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43 Tips to a Powerful Email Marketing Strategies



How To Run a Successful Email Marketing Campaign: Using Email To Promote and Grow Your Business - (Must Have Tips To Create a Successful and Effective Email Marketing Strategies)


Email marketing is a very good way to reach out to your customers where ever they are without using a lot of money. But it's also a very big responsibility because people don't just give their email addresses to anyone. So are you thinking about starting a company newsletter? 


Here are some tips you will have to keep in mind.


1...Getting Permission

The fact is that no email campaign was actually built without getting the permission to get started, so first you will have to focus on building an email list that is sizable.  




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There are a lot of ways which you can use in doing this of course. Some might simply prefer to offer a newsletter or product updates while others prefer to give something away for free.

I can’t actually tell you what is the wrong or right answer in this case, but the fact remains that it’s very important to have a good purpose when asking for an address. This is usually where a call to action that is strong comes into play, and another important thing is copywriting.  




·        Will I get discounts?

·        What do I get when I give you my email address?

·        How often will you email me?

·        Are you going to spam me?

·        Will I get a first crack at your beta?

·        Will you send me relevant offers or more junk?

These are some of the questions you’ll have to address if you really want to be successful in phase 1. Just posting “enter your email for updates” won’t be able to get anyone excited to do so. Rather just consider sharing specifics.




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Your customers always make very good candidates, so don’t ever forget to add some form of registration or email subscription as part of your purchasing method. Always remember to use special regard in treating these addresses.


2...Target your emails to the right recipients

The email marketing campaigns that failed didn't work because the sender actually treated each email recipient the same. The person who prefers blue wallpaper got the blanket email that has the green wallpaper. Although the people that like green wallpaper were excited, the rest of the email recipients were not happy. Don't ever make the same mistake. Try to get as much data as you can, from customer buying habits to geographic location. You have to study that data and then divide your list accordingly. If you have a number of people who actually love one type of service that you offer and then another group that couldn't care less, you will have to strategize accordingly.  




3...Personalize your emails

Try to call all your customers by name in emails that you send to them if you can. Always send your emails from the same address all the time. The more personal you are able to get, the easier it will be to build trust. And you will also have a very good chance of your emails being opened and read.

How were you able to get the email of your customer? Is it that they sign up for your communications after viewing a specific blog? This is actually the kind of data which is very useful for personalizing emails to a specific group of people. Also known as an email funnel, you will have to send personalized content that is in alignment with the particular behavior of the user, and then keep fine-tuning it to transform them from just user to customer. This funneling do not only increases open-rate but it is also a very strategic method to fulfill their particular needs with some certain services and products.  


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4...Design Emails That Work with Multiple Devices

In a mobile world that is increasing with so many devices, you will have to make use of a design that is responsive in order to connect with your full audience because not everyone opens up emails the same way. From laptop to iPad to smart phone, you need to be able to present an email to your customer in a format that is simple, clickable, readable and dynamic. Accessibility is always key so if you are not making use of design that is responsive, you will have to at least get the data on your target audience and then use a format that is already catered to the most prevalent device.  


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5...Keep your layout simple

Don't ever overload your layout with some flashy graphics, big fonts and other in-your-face items. Try to keep your layout very simple and clean. Your layout will have to be professional and very simple to navigate because an overly busy layout will definitely turn your recipients off and that will send your newsletter or email campaign right into the trash file.


6...Create a compelling subject line

Your subject line will actually determine whether customers will open your email or even delete it. So do your due diligence and come up with an honest, compelling subject line that is meant to grab your customer’s attention. Don’t use hot-button words and phrases such as “earn cash!” and “make money!” Try to always go for subject lines which pique the curiosity of the recipient, but also tell the truth at the same time.  




7...Make it easy to subscribe and unsubscribe

There are a lot of benefits to optimizing your email subscribe and unsubscribe processes. Not only will you be able to create a very good experience for your customer, you will also be able to gather lots of valuable data that you wouldn’t be able to get from any other marketing initiatives. It will only take a few hours to have your process running like a machine that is well-oiled.  




Any time someone subscribes to your email program or newsletter, they are simply giving you the permission for direct marketing. Now you have to know that people’s inboxes are a very personal thing, and it’s actually a privilege that they are letting you have their email addresses. This is one of the main reason to make sure that your email subscribe and unsubscribe processes are easily set up to make a very good impression.  





8...Tell subscribers what to expect

Do you intend to send letters from the president, e-commerce sales, company updates, daily deals, or even weekly tips, it's always important to let your readers know what they have to expect and when exactly to expect it. Always give them a lot of information as possible on your signup form, so that they can easily decide if they will like to be on the list or not.  


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9...Send a welcome email

Now you have to know that one of the most important tools that is in your email marketing toolbox is a welcome email that is automated because when there is subscription from  new contacts to your list, you will have to welcome them to the group with an email that is inviting.

A welcome email is actually the very first friendly exchange that is between your business and a new subscriber. It usually sets the tone for some future communications and it also encourages new members to engage with your business.






Listed below are some effective examples that will assist you create a very effective welcome email. These emails normally come from businesses that are big and small.


10...Write a welcoming note

  Welcome emails should start with a warm introduction which actually reflects the personality of your company.


11...Reinforce perks of your email list

  It’s always a very good idea to reinforce the decision of a subscriber to sign up for your emails. A very simple way that you can use to do that is to quickly offer a “perks list,” which will tell subscribers the reason why it was a very good idea that they joined your email list.


12...Offer a deal

  By offering some sort of gift or a discount, you will create goodwill between your new subscribers and your business. It will even entice them to make some purchase.


13...Create a clear call to action

  All welcome email need to have a clear call to action. This email is very effective not only because of its promotional offer or clean look, but just because of the call to action. Always notice how it stands out because the color normally makes it different, yet you will have to complements the color scheme every time. The button, instead of hyperlinked text usually makes it prevalent. And it’s every urgent. The words “Shop Now” normally inspire people to act immediately.


14...Shine the spotlight on your product or service with eye-catching images

  As you are welcoming your new contacts, it’s very good to put your service or product in front and center. After all, your new subscriber just wants to know more about your product or business by subscribing. Always give them what they really want.  




15...Send people content they want

Email newsletter services normally offer features such as segmentation and groups to assist you in making your content relevant to the people who are reading it. So if you are sending emails that are different for different groups (for instance, a non profit might send emails that are separate to donors, volunteers and the board of directors), then you can simply ask people to check a box in order to join a specific group on your signup form. Segmentation let you to be able to target some certain subscribers on your list without even assigning them to any group. If your store is actually having a sale, then you will have to send a campaign only to people that are near that particular zip code, because the subscribers that reside in some other parts of the world don't really need to know about it. Now you can also segment by email clients, activity, e-commerce data, and more. Sending content that are relevant will simply keep your readers engaged, and readers that are engaged normally look forward to your newsletter and share it with their friends.  




16...Know your spam rules

A lot of people normally send spam just because they also don't know any better. Always read up on the CAN-SPAM act in order to avoid any trouble. Let’s say you are allowed to send bulk email only to the people who specifically asked to be on your mailing list. So if you actually collected email addresses for an event invitation or a lunch giveaway, then you don't really have permission to send them marketing emails unless you already made that clear to them at signup. Try to add an obvious unsubscribe link in all email, and don't always forget to remind subscribers the way they got on your list in the first place.  




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17...Plan Emails and Follow-ups

No matter the advances in technology that we have witnessed in the last two decades, the business world is still running on email. You don’t actually have to cherry pick the statistics because email wins across virtually every metric:

·        Email subscribers are 3 times more likely to share your content via social media than visitors from other sources.

·        Email marketing actually drives a lot of conversions than any other marketing channel, such as social and search.

·        Email is 40 times more effective at getting new customers than Twitter or Facebook.

·        72% people prefer to receive promotional content through email, compared to 17% who prefer social media.

·        4.24% of people who visit from email marketing usually purchase something as when compared to just 2.49% of people who visit from search engines and about 0.59% of people who visit from social media.

But the truth is that like with anything worth doing, effective email marketing actually needs attention to detail and some persistence. You will have to take advantage of all opportunity and also know when and what to send.  




18...Provide value

Now how is it possible for us to make email marketing line up more with the inbound methodology, and then make it more user-friendly? You will have to get creative with the way you can always add value for your customers through several types of email content:

   19...Personalize It

  For some time now, a lot of marketers have been personalizing email just by including smart fields in order to generate the user’s name. Lists are normally used to separate customers in order to better target them by location, career, interest and so on. These tactics normally work very well; but if you actually know your customers, then you will have to take the time to deliver content exclusively for them.  




  Maybe you already have a few customers that sometime used to buy from you often, but have now dropped off? You can take a look at the purchases they made previously and then write a direct email to them to suggest a few new items that will fit their needs. For instance, maybe your customer purchased a pair of shoes about a month ago that is now coming in some other colors.

  The truth is that this tactic can be very difficult to do if you are running a very big business that has a huge customer base. But that doesn’t actually mean that it’s impossible. You can make use the resources that are available to you in order to create an experience which will make a very lasting impression with your customers.





20...Spark Emotion

  You may be aware of that warm, happy feeling which some certain commercials normally leave you with around the holidays? The gathering of a couple or happy family celebrating over the sounds of holiday music can assist in putting you in a festive mood, which might even make you want to purchase gifts for the people you love.

  A lot of organizations seem to use this around the holidays, but then there is no emotion shown during the rest of year. Customers usually want to connect with brands; and for them to do that, they will have to seem trustworthy. You will have to take some time to known the power of empathetic marketing, and then figure out the very best method to connect with your customer base maybe through putting yourself in their shoes or by sharing a personal story.  




21...Ask for Opinion

  Whenever a lot of people see an email which contains the word “survey” in the subject line, they immediately loose a small respect for the organization. Although that may be too harsh, but why do companies normally expect people to just give them more of their time even without getting anything in return?

  So rather than asking your customers to complete a survey just get creative and simply start a social media campaign / contest. Then you can send the details out to your email subscribers asking them to simply “like” your page and also tell you a little good about the reason they love your company (this is actually a very way to get more social followers).  




22...Add Statistics

  People love statistics. It’s a very short and easily-digestible snippet of information. Users can simply scan it in order to decide if the content that it’s linked to is actually worth reading, or just to understand the popularity of something quickly. If you will like to feature a product in your next email, just turn to your reviews and then add the stats that have the product in the email. It’s actually better to say that “over 80% of our customers has giving these shoes 5 stars” instead of including a testimonial which says “these are so cute!”  




23...Give Something Free

  Is there actually anyone who doesn’t want free stuff? The intensive can be for online, but it can also be for in-store if it is where you will like to drive traffic.


24...Make it Visual

  Visuals, which mean video, infographics and photography, are very important to include in all the piece of marketing that you do.  



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25...Here are some reasons that are very important:


Researchers actually found that colored visuals normally increase people’s willingness in order to read a piece of content by 80%.

Visual content is more than 50X very likely to be shared on social media than any other types of content.

Content that has relevant images normally gets 94% more views than the content that has no relevant images.

Infographics are always liked and shared on social media 3X more than some other type of content.

Shoppers that normally view video are 1.81X very likely to buy than non-viewers.  




26...Add Social Proof

  The fact remains that social media is already here to stay, so if it is yet to be a big part of your marketing plan then you have to add it in now. Now if you have be able to build up a follower base, then you can add details from it in your email such as “Most Liked on Instagram.”


27...Send content that people want to share

The truth is when so many people think about a very successful email, they only think about deliverability, opens, and then clicks. But a very engaging email will have to do more than that; it should be able to compel subscribers to share the message with so other people. This will not only assist in increasing your reach, but it will also lead to an increase in conversions, all while delighting your subscribers which is win-win-win, right?

Now how do you plan to get people to forward your emails and what types of content and messaging gets shared the most or does adding some certain email tactics lead to an increase in shares?

In a research that was done by Litmus, over half a million email that was send were actually examined in order to reveal the reasons some emails normally go viral ... and some others do not.  





28...Listed below are four main reasons why an email normally gets shared.


·        It's a triggered or segmented message

  As inboxes become more crowded, subscribers normally expect messages that are tailored to them. The truth is over 25% of people will simply unsubscribe if they find out that the content is irrelevant.

  In a research, it was found that emails that are targeted are normally 90% more viral than messages that are untargeted. Now by sending your emails based on behaviors and attributes, your subscribers will then be able to relate to your emails and also will be more likely to share them with some other people.  




29...There are two main ways you can use in order to make your emails more relevant and targeted:


1.     Setting up triggered messages in reply to behaviors of subscriber, like signing up for a webinar.

2.     Segmenting your lists based on attributes, like the levels of subscription.


    30...The content is personalized

  When it actually comes to email, the more it is relevant, the more successful it will also be.

  Personalization is one sure-fire method to make something very relevant. It has to do with tailoring your email for each subscriber based on their attributes that is unique, such as purchases, birthday and so on. In a research, it was found that the emails which are most forwarded were 4.5X more likely than the typical email to include personalization.  




  Your first name personalization might not make a very big difference in virality, but some other personalization techniques that are more creative, such as adding the picture of the subscriber, will.

  So you will have to make use of the information and data that you have on your subscriber to actually tailor your sends for them. Do you have their purchase history? Information on the type of activities that they took on your website? Their headshots? Personalizing your emails making use of more relevant details can simply delight your subscribers and then encourage them to simply share your emails.  




31...Your email asks them to share it with their network

  Just because subscribers are often on-the-go, and are very likely to pass your emails, making your calls-to-action (CTAs) as clear as possible is very important.

  You were the one, who actually ask your subscribers to “sign up” for a free trial or “download” an ebook, so why don’t you also ask them to share your content?

  Now adding a CTA for people to share your email can actually elicit shares. A research actually found out that the emails that are most forwarded were 15X more likely than the typical email to include “Share with Your Network” CTAs. So by including social sharing or forward-to-a-friend links, you actually put it in the mind of your subscribers to share.  





  Always be very sure to make it very simple for them to share, your buttons will have to be touch-friendly and also have tweets, emails and Facebook posts that is pre-populated with content. All that will be required for your subscribers to do is just click or touch the link.

  Now in the top 1% of emails that went viral was Anytime Fitness’s campaign which encourage their subscribers to share their fitness story was actually forwarded so many times, just by including links that they will use to share through Facebook, email or Twitter, Anytime Fitness was able to motivate their subscriber so that they will share by making it very simple to do so.  



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32...It's about something naturally shareable

  While sending messages that are targeted, normally includes personalization, and including “Share With Your Network” CTAs are also tactics that you can use to spur forward, an email’s content normally plays a big role if it will get shared or not.


33...Always ask subscribers to add you to their contact list

Now each subscriber has the chance to whitelist you in their own inbox. This can avoid messages that are confusing and then keep inboxes from filtering you out. So how are you going to get your readers to give you their approval stamp? All you will have to do is to ask.  




You can simply ask in just two ways and your choice will actually depends on how long you will like your request to be and if you also have a site to host an instruction page on.

·        You can ask Subscribers to include you to their safe sender or contacts list - This way, each subscriber will be able to take the right action for their ISP. This is very fast to implement.

·        You can ask subscribers to whitelist you, and then give them complete instructions

Subscribers may like a custom guide for their ISP. You can simply build your own or make use of a template from sites such as EmailDeliveryJedi or CleanMyMailbox, then just host it on your site.  




34...Create great optin

The confirmation page of your opt-in is actually a very good opportunity to present subscribers with an offer that is exclusive. So many opt-in “thank you pages” only thank the user for subscribing and give them details on the way to confirm their sign up. Construction handyman by name Tim Carter, of AskTheBuilder.com actually went one step ahead by giving his subscribers a deal that is exclusive which they won’t find anywhere else.

Have it in mind that this isn’t the right time to up-sell; instead it’s an opportunity to introduce new subscribers to something that is very small and also beneficial, like remodeling checklists in the case of Tim. Another thing that was special is how he was able to lead them directly to the call-to-action button by just giving it a very noticeable red border. This one step that is exclusive can easily represent a very significant increase in profits just by editing your thank you page.  



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35...Make it mobile friendly

If a campaign is not able to show up on mobile devices, then it may not perform very well. Now you have to know that everything you send should be mobile-friendly. According to a research, over 63 percent of Americans and about 41 percent of Europeans normally close or even delete an email that's not actually optimized for mobile. So this might be the right time to start making use of a very responsive template.  



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36...Make the links and call to action obvious

The purpose of your email marketing campaign is to actually increase traffic to your website and landing page. Because no clicks also mean no customers, it is a very simple thing. So try to always make your links very obvious and then give readers more than one chance to interact. This can also be assisted with powerful calls to action that normally speak to feelings and emotions because a simple “click here” just won’t cut it these days.


37...Don’t overwhelm your subscribers

Your subscribers are actually looking for ways to gain some information that is the reason they sign up for an email course so you don’t have to overwhelm them with a lot of content. You just have to be respectful of your subscribers and always give them what they want. This means you have to always keep your emails very short and also being open about how many emails they are going to receive. If your email course is a 9-part email course, you will have to let your subscribers know from the very start so that they will know what to expect.  




38...Regularly Optimize Strategy & Retest

If you are not really aware of how you are doing or how you can improve? Always analyze and gather your data in order to see what is not working and what is working. You can simply do this through A / B Testing campaigns. This normally shows you the way little changes can easily make a very big impact. A tool that is incredibly useful, such as A / B Testing campaigns normally cover four variables: Subject line, Form name, Content, and also Send time, and it also give you actionable insights to make a “Winning Combination” of open rate, click rate or even total revenue, as well as the independent data which you can choose manually.


39...Build relationship

Now when it actually comes to list building, a lot of people know that they will have to sign up for an autoresponder service, create an opt-in page that has an incentive for your visitors in order to give you their email address and first name, and immediately your visitors have signed up to become your list subscriber, you’ll have to build a relationship with them.

But how exactly do you intend to build a relationship with the subscribers in your list, and then gain the trust from them that you are that person who can assist them with their issues they have (in the niche which you are in), and that they can easily trust your product recommendations?

Here are some easy tips which you can use that will assist you build a very effective 2-way relationship between you and the subscribers in your list.



  One of your very first emails that you send out to the subscribers in your list should always be an email of self-introduction. In that email, you will have to introduce yourself exactly the way you will do the very first day you meet somebody for the first time. You can simply talk a little bit about the experience you have gotten in the niche area which you are in, as well as how you can assist them with any questions that they have about the niche topic as a friend.  




41...Keeping In Touch

  When I say keeping in touch, I do not actually mean that you will have to spam their email inbox with your emails in just 1 single day.

  Instead you will have to email them periodically – maybe once in every 3 to 4 days. And your emails will have to be a mix of promotional emails (where you attempt to sell them something) and informational emails (where you share some very useful details pertaining to the niche that you are in with your subscribers).


42...Find Out What They Want To Know

  Now always remember that the only way you can use to generate lots of sales is to actually give your customers what they want (and not what you want). And the fact is the best way to know what they really want is to ask them directly.

  You can simply send an email to them asking what they will like to know pertaining to the niche topic which you are in from time to time (maybe once in every month).


43...More popular online providers:


·        AWeber

  AWeber is a system that is branded by a lot of professionals and experts as one of the best platforms for email marketing that has continued to impress with its rich feature set and superior autoresponders. AWeber actually provides businesses with the means to automate the method of delivering professionally designed and also personalized emails and messages that are targeted to their subscribers and send follow up emails which is based on a schedule. This feature normally makes it very simple for businesses to establish a very good relationship with a prospect or just enhance and maintain a very strong bond with an existing client.


·        MailChimp

  MailChimp is seen as the ultimate software that can easily change the way in which you market your product on the internet. MailChimp is a very easy email marketing software (EMS) that normally gives you a lot of simple options for designing, sending and saving templates of your emails. What actually set Mailchimp apart from other software is the number of feasible options and the simple to use interface, and this can be understood with the number of users that are making use of this software.

  MailChimp normally let you to simply create newsletters of different types and then gives easy options for sharing them on different social networks like Facebook or Twitter, thereby making it your own platform that is personal for publishing your newsletter. You can build a list of the people that you will like to market your products to, and then save the list for use later on, also create custom templates for your products in order for you not to rewrite mails again and again.


·        Constant contact

  Constant Contact has been around for more than 15 years, and it is currently servicing over 650,000 customers, which is an indication of how very effective the platform is when it actually comes to email marketing. It is user-friendly and very powerful; Constant Contact is actually a very big name in the email marketing business because it is very easy even for email marketing novices.



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