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If you really want to start a new business in China, then here are some money making business ideas and investment opportunities that you can easily start.

The economy of China is very big with all key sector of the economy doing well. The manufacturing sector, the agricultural sector, the oil and gas sector, the automobile industry, the technology sector, the tourism sector, and the pharmaceutical industry are all doing very well.  


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Now do you know that almost every Fortune 500 company have established their businesses in China, including Apple, HP, Microsoft, Google, Facebook and Oracle. With over one billion people and an economy that is fast growing, China is actually the next best place to locate and open a business.

The economy of China is the world’s second largest and it is the fastest growing economy. The largest global exporter and importer of goods is also China.  




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The promotion of small businesses in the country is related to China’s leading position in the world economy, with some of the businesses growing to become leaders in their industries. So if you want to travel to China in search of business opportunities or you are residing in China and planning to start a business, below are some of the best business ideas and opportunities in China.  


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1...Import and Export Business in China

The biggest worldwide importer and exporter of facilities, infrastructures, products and socio-economic structures in places that accept growth and establishment of small, medium and large scale businesses is China. Importing and exporting is one of the simplest business ideas for anybody living in China or someone planning to.

Almost every goods you can imagine are produce and taking out of China everyday and lots of raw materials including finished goods are also brought in daily. The demand for goods made in China is global, maybe due to the fact that their prices are low and affordable.

Now, if you are still not sure about the kind of business to do in China, you won’t go wrong with the import and export business.  



2...Import and export consultancy Business in China

A business that can be financially rewarding and also very daunting and stressful is Import and export. With so many laws of international trade to deal with, marketing, market research, different government policies, warehousing, insurance, licenses, getting skilled labor, etc. Most times owners of business give out these difficult aspects of the business to Consultancy Company and professionals in exportation and importation business.

Import/export consultants handle the difficulties of importation and exportation. From legal issues to government policies, trade restrictions, international business policies, marketing and many others.  




You need to have lots of experience, skills and expertise in the industry before you can start an import/export consulting business. If you want to start the business but do not have the skills and experience needed, there are so many training schools you can easily attend, but to gain experience you have to apply for internship at a company that is already established.  



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3...Clothing Items importation Business in China

Another good export item China is known for is clothing items. You can easily choose to export new clothing items from China to some other parts of the world, or it could be used clothes exportation which has a very huge market.


4...Provide supplementary education in Business

Education is another sector that is very big in China now. If you cannot afford the money to establish a school, you can easily start private tutoring. You can also take this business a step further by giving learning service online where people will take different type of courses in different subject areas with a time line that is dynamic. It could be professional exams tutorial or language tutorials etc.  



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5...Mobile phones and accessories Business in China

I believe there is no business that is better and easy to start in China than mobile phones and accessories, this is a country that reorganizes the production and cost of mobile phone. You can easily and always get mobile phones at cheap prices in China. So you can start mobile phones and accessories exportation from China to other parts of the world.

All you have to do in order to make it big in mobile phones and accessories business is to search for partners outside the shores of China that you can always supply mobile phones and accessories to. The demands all over the world, for chargers, batteries, USB cords, phone casing, memory cards, battery banks, et al is very high and it is only in China that you will get these items at a very cheap price.  




6...Haulage business in China

Do you like the transport sector? If yes, then you have to consider starting your own haulage business, be rest assured of making lots of good profits if you start this kind of business in China because China will always remain one of the countries with the biggest volume of goods being transported from one place to another.


7...Production of shoes and bags Business in China

The production of Bags and Shoes is another business that is highly profitable which you can start in China. The need for Bags and Shoes made in China is indeed a big one especially in countries that are still developing. If you have the required money to start up, then you should seriously start thinking about starting your own Production Company of Bags and Shoes.  


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8...Gadgets Shop and Electronics Business in China

Another thing China is popular for is the production of Electronics and Gadgets and anybody that is into this line of business will make lots of good profits; all you need do is understand the market dynamics. Now you have to know that if you start your own Electronic and Gadgets Shop in China, then you are sure of getting products directly from the manufacturer at cheaper prices.


9...Production of Jewelry Business in China

Another profitable venture that you can easily start in China is jewelry production, most especially gold or silver platted jewelry production. If you have the needed capital, and you are very interested in Jewelry production, then it will be best you consider starting your Jewelry production company.  




With the needed amount of capital and good jewelry design skills, you can easily start a jewelry making business in China. There are so many materials that are cheap which you can make jewelries that are beautiful from. All over the world, jewelries that are cheap are in high demand because any country in the world where there are middle-class and low-class individuals, there is always a market for affordable jewelry.

You can learn jewelry making skills if you are not very okay in creative designs, you can look employ the services of an art designer or a fashion art director who would always inspect your designs to make sure they are marketable in the fashion world.  




10...Manufacturing of household commodities

The number one place when it comes to the mass production of household items is China. In China the production industry has lots of positives and that is the main reason the goods made in China are very cheap and can easily compete with same product made in other parts of the world. So if you want to start a business in China, then you should contemplate starting your own household commodities manufacturing business. One of the best qualities of household goods produce in China are their very beautiful designs and of course affordability. So, if you really want to start producing quality and eye-catching products, you have to start with household items. If your products are of good qualities, then you are very assured of enjoying a good market share not just in China but all over the world.  




11...Online Shop or trading platform

Do you know that one of the countries in the world that has modern technology and good environment for online stores to flourish is China. If you reside in China and are internet savvy, then you should contemplate starting your own trading platform or online shop. The best thing about trading platform or online shop is that you don’t really need to have all the goods or products listed in your online shop on ground in your warehouse. You can easily go into some agreement with producers and they can help by listing their services or services in your online shop as long as you both accept all necessary terms and conditions.


12...Internet based business in China

Even if it is a specific service you can only offer as a professional, it will be very clever, and cost effective to bring your business online. You have to start rendering your services online; be it communication, art, writing, consultancy, music, journalism and more, you can do all online including receiving and making payments.  




13...Arbitrage Business in China

China is a highly industrialized and developed country, so business deals involving commodities, stocks, currencies, bonds and other trade items are available all the time. With the required skills and knowledge you can start a very good business by buying one or more of these products and sell at a much higher price depending on price difference to other markets. Great deal of skills and expertise are what this business relies on.


14...Used Electronics Business in China

It is already a known fact that most electronic gadgets that are affordable in the market are made in China. Now for people in China looking for business ideas to start, if you really want to start this export business! You have to either regulate your business to only electronic gadgets or you can also include their spare parts.  




It will be very good to add spare parts of these products in your export business. You will have to choose between dealing in high-end items and going for good and affordable items which are easily marketable most especially in developing countries.


15...Exportation of leather products

Producing of leather products are gradually being taking from locations where production cost is very high, to locations where labor is more lucrative with more tolerant trade, manufacturing and labor laws. Import and export of leather products in China is a very profitable business, but a very good understanding of the trade is necessary.

You can access lot of raw materials from countries who are still developing because they are often the major producers of leather raw materials, then you can bring the raw materials into China to make into final goods, where skilled labor are in abundance and cost effective.  




16...Industrial automation products

Now according to Forbes China, Shenzhen Inovance Technology Co. Ltd is the first small scale business in the country. In a develop country like China where so many items are produced monthly, the request for automated industrial machine cannot be over emphasize. Selling industrial automation items does not need to be on a very big scale; you can start little and even grow to the point of expanding beyond the shores of China.


17...Logistics specialist

Logistics specialist is a financially rewarding and interesting business and career in China but that’s only if you have got the skills set. A logistics specialist is involved in warehouse, shipping, inventory taking, production, deliveries and supply chain.  




18...Drop shipping

You can sell goods directly to buyers with drop shipping business. Drop shipping is a great business idea although it is gradually becoming unpopular.


19...Freight forwarding Business in China

These are set of people who are into global transportation, shipping to be specific. They normally give consult on shipping documentation and arrangement. They also make sure that all shipping processes and aspects are in order with industry standards, rules and regulations. Just because freight forwarders always deal with different set of people, different businesses and countries; they are very good in international transportation. They are also very good in international trade policies of so many countries.  




20...Import and export of agro products business in China

You need to know that food never goes out of vogue; it is always in high need. If you are really interested and know your way in going about it, food business will always be a wonderful business.

No country has it all, when it comes to agriculture. Now depending on your market research you may need to import agro products into China which is the second most populous country in the world, or you can export to others from China. When starting you will need to register with the right authorities.





21...Compliance Officer

The real function of compliance officers is to trade investigation and audit to know if organizations’ trade processes are in compliance with domestic or international trade regulations, agreements and laws. Compliance officers are always employed by most government offices and agencies be it at the local, state or federal level. For instance, State Bureau of Industry and Securities and Department of Commerce employ this people most.

Every company that is serious minded employs the services of compliance officers so that they will not being on the wrong side of trade laws which that can attract lots of punishments. Almost all big companies has an in house compliance officer, while smaller companies who cannot afford the departments handling these issues employ the services of consultants in the field.  




22...Export merchandizing

Now with this all you need to do is buy goods in bulk both from local or foreign manufacturers and then you can easily resell the goods locally or internationally. You are also responsible for the packaging, marketing and at times shipping of the goods. If you have it in mind of becoming a wholesaler on an international level, then I can say that this business is for you.



Marketers are very valuable to companies. They develop and create markets for manufacturers of goods and services. They also maintain good relationships with most companies and their markets. Marketers normally develop and advise on the best pricing, and how to get past competition, etc. Communication, advertising and PR are also in their work.  




Do you have the required experience, skills and interest in marketing, then you can start a marketing consulting organization that are into forecasting, market research and more. Also, you can easily just begin a marketing training institute where you support your wealth of experience and skills to arrange training programs for experienced marketers and entry level marketers.


24...Supply health products business in China

People are now more health-conscious than their past counterparts, probably because of times and environmental situations and with the advent of so many new diseases and illnesses, which are indeed very disturbing. Going into health products business on a small scale will be a very good way to go in China.

Also, when engaged in the health care product retail business, you should not just stop with herbal goods or supplements, you need to also expand into skin care products; because this has become a wide trend globally and not only in China.  



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25...Ecological environment construction

This is a wise, practical choice for a business, and it is also eco-friendly. You may feel that working in the construction of ecological environment engineering is like a big-scale company; well it is still categorized as a small scale business. This kind of business involves afforestation projects, garden landscape engineering, seedling of plants and technology research on ecology, just to mention a few.


26...Import / Export of tobacco products production

Tobacco products are one of the biggest moneymakers; but, before you can invest your money in tobacco import or export, you will need some level of market research. You have to know your market, its pocket size and taste. This business is financially rewarding, but if you want to succeed in it, you need to have an in depth understanding of the industry, required health regulations, policies of government in tobacco marketing and production; the processes you have to follow to get license, etc.  




27...Import and export insurance

It is a very good business idea to become an insurance broker in China because there is no dearth of import and export businesses. Cargo insurance cover shipments against damage, and any form of loss that may occur by unprecedented delay, weather condition, pirates attack etc.

This is an insurance that can be made by the buyer or seller. Importers and exporters always need the services of international insurance companies who will provide coverage for their goods/cargo. Also sometimes business owners do consult insurance experts just to make the right decisions for their business.






28...Online Import / Export Directory

Most entrepreneurs usually overlook this interesting business idea. This also means you are making an electronic version of detailed import and export directory that gives information on demand patterns, new markets, manufacturers, price list and many more. Although if you really want to create a highly informative directory, you have to do a lot of data gathering and research. You have to charge businesses / companies for putting their information on the directory. You can also charge businesses for advertisement on your site depending on your website traffic.  




29...Clearing and forwarding business in China

Now if you have the business management skills, with the right entrepreneurial spirit, you can just go and learn how to start a freight brokerage business. As a freight brokerage company, all you need do is act as a middle man between shippers and client companies who are in need of your services and facilities. You are needed to clear goods from the ports, pay up your duties and taxes, transport your consignment to your required destination, etc.  




Most times, freight brokers are also called clearing and forwarding agents. You have to know that there is so much money to be made as a clearing and forwarding agent. The best part is that this business is not limited to one country because it can be done in any country and in anywhere as long as international trade still exists and the country you live in is a partaker.


30...Seafood import / export-: A lot of seafood are eating on daily basis. Local dealers usually cannot give enough supply to meet high demand; these give opportunities to importers and exporters of seafood.  




  31...Exportation of sesame seed-: There are just two leading producers of sesame globally and China is one of them. For somebody in China, exportation of sesame seed is a good business idea because you will be very sure of adequate supply.


32...Smart phones exportation business in China

Do you know that almost all Smartphone’s in the world that are easily affordable are manufactured in China? This is one of the very best and profitable businesses for people in China. There is a lot of demand for cheap phones especially in countries that are still developing. However to make it in this type of business, you need to have idea of what the consumers want and the type of smart phones which are in demand, so you need to have market research done in order to have knowledge of what the consumers want. You can even find a market which is yet to be penetrated; this perhaps can be your best option.  




33...Representing manufacturers

In some industries people who are experts in buying and selling certain products or that have become business authorities in the business they have be doing, can easily ask to become representatives for producers of such products.

For example, somebody that has become an expert in baby products business can meet a producer of baby products in China to be their representative in the country. Most of the producers would instantly agree to have somebody representing them in an oversea market. This is money making deal for both parties, because as their representative you will get commission sales done through you, the producer too gets to start a new market, expand his business and make a lot of money.  




34...Used car business in China

In developing countries of the world including some developed countries, used cars are not strange ideas. As new model and designs of cars are brought into the market, there is always rush by most people to sell off their old models and get the newer models. You can also add export of car spare parts or better still import, used or new ones to your business. Vehicle spare parts are now in higher demand than the cars.


35...Direct marketing

Direct marketing only needs connections and good communication skills because it is informal. I can say categorically that this is one of the best small business opportunities you can think about in China because it is very reliable and easy. But, in this business, the result you get will depends on your determination and effort to succeed.  




36...Skincare companies are soaring high

In China, there are a lot of small scale businesses in beauty and health industry; not to mention those that have specialty in the health and beauty of women alone. To start a skincare business is one of the good choices for prospective businessmen as most people have become very conscious of their appearance. So there is no better way to take advantage of this opportunity than to set up a skincare business that will take care of their superficial needs


37...Small-scale food production business in China

All over the world, food production is a very good business. The food industry has always been a good choice when looking at ways to start your own business. Everyone needs and loves food; and studies have showed that people don’t regret spending money when they use it out on food. This fact is what lead to the truth that food business, even on a small scale; is still a very good investment.  



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38...Schools / office items

According to https://www.economist.com/, “over 20 billion pencils are manufactured every year, and almost half of them are made in China.” Do you know that China made school and office equipments are very popular and they highly in demand. So it is not too late to start making lots of money from this venture. From pencils, to school bags, laptop bags, board markers, travel mugs, erasers, staples, launch bags, boards, launch boxes, binders, staplers, the list is endless.

Now if you can get the required startup capital, it is very advisable to produce one or more of these products. But if you don’t have the money or you are not interested in becoming a producer, you can still be a part of this business by being one of the distributors of these items, within China or to different countries all over the world. The market and demand for these products are very huge.


39...Shipping services

A shipping service business will be a very good decision in China because there is a high number of exportation. However, you need to know that this business requires lots of experience. You need to know the nitty-gritty of this business to succeed on it.

You need capital to start running a shipping company and you are also required to have the needed knowledge of import and export processes, operation of communication equipment, shipping logistics, laws and regulations of different countries, and many other things.  



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40...Pure honey exportation business in China

One of the most sought after health benefiting products in the world right now is honey, thanks to its health benefits that is increasing in popularity every day. There is a growing demand for high quality natural honey all over the world so honey exportation is an excellent business idea. All you have to do is package your products attractively and find a market for it. If this will require you do some market research or get some training for the business, do not hesitate.


41...Networking services

This is one of the best businesses to start in China. There are people who really want to mingle and meet the right contacts. You can take advantage of this by organizing a network service where employers can always meet potential employees or people who are just hoping to expand their contacts.


42...Virtual assistant

Do you know that you can make good amount of money if start rendering services as a virtual assistant? You can easily carry out jobs for companies and executives in China varying from database maintenance, travel arrangements coordination and a host of others. Just like any other business, you will have to get lots of contacts to make sure you succeed.  




43...Crude oil import and export business in China

In every country, crude oil is in high demand, import and export of crude oil is a very lucrative business and it is good and easy means of generating foreign exchange. A lot of money is needed to start this business and you also can’t just start this business without the right market knowledge of refining crude oil, which is the proper market to buy from and sell to. Also, your business does not have to be limited to only crude oil, you will also need to add crude products that are already refined in your import and export business.

44...Pharmaceutical products

The pharmaceutical industry is another big and profitable industry in China. But if you want to run business that is successful in this industry, you will be required to have a level of scientific knowledge; you will also go through a very hard process to get a license to start production.

However, financially it is a buoyant industry all over the world, because in many parts of the world, pharmaceutical products are products people cannot do without. Its either they are be use directly or they are used indirectly for the production of other products.

A Pharmaceutical company was listed by Forbes China to be one of the top 10 small businesses. This is a sure proof that the pharmaceutical industry is very good for small businesses to grow and expand.

45...Timber export / import

I believe you know that all over the world, timber is something that construction workers and furniture makers cannot do without. Now as a businessman or woman, you can easily start a profit making business by making research on the demand and domestic market for timber. All you have to do always is connect the local market to foreign timber producers and buyers in the domestic market.


46...Export Management Company

This is actually an exportation business in which the EMC connects some local sellers to some other international buyers. EMC is required to be involved in the entire step, from getting distributors, production to packaging, marketing and advertising, shipping and probably provision of funds. EMC is one of the partnerships between local sellers in order to organize and find business between them and some foreign businesses.


47...Warehousing and distribution service

Shipping and receipt of goods is handled by a distribution and warehousing company for different businesses. You will need to have your own warehouses which will be enough to keep goods and services for importers and exporters. This is a business that requires a lot of smartness and skills and it is also highly capital intensive.

No doubt there are lots of businesses that you can easily start in China, but the truth is you have to continue to be in the good books of the Government of China if really you actually want your business to grow in China.  



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