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Some of these business opportunities are simpler than others, but almost all actually need very little to no capital and they are also meant to help you through some hard times.

Some of these business opportunities might need you to be in some certain location, while others work at all location, but it all goes down to being very resourceful.




1...Computer training institute business

Before giving the opportunity to work in any industry, you are expected to have the ability to effectively use the computer. But, as technologies continue to move forward, a lot of workers in a given field may not actually have the necessary skills to be able to fully use the computer-based tools for that particular field. So the actual need for continuous training and development has presented a chance for entrepreneurs who are computer-savvy and are also very good teachers. By starting a computer training business, you can easily use your main expertise to always give a very rewarding service to your clients.



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As said earlier, having knowledge in computer is a must in all sector right from school to college and to jobs. To get employed in a private or public sector, you are required to have a very good skill in computer or else you will get rejected at the very beginning. Now because of this demand which rises every passing day, the computer training schools are booming and they are having a dream run in the business.

Before you start a computer training business, you have to know that just basic knowledge on computer can never help in starting a computer school, you have to be very good in both software and hardware and all major aspect of computer.

Your computer training school is just like any other educational institute, so you need to actually meet up with the requirements to start a computer training business. As there is also lots of other computer training institute out there, you need to always do something different and special for success so that you will always get a good response.




2...Bakery business

Are you interested in starting a bakery business and have you decided on a name for your bakery and you have also considered the types of items you want to sell, now is the right time to take the important steps to open your establishment. You have to be very careful in planning out this process because when done very well it can lead to some major returns and personal fulfillment for you as an owner of a bakery. Now in addition to planning well, getting a niche product like flavorful breads, vegan desserts, or baked breakfast goods can also assist a lot in your business.

You have to think about the business structure you want your bakery to use. Whether you will like to work as a limited liability company, partnership, or sole proprietorship, you also have to invest in business insurance to protect your bakery and your personal assets completely.



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Now you can write out a business strategy which includes the right details on who will be in charge of the business, and how you also plan to simply market your bakery, what your competitive edge will actually be and how you intend to get money for your business, It may be through savings, loans or outside investors. You can also add projections of how much of every item you really think you can sell on a monthly basis for the next two to six years.

Look around the various available locations in your city to get an ideal place for your bakery. In doing this you can go through the official website of your city for demographic data, which can assist you in selecting a location which has a lot of potential customers. A market survey can also be use by you to know what potential clients needs in a bakery. You must keep in mind that your city may have some direct zoning guidelines which can hinder you from starting a bakery business at some locations.


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3...Start a profitable mobile car oil change service business

Do you want to start a mobile oil change business? Are you interested in getting your hands dirty for a very good amount of money, then a mobile oil change business is the right vocation for you. A lot of car owners need to always change and replace the oil in their car after some few months. But given their busy schedule, it becomes very hard for them to drop their car at the vendor's place and collect it back after. This is the main reason why mobile oil change businesses have become very well known currently. All that a customer is required to do is to simply give the business owner of the mobile oil his address, then the work will be good as done because a van or trailer with the required equipment will just go to where the car is place, bring out the oil inside, and replace the oil filter. Then the car owner will be giving a sticker just to notify him about the date he changed his oil and the due date of the next oil change. This arrangement is always very good for the car owner because a lot of time and effort is saved. Now you are aware that all cars are in need of regular oil change, if you give quality service, you will definitely get a lot of repeat customers, thereby making this becomes one of the most profitable businesses.


4...Mobile paper shredding business

With the campaign on global warming and the emergence of cloud filing system, most companies are now filing and cutting paper documentation. The new method is that immediately documents are taking, the other necessary step is to take the document to data capturer. The actual job of data capturers is to capture the needed info, so that the documents can be easily transferred to a recycling site or to a place where it can be kept.




Although, there are some little paper shredding machines which are used by most businesses, but when it actually comes to shredding some big piles of documents/papers, mobile paper shredding company’s services are then needed. It is very simple to drop off documents/papers that are unimportant at recycling depots, but it is also very risky to drop off confidential documents in that same way. The main reason why companies shred paper/document that is of no use is to make sure that nobody has any access to the details on the papers.

The way mobile paper shredding companies work is that they normally put their industrial paper shredding machine in a truck to the office of their client. Then the client will bring in the documents/papers they actually need to get rid of, and the papers/documents will be shredded right in their presence (with the clients’ supervising them) before they can take the shredded documents to paper recycling sites.

So if you will like to start this type of business, then you have to be ready to invest in some amount of money. But the truth is, this is a very profitable business so you have to be decided if you must start this trade.


5...Remote employee monitoring business

Remote worker monitoring and time tracking, is currently and increasingly becoming a very important tool in a business’ drive to be effective, successful and productive.

Some entrepreneurs and traditional employers all over the world are starting to use remote worker monitoring schemes at their various businesses/companies so that they can easily track all of the time their workers normally use on client projects (so that they can maximize billing), and the exact time their staff spend every day on some other things other than work (so that they can increase performance and productivity and then reduce waste).




A lot of employers and managers find out that once their business or team keep growing, it becomes a very difficult thing to always keep track of what every one of their staff does on a daily or hourly basis. So this can easily lead to a big reduction in performance, because a lot of coasting employees are hard to know, so a loss in earnings during billable period gets forgotten about, leading to some business owners and entrepreneurs feeling like they have now lost a hold on their company.

Now in order to avoid these scenarios from happening, some start-ups, creative agencies, and even huge companies, have started using worker monitoring and time tracking policies so that they can easily gain a good knowledge of all of the moving parts inside their companies.

So when it actually comes to managing remote teams, monitoring and time tracking is very important because it assists managers and leaders in having the required knowledge of the performances of his workers, how efficient their workflow is and how productive they are being.


6...Sell your services on Fiverr

The leading marketplace for services and products starting at just $5 is Fiverr. So many people go there to buy and sell services (and also products) online each day through Fiverr.

A lot of services are being offered there ranging from back links, social signals, business promotion, logo design, transcript, social networking and advertisement to funny videos, graphic design and translations to name just a few.



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GIGS are what these services being offered are also called on Fiverr. You can easily find almost anything you need because people from all over the globe normally visit the site to render their services and expertise.

The best aspect is that anybody can easily learn how to make some cool money online by signing up to Fiverr as a seller and start selling their service.

Now why don’t you think about how you can simply use your skills to make templates/ designs/ products that can either be universal, for instance 100 flat design icons and an invoice template for Word or pages, or that can take you just a few minutes to do like record a segment of your voice for an ad or translate a tweet.

You will have to take a very good look at some best-selling products and services and how the authors marketed them. Then you can easily add more extras such as $20 for 1-day turn around, or to actually modify the file, for some better quality, etc... Or you can also make use of the traffic coming to your profile to sell more services.


7...CCTV Camera business

A growing and very lucrative business that an aspiring entrepreneur who is really interested in starting a business in the security industry should look into starting is to go into the production of CCTV cameras (surveillance cameras) and accessories. I believe you are aware of the fact that there is actually no office, bank and street in the United States and in most developing countries of the world where there are no surveillance cameras installed. With this you will understand that goes to show that there is a very big market for CCTV cameras (surveillance cameras) and accessories. So if you really want to start a business by venturing into the security industry, then the perfect place to start is to go into the production of CCTV cameras (surveillance cameras) and accessories.



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As an entrepreneur who is interested in the security industry, another lucrative and thriving business that you seriously need to think about starting is going into the installation of CCTV cameras and some other security gadgets like alarm, and electrical fence wiring et al. This is a business you can easily kick start after going through a lot of trainings technically as it relates to the installations of security gadgets. An entrepreneur can easily start with little or no startup capital.


8...Restaurant business

Now for those people who have so much passion for food, the biggest entrepreneurial dream is to start a restaurant. Maybe you've already thought about it: You can simply kick start in a little space with some few tables and chairs and a little kitchen. Before you know what’s happening, your small eatery has now become a beloved local eating company with a line out the door every day.

Running a restaurant is very profitable, but it's not a very simple task. Like any business that is just starting up, ownership of restaurant takes a lot of hard work, perseverance; dedication that is unwavering and a willingness to get pass the obstacles you will definitely come up against along the way.

In any business, doing the right research before starting up is very critical to be successful. This is mostly true for the restaurant business because it is not just about knowing the right food. Even if you have worked in a restaurant before, there are still so many legal, managerial and marketing lessons you have to learn to be able to succeed.



9...Mobile facial spa business

Mobile spa is a business opportunity that is very profitable because it often targets high ticket clients, so there is so much money to be made through this business. A lot of people normally use spa’s all the time, but most of them prefer to have a “spa day” at the comfort of their own home because this is where they feel relax and comfortable. Once you go into this market, you can simply give these set of people a “spa day” in the comfort of their home. There are a lot of benefits and advantages to a mobile spa business, most especially when taking a look at the startup requirements compared to an actual spa


10...Car Battery reconditioning business

One of the best, hot new businesses that is very simple to start, eco-friendly, and has high-income potential now is car battery reconditioning business. As so many consumers become increasing cost- and eco-conscious the battery reconditioning business is becoming more in demand. The typical latest car battery normally averages around $70. But you can easily sell a battery that is reconditioned for as low as $35, thereby saving your customers so much money - and also making another battery not to wind up in a landfill. You can also add to this list, marine batteries, 12 volt batteries, solar batteries, 6 volt batteries and golf cart batteries, the list is endless. And so are the expected profits.

There is a big difference between reconditioning and rebuilding. Rebuilders simply take away and repair the bad cells in a battery and a reconditioner simply follows a series of steps to test a battery to know if it can be rebuilded to start with. Then if the tests come out positive for reconditioning, the reconditioner will simply move ahead to the other stage by putting some certain mixtures of chemicals which are designed to help in the dissolving of the acid crystals that has be built up on the lead plates. Immediately the crystals are broken down through some combination of chemical additives, and then after the usual process of recharging the batteries are ready, after a careful load test for it to go back into service. Well this can be difficult and very dirty work. But if you are one of those that don’t like sitting in an office or at a desk all day, this may be just the right business for you.

The main skills required to start your own battery business has to do with learning how to recondition batteries that are rechargeable, measuring a battery’s charge capacity, rejuvenating dead batteries,  reverting a reversed cell, and knowing the actual reasons why batteries need to be reconditioned. These are some easy concepts to learn and for just some few hundred dollars you can simply start your own battery reconditioning business up and running.





11...Start a pre-school business

If you have plenty of energy, a nurturing spirit and an interest in stimulating young minds, then a preschool business can be a very good choice. All you are needed to do in this business is to give supervision, fun activities and educational opportunities for little kids. In almost all cases, starting a preschool business actually means working with 2 to 5 years old kids. You can easily start a preschool business away from your home, in many areas, or from any commercial space available.

You are expected to learn the requirements for starting a preschool in your state. Laws are different from state to state, but they are almost the same as daycare laws. You can easily see the needed requirements online or by contacting the Department of Child Welfare, Department of Health and Human Services or a similar agency in your state. But in most places, you are required to fully complete an application for licensing, then pay a fee and submit to criminal and child abuse background checks before you can get licensing. The facility you are to use may also be subject to a licensing inspection.

You also have to meet the educational requirements for running a preschool because in some states, a preschool director must have a degree or credits in a field relating to education. If you actually do not have the needed credits or degree, you may get a director to be in this position while you work towards getting the education requirements.


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12...Make homemade soap

A very good hobby that can simply turn into a full-time business or at least a way to make a little extra money is making homemade soap. Homemade soaps most especially those who make use of organic ingredients or designs that are beautiful, are always needed by so many customers since they are very cheap luxury and a well know gift-giving idea.

Building a full-time or part-time business always take lots of time. It also takes much investment; you can roll up your sleeves and be ready to work on this new business when you are not at your full-time job — maybe evenings or weekends, whatever time it will takes. This will be a good first indicator whether you have the zeal and drive to be a good entrepreneur.


13...Paper cup disposable item business

Paper cup making business is one of the most profitable small scale manufacturing opportunities around the world. The paper cup is an item that is easily disposable and made out of paper and also lined with plastic to stop liquid leakage or soaking through the paper. Also you can manufacture the product from recycled paper. And it is used widely around the world. In countries which are economically growing such as India, there is a high demand of paper cup thus; it is see as a lucrative manufacturing opportunity for so many entrepreneurs.

Paper cups are used for all form of products that are ready to eat. Normally, paper cups are largely used for hot drinks like coffee, tea and all types of cold drinks and energy drinks also. It can also be used to serve drinks that are customize such as juice and lassi etc. Paper cups are also use extensively in serving sweet delicacies, ice cream, sweet corn, and packaged food items. Available paper cup sizes ranges from 60 ml to 550 ml variants. Paper cups are being used now for almost all kinds of catering purposes because they are made out of food grade papers which are fast expanding substitute to plastic and it families.

The high demand in some urban and semi-urban markets, and also the opening up of international food chains and the acceptance of quality and eco-friendly items has made the distribution and production of paper cups very viable as never before.


14...Start a cyber cafe or internet cafe business

Internet or cyber cafes is a place where lots of people gather just to chat online, play online and offline games, check email or for those who intend to meet some friends in an atmosphere which is casual. Some cybercafés usually gives food and drinks to make high profits and to arrange a place where customers will like to return to. Providing a very good and safe place for people to use the computer can easily lead to a lucrative business.




15...Crochet knitting business

Crochet knitting business is an opportunity which is very ideal for some passionate crochet knitters who really want to turn their hobby into a lucrative business venture. Also one can simply think of starting this business when he or she already has any other knitting business. An aspiring crochet knitter which has much creative mind can easily start this business from home location with low startup capital.

All you have to do is to know the right way to market your product and to whom. You also need to have updated understanding about the latest trend of the fashion company. A very creative design and pattern will make your product very attractive and unique.

The main thing in crochet knitting business is Skill. If you are already a crochet knitter, you can easily make lot of attractive pattern and products. You will have to train from knitting classes or you can easily have training from some online tutorials available on the internet free.




16...Prawn farming business

If you are interested in starting a very lucrative business then one of such businesses is to start prawn farming. The basic things you would need to make success from this type of business is strictly how to feed prawns, good marketing skills, properly take care of prawns, good managerial skills and then, customer service skill that is very good.

Another important thing that you also need to know is that prawn farming does very well in water logged areas except you want to spend money in building some artificial ponds. If you succeed in putting this business in water – logged area, and an area with the needed climatic condition, then you will definitely struggle a little in your prawn farming business

Now, if you have actually decided to go into prawn farming, then you should make sure that you carry out quality feasibility studies and then market survey. This will assist you to properly place the business in a very good location and then easily hit the ground running.

Business plan is also a very important business document that you must not take for granted in the bid to starting your own business.



17...Catering Equipment Leasing Business

If you have the right creativity and tenacity necessary to be a successful entrepreneur, then starting a catering equipment and supplies rental business is a very profitable experience.

With the perfect ingredients, your business plan will keep your new business on course and assist you to avoid the pitfalls that plague some other startup entrepreneurs.

To help your efforts, you can easily consider hiring the aid of a professional business plan writer.

The perfect business plan writer can easily give your catering equipment and supplies rental business a good advantage over other startups in your sector. But although they are very skilled, business plan writers can never work very effective without the business owner direct input because as the main stakeholder in your catering equipment and supplies rental business, you will have to always insert yourself in different stages of the strategy development.


18...Pest control business

Just like when starting any other business, you need to have a lot of knowledge to start your own Pest Control business; it also requires licenses and a good commitment to marketing.  In a super competitive and a saturated sector, pest control marketing can easily make or break the venture but is mostly not at the top of the priority list.

It’s very easy to get caught up in the startup costs, getting control of the day to day operations and the licensing, but if marketing is not your primary aim, then all the other efforts will be wasted.

Most Pest Control businesses are mostly started by individuals who are very familiar with the sector, because they have so many years of experience. The startup costs are very significant, sometimes costing as much as $10,000 to $50,000 just to get outfitted and then get it up and running.

But the payoff is always very profitable once a foundation of accounts is established. You will not be able to get those accounts if they don’t know how to get you. Also combined with the strong competition, often uninsured and unlicensed, the opportunity of building a very successful business in pest control are little without the right pest control marketing, even with lots of industry knowledge and capital.

Capital, experience, knowledge, and commitment are very necessary, but marketing is absolutely important. From the traditional ways of advertising to social media, there are lots of different avenues to help accounts find you.

It’s actually up to you to sell them on your company because sale will be very much simple if customers see you and your business as established and as an authority in pest control. All of these can easily be accomplished with a strong sales strategy, a good marketing strategy that includes content which will bring much value to customers and a sustainable presence all over some variety of marketing channels.


19...Slippers manufacturing business

Any person can on a small scale basis start slippers making business. Slippers are seen as a household consumer durable item and are used by everyone, men, women, and kids. Slippers are normally lightweight footwear which is made up from rubber. Slippers making is a process that is very easy. From a very small scale unit, you can easily manufacture slippers. Also, you can start producing with some easy machinery and rubber sheet as your major raw material.

Slippers making business is a very good idea as slippers is a regular use item in every home around the world. Be it in urban or rural areas, you must definitely find a pair of slippers for each member of a household. Slippers are mostly made up of rubbers and the manufacturing process of rubber slippers is a very easy one and can be simply started on a small scale unit.


20...Ostrich Farming Business

Starting an ostrich farm is an adventurous step for anybody but you need to take a look at how you are going to use the land you have. But this depends on the starting option you finally decide, you need to make some decisions as to how much land you wish to use for Breeding chick rearing, chick housing, and raising birds to slaughter age, incubation facilities. You may also want to look out some other building space for your offices, farm shop or rest area for workers.

A trio, two female and one male, is the right grouping for ostriches, but you can also equally think about pairs (one female and one male), quads (three females and one male) or even colonies (two or more males to two or more hens).

Pairs or trios are recommended because it will give you the ability to track the performance of each of your individual breeders.

The space that is required for a breeding trio is actually 30 metres (32 yards) by 50 metres (55 yards), which is a total of 1500 square metres. Over the years there are a lot of people who have reduced it to almost half, without any serious consequences. But, most people prefer larger parks because it has plenty of running space.

But as for chicks, all they really need is just small space during their first four weeks in life. Maybe just 2 metres (2 yards) by 10 metres (11 yards) for a group of about 20 chicks, but they normally grow very quickly.

Chicks will then need very large areas as they start growing. Also depending on your weather, chicks will need to be taking into housed at night time. Given some form of heat, and you also have to make sure that all the chicks in the group are able to access this source of heat.


21...Healthy vending machines business

If you are searching for a new business opportunity that need no special skills or training and can also be done part time which is very lucrative then vending machine business is the perfect one for you.


·        Do you know that Vending machines average over $7 billion a year in sales?

·        Do you also know that the snack and vending machine industry gets over $64 million a year in profits?

·        Are you aware that the vending machine business is mostly cash-based — which means three out of every four vending machine transactions are done in cash?

·        Do you know that there are an estimated 4.6 million vending machines across the United State?

·        Are you aware that 56 percent of vending machine sales were for cold drinks, same with soft drinks, juices, water?

Now if you have be looking at vending machines as only dispensers of chocolate bars and soda pop, then you have to think again.


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