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  20 Surprising Ways to Transition from a Poverty Mindset to an Abundance Mindset


Very many people have grown up with a poverty mindset. There are endless studies which tells us how thought patterns influence our health and wellbeing.  

If you grew up in a household with negative critics of the wealthy, you will most likely carry your old-learned beliefs into adulthood. The old learned responses will keep on repeating themselves in your head like an old broken record. A poverty mindset is the most common reason why majority of people are thriving in poverty with no enough finances to cater for their school, accommodation and other basic needs. 




The question here is how to eliminate this engaged knowledge that we will never succeed in life? What matters in erasing such mindset is the degree of intensity. The solutions can range from some mere changes in habits to utilizing powerful energy psychological techniques. A poverty mindset is one of the most common mindsets found, if you cannot be able to erase this mindset then you are destined to live a miserable life. We all know that we need money for our life to move forward. We have to eliminate these thoughts in our mind telling us that we can never succeed. If we don’t, we will consequently fall into failure no matter how hard we try.  




In this brief, I have shared some of the most effective tips on how to ditch a poverty mindset for financial abundance.  

1...Change your thinking and you change your life

The first thing that you are supposed to do in order to set yourself free from poverty mindset is to switch into positive thoughts about it. Once you change your thoughts, you will automatically change your environment. Start attending inspirational seminars and connecting with people who inspire rather than those who limit you. Start connecting with people who have a positive and an uplifting attitude about wealth and success.

One of the reasons why we think the way we do is the people we connect with. If you are always around people who believe that money is evil, then you will automatically start thinking the same. On the other hand, when you connect with those who think that the love of money is evil rather than the money itself, you begin to absorb unconsciously their oral and body language, mimicking their tone and posture and you will soon fit in their circle.





If you cannot be able to switch into a positive thinking automatically, then you can listen to the vast collection of Mindset Mind Power Programs such as the Millionaire mindset, wealth creation mindset, money and prosperity mindset and many more. The audio Mindset Power programs will help you keep repeating into your mind positive statements that resonate within you and become your predominate thought pattern. You will be able to mobilize and move your energy in a positive direction.  




Another thing that can really change your brain chemistry is the positive statements. Read several positive statements about wealth creation and becoming a billionaire. They will really change your thinking and you will actually start saving money. The great philosophers said that no matter how small an amount of money is, the power of saving releases an amazing sense of control and empowerment over your life. With time, your sense of worth will increase and you will soon value yourself more. Once you have a new sense of worth, you will attract people who will reflect and reinforce your new worth and values.

With a positive mindset about money, you will start to appreciate the little you have and start thinking of ways to make it big. Positive thinking broadens your way of seeing things and you will be able to think beyond the box. This will allow your creative juices to flow and reinstate your life. Sometimes the greatest asset is you but the greatest change to allow you invest the asset is psychological change.

Erasing the deep rooted negative thoughts can take long but you need to be patient and persistent. All what is required from you all that time is the desire to change. If you have the desire to not want to remain stuck in the same mud that your forefathers stuck and died poor, then you are ready for the greatest change. Once you open your mind to change, the mind will also open up for the solutions. No matter your circumstance, we all have choices and the choice that makes you feel the most empowered is the one that is needed in this case.





2...Take action

Once you have made up your mind to escape from the poverty mindset, then you must confront it with enthusiasm. You must stop agreeing with poverty mindset and start thinking of how to be a better person. Admit that poverty mindset is there and that’s what it is. After that, take appropriate measures and stop being defensive about it. Poverty mindset is a very touchy subject because it makes you get the lowest potential out of your possibilities. Stop justifying yourself as to the reason why you are having a poverty mindset. Accept the situation that you are in and look for measures of eliminating the thoughts. Just look at where you are, where you want to be and who you want to become.

Ask yourself if the situation you are in is good for you…ask if you want to stay in the situation that you are in today. If the answer isn’t yes, then get over your belief system. At times, you realize that you may be having the wrong data and the only way to get your data useful is to get rid of it and look for valid data. The data that you have in your head may be causing you to think unhelpful thoughts and take the wrong actions.  





The success of anything that you want to create or develop starts in your mind. The way you think determines how you live. The poverty thoughts only serve to keep you in place of limitation and deprivation. There are several types of people, those who give up in the first sign of challenge and those who never fully commit to anything. Determine if you are one of those people who always complain of not having enough time, energy, and the resources to achieve their goals. If you know yourself, then you will be able to make smart choices on the things that matter.

If you have ever received that voice in your head that always tells you that you can only have this much or that which tells you that you don’t deserve wealth then you need to take a lasting action. Take action of leaving all those things that keep on dragging you back and invest on those that impacts positively in your life.


  Financial Wisdom for the Wise Investor: The Extraordinary Power of a Seed - A Biblical Perspective 

3...Setting Clear wealth Goals and wealth building strategies

Success is a goal that everyone is chasing. How you approach the process greatly determines how successful you will become. One of the best ways of getting out of a poverty mindset is to set an achievable financial goal. When you set a financial goal, you become proactive choosing a life path with self-responsibility and playing an active role in your destiny. If you aren’t setting financial goals and achieving them, then you are not focused to win. Without financial goals, then your life is like a sail boat without a rudder: it will just spin in circles.

Goals are the focal point that gives your life direction. You are supposed to set your mind in a positive direction in order to overcome poverty thoughts. Goal setting in life is as necessary as breathing, you have to take the time you write and review your goals as time investment.

One of the main reasons why many people succumb to the poverty thoughts is because of lack of direction. If you plan to get something the coming year, then it is easy for you to unchain your life from the misleading thoughts. Spare some of your time and write realistic goals that you intend to accomplish. There is nowhere else that you will invest nothing and reap a huge potential reward.

You now have a goal, invest on wealth building. The main reason for wealth building is your financial freedom. Everybody strategizes on building wealth by first identifying and setting financial goals.   




Majority of people want to become financially stable so that they can thrive instead of surviving. Once you have decided to change and now you are on the next step of making your mind change from the poverty thoughts, you are probably interested in building wealth. Wealth is one of the many benefits of improving your financial situation and habits.

One thing that most of the people don’t know is that building wealth is something different from becoming rich and earning a lot of money on monthly basis. Building wealth is just about your net worth and how much money you‘re able to maintain.

If you start investing the little money you earn you will probably be able to detach yourself from the chains of poverty thoughts. The mind will now start focusing from back to front. You will be able to see beyond tomorrow and soon you will be building wealth. Do not be afraid to invest, don’t even be intimidated. Building wealth may come with some risks which can be managed. Once you decide to get yourself from the old believes that money is evil and you start investing, in most cases you will hurt people. Those that you shared a common thinking with and those that believe you are starting on the wrong path.



In most of the cases, those people who have a poverty mindset are characterized with overspending. However, now that you are committed to unfold your potentials and leave behind the old myths about money, you have to reduce your expenses and start building investments and assets.

Finance experts and those millionaires you see out there have one simple formula for building wealth. The first component of the formula is reduced expenses. That doesn’t mean that you have to reduce your expenses until you live a miserable life. This is the kind we are trying to avoid by setting yourself free from poverty mindset. You have to reduce your expenses and still be able to live a comfortable life.

If you are giving in a larger share of your earnings to heavy lifestyles there won’t be much left to save and invest. Reducing expenses doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice fun either. One of the reason why most of the people have a lot of money and don’t have peace of mind is lack of enough time to enjoy it. Going out with family and friends once in a while is a good way of managing stress. If you can be able to manage stress easily, then you can be able to think well and have a successful life thereafter.  




4...Your Environment is everything

The environment you grow in can greatly shape your way of thinking. If you are raised up in an environment where money was just a dream and poverty struck your household, then probably your mind will not think beyond poverty. If your household had negative reminders about lack of money and critics in wealth, then you have a long way to go eliminating those old brain cells that grew in your mind. John grew up in a poor family. The parents got so little on monthly basis and the little they got was used to buy medicine. There was no peace, security and there was a lot of abuse. Growing up in such an environment like John’s greatly shapes your mind about money and life.

There was no budgeting in the family to make their money last. The environment has set them to earn for food, alcohol to blow stress and drugs. When the money is finished, they have to act like victims until the next chance arrives. However, the best thing to do in such a situation is to change your environment which impacts directly on your financial future. You have to leave behind those people you lived with, those who have a poverty mindset in order to make something from your life.

I met a man once who never had anything good to say about those who have money. He talked as if there is an established righteous share of money that if you had above that then you become evil. He had a poverty mindset that money is a scarce resource and if somebody had so much of it, then they must have gotten it through dishonest means.

On another tour I met another man who was very generous, between the two you couldn’t have a clear cut between who has more money than the other. But I can tell you for free that both men knew their states of money. The generous man knew he was rich and the other man knew he was poor. What I learnt from this is that whatever way you think of yourself, then you will automatically become. The perspective of their state of poverty or richness was not determined by how much money they had but the way each of them thought of themselves.

The man with the poverty mindset keeps him trapped in poverty and the man who had a rich mindset is making a lot of money out there. The environment that you grew in and that which set the most of your brain in your early age can greatly stop or reduce the flow of money to you if you carried it into adulthood.  




5...Eliminate Unhealthy Financial Traditions

Many people are clearly not experts in managing their own finances and end up broke month after month. The cycle of overspending that they learnt in the early age from their parents keeps them poor every month even if their income puts them way above the poverty line. Therefore, what you do everyday matters when it comes to wealth accumulation. You have to establish a few smart habits from the traditions that you gunned in your mind many years ago.

You grew up in a family that everybody is spending mindlessly and you are also following suit. Whether it’s calling an uber or picking up a bottle of beer in the bar, it’s all too easy to spend mindlessly. The money you are spending mindlessly out there can be directed towards savings or growing substantially in a retirement account. 




Parents have a long list of lessons to teach their children and most of those life lessons can impact their entire life. If your parents didn’t teach you any money management skills either through experiences or simply by observing their habits, then that may be the reason why you are making no money for your goals. Although many parents feel that it is important to guide their children, they don’t know how much their financial behaviour is impacting on the lives of their children. Most of them fail and are not actively involved in helping their children learn how to manage their finances including savings, spending and investing.

The tradition that money is evil that you grew in should be cut down in order to set your mind free and have an ample time looking for money. Unhealthy traditions pass from generation to generation. However, if you are serious about breaking yours, then you have to leave the negative traditions and concentrate on the things that help you succeed.

Learn some new skills to replace those that you already have. Make a decision, do you want to stay where you are financially or you want to have something new. If you are tired of the pressure of debts, then decide today to do whatever it takes to achieve financial independence.

The more you repeat things the more they affect you. Through repetition, you learned poor financial management. What this means is that through repetition of healthy financial management skills, you get skills that will help you to achieve financial independence. Be very cautious about the person you learn skills from.  The skills that you learn should be from someone who has money and knows how to manage the money they have. Change your unhealthy traditions and you change your financial future.  




6...Avoid the language of poverty

The reality is that majority of us learn financial habits from our seniors probably our parents. If your parents were spendthrifts, then you automatically become a spendthrift. On the other hand, if your parents spend wisely, you will also tend to spend wisely. If you live in an environment where everybody is speaking the language of poverty like ‘’I cannot afford it’’,’’ that’s for rich people’’, ‘’we don’t have money’’ then your money mentality will always be you cannot afford something. Change your language if you want to be financially stable. Poverty is dehumanizing and nobody wants to be associated with it.

Some of the greatest inspirational speakers said that if you talk in the language of poverty, then you are automatically creating poverty. People who create wealth start thinking in terms of abundance, wealth and prosperity. They don’t think in terms of debts, lack of money and poverty. Stop thinking in terms of debt, I am broke or that and this is too expensive. Start talking the language of wealth and money. Start telling yourself that you can start a budget, you are worthy the opportunities and say that you deserve more every time you feel like your head is stuck in poverty thoughts.

Never say to yourself or even to friends that you cannot afford it. That is a limiting factor that may impact direct to your ability to make it in life. Never cut off the possibility. Do never budge other people profits, pay what is the fair share. The tastes and preferences vary from one person to the other and so is the value. Therefore, if you see its value, pay its worth.  




7...Work from a mindset of Abundance

Making money requires a lot of resources and it isn’t all about the money. Sometimes you feel strapped for time and others feel strapped for a short while due to lack of connection necessary to start saving, investing or even starting a business. However, in time of constant needs, the positive mind can put you at ease. In order to get yourself unchained from the cells of Poverty mindsets, build and maintain an abundance mindset.

The scarcity mindset can be a limiting factor when it comes to investments and savings, all of which determines our financial success. It can also create unnecessary fear, anxiety and desperation. An abundance mentality always tells you that there are other ways, chances and opportunities. A scarcity mentality also makes you feel like a failure because you tried and failed. An abundance mentality can help you improve your performance financially wise. There are several ways that you can create and maintain financial abundance mentality.

Look for the signs and symptoms of a scarcity mentality and try your best to eliminate them. If you have a scarcity mentality, then you will not be taking things too seriously. Don’t be afraid to try…even if you failed the sky will not fall. Regain your empowerment and get yourself from a scarcity financial mentality by remembering the opportunities you have had and keep in mind that it is a flow that will always flow again and continue.

Focus on what you have and what you know you can afford and not what you don’t have. The reality is what you will focus on is what you will see in your world. If you focus your camera on what you lack, that is what you will see. The background of what you have and what you can actually achieve will be blurred. Your focus system in your mind will bring into the picture what you focus on your thoughts.

If you are focused on the abundance, you will always see the abundance you have on your path and actually have a mechanism of achieving it. If you don’t have money, then do not focus on the lack, focus on what you can do and have it.  Focus on the abundance of possibilities in the world to make money. Once you have an abundance mentality, soon the ideas and opportunities to make it happen will start to flock in.

Learn to appreciate what you get. One of the ways to revert from the pretty normal habits of thinking about what you don’t have is to appreciate the little that you already have. Appreciate your friends and everything else that comes your way. This is one of the best ways of turning sour mood into positive moods and also help you notice the opportunities that you have missed on the way.

Another thing that determines your success is how well you are organized. When you cannot sit down and feel comfortable about yourself and when you cannot have a settled life with the little things that you have it means that you are not in order. Have all the things that you interact with on daily basis organized. Have order and discipline and you will start seeing good things coming your way. It will also make you forget all the worries that build up in your head from time to time.

People matter in your life. You are supposed to take enough time linking with friends and family. Contact those people that inspire your mind and make you think in terms of Abundance.    




8...Groom your children for a solid financial future

Parents have a large role to play as far as shaping the future of their children is concerned. A large percentage of children look up to their parents for financial guidance. What they learn from you can impact greatly on their future. If you talk to your children the language of poverty, then they will most likely carry a poverty mindset to their adulthood. Nevertheless, having a conversation with your children regarding money isn’t a very easy one especially if your kid is a teenager.

To make sure that you groom your children and you have set them on the right track financially, start teaching them about money and how to manage it as early as possible. Science shows that children while they are young grab a lot of information and it’s the right time to teach them all the positive things that matter in their life. The teachings can also last longer and be more effective if done the right way.

Set a good example to your children every time. If you are a spendthrift then be sure that your children will follow suit and it may affect their future financial stability. If you feed them with scarcity and negative attitudes about money then be sure that is what they will carry to their adulthood. Never tell your children that the family cannot afford something, never tell them that a certain thing is for the rich people. Just inform them that you are working towards achieving anything that they want. Teach them to be persistent and patient. Tell them that even if it took several years to accomplish a certain thing, it is always prudent to hold on.

Hold regular conversations with your children and talk about money. Share any applicable money insights with them and they will implement them when the time comes. Take your kid with you every time you are out shopping and teach them how to compare deals and at the same time keep quality in mind. Don’t make money decisions about the things your children wants to buy. Just teach them how to find coupons for the items and how to bargain in the market and let them decide for themselves.

Most of the people who are held in poverty mindset, they don’t know how to save. Every time you go to the bank in the company of your children teach them through words and example the importance of putting some money in the savings account. Never tell them that debts should be managed well when they see you cannot be able to manage them yourself. Take enough time to teach your children the mighty advantage of surviving without debts and tell them the time someone should look for a reasonable debt.  




What differentiates a rich and a poor person is the way they make their goals. If your children have already understood the intrinsic advantage of savings, then be sure they can also understand how to make solid decisions regarding their finances. If your children receive any form of payments maybe from the art work they do or the sale of ideas to the internet, then help them make a reasonable budget and ensure they stick to it. Teach them here that a certain percentage of money they receive should be saved.

Open a savings account for your children. After the child has attained the age where he or she can understand the significant deal of money, take some time and open a savings account for them. Teach them how to structure a good budget and how to strategize their savings account. Encourage your children to think positive and take into entrepreneurship. Hold conversations with them and if you notice that they have a talent that can be natured to become great business people, then try mentoring to grow it.  





9...The winning wealthy mindset

Have you ever wondered why some people struggle with money and some others seem to find it easy to make money and enjoy financial freedom. Do you think this is fate, intelligence, education or circumstance? What I think about this is that the difference in richness is due to the game of money. Never think that there are some inner forces holding you back from earning more money and enjoying a life of financial freedom.

The main reason why people never achieve their financial ambitions is because of the inner game of money. All those things that affects you internally including wealth, riches, and the limiting beliefs they have about money and the prosperity.

No matter how hopeless your current situation is or how repelling money is to you, you can just work on it by changing the mindset and the relationship you have with money. All you have to do is to reorganize or reprogram your money blueprint. The way you act, feel, think and talk about money can have significant impact on your wellbeing.

Develop a millionaire mindset just like other millionaires. The millionaires you see in your society develop the habit of getting rich slow rather than getting rich quickly. The millionaire mindset is difficult to maintain, you have to sacrifice and above all limit your spending. Mindset of the millionaires who share their stories proof that they have two rules in life. Rule number one is to never lose money and the rule number two is to always refer to rule number one in case they get tempted.

In order to debouch yourself from the poverty mindset, you have to develop the habits of wealthy people. You may be focused at leaving the old habits that are pulling you back but at the same time not be able to cultivate a millionaire mindset. Millionaires develop some habits as their bank accounts grow to ensure that they don’t lose money.

Focus on the winning part of the game. If you don’t have the ability to focus, then you should develop it. Learn to take more risk and think of the ways all your assets could work for you. If you think too much about failure, then you automatically chase away your possibilities and end up poor. Your life can dramatically change for the better if you want to. Try to create wealth and the best way to do that is to get the right mindset. Having a negative mindset about money is like building a house without a solid foundation. You will just end up frustrated by the outcomes.

If it gets difficult to set a wining mindset, then try listening to some of the Winning wealth mindsets that are available online and in the library. 




10...Bust the poverty mindset

A poverty mindset is a very destructive myth because it puts us in the role of a helpless victim. Poverty mindset makes us sit down as spectators of our own destiny. One of the reasons why many people are not able to bust the poverty mindset is because they believe that everything they are encountering is due to outside forces. They think that they have no control over it.

You have to understand that everything that you are going through is in your mind, the way you think is the way you act and the way you act determines your financial future. Break the chains of your negative energy by simply understanding that you have a problem. Once you understand that there exists a force that you have built that is pulling you backwards, then you are in a better position to take appropriate actions and break the bonds.

Money is looking for somewhere to go. If you don’t look for money then you will end up desperate and miserable in life.  




11...Find the right information out there

One of the reasons why people are struggling in life is because they have the wrong information. The good thing is that information is in plenty out there. Just decide the information you want to read so as to equip your mind with it and you are good to go. If you choose misleading information, then you will end up in vain. The only way to battle poverty mindset is to understand it and the only way to understand poverty mindset is to get the right information. The information you get out there will determine the way you will tackle the issue. If you get insufficient information then you will only be able to tackle the issue from up to bottom which can be challenging.

Just stop agreeing with poverty mindset and start disagreeing with what you see is illogic. If your mind tells you that you cannot afford this and your reasoning is uncertainty and fear, you have to do it and invalidate your poverty mindset. Research the right information. If you cannot differentiate the right and misleading information then just understand that the right information should always work for you. If you are seeing positive results dealing with poverty mindset, then apparently the information is right.

If you are fed with things that adds energy to your poverty mindset, then you may never be able to deal with it. Sit down and filter any information before you utilize it. Poverty mindset is contagious. If you stayed with people who have a poverty mindset, then most likely you are going to possess that mindset.

Differentiate between those who will feed you with the right information and those who will submit misleading information. If you were raised up in a family that radicalized you with negative information concerning richness, then you need to look for methods that will get rid of that information once and for all.

Some people are raised with poverty mindset until they are in their 20s. Some of them understand it early enough when they start getting into crises with their finances. Some other people never learn and in most cases can even live in that situation for good. Stop living below your means and instead expand your means.  




12...Solid Financial Foundation starts early

During your 20s is when adult things start happening. The way you handle your life in 20s will determine the way the rest of your life will turn out to be. Get rid of anything that is dragging you back. I sometimes sit down and read newspapers from some of the countries in the world especially those hot topics on economics and financial management. Canada proclaimed November a financial Literacy month. The aim of this move is to raise awareness of the importance of acting knowledgeably and with build self-assurance when handling personal financial affairs.

Most people learn their financial management from early in their lives. The reality is dealing with money is not something that you can gain naturally. There is no such a thing like money genes. Nobody is born with the ability to manage finances well. There is lack of formal literacy in several places of the world. Most curriculums do not teach about money management at an early age. Mostly financial education is informal and what this means is that it comes from the school of hard knocks.

Although people talk about trial and error in financial management, most of it is learnt through life experiences. The environment someone is raised up in has a significant impact in the financial life they live there after. The early you start building your finances the earlier you change your financial life. The main objective of the financial month in Canada is to engage the youths as early as possible.

Financial education has to begin at home. If you are reading this I bet you are concerned about the financial liberation in your life. If you have kids at home, then teach them how to manage finances early enough. Encourage them to read financial books and websites for more information on money management. If your parents didn’t teach you all these then don’t do the same to your children. The life now is not the same as it was in the 20th century. Now there is increasing need for financial education than it was before.

Sometimes it’s hard to start your financial journey early because of lack of employment and the increase in expenses as you are growing up. Most of young people haven’t mobilized enough money and in most cases have no assets. However, there is what we call starting low and developing high. If you have a chance of getting money, then take that opportunity like there will be no other in your life.

Talking about money is one of those family taboo topics. Talk openly about money in front of your children and other youngsters in your family. If you want them to learn about money, it starts by opening the channels of communication. If communications about money flows smoothly in your house, then the knowledge of financial management will also have a chance. Talk about your successes and failures and try your best to openly tell them how you got up after numerous falls on your way.

If you want your children to develop sound financial skills, then you have to take control of your own finances and set room for improvement. Whether it is paying your debts or visiting your financial advisers and getting organized financially, they should see that you are leading by example. If you impute a poverty mindset, then that is what they are likely to grow up with. Kids will quickly learn the behaviour of saving and spending from what they see and come upon in their lives.  




13...Poverty mentality leads to poor decisions

Our efforts to combat poverty are often based on a misconception. In most cases, the poor have a mentality that money is connected to evil. The truth is a poverty mindset is often associated with low self-esteem and lack of confidence. These factors affects someone's behaviour and decisions. People who have high self-esteem know themselves and have an internal centre of power and control. In most cases, they know their weaknesses and strengths and they easily accept who they are and look for ways of improving their lives.

The first step in making sound decisions is to avoid poverty mentality. A poverty mindset makes someone think that they have neither the talents nor the influence to make things better. They hold little hope of restocking their life.  Poverty cuts off your long-term brain and that is why you see most of the people who have no finances making poor decisions about their life.

Just consider someone in your locality who has the right mindset, even if you take everything from him and throw him to the streets, you will soon see him raise himself from poverty. On the other hand, take someone with the wrong mindset and give them everything including money. It won’t take them a year before they get back to their state of poverty.

The reality is that cognation tends to change with changing financial conditions. The richer you become the more your cognitive nature leads to sound financial decisions in life. Some of the authors say that you really have to understand the broad structure of being poor and what people do and don’t have access to. Some other authors say that majority of poor people have different tastes and preferences.

Another thing about poverty is the environment that most of the people live in. The environment that makes them believe that money and some expensive commodities belong to the rich. Break these misconceptions if you want to get rid of poverty and get financial freedom. Furthermore, try to change the environment that you were raised in and adopt a new one where abundance is the mentality.  




14...Think like a rich person

You may not know how much your thoughts can affect your life. If you notice that you are having negative thoughts that can affect your financial life, then you need to change the mentality as soon as possible. The phenomenon called the Law of Attraction explains the connection between your life and your thoughts. If you want to become rich, then you need to first of all determine the type of thoughts you have about money. If you think and treat yourself as a rich person, then most of your doors will open and give you a vast collection of opportunities that will make you rich. 

If you talked to some of the rich people in your society, they can tell you about how they think and how it has come to help them be successful. Rich people do not have low self-esteem. The messages that keep on flocking your life about how unworthy you are or how you cannot accomplish a certain thing in your life should be eliminated if you want to become rich. Whether you compare your bank accounts to Oprah’s or you compare your beauty to the TV personality that you usually see on the screen, you need to believe that you have something to give the world.

Rich people usually promote themselves easily without any problems. They take time to make things happen and usually have a mentality of promoting themselves, their business and their services. They believe they are worthy and no one should ever question them in their daily endeavors.

 How many time have you asked your mother for money or your spouse and they tell you that money doesn’t grow on trees? How many times have they told you that they are not made of money? These are things that we think are meant to be insignificant or they are just mere jokes. Majority of people in the world are convinced to believe that money as a resource is scarce. Don’t think like them, just take your time and notice how much money people own. Why do you think you cannot be among those people who live with money? What makes the difference between the rich people and the poor in most cases is the difference in our thinking and decision making.

Money is out there in plenty and all you have to do is to believe that you deserve your piece of the pie. People think that everything is possible but let me tell you nothing is possible if you don’t believe. Believe that you can make it in life and believe that you can be able to make enough money just like those people you see out there.

Rich people always believe that everything is possible and they usually appreciate what they have. If you sit down thinking that I don’t like my house or I don’t like this car am driving in, you just kill your opportunities. Avoid all the negative thoughts and always put in clear in your mind that you can achieve whatever out is that the rich people own. Additionally, think as if you are already a rich person and believe that what you already own what makes you rich.

According to what many authors call the Law of Attractions, negative vibrations will not create anything good in your life. You need to love and appreciate everything that you own. That is what defines you and you should always believe that they define you as a rich person. Just be grateful that you have a car or a roof over your head, a bed to lie on or food in your table. The more you appreciate what you have the more likely that you are going to gain more.

Never listen to negative statements about the rich. If you want to get rid of your poverty mentality, never think that rich people are dishonest or rich people are selfish or they are snobs. These statements will discourage you and make you have a negative attitude towards rich people. Your conscience will probably not let you be rich simply because you don’t want to become dishonest and selfish.

Just understand that not all the rich people are selfish or snobs. Majority of them are honest and got their wealth through clear ways. Just believe that they deserve what they have and you need to work hard to gain such. Just have a positive mentality about the rich people and dream of becoming one.

Write affirmations and read them all the time. Have a collection of positive statements about the rich in your book and always revisit them for hope and motivation. If you have the mentality that rich people are snobs, then at least write an affirmation message such that rich people are honest, kind, loving and are selfless people.

If possible then structure a vision board. Get a poster and cut out words of things that you like and the things that motivate you. It could be a poster of beautiful houses, cars, jets and yacht. Whatever feels good and makes you happy then that is what am talking about. People have different tastes and preferences and therefore the things that excites me may be different from the ones that will excite you.  




15...Love money

It is not easy to find someone who hates money. But on your daily encounters you can hear someone shouting that they hate money. This is an indication of a poverty mindset. When I hear people saying that they hate money, my jaw always drops to the floor. How on earth can you hate money? However, one common knowledge as to why people hate money is because they don’t have any. If you don’t have money and you hate the little you have then you will not be able to mobilize enough for your daily expenditure.

You need to correct yourself if you keep on saying negative things about money. Turn that around and say ''I Love Money''. That is what will erase all the poverty thoughts in your head. Money is a friend to every person. It is what gives our life meaning. Without money you cannot have something to define your life. You won’t have something to eat, dress even cater for medical expenses. You need to say that money is your friend and you have to look for it.

The more you put positive vibrations in your mind towards the subject of money, the more you will attract positive energy to acquire it. I believe you have had a pit in your stomach when paying bills. Just be happy paying your bills. Most people develop cold feet when visiting their bank to pay their bills. Love money and at least have a clear mind to pay your bills.

As much as you are worried about how much money is going out, also be concerned about the money that is coming in. Majority of the people feel pain when paying bills and end up complicating things. They have the money to pay the bills but are not willing to do so. Just be grateful for having the money to pay those bills.

It is all about loving yourself so much to produce the money you deserve and loving your job to an extent that it will help you get wealth. Love is the most powerful emotion that human being possess. Loving has a lot to do with the results you get in life. There are a lot of millionaires in the society who don’t love money but the ones who seem to be happiest and the most fulfilling’s in live are those that value money and always smile when they mobilize more of it. When I say that you should love money I don’t just mean that you are supposed to be after it. Neither do I mean you are supposed to lust after it or even be motivated by it. What I mean is you are supposed to do what you do for money just because you love it. Super wealthy people in the world like the Jeff Bezos of Amazon, Bill gates of Microsoft and Oprah are driven by their love for what they do.

Bill gates doesn’t hate money or think that money is evil. They all love money because it the fruit of their labour they love everything that they do in the world including creating wealth. You should love money because the world loves it too. You shouldn’t be left out. Many people will love and recognize you for several reasons, money being one of them. If you don’t have something to offer to yourself, just offer love and that love should be dedicated to money.

You should love money because the alternative sucks. Hating or even disliking money leads to poverty and unhappy frustrations will be as a result. The money will buy you the freedom and time to love everything and everyone else in life. You have a good life because you can afford the time and money to buy the freedom in your life. The freedom to buy what you want and with whom you what to do it with.

Money allows you to amplify and multiply your positive impact on the world. You can only make a difference because you have money. You should love money because it is the only inanimate object on earth capable of loving you back. There is a sheer fun and joy of playing with it, sharing it and spending it. Money and love belong together in our lexicon of essential aspects of life.

The only thing that money and love have in common is that they both involve energy and in many instances the same energy. When you are close to someone with such energy, you can just feel it and it is hard to resist. This is the energy am talking about when am saying that you should fall in love with money.

We get our money ad love from other people. Therefore, you should love them equally. People who make your dream come true are ignored in some cases when the law of attraction teaches us about the so called prosperity. People love to give you money and therefore you should love them.  




16...Overcome the poverty mindset and start building wealth

In the simplest terms, the poverty mindset is a deep-rooted belief that money, wealth and the things that money buy are limited. People with the poverty mindset have always struggled with some type of fear of scarcity for so long. In most cases, this fear comes from a parent’s behaviour or their attitude about money. The mindset may also have come from real life experiences on where a lack of money led to a negative outcome.

The trick here is to overcome the lack mentality and start building wealth as soon as possible. Stop getting the worry of not having money and start building the worry of having more money even when you have enough. The reason why we work hard is so that we can have enough money to take some time out and reward ourselves. By letting go of the things that hold you back, you are just opening the doors to success.

You need to build wealth, and you need to build it fast enough. Time waits for no man and you have to rush with it. Don’t wait until you are 40s to start realizing and detaching yourself from things that had pulled you back for so long.

Making money is one thing but building wealth is the other difficult thing. After all, habits are the source of wealth, sadness, poverty and stress. Investing is one of the best ways to build wealth. Contrary to the popular believe, you don’t have a lot of money to start up. Start investing as soon as possible to take advantage of compound interest. The miracle of compounding can transform the relatively small but consistent amount of savings into major wealth if done the right way.

Come up with specific money goals that will motivate you to invest and keep on saving your money. One of the best ways of building wealth after you have dealt with poverty mindset is to write down money goals and structure a path that you are supposed to follow in order to meet with your goals.  




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17...Saving is the master of wealth

Now that you have decided to do away with the poverty mindset and agreed to build wealth, do you know some of the ways you can build wealth easily and avoid financial crisis in your life? If you have never heard from anybody else, then at least you have heard from me. Saving money is the master of wealth. You may ask yourself why there is so much pressure to save money. If you have more than enough money at hand, then why don’t you set some aside and put it in savings account.

There are a variety of reasons why you should start saving money from today. If you have already beat poverty mindset, then take actions and start developing wealth. Different people save for a variety of reasons but your goal here is to build enough wealth. If you have a clear goal as to why you are saving then I can guarantee you that you have built a wealthy mindset and you are going to make it in life.

A poverty mindset will never give you a reason to save for your retirement. However, the sooner you start saving for your retirement is the sooner you start making something out of your life. You can either put a share of the money you are earning on monthly basis to work for you. If you cannot invest it at least save some money for your medical emergencies and for your life after retirement.

Another reason why you should save is for your accommodation. Rich people always think of improving their conditions of life now and then. Save for a down payment for your house. Don’t think that you cannot stay in expensive houses because you don’t have enough money. Poverty is just a state of mind. If you save on a bank for your house, then your bargaining power will go up and you will also receive better interest rates. Depending on your circumstances, you can determine the amount of money you save and the one that you are comfortable to put under a savings account.

Don’t limit your life because you think that the amount of money you have is not good enough. Do not hesitate when putting aside money for your vacations. Reverse the mindset that vacations and other luxury items are for rich people. You already have a rich mind and you cannot miss the rich opportunities. Save money to have fun with family or friends. You can save to have an American tour or the Caribbean Cruise. This is what I call saving for the fun things. It is often easier to motivate yourself to save for fun if you change your mindset. Don’t let poverty mindset hold you back. Have fun!

You can determine how much money you can save for your car if you have a monthly budget. When you know the amount of money that you are going to use every month, then you can be able to come up with the amount of money to save for your car. Even if it takes you 5 years to save enough for the car, just hold on, rich people are patient in life. Don’t expect to own the world in a fortnight.

The best way to own a private car is through savings. Never borrow money from your bank to purchase a car. The burden that comes with a loan financed car can be overwhelming sometimes. You don’t know how living without a car payment makes a difference. It gives you the freedom of saving for other expenses. Also save to set up your sinking fund. Sinking fund is the amount of money that you set aside for repairs and upgrades. This is the only way to stop dipping into your emergency funds. Just estimate the cost of the items you are saving for their repairs and upgrade and estimate the amount of money that you are supposed to save for the sinking funds.  




18...Determine the risk and rewards of poverty mindset and the wealthy mindset

Maybe you have been poor. Maybe you have been rich or you have experienced the two at the same time. You know the challenges that you go through when you have a poverty mindset. If you haven’t figured it out yet, being rich is better than being poor. However, the good thing is that being poor is not permanent. You just have to make a decision and the rest will follow. The decision you make in most cases will be determined by the way you analyses the risks associated with each of the two and the rewards that come as a result.

What is riskier between being poor and being rich?  In fact, being poor should be included as risk factor and treated as a disease. Poverty is the source of many negative things in the world and you should never be comfortable with being poor. The causes of poverty are rooted in the mindset and the way you set your mind on riches.

There are very many people in our society who have a rich mindset and are poor due to circumstance. There are also very rich people too who have a poor mindset but rich due to circumstance. The amount of money in the world is staggering and it’s waiting for someone to own it just for a night in the circulation. If you don’t think twice on your decision to establish a positive attitude about money, they you may never find the freedom you need. Think rich mentality is all about having the mentality of helping others in our society.  




19...Do you sincerely want financial freedom?

We all know the feeling, the panic that gets in our stomach when we get an unexpected bill for electricity, car repair, house maintenance and other expenses. In most cases, you hesitate to pay the bills but later make up your mind and pay it in full. A week later you have forgotten and now you feel that sense of relief. Now, what if you didn’t have money to clear the bills, what would you do?  




Paying for the bills without stress is just one side of the picture, that doesn’t determine whether you are financially stable or not. Financial freedom is more than just being able to afford emergencies. Financial freedom is knowing that you are done having to worry about your retirement because you have worked enough to invest consistently for decades. Getting financial freedom is not just a small task. You have to sacrifice a lot and work for extra hours in order to make something in your life.

Having a poverty mindset is one of the hindrances of getting financial freedom. Now you have to determine what you want. Do you sincerely want financial freedom? If your answer is yes, then get out of your comfort zone and start looking for money.  



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20...Poor or Rich, you have the choice now

Wealth is a choice that we must all make. If I were forever poor and happy, then I would never stress myself looking for wealth, but since you need to love money to be happy, that is the reason why I usually get out for a hustle. Given that the rich tends to live longer than the poor, then the rich is the best choice that you are supposed to make.

Whether you were born and grew up poor, then you need to make a choice and look for money. Bill Gates once said ‘’It is not your fault that you were born poor, but it will be your fault if you die poor’’. For a long time, majority of the people struggle to believe that they can become rich. But with persistence and hard work, you don’t know how rich the world wants you to be in the future. It is not until you observe the difference between haves and haves not when you realize how being rich is sweet. 




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Poor people are typically skeptical and rich people are trusting. Poor people usually think that everybody that comes their way wants their money which is not the case. The rich on the other hand are trusting, they can even leave their house and car doors open. Make up your mind and choose the side you want to be. Weaken the bonds of poverty by stopping to agree with the poverty mindset and get to live a comfortable and happy life.  




The Bottom Line

People who set up their minds to get rich usually think that money will provide meaning to their lives. This is true in a way. If you have no money and you are making no effort to look for it, then your life will lack meaning. Whether you were raised up in a society where you perceived money as evil or whether something happened that made you believe that money is not for you, just know that poverty is worse. A poverty mindset is destructive because it puts us in the role of helpless victims. This is the best time to take responsibility. The time to admit our lives are where our own choices have taken us. Take the chances to break from ‘’poor me, pitiful me, unable me’’. It is important for overall happiness to have wealth. But that doesn’t mean that you are supposed to accumulate wealth through dishonest means.

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