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18 "B.S. FREE" Proven Ways to Drive More Traffic to Your Website or Blog




How To Get More Traffic to My Website? Effective Ways to Instantly Get High Quality Web Traffic to Your Website or Blog and Make More Money Online - (Website Traffic Tips)


Most times as entrepreneurs we can always feel that the deck is stacked against us when it actually comes to the digital world. We donít have the same money like our competitors that has a lot, nor do we even have the required army of marketers which they can easily employ. Now how can a medium or small sized business, against all odds, bring out its own piece of the market?


 Listed below are some tips that will show you how:





Promote your website  

1. ..Promote your website with Bings

Submitting a URL from your website is always a very important first step to get indexed. There are two major ways to simply achieve this with Bing which is

Submitting it with the Submit your Site to Bing web form: This method is actually designed to let web publishers to easily alert Bing that their new site exists. Bing will then crawl the URL which you submitted and ó provided it meets some particular criteria ó will index the page.  



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In the Submit URLs feature that is in the Configure my Site section in the Webmaster Tools of Bing: this feature is actually very fast and it let you to submit about 10 URLs every day and a maximum of about 50 every per month for some immediate indexation and crawl.

To submit URLs making use of the Submit URL feature, just add 1 URL per each line and then click Submit. The URLs will be evaluated immediately for some indexation of search and when some quality criteria are simply met we will start to surface to searchers. It is always very useful in assisting to get some very important content indexed very fast, but there is actually a limit of about 10 submissions each day, which goes up to 50 (total) each month.  




2... Promote your website with Facebook

Whenever you are told about blog promotion on different network, one of the best advices you can easily get is ďPromote Website on Facebookď. A Social-networking site with over I billion active users, itís actually one of the best way to make your website go viral for free or for a little cost.  Blogging isnít really about blogging any more. Itís actually about making sincere and lasting connections with people. While the blog is actually still the main place, itís not as simple as it used to be when building an audience on a blog alone. People are now discovering sites in many ways now, including social networking services like Facebook and Twitter.  



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Tips to Promote Website on Facebook:

        Facebook Fan Page

When we talk about Website promotion on Facebook, the very first step is to simply start with Facebook Fan page. These are created easily, and then link straight to the personal account of the owner. This means that with just one Facebook Login you will get access to both your personal account and your website Facebook fan page.

Fb fan pages are very simple. Theyíre normally pages which contain walls and little more. This is fine, because it actually allows the right level of interaction with users. That is, itís very small scale enough that it can let you point to post, send out small messages, upload photos, and do other things that will easily bring readers back for more. But creating a fan page is actually not enough. You will have to work on promoting Facebook fan page to easily get more visibility and more users on Facebook. A Fan page on Facebook normally works like a Fan websites on Facebook. You can also make use of it as a discussion point and a way to have a communication with your Websites readers.  


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One of the very best methods to start promoting your websites on Facebook is by letting your Fb fans know that there is some blog updates. This can easily be done with some useful fb apps for bloggers. You can start with app like RSS Graffiti, which is normally used to publish updates from RSS feed on personal profile, Fan page and on your Facebook groups... This is a very simple program which normally shares all posts from your blog to directly to your Facebook feed. Users can then read a little of the post, view the image attached, and then make some comments right on the Facebook wall. While this might work for some sites, it is hardly the best strategy.

People can easily get an RSS feed anywhere. They can also subscribe through RSS, or they can also visit the site. This means that adding an RSS feed to the Facebook page doesnít assist a lot of readers. Now what should owners of blog do, then? There is actually a rule of thumb when it comes to re-posting content on Facebook: if it isnít worth doing manually, itís not worth doing at all. This means that, if you want to share any content with users, you have to do it manually. Doing it automatically simply wastes everybody time.  



        Multimedia and links

Facebook is a very good place to share multimedia content which might not fit on your blog. This means that a good video or picture might not work in terms of your content, but it can still be of great interest to your readers. This is actually where you can give some extra value to them. Facebook makes it simple to upload photos and videos. Users can then easily view and comment on them, as they can with all content.

Another very good use of Facebook is the sharing of links. People normally appreciate when you able to point them towards content which they can enjoy. So instead of doing some link around daily, it will be best to post those links on Facebook. That can easily get conversations started. Readers will definitely appreciate you for it. You donít have to deal with self-promotion all the time. Share a very useful page or site on your Facebook fan page wall and add more value to your credibility.  



        Website-Facebook Cross promotion

It isnít enough to just have a fan page. In order to grow it, you have to promote it on your blog. This is something of a cycle. Users come from the blog and become a fan on Facebook. As the fan page gains more users, it becomes more visible to the Facebook community. That is, more people share items from your Facebook fan page. That leads to more followers on the fan page, which leads to more readers. More readers usually lead to some more people actually becoming your Facebook fan. You can place fan page widget right around your blog post at a prominent place, which will help your readers to connect with your Facebook page directly from your Website.

Facebook normally gives various different buttons which you can easily use to promote your website on Facebook. Most people favorite is Facebook like button, because it allows users to quickly recommend and like stories that are interesting on Facebook. If you will like to go more viral on Facebook, you will have to enable Facebook comments, Facebook connect and so on. Always remember that Facebook is a community of over 1 billion users and the amount of traffic you can easily get from Facebook alone is limitless. If you write great, quality and unique content only, you should always try to place Facebook send button because it will be very useful for Fb users to easily share your articles to some other Facebook list or Facebook friends.  



        Interact with Facebook followers

The last major part of a Facebook plan is interaction. This isnít always simple. It normally takes effort and time to maintain a Facebook page, and it takes even more quality time to communicate with the people who normally make use of it. Yet itís a very good strategy for growing a Facebook fan page. If itís just actually sitting there with the owners not paying much attention, some other people are definitely going to pay attention.  



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Posting your content manually is a very good way to start. It normally shows to users that you are not just letting the Facebook page run on its own course. Replying to comments is yet another good way to interact with users and indirectly you will be promoting website on Facebook with the assist of more comments and this will be of assistance in branding of your Website. This normally goes doubly for when some other people posts on your wall. If they actually take a lot of that much effort, it will be better for you to respond to them in any way possible.

I am sure many people might be making use of Facebook as one of the largest blog promotion tool, but if you actually just started with Facebook and Website, then the above mentioned promotion tips will greatly assist you to promote your Website on Facebook.

Blogs benefit a lot by having fan pages on Facebook, but the work here is maintaining the fan page. But with only a few hours a week, you can easily change your Facebook fan page into a lasting source of traffic. Itís a very good way to grow your audience.  




 3. Promote your website with AdWords

If you are still new to website promotion and marketing, Google AdWords can be very intimidating. One of the largest misconceptions about the Google AdWords is that you need to use a lot of time and money to make it very worthwhile, most especially if you are a business that is still small with a tight budget.

AdWords is Googleís online advertising platform which assist businesses show ads on Google and its advertising network. With Google AdWords, you make ads for your business and then decide when your ads are going to appear. For instance, you can decide to have your ads display over Google search results, like this:


        Google Ads

The major concept that is behind AdWords is keywords. When you make an ad, you choose the keywords which you will like to target. These keywords are what normally triggers Google to show your ad when someone submits a search on Google.

When you make use of Google AdWords, you will be able to target users across two main networks which is Search Network and Display Network.  




        Google Search Network and Display Network

 By actually running your ads on the Search Network, you are to bid on keywords which are very relevant to your business. Google then show your ad to people who enter those or some very similar keywords on the Google search result page.

 But what if you decide to advertise on the Google Display Network, your ads will show across a big collection of websites (such as Google AdSense publisher sites and Google-operated websites), video content and mobile apps. For instance, your banner ad can appear on YouTube.

 While both Display and Search networks are managed through Google AdWords, the term ďAdWordsĒ is actually used to refer to the Search Network.  



When to make use of Google Search Network

The most common is running ads on search network; it is a well-known form of pay-per-click advertising. When you decide to advertise on the Search Network, your ads will be very eligible to show on Googleís search results page and you will pay when people click on your ad.

Because it normally targets a searcher that is active who is always on a mission to find something, this advertising format is always very effective and actually drives more conversions than Display Network ads.  



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The Search Network is good if:

You are to sell a quick service or products, such as electricians, plumbers and locksmiths. Because this method normally targets the searcher that is active and it is very important that your ad shows when they are in need of your service or product.

You are working with a little budget. Because this method usually tends to drive more conversions, it is very simple to see and measure results.


When to make use of the Google Display Network

Now according to Google, the Display Network is actually made up of more than 2 million websites which reach over 90% of worldwide Internet users. These normally include Google AdSense publisher sites and also Google sites such as Google Blogger, YouTube and Finance. Also because of the expansiveness of the Display network, it is very good for advertisers who are actually looking to bring an expansion to their online presence and build brand awareness.

This method normally generates a lot of conversions as people on these Display sites may not actually be in the mode for ďshopping.Ē For instance, your ad will have to attract the userís attention and also entice them to leave the content which they were normally engaged with and click through to your website.  





The Display Network is good if:

You are to sell a service or product which people are not likely to buy immediately, such as an engagement ring or a car. In this situation, your actual goal is to make sure that your brand stays on top of your prospects mind. This method is actually important if you make use of remarketing Ė a feature which let you show ads to the people who has visited your site previously. Have you ever wondered why you are always seeing the same ads everywhere you go on the Internet? You are probably on a person remarketing list.

You have a very good product. The Display Network actually let you to display video and image ads. This is normally good for advertisers who always sell luxury products, such as expensive watches and sports cars.

You are actually promoting brand awareness. Because the Display Network is very expansive, it let you to be able to reach so many users and make them familiar with your brand.  



4...Promote content on social Media

Promote content with Pinterest

Most people may never think to look to Pinterest for their content promotion. But as one of the most famous social media site in the world, you actually can't afford to not take advantage of this tool. Below are some facts about Pinterest which you may not have known:

81% of U.S. women online normally trust Pinterest as their own source for information

25% of Fortune Global 100 companies actually have a Pinterest account

Shoppers which Pinterest referred are 10% more likely to buy an item than those referred from other social media sites 

Over 47% of shoppers have made a purchase due to the recommendation from Pinterest 

Pinterest usually generates lots of revenue per click 

As of 2017, Pinterest had over 150 million monthly users 

Your content calendar will definitely have an impact on the frequency of your Pinterest updates. Pinterest usually receives traffic spikes on Thursdays and Saturdays, so always aim to have your pins and boards updated on a weekly basis. Refer to your Pinterest track and analytics engagement levels for every post type (i.e. repins from other users, your own pins etc.). Always make sure that you are strategic with your posts, because Pinterest is not just a "post-and-wait" tool. So always make sure that you don't commit any of these mistakes which are costly.  




Always add new pins to your board every week or whenever you have content that are visually-rich to share. This part is very necessary, as people are always likely to take a look at something which normally catches the eye-not something that's just full of text. Try things like:

Images with layers of text



Lifestyle shots-this actually means placing products within their right context. You donít have to only share an image of a vase on a background that is white. Rather, place your vase on a dining table which has been decked out for the season because product setting and styling is key on Pinterest.


Promote content with Google+

Although Google+ may not be as very sharp a social network as the rest, it is still a very good place for promotion of content. Google+ promotion tactics normally range from paid to organic, but currently, Google+ ads aren't yet as popular or extensive as their counterparts on other social platforms.

Despite the difficulty of the network and its ad options that is still developing, your brand can simply make use of Google+ to extend the reach of your content and then include it in your total social media marketing strategy. The tips below will assist you to execute and develop a Google+ promotion plan that will make sure your content has enough impact.  




        Find what works

 When it actually comes to posting on Google+, always refer to the dashboard of your Google+. You will have to identify the types of content which are actually performing very well. You will also have to check your social referrals in Google Analytics and know if the efforts of your Google+ are actually driving traffic to your website.


        Consider Google+ ads

 Paid tactics are not as extensive on Google+ as they are on some other platforms. But you will have to think about making use of a paid campaign on Google+, most especially if you have a significant number of Google+ traffic referrals or an engaged Google+ community. +Post Ads are easily gaining traction among some major advertisers. But always keep in mind that when you decide to execute a +Post Ad, viewers can easily post their comments directly into the ad unit itself. Also, you need to have at least over 1,000 followers on Google+ so that you can turn your posts into ads.  



        Develop A Content Calendar

 A content calendar can easily assist you think about what and when to post. Although it will definitely have an impact on the frequency of your Google+ posts, it is normally recommended that you synchronize your Google+ postings with your Pinterest or Facebook updates. In addition it's very important to leave flexibility in your calendar in order for you to be able to incorporate trends, memes and hot topics to boost post engagement.

 Google+ promotion of content normally tends to work best outside of the hours of business, as engagement on the network is actually at its maximum during evenings and weekends.  


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        Use proper formatting

 An integral part of Google+ promotion is making use of the proper formatting to assist in boosting post engagement. The following parameters are recommended:

Always keep your headline to 60 characters or less

Always choose your keywords carefully and treat all Google+ headlines like micro blogs

Make use of images

Also include links

Now make use of relevant hashtags - you will have to always add at least one hashtag in the updates of your Google+. If you don't hashtag actively, Google+ will mostly select a random (occasionally irrelevant) hashtag to always accompany your posts

Always include video updates whenever possible as they normally tend to receive a lot of engagement in the platform.




        Engage with communities

 Always add your content to Google+ communities and engage with some other community members by simply replying to or commenting on their updates. Also, you don't have to be afraid to ask for follows. Also encourage a lot of people to follow you by making use of a strong value proposition or CTA. You have to always respond to post comments in a very timely manner, and thank users for engaging with your content or ask follow-up questions when appropriate.


        Optimize and segment

 Always optimize your Google+ profile by including links to connect all your social channels, most especially your blog. Be sure to normally segment your circles based on demographic or topic - for instance, B2B or B2C etc. A good Google+ promotion strategy is to push out tailored content to each circle. This makes it very simple to maintain your following as your content is always relevant for that specific audience.



        Take advantage of hangouts

 A good feature of Google+ is "hangouts". Actually, hangouts is an instant messaging and video chat platform, which is very similar to Skype or Facebook chat. You can always take advantage of hangouts in order to drive most community activities. Here are some very good tips to assist you leverage this features:  

5...Lead video chat sessions

Use long-tail keywords as topics for your hangouts

Save recorded video sessions and repurpose them on your other social media channels accordingly.




6...Engage with influencers

Engaging and identifying with influencers can simply assist you to expand the reach of your content by leveraging their networks as well as your own. Use Google+'s "Find People" suggestions, connect with influencers and include them to your circles. Filter influencer search results by topic, shared circles, and big or small (niche) communities. Share influencer updates to build partnerships and add to your content arsenal.


7. Promote content with Twitter

With its fall, a lot of marketers face the problem of how to promote their content on Twitter. Any marketer that has even the lowest knowledge of the digital space actually knows that Twitter is invaluable for making use of the exposure of content to their audience, which is why this is such an issue that is pressing.

Whether it's just to promote some Twitter accounts themselves, or even blogs, posts and some other updates, it's very clear that establishing a very good presence on the social platform now needs a combination of true and tried organic methods as well as some paid tactics.  



Here is a list of good tips which will assist you develop a very good and hybrid paid / organic promotion plan.


        Track engagement

 Although organic reach will definitely start to drop on Twitter, for now, organic tactics are still a very necessary aspect of promoting on Twitter.

 Finding the best times to promote content is very important. To actually do this, just refer to your Twitter dashboard and then track your levels of engagement. You will need to always be looking for days / times when your network is most active.

 Schedule your tweets around activity spikes within your Twitter feed. Boost your tweet engagement by posting updates just after or just before the hour to take advantage of people who are always checking their social feed after or before meetings or appointments.  



        Reach out to influencers

 Any discussion on the way to promote your content on Twitter is always incomplete without mentioning influencers.

 If you can always connect with influencers in your sector, you can easily amplify the reach of your content by leveraging on their networks as well as yours. To know influencers within your sector, make use of free tools such as Feedly, Buzzsumo and Topsy. Another very useful tool to see influential users on Twitter is Tweetdeck, which is always free.  



Once you have be able to identify influencers, search for ways to easily get your content over their networks. One good way is to simply Tweet or just reach out to an influencer which you have quoted in one of your content pieces. Mostimes it will be a take and give relationship, so always try and figure out very creative methods to cross-promote which is mutually beneficial. For instance, give a link back to an influencer's website in exchange for a tweet that is linking to your content and a mention. The limits of all these relationships are limitless; it normally depends on the effort you are willing to put in to promoting on Twitter.


        Use Twitter Ads & Paid Tactics

        Develop A Posting Calendar

        Format Tweets Correctly

        Research Hashtags


8... Promote content with Flickr

Flickr offers one of the biggest image archives and communities that is online and one that is not mostly targeted because most businesses that are small aren't yet good at making the one thing they need to have good credibility in Flickr ... top quality non-marketing images.  





This is a deal that is very big because actually Flickr is not just a community of photos; it is actually a community where high quality photography is actually appreciated. The truth is people make use of Flickr to share their point and shoot photos with their family, but the communities and the power users of Flickr that you would care very about as a marketer are usually looking at very high quality images.

So you need to make sure your photographs are actually good enough to bother. Assuming they are, here are a few tips for how you might use Flickr for marketing


        Share quality photos

        Go Pro

        Create Collection homepages

        Think thumbnails

        Tag properly

        Share real time

        Join and contribute to groups

        Actively promote and approve reuse

        Enable stats

        Keep going



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9... Promote content with LinkedIn

In the last 10 years, LinkedIn has become a big and influential professional platform. Both individuals and companies make use of it to network, promote content and attract clients. But itís not actually clear how to create the best of LinkedInís many assets. The various features can be very confusing and itís difficult to know which to use. Now letís take a look at the best ways to promote posts on LinkedIn.


        Have an attractive profile

        Post on Pulse

        Take time perfecting your headline

        Find the right topic

        Add images

        Write headings

        Write long articles

        Share your post on social media

        Join a LinkedIn Group

        Buy sponsored updates


10... Use shoutout on instagram

The way of making use of a Shoutout has become a very popular factor to get a big number of followers on Instagram. The competition is greater than you think and this is why you actually need to use a method other than Shoutouts.

This is actually a mutual co-operative method where not only you but also your counterpart will easily get the benefit. You will have to find someone with whom you can come to an agreement that the both of you will always Shoutout for each other on your profiles. This is actually known as Shoutout for Shoutout. It can be an idea that is very good but you will have to get someone who is trustworthy and reliable.  


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11...Search engine free traffic

Search engine optimization (SEO) normally involves designing, writing, and coding a website in a way that assist to improve the quality and volume of traffic to your website from the people who make use of search engines.

Effective SEO method assist you get more potential customers to your website. Websites that have good rankings (i.e. taking higher in the search results) are known by a lot of people, who will always visit that very site. Always make sure that you define your market first before you engage in SEO techniques.


12...Write attention grabbing headlines

If youíre a blogger then you will need to learn the art and science of the actual way to write attention grabbing headlines. In fact, one of the worse mistakes you can make is to actually write a good piece of content and then spit out a headline as an afterthought.

The truth remains that because we stay in a world of instant gratification and information overload. Very frankly, a headline that is poor will cost you lot of money. Now think about this, your blog postís headline is actually the very first thing a reader uses to know if they really want to read your blog post. If your headline is not able to grab your readerís attention instantly, nobody will ever read your blog post no matter the content that is behind.

So without a very good headline you will run at risk of wasting a lot of energy, time and effort on all the content which you create that so many people will never read.  





13...Pay attention to on page seo

On-page SEO is actually the practice of optimizing people web pages in order to rank very high and earn a lot of relevant traffic in search engines. On-page normally refers to both the content and HTML source code of a page which can simply be optimized, as opposed to some off-page SEO which actually refers to links and some other signals that are external. So for those people that are new to on-page SEO, it is highly recommended that you read Rand Fishkin's A Visual Guide to Keyword Targeting and On-Page SEO. On-page SEO has changed a lot over the years, so it's very necessary for you to keep up with the newest practices.


14...Target long tail keywords

Long-tail keywords are highly specific search phrases which actually has low search volume, which normally communicate particular searcher intent very clearly. Because of their specificity, long-tails are normally three or more words long.

Now if you take a very good look at a list of keywords, you will be able to easily tell which ones are definitely long-tails by asking yourself, "Which of these terms actually have an unambiguous, clear and specific intent behind them?"


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15...Start guest blogging

One of the very best methods to get your voice heard and showcase your expertise is guest blogging. The idea behind guest blogging is actually a very easy one: You simply write for some other online publications to easily show off your personality and knowledge on a topic.


16...Invite others to guest blog on your site

All website, no matter the niche itís in, needs content on a regular basis as that is what actually assist to get traffic on a very consistent basis. Although you can try to write everything yourself, most times which is just not practical, which is actually where guest blogging normally comes in. This is where you also get some other writers to write content for your website; this is usually in return for a link.


17...Link Internally

An internal link is actually a type of hyperlink that is on a webpage to another resource or page, like a document or image, on the same domain or website. Hyperlinks are known as either internal or external depending on their destination or target. Actually a link to a page that is outside the same website or domain is always known as external, whereas one which points at yet another section of the same webpage or just to another page of the same domain or website is see as internal.  



18...Invest in promotion to build backlinks

There are actually two types of backlinks. The first is a backlink that could be from a website that is external which normally links to a page on your site. Secondly, you can simply have internal links from a page on your site to yet another page on your website.

Both of these types of links are what is called backlinks, it can also come in various forms like no-follow and do-follow. A do-follow link is actually vote of confidence. The website which actually links to your website is just telling the search engines that your site is of top quality and the link normally passes PageRank to your site. But on the other hand, a no-follow link isnít actually a vote of confidence. This is not to say that it has any bad impact, it could be a banner ad or it might be a link to a product. These links does not actually go through PageRank to the page which receives and it doesnít represent an editorial vote that is given by choice.  



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