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18 Best Investment Ideas to

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Here Are Some Smart, Profitable and Lucrative Business Investment Ideas You Can Launch for Cheap  


Do you want to start a business but donít know where to start from or which business to invest your money into in order to make lots of profit? Listed below is some of the most smart and lucrative businesses investment idea that you can invest your money into and you will be sure of making profits back in no time.  

This list of business ideas consist of some good business ideas, and not just some junk businesses that were randomly selected, they are carefully selected, time tested, high performing businesses which you can start with your hard earned capital and you will be rest assured of making profit.  



1...Used car dealership business

Starting a used car dealership can be a very good business idea since vehicles are normally a primary mode of transportation for a lot people, and some people actually refuse to pay complete price for a new vehicle which will depreciate quickly. The fact remains that almost everybody has the chance to begin a business in this sector if they actually know how to set up a used car dealership.  



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You can get started by visiting the loan representative of a credit union or local bank to know what financing opportunities are actually available to you. You will have to calculate in advance the amount of capital which you might need by knowing the cost of initial vehicle inventory and the actual operating costs for about six to 12 months. Then easily complete the application process in order to get a loan that will finance your new business venture.

Secondly you will have to think about whether or not you want to purchase or lease a commercial space for your dealership mainly based on your financing options. You can meet with a commercial property manager or local real estate agent in order to review the exact locations that are available in your area which suit the needs of your business. Most times used car dealerships always need space for office and an outdoor lot which they can use in displaying vehicles. You will also need to have the location which you have choose inspected to make sure it is in line with safety, fire, health and zoning regulations as required by city code.  




You will then need to fully complete the application process which is required by your state government in order to get a license as a used car dealership. You can provide consent for a criminal background check and also submit proof of meeting zoning regulations. Get a surety bond in the amount which is needed by your state, and easily complete the registration with the state department of revenue to simply collect and pay sales tax on the cars you sell. There will be an inspection by some representatives from the licensing authority of the state for used car dealerships.

You will always have to attend auctions that are conducted by banks or local government agencies to get vehicles which have been seized as part of non-payment or criminal activity. Most times, these vehicles usually sell for prices that is below the normal value. Immediately you have initial inventory, you can easily maintain inventory levels by always going to visit auctions as well as allowing trade-ins from customers that are seeking to buy a vehicle from you.  


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You will then have to hire sales staff that will work with customers in order to get them to buy vehicles from your dealership. Recruit a finance manager that will always set up customers with loans that is if you offer financing through your dealership. But if you donít have the required amount of money when starting your used car dealership, you can easily handle most of these tasks on your own instead of paying someone else to do them for you.

Now you can put some of your best cars or deals near sidewalks or roadways that is public where people who are passing by can simply see them. You can also make use of Internet advertising by creating your own Facebook page or website. You can use Craigslist to post ads for free, or you can use eBay to extend the amount of people that is available to see and buy the vehicles at your dealership.  

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2...Landscaper architecture business

Just like landscaping, landscape architecture is actually a seasonal business; but there is a huge difference between the two because most landscapers normally give clients who has basic lawn services help to keep their property well-groomed. But on the other hand, landscape architects are normally concerned with the layout and design of a lawn, like where to place patios, ponds, flower-beds, and stone walkways. A very good landscape architect can easily increase the value of a property.

This is a business that is very much hands-on. People who start a landscape architect business need to be very comfortable working with computers and also good with math because most of the designer's job is normally spent at a desk. But most architects normally make it out into the field with their contractors and so they are mostly comfortable when they are working with their hands and getting dirty.  




Some day-to-day activities of the business usually include a lot of tasks such as invoicing, client intake forms and meeting with some new clients but the business will also have to coordinate with contractors, keep clients updated about the project and monitor its supplies carefully.

The clients who are preferred are customers or corporate clients who have signed evergreen or seasonal contracts. Some big revenue projects are ideal. Landscape architects normally work with organizations that are large already or are still medium. But most designers normally start out with small businesses or homeowners.  




They usually make most of their money by collecting money from clients for their design projects. These projects are normally charged at either a per hour rate or even a flat rate.

Small landscape design companies can easily be managed as "one man" operations but there's actually no reason why a business owner will not hire a good team of contractors or designers, thereby changing it into a very big design and construction company.  



3...Bed and breakfast business

Bed and breakfast is actually a thing of a mix between a private home and boutique hotel. Actually, the service is very personal. The manager sometimes lives on-site, and itís not very unusual that the guests and the manager always spend time together.

So before you even consider opening a bed and breakfast, you will have to plan ahead. Planning is very important before you even set up your business. If you have a roadmap that is good which is actually of what to do in some particular situations along the way, it will make your life very simple when you are running your bed and breakfast.  


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Planning usually includes research like do you actually know if there is enough demand for a Bed and Breakfast in the area that you have decided to set it up? After all everybody knows that demand is what really makes or breaks a business.

In addition, you need to plan your sales, branding, financials, marketing, customer serviceÖ The list is always long.

You have to make sure that starting a bed and breakfast is the perfect thing to do. Although itís not for everybody. You need to run the operative and administrative aspect of the business. You will have to be persistent because it will take some time for your B&B to get lucrative, flexible and even have social skills.  




Before you start looking for a location, always make sure that you think about what it is you really want

There are actually three types of ownership which you can simply choose from when you start a bed and breakfast. The very first one and actually the most famous alternative is to be the owner of the property.

Now this has a lot of benefits. If you actually have a mortgage, you will have to always keep more of the money immediately itís paid off. You get to keep a bigger part of the money from the very start if you already own the property and you might even be able to keep the profit if you finally decide to sell the property down the line.  




The other thing to think about here is that owning the property normally comes with its own set of responsibilities. For instance, if you have a very big mortgage, it will actually take some time for you to pay it off. And there are some costs which you may need to think about such as maintenance of the property. Always have it in mind that if your property is a little bit older or something that is unexpected takes place, those costs can be very high. And they will definitely affect your budget.

Another alternative is for you to rent out the property. This actually means that you wonít have the same responsibilities like an owner. For instance, your landlord is in charge of taking care of maintenance and you wonít have any mortgages to pay off.



4...Recruitment services business

A recruiting agency is also known as a temporary or staffing agency that searches for, interviews and screens people for job placement. The main goal of an agency which recruit is to fill permanent vacancies or job openings that are temporary or maybe both. Although a staffing agency can easily focus only on a particular sector, such as nurse or executive recruitment. The successful beginning of a recruiting agency normally consist of a strong business plan, having a background in hiring and taxes, recruitment planning, having the required amount of knowledge of the laws about licensing, and also the marketing strategy for gaining clients.  



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Maybe youíve already done some recruiting before or maybe you havenít, and youíre actually trying to find out how exactly you can start a recruiting business from the beginning. I believe you have already gotten some sort of idea of whether or not itís a fit for you if you have done it before but if you havenít, then you have to know that recruiting is actually NOT for everyone. The profession is actually filled with valleys and peaks and ups and downs. Most times, itís often known as a roller coaster.

If you have once worked for an agency as a recruiter, then you must have a foundation of experience. There is no way you will know the right way to train recruiters if they havenít trained you as a recruiter yourself. So if you have never worked as a recruiter for a recruitment agency before then you might want to work for a recruitment company before you start your own business.  




There are so many different types of recruiting firms. So if you already have some experience in the sector, then you probably have a good idea of what type of agency that you will like to start.

There are companies which only put candidates on a direct hire employment (full-time) basis

There are companies which only put candidates on a contract (temporary or part-time) basis

There are companies which only put candidates on both a direct hire and contract basis

There are a lot of other services which you can easily provide as a recruiting agency. All you have to do is to study some other companies and conduct more research to know which ones appeal to you.  



5...Fence installation

A fence installation company normally contracts with clients in order to perform a number of services. Contracts are usually discussed based on the area measured to be fenced, the degree of difficulty, the materials which were used, and the amount of labor and time that is required.

This business is ideal for you if you like working outdoors and assisting people to increase their security and also the functionality and beauty of their property.

A fence installation business normally makes money by buying fencing supplies at prices of wholesale and then charging for the expertise and labor which is necessary to install and design fence.


6...Belt buckles making business

Belt buckles making business can be started from home location and on a full time or even part time basis. A lot of sports team, business houses and some other professions sometimes create their own belt buckles that are customized with other apparel products such as caps and T shirts etc. Belt buckles are also known as lifestyle and fashion accessories. The ideas are very much when it comes to the making of personalized belt buckles. There are a lot of scope to experiment with such as shape, color and size. You can easily make belt buckle with the design that is existing or you can even suggest some new designs to your client with various colors and shape.  




Any person who has true passion about starting new pattern and design can easily start this business with some moderate capital investment and strategic planning. Apart from belt buckles that are personalized, there is also a huge market for normal belt buckles because all belt manufacturers are always in demand of buckles manufacturers.

Creating a business plan is very necessary when you want to start belt buckles making business. All you have to start with is to do some market research prior. You need to think about the type of belt buckles you will start making initially. There are so many types of belt buckles which are available in the market such as plate-style, frame-style, box-style etc. You have to think about what will actually be your marketing expenses and strategy? Who is your target niche? What is going to be your business objective and also mission statement? In financial planning you will have to calculate your startup budget with equipment cost and raw material. You also need to calculate the same if you are planning to start recruiting manpower. You can calculate a revenue return that is expected. This is definitely going to give you the needed confidence about the business feasibility and it will also assist you in arranging finance.  



7...Paving consulting business

Paving consulting business opportunity always needs the right knowledge in civil and mechanical construction industry. It is a business that is all about providing design, advice and creating pavements with the budget and scheduled time of your client. Various types of contemporary paving patterns that are used these days to decorate pool, garden, resort, park, parking lot, hotel etc.

With the right skill and with the perfect business plan, any experienced person can easily start paving consulting business with just some moderate capital investment. The best part of this very business is that you can easily start the venture by having only some of the required equipment and then you can hire the rest and it is a business that can also be operated from home location.  




In order to start a paving consulting business, you will need to have technical knowledge of civil and mechanical construction. It is also a very big plus if you have an engineering degree, but you can also begin this business by just having basic skill but in the entire work your knowledge about operation monitoring, paving pattern, assessment, operation control, coordination, decision making, troubleshooting, quality control analysis are needed heavily.

You will also need to have Knowledge of some equipment that is relevant, procedures, policies, and strategies in order to promote effective national, state or local security operations for the protection of institutions, data, people, and property.  



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Another thing which you are required to have knowledge about is the methods and principles for moving goods or people by rail, air, road or sea, which includes the relative benefits and costs.

You will also need to have Knowledge of management and business principles which normally involve human resources modeling, strategic planning, leadership technique, resource allocation, production methods, and coordination of resources and people.  




Having the right knowledge of quality control, raw materials, costs, production processes, and some other ways for maximizing the effective production and distribution of goods is another thing that is highly needed.

Having the required knowledge of principles and processes for providing good customer services. This normally includes meeting quality standards for services; customer needs assessment and evaluation of customer satisfaction.

Having a very good business plan which includes marketing planning and financial planning is very necessary. Just known your target niche and how you intend to reach them. Always concentrate on how to make advertising policy. You can also calculate equipment with startup budget, manpower and insurance cost. Also calculate an expected revenue return.


8...Interior designer / home decorator business

If you actually love transforming homes with creative decorating, a home decorating business is definitely for you. The truth is that interior designers must be certified, but decorators will have to start businesses on their own without needing certification so before you begin to take clients, you will have to practice on the homes of family and friends, also assemble a portfolio of your work and then license your business.  




The very first step should be writing up a good business plan for your decorating business. You have to know if you will be a designer that is product-driven who conceptualizes the design and sells very important items to the client, or maybe a consultant who does not sell products. Designers who have little experience normally start as product-driven designers. Also make research on some other decorating organizations in your environment in order to see what they actually specialize in, what their designs look like and the exact amount which they charge. Think about how you can manage to set yourself apart from other design companies by just offering a different style of design, specializing in particular types of design, such as Colonial, offering prices that are low or just by specializing in particular part such as use of color and light or even window treatments. Just make a list of items that you will need to simply get started and also know the right amount of capital that you will need.  




You will have to apply for a business license by just going to your county clerk's office or local city hall to fill out an application, or you can also do it online if that is an option that is available in your jurisdiction. If you intend or plan to employ others, subcontract to a builder or even to build credit using the name of the business instead of your own, you will also have to apply for an Employer Identification Number or EIN from the Internal Revenue Service.


9...Start a Christmas tree farm business

You will have to think about growing Christmas trees if you are looking to turn your piece of land into a money spinner. Running a Christmas tree farm only needs just a small effort on maintenance, which normally makes it very good for a spare time project. And it can easily give you big profits for so many years to come.  




Christmas trees usually mature in an average of eight years. So, if you are looking for quick profits or you cannot guarantee the long-term ownership of the land you have this might not be a very good option for you. But if you really think eight years is not too long, then you can start Christmas tree farming.

By just planting a portion of your acreage with new trees every year, it will give a steady income as the trees get matured in an average of eight years before you can harvest and re-plant it.

The average price of a tree is about $50 and a plot of land can easily contain over 200 ready-to-harvest Christmas trees. So, with a plot of land, you can simply get $10,000 per harvest. That will be $50,000 with just five acres.  




And with the fact that the costs of growing Christmas tree is actually labor for maintenance, like shearing the trees that are young and mowing for weed control, you can also keep most of the profits; or maybe all of them if you are the one that did all the work yourself.

Now since it takes just about eight years for most species of Christmas trees to grow to the required harvest height of 5 to 7 feet, a very good method to provide an annual income that is stable is to start by planting a lot of trees, a plot can easily contain over 1,500 trees with the normal 5′ x 5′ spacing, and then just replant one-eighth of this very number each year, which will be about 200 trees per plot.


10...Greeting cards making business

Greeting cards are normally big business because people actually need them for so many occasions. Not only do they normally send them to mark graduations, births, deaths and anniversaries, but they also send them in order to just add cheer to a loved one's day. A lot of people might not even consider giving a gift except there is actually a greeting card attached. You can easily start a home-based greeting card business if you have a very good idea for a line of artistic flair, greeting cards or even talent with the written word.  






You can visit various gift shops and greeting card stores and to simply go through their greeting cards selection. As you go through it, try to look for what is missing or how you can make better cards. You can also search online for some more greeting card ideas. Have it in mind that so many online card makers may have very good ideas but don't actually sell very well because they don't really know the right way to market so if you can easily find a need in the business of greeting card that hasn't been dominated completely by another card company or artist, you will experience lots of business success by filling it more than someone else is.

You will have to brainstorm some unique greeting card ideas for your greeting card business. For instance, you can always come up with some unique messages which you can include in your greeting cards and then simply develop handmade greeting card designs or make use of a desktop publishing program which you can use to make appealing artwork.

You will also need to decide if you will only specialize in cards that have funny greetings and inspirational messages or even both. If you actually want to do anything different, you can even make greeting cards that have shocking messages in them.

Buy the items that you will need for the business of your greeting card. If you decide to make handmade cards, you will actually need a lot of special papers, colored pencils, pens and embellishments. If you decide to design cards on your computer, you will have to get a desktop publishing program, printer, scanner and card stock or photo paper. A paper cutter will also prove very helpful as well.

Write a very good business strategy for your business which include the funds, you will actually need for your expenses to start as well as details about where you will buy your supplies and how you intend to market your business. You will also have to include goals that you will use to expand your business in time.


11...Car tracking services business

Ever since the car tracking systems came into full existence, it has become very simple for operators of fleet to easily manage their fleet of vehicles. So with the advent of this device, investing in ambulance services, haulage and logistic business and even transport services has become a very lucrative venture because the tracking device assist to monitor the consumption of fuel, keep the drivers under check, distance covered and also make sure of the safety of the vehicle.

The fact that you can easily install GPS car tracking devices which normally trigger automated bus stop announcements makes it simple to run a public transport service company. It is just like buying insurance for personal cars, a lot of people also decide to purchase and install car trackers in their cars in order to prevent theft and the truth is that even if your car is stolen, it can simply be tracked and recovered with car tracking devices.

In a recent research it was proven that the need for having car tracking systems in cars is on the rise because of how important it has proven to be and as a matter of fact most transport operating organizations wonít let their cars begin to ply the roads until they have fully installed a car tracking system on it.

There is a need to carry out a very good research before investing your money into this business venture because it is always the right and first step to take when you look at the rate at which investors who are not guided properly lose their hard earned money so before you start your car tracking company, you are actually expected to carry out a lot of research, in order to know where to place the company, how to design or get the car tracking device, the amount of the start-up capital needed, how to maximize gains and some other factors which you might want to research about.

You actually have no choice than to register your company and if possible get the required operating license which is needed for you to operate this kind of company.


12...Amusement park business

Starting an amusement park needs serious planning and big startup capital, but the truth is it is a very lucrative venture most especially if your amusement park is equipped very well with facilities which can guarantee each child that visit a lot of fun.

Starting an amusement park actually needs long term planning and a collection of people who are experts to assist you execute the strategies you have already drafted on paper. So you will need architects, project managers, civil engineers et al.

But the only way which you can escape the rigors that is involved in starting your own amusement park from the beginning is by simply buying existing amusement park which is put up for sale, or just buying a franchise of a successful and existing amusement park.


13...Detergent powder manufacturing business

The detergent powder is a very good substitute to washing soaps and it has become increasingly famous all over the world. With a lot of awareness amongst all various classes of people to maintain the perfect ways of living, this industry is to be manifold. Detergents can be used for so many purposes and there are normally wide ranges of uses.

The main uses are actually to wash cooking utensils, textile fabrics, sinks, crockery, floors and walls, drawing surfaces and baths etc. Demand is actually found to be on the increase because of the increase in the population and also increase in awareness for cleanliness in people in more years to come.


14...Network marketing company business

A MLM (multi-level marketing), network marketing or networking business includes recruiting people who are business-minded into a company. A business associate that is newly recruited buy product from the networking company and start to builds his network of sponsors or downline. You can simply make monthly commissions off people that are in your downline when they begin to buy your product. Network marketing is a very legitimate business opportunity because a company can sell legally through multi-level sales with a legitimate product.


15...Picture frames manufacturing business

You can easily start and operate picture or photo framing business from the very comforts of your home surroundings. You can start it on a solid work bench or sturdy table in a storage area that is small, such as your basement or shed, garage, even a room that is small can also be devoted toward this purpose.

If you are very good with tools you could be on your way to a nice sideline business which could simply grow with time. So many wood moldings can easily be bought at some good cost from lumber yards and it can be used as the basic item for frames manufacturing. A lot of people have prized possessions and photos which need framing and most of them donít actually like the plastic frames which they see in stores nowadays, thereby creating a ready market for natural and beautiful wood frames.


16...Ice cream shop business

Starting an ice cream business can be very profitable, as long as you start by researching some other ice cream businesses in your country and make a detailed business plan.

You can decide if you want to invest in an up and coming or successful franchise or even start your own independent ice cream shop. The real benefit of starting a franchise is that you will have built-in assistance that will guide you through the process of starting your own business. Franchises normally provide the design and store layout, supplies, ingredients and employee training. It also need upfront capital, starting your own business gives you the freedom to know exactly the right amount of money that you can easily afford to invest.


17...Grocery store business

A grocery store is a retail outlet where various household or food items are sold on cabinets and shelves. People normally like to do their shopping in a grocery store because it normally gives them convenience to shop for everything that they need without going from one store to another.

Starting a grocery store is a very simple business to start and it is actually not capital intensive. Getting the perfect items which people want to buy and proper stock keeping records are actually the secrets of running a grocery store. A grocery store can be run online on an online e-commerce retail site or even offline in the conventional retail store.


18...Mobile phones, smart phones and accessories store business

Starting a mobile phone accessory business can be highly competitive and lucrative. In addition to mobile phone franchises you can also sell accessories and you can locate your stores in any mall and some other public areas. The internet is usually filled with web stores and websites that are ready to sell mobile phone accessories. But if you can find a good location with a little competition or if you can create an online presence which outshines that of your competitors, you can easily build a lucrative small business selling mobile phone accessories.

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