their expert opinion and then explain medical evidence and terminology to the jury in laymen’s terms.



Review health insurance claims

So many big insurance companies normally cut down on costs by outsourcing their review of claims to review companies that are independent. All you need to have in order to get started is just a computer and a lot of scheduling flexibility that will help you to review claims within a very short time frame. If you will like to add to your income by reviewing claims, then the National Association of Independent Review Organizations is a very good resource.


Invent a medical product

If you have got an interest in CAD or engineering, then you can simply make a prototype for a very simple medical product with a CNC machine that is very cheap. It can be an ergonomic walking cane, a pen clip or a prosthetic for medical professionals, your invention can easily make you a bundle. All you need is an idea that is very original and then the dedication that will see your concept through to the end.



How Attorney or lawyer can boost Their Incomes on the Side

As an attorney that is solo, you will need to get very used to actually living on a financial roller coaster. Some months are very good and some other months you might worry about meeting some basic expenses. Finding a ways to supplement your income is a very good way to keep things on a more even keel level. 

Listed below are some ways lawyers can use to make some extra money:


If you’re an attorney, register at upcounsel

Although you don't really have to file or register a trademark in order to use it or even denote it as one, registry can simply provide you with better protections under the law. But if you will like to register a trademark, you will want the very best possible help, and that will mean looking for the best trademark attorney, in order to prevent critical mistakes.


Legal research and writing

Some lawyers are always ready to pay some others to write legal motions and briefs. If you think that this is something you are very good at, then it can be a good way to make some extra cash.




Become a speaker

This is actually another one which normally takes a lot of work, but once you are able to build a reputation, then it can be very lucrative. This will work very well if you are the person that likes speaking already, if you are good at speaking, and you are also ready to put in the work to find paid gigs, then this will be a very good side income.


Sell a niche legal course

Another very good and easy method to make some extra money is to create a course. After putting in the main work to set it up, it will be passive income. For instance, a small business attorney can simply make a course that is called “How to Start a Corporation in Las Vegas,” this course will teach the process of starting a corporation. Udemy and Teachable are both simple to use platforms for this aim.



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Cover Cases per Diem

So many law firms are always in need of someone that will cover simple court adjournments or appearances when there is emergency. So offering per diem services is a very quick and simple way to make some few extra bucks, most especially when you are going to be there in that court anyway.

You can simply make so much money in a month by using a few minutes to cover some other attorneys cases when you are in court for your own matters.


Develop a helpful app for lawyers

Apps are yet another simple method to make lots of passive income. For instance, a divorce attorney can easily make a calendar app for shared parenting. You can simply pay a developer to make it and then you can sell it on Google Play and ITunes.  



Publish a legal blog

There are so many good reasons why a law firm will want to publish an article with a niche publisher before they post it to the blog of the law firm. This post normally gives a framework for looking at these things also with negotiating tips in order to make sure the firm gets the best exposure which is possible for its work.

Trade publications, publishing in professional journals and even some general news publications is actually a business development strategy for so many law firms. Although it is mainly the province of big law organizations, there’s really no reason why firms that are small can’t appear in these publications as well. If the article is timely and strong, then it will find a publisher.


Become of counsel for another firm

A firm or organization may need an of counsel attorney that will always handle overflow cases or that they will like to consult on cases that is not in their main practice area. Actually with this, you can have an ongoing relationship with a specific firm that will make you lots of side income.



Publish E-Books online

Publish e-books that are helpful on a platform such as Amazon Kindle or you can also sell it on your site.


Conduct test prep courses

You can easily become a test prep teacher for a bar prep course. All you have to do in order to get started is to simply contact bar prep organization directly to learn the right way to apply.


Teach as an adjunct professor

While this might take lots of effort, time and energy than most of the other suggestions, it can be a very good source of income and it can also be emotionally rewarding. A very good first step is if you have any connection with a college. But if you don’t have then you can simply make use of a job search site such as Monster to see what is actually available and learn the qualifications.


Create a podcast

If your podcast becomes very famous enough, then you will be able to monetize it with sponsorships and ads. Like blogging, it might not bring in cash that very moment, but if it’s actually something that you enjoy doing anyway then it’s very possible to bring in some little extra income. You can check out BuzzSprout for a very detailed guide on how to get started.



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Write freelance articles

If you are a very good writer, then you can also write freelance articles for websites and blogs for a fee. So many lawyers will like to have a blog but they don’t actually have the time or even the inclination to just keep up with it, so there is a lot of great demand for article writers. You can check out freelancing site such as upwork to connect with people that are looking for this service.


Create CLE courses

If you are ready to put in the time, then you can make so much money teaching CLE courses. In NY all you need to do is to simply create a program and then apply for accreditation.


Monetize your hobby

There are so many methods you can use to make money with the things you use time doing anyway. For instance, if you are the type that likes photography, you can simply sell your photos or just shoot portraits on the weekends. If you love dogs, then you can simply start a dog sitting service.


List of money making legitimate side hustle business ideas for accountants or auditors:

Although accountants are normally seen as professionals who are well-paid, so many of them are going into side businesses in order to make some extra income. Now if you are an auditor or accountant, there are a lot of business ideas which can give you extra income and even more flexibility than your day job.

Below are some lucrative business ideas for accountants that you can simply use to make some extra money.




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Bookkeeping and offering payroll services

Almost all firms actually need bookkeeping and payroll services. The right bookkeeping and payroll services are very necessary to the successful operation of an organization. Some firms cannot afford to permanently recruit staff, so they normally hire the services of freelance bookkeepers. Other companies that are small do not need staff that is permanent because of their little financial requirements. You will have to consider starting a bookkeeping and payroll firm if you like to work with numbers. Now as a freelance bookkeeper and payroll service provider, you normally take on as many clients as you desire, you set your own prices, and you can also establish the services you will like to provide.

You can start by selecting the services that you will like to offer clients such as bank reconciliation, accounts receivable, payroll, accounts payable and financial report preparation. Offer extra services if that is what you desire, this may include preparation of audit, business plans, loan packaging and accounting software training.

Now you will have to get certification from the National Association of Certified Public Bookkeepers (NACPB) or the American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers after you meet eligibility requirements. You will then be able to apply for bookkeeping and payroll certifications with NACPB. You will also have to pass an examination which covers the concept of bookkeeping before you receive certification.

Select the software that you can easily customize to your clients' needs, that's simple to make use of and that is very inexpensive. Also verify that your computer actually meets the specifications of the requirements of the software installation. Get training in different accounting software programs so that you can meet the needs of all your clients.

You can simply call some local bookkeeping and payroll firms to ask their prices that will give you a very good idea of what to exactly charge your clients. You will also decide if you are going to set a flat monthly fee or an hourly rate. Think about charging some additional fees for mileage if you will have to travel to the office of your clients. Bookkeeping and payroll rates normally vary by professional experience and region. A bookkeeper that has so many years of experience actually charges more than a bookkeeper with just little experience.

You can also join some business organizations in your local chamber of commerce and your area. Simply introduce yourself to some owners of business and then give a very brief explanation of your business and the services that you provide. Also schedule an introductory meeting with the people who are interested in your business. You will have to explain your services in more detail, your bookkeeping and payroll processes and then your fees. You can also sign a good contract with those clients that are interested in retaining your services.

Now you can send your resume to some employers that are looking for bookkeepers that are part-time. Now if possible you will also have to follow up with a phone call. Just inform the employers of the benefits they will get if they hire a freelance bookkeeping and payroll service provider instead of an employee. So as a contractor that is independent, clients does not actually give you health benefits and some other fringe benefits or even pay payroll taxes. You can simply use these cost-saving facts when you are speaking with them about the benefits of hiring a provider of freelance bookkeeping and payroll service.


Tax preparation service

This is a very lucrative business idea because it normally caters to almost all businesses as well as people who are business-minded. It actually has to do with preparing and evaluating tax that is payable on a business or some other related assets. The truth is that being an accountant, there are chances that you have a very solid background in tax evaluation and preparation. You can easily make lots of money with these skills by just starting a business which renders all services that is related to tax.


Offer freelance writing services

Writing is actually one very good profession which is mostly suited to those people who really like flexibility in how, where, and when they work. This is because almost all types of writing these days just require an internet connection, word processing software and a computer.

The truth is that the Internet is a good source of entertainment and information, and although much of that is normally offered visually, such as via video, the written word is still the dominant way for delivering online content.

Now being a specialist in the area of accounting, you can easily offer freelance writing services to clients. This normally involves writing articles on business and accounting in general, developing financial statements, writing business plans and so on. You can simply hook up with some client’s offline by advertising your services to so many businesses around you and beyond.

You can easily hook up with people over the internet via freelance outsourcing sites such as Elance, Odesk and Freelancer. Another very profitable idea is to write content for business magazines, newspapers, and some other publications. Some of these publications normally pay as much as $1 per word.


Financial advisor

Financial advisor is a very good profession for those people who will like to make some extra money on the side. Why? Because it's actually a job where you are needed to have some life experience under your belt. Now have you be able to saved money that you use to purchase a house or a car? Have you be in a position to figure out the way to pay for nursery school or college? Have you helped an elderly parent pay medical care? The truth is that the more financial issues you have faced in your own life, then the more empathy you are going to have with all your clients as an advisor.  




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Another helpful thing is having a very personal and professional network that you can always tap, and then the discipline which normally comes with working in a business with rules and deadlines.

There is actually a very high demand for financial consultants and advisors. This is mainly because a lot of new small businesses come up almost every day and so many owners of business are always in need of very good advice on the way to just keep their businesses alive. Also, people need financial consultants and advisors to just advise them on the way to plan for retirement, overcome debt, save more money. So if you are very good at counseling people, this option is very good for you.



With so many new small businesses springing up every day, so many business owners actually need funds in order to simply run their businesses and then expand them. They normally approach microfinance banks to give them loans because they are normally friendlier with businesses that are small. So if you have got the needed capital and know-how, you can easily start to make big profits by just starting your own microfinance institution. Or better still, you can also assist these owners of small business access loans from different financial institutions.


Start selling software packages

The fact is the types of computer programs which can easily be sold online are very different. Sales persons can simply make a lot of money selling software packages that are just designed for accounting systems, security and also inventory records. Professional writer's programs, home design packages, book writing and marketing support are also software programs that are available. A very good selling program is actually the auction seller's support system. The online auction software is normally designed for those who actually sell pieces of consignment via auction sites on the Web. A lot of people have tapped into the profitable selling avenue of online auctioning, and need the support and assistance of computer programs in their homes, this normally keep all the system organized. This is a very large market and one can simply make lots of money selling software to the auction enthusiast.  




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Now in order to really make some money selling software packages, you can simply browse online and then discover the various organizations which normally give software for purposes of reselling. These online agencies will actually give their computer programs for sell, and then people who intend to buy can easily pay some extra money for rights of sellers. Some organizations will also let buyers to rename the program, thereby allowing the buyer to just label the program under the name of their own company.

Earning lots of money through the sales of computer program can simply be done online. Anybody that is ready to start this type of business can easily operate from home and may not even need to invest in big inventories. Immediately the programs are bought, this is actually just the only initial start-up cost. You can establish a web site solely for this if you will really like to make money selling software and through this web site, customers can simply download any computer program that they may want and then make payment for it while online. Money can be made easily without even handling an item physically. No inventory, no shipping needed, and there is actually no need to be available day and night. Immediately the web page is up and running, then the whole process actually takes care of itself.


Business plan competitions

Now apart from charging to write a business plan for a business that is small for them to present to the bank for funding, you can also write a very good plan for your own little business idea. If you decide to enter that your idea into a business plan competition, you will easily win cash and some other prizes. A lot of people have competed in a few of these competitions, and they have kept the prize money without even starting the small business. Accountants are actually very good at making business plans because they are very good at financial statements and financial projections. If you are really interested in competing or writing a business plan, then you will have to visit the Small Business Administration in order to get started. They actually have a lot of good free or some low-cost resources for people that are interested in making a business plan.



Now having use most of your years to study accounting, then there are chances that you can simply teach one of more core courses in accounting. So with this, you can easily make lots of money by just tutoring some students of accounting in any of their core courses and you can simply do this part time. You will get so many students and make so much profit in the long run but that is only if you actually know your stuff and you are very good at passing knowledge to others.




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