How to start and make money building your own community forum online


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How To Start And Make Money Building Your Own Online Forum  


It is likely that as an Internet user you will have come across online forums before. This is a community of users that engage together to answer questions and debate issues in a particular niche. There are many successful examples of good online forums such as the Warrior Forum which focuses on the Internet marketing niche.  



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There are a lot of other forums too on just about every subject that you can imagine. There are sports forums, craft forums, personal development forums, marketing and business forums, forums for video game players and many more.  



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If you want to start your own forum in a particular niche then you can certainly do this. If you want it to be successful and make good money then you will have to be prepared to work hard at this and put in the effort. 



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How to make more money online through Discussion Boards and Forums

In order to create a successful forum or discussion board you need to understand what makes them so popular. You may be wondering why people bother visiting forums, when they can find out everything that they need to know by using a searching engine, and finding a relevant website that has the answers.  




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Well people like to belong to communities. They like to voice their opinions and hear the opinions of others. They like to ask specific questions and see what the “experts” on the forum have to say. Social networks have grown wildly due to these reasons.  




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A forum is quite different to a social networking site. Social networks are dynamic where the information flow constantly updates. If you are involved in a conversation on a social site and then you have to leave it and return later you will have missed a lot of the dialog. A forum is a static site where all responses to a thread will always be there.  




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You can easily view the entire conversation on a forum and add your opinion whenever you want. A forum conversation can literally continue for years. The key to a good forum then is lots of activity, and this is a key ingredient that you will need to create.  




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As with any website you are going to need traffic to make it a success. If someone visits your forum and it looks like a ghost town then they will leave promptly and never return. If you do not have a good traffic source at the moment then you need to box clever. We will cover this in more detail later.  




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You will need to choose a quality forum platform and ensure that your web hosting can handle the traffic that you intend to drive. You must go for forum software that has stood the test of time, and will not be easily hacked or spammed. Be prepared to spend some money here on the best forum platform.  




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After installing the software you will need to set up your categories. Use keywords here that are niche relevant. You want to make it clear to people where to go to discuss what they want.




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Ways to make your Online Community or Forum more active and make money

People will readily join active forums. They will walk away from inactive ones. When you start your forum enter each category you have established and start some threads going. A lot of people will be shy and will not want to create the first thread in a category.

Get some help running your forum initially and find a moderator or two. It is very important that people feel comfortable in your forum, and that they will not be abused verbally or bullied. Your moderators can also initiate threads and make posts on threads that you have started.

Find some forum commentators and pay them to be active on your forum for the first few weeks. You can drive traffic using PPC and other methods such as social media. You need to generate activity as this will breed further activity.  

Ways to make money from your online Forum website

Treat your busy forum as a piece of real estate on the Internet. You can use Google Adsense to place ads where you will make money on click throughs. It should not be a problem generating relevant ads as your categories are keyword rich.

You can create a membership element to your forum. This could be a VIP membership where these members will have access to locked content. This content really needs to be good and not stuff that they can find elsewhere for free.

You can add a marketplace where members can sell their products and services. You will charge members for placing their ads and even add a “bump” system so that they have to pay again to get to the top of the page.









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