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32 Wonderful New Reasons to Making More Money with Amazon




Want More Interesting Online  Business Ideas? Learn How to Start Making Money Selling on Amazon – Complete Guide



Amazon is one of the best and largest marketplaces online which sells to everybody around the world. It reaches a lot of shoppers each and every day because it is a very big website and almost anything can easily be found on this site, from televisions, books to cups and plates. So many people normally sell items/products through Amazon because they normally use it to reach a lot of potential customers. Amazon is not an auction site just like eBay, so the price for all its products are listed and shipping will be added if it's not made available on Amazon's Prime Membership.  




The first step anyone should take if they want to sell is to make an Amazon account. The website is actually really easy to navigate, especially for sellers. There are a lot of instructions and there are online guides that can help as well. A seller account will allow individuals to list the items they want to sell. Some products can't be sold through Amazon, including toys. The restrictions are listed on the facts and information page through Amazon.

The fees are also stated for sellers when they initially sign up. There are two different selling accounts available to choose from. One is more suitable for people who plan on selling a lot of items. The other package is best for sellers who will only be selling a few things every now and then. The fees will vary based on the type of selling account that is chosen.  



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1...Plan ahead  

Your mind which is your ability to reason, plan, and then decide, is the strongest tool you have to overcome procrastination thereby putting an increase to your productivity. Your ability to simply set goals, make plans, and then take action on them actually determines the course of your selling on Amazon. The special act of reasoning and planning ahead normally unlocks your mental powers, increases your mental and physical energies and then triggers your creativity.

One of your main goals when you want to sell on Amazon should be for you to always get the best return on your investment of physical, emotional and mental energy. The truth remains that every minute use to plan normally saves as big as ten minutes in execution. It only takes just about 10 to 12 minutes for you to plan ahead of your day, but this little time you invested in planning will save you up to two hours which is (100 to 120 minutes) in time wasted and also diffused all effort throughout the day.  




When you think about how helpful planning will actually be in assisting your performance and productivity, it becomes very surprising why most people refuse to practice it every single day. And planning is very easy to do; a piece of paper and a pen is all you will need to get started. The most expensive iPhone, time planner or even computer program is actually based on the same principle. It is actually based on your sitting down to make a list of all the things you have to do before you start.

In planning ahead, the actual goal is to increase and also grow in profit. There are also a lot of things to take a look at when planning for anything and it's not only about convenience and profitability. It's about economics and logistics. It's also all about thinking about what can easily go wrong and it's also about seeing the unforeseen and then planning for it.  



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2...Source your products  

Sourcing for products to sell on Amazon is very different than looking for items / products to sell on eBay and some other auction websites that are similar. You have to simply start thinking towards the lines of selling items / products at a store for retail more so than simply selling items that have be used ones or few at a time.

Now how can products be source to sell competitively on Amazon which is one of the largest eCommerce sites in the world? Well, there is actually no one answer to this very question. It also depends on the actual products / items you have decided to sell. You also have to know that your own preference for the best kind of eCommerce business which you have decided to build and that of your customers preferences also come into play.  




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3...But, there are some few tricks which can assist you in getting started.


·        Sourcing Products Overseas

You don’t have to start going to India, Japan or even China, to source merchandise from overseas, because the world is now simply connected, all thanks to the internet.

Of course, so many big retailers have been selling products produced overseas for so many years in order to keep prices very low. But nowadays there are a lot of online wholesalers which you can easily source all your products from, and Alibaba.com is one of the most popular online wholesalers.  



This big online marketplace act more or less like an Amazon for so many wholesalers. From the website you can easily get different variety of products which you can simply order and then have it shipped to your preferred location. Always make sure you search for important items/products which are also in high demand so that they will sell quickly on your Amazon Store.


·        Use Google for Your Sourcing

The fact is sourcing products overseas is just one option, but there are so many products/items such as supplements which you may like to simply order domestically. The U.S. has strong FDA regulations so it is very wise to source these kinds of products / items from the approved and compliant suppliers at home. Let’s say for example, you are interested in selling Vitamin C, just go to Google and search for “Vitamin C Private Label suppliers.”  “Private label” just means that the person who is supplying will simply customize your products with your logo and message after you buy. This will always assist you to easily customize products in order to make direct connections with your customers - and then simply generate follow-up orders.  




4..Sign up for a free Amazon Seller Account  

Let us say you’ve gone pass the issues of deciding if you really want to sell on Amazon and you’re now ready to move forward with registering or getting signed up as a seller. So what will happen when you sign up? As an Amazon Seller, what will be needed of you? What exact steps will you have to immediately take in order to get your store ready for customers?  

To easily sign up, you can just go through some various options of self-service:


·        Go to Services.amazon.com, then click on either the “Sell on Amazon” box or “Selling on Amazon” link

·        Go to Sellercentral.amazon.com, then click in the bottom left on “Selling on Amazon”,

·        Go to the “Sell” button at the top of the Amazon.com home page


It doesn’t actually matter if you start your registration process through any of these pages, because from there it’s all the same immediately you start the registration process.

Another thing is, you will have to make a decision on the type of seller you will like to be: an Individual seller or a Professional seller. Professional Sellers are normally sellers which intend to list so many handfuls of items / products, and expect to be seller who is regular into the future, while individual sellers are actually sellers which have a very little supply of product that they will like to simply sell at that particular time and then be done with selling – such as a college student who will like to sell some of is used textbooks at the end of every term, or maybe you’re cleaning out your cupboards and then you found some old gifts which you don’t use anymore so you decide to sell them off on Amazon, instead of selling them off locally.  



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The first question that you will be asked is, do you want an Individual or Professional account? The answer is very easy: if you intend to sell over 40 products/items a month, you will have to make use of a Professional account; otherwise, choose an Individual account.

You might want to ask, why is 40 products / items the cutoff point? Amazon normally charges $1 per product/item when you are selling on an Individual account. So if you intend to sell just 40 items a month, you might as well pay for the Professional account which is $40 a month.

Immediately you select your account type, you’ll then be required to login or just create an Amazon account making use of your email which you prefer. From there onwards you will have to provide: Charge Method, Seller Information and Identity Verification

A credit card is your charge method but it won’t be automatically charged though, so you don’t have worry about that.  




Now for your seller information, you’ll have to provide your address and full names, also with a Display name, which is the actual name buyers normally see next to the products/item you’re selling. It can be anything you want, but you have to remember that it’s public, so you have to choose a very good name.

The next thing you will have to do is to verify through text message or a phone call.

After verification your account is fully created! Now, you will be greeted with a home screen which looks fairly empty.


5...Fulfillment by Amazon program (FBA). / Storing products at the Amazon fulfillment centers  


A lot of eCommerce sellers get lots of benefits when they partner with the FBA program. When making use of Amazon’s network of fulfillment centers, your items / products will be shipped to an Amazon warehouse. Immediately a customer buy a product, Amazon will pack, ships, and then give customer service for your items, thereby streamlining the entire back-end sales process for you.  




Almost all customers know and trust the reputation of Amazon, which can assist you in moving more items. FBA participants often see that making use of Amazon’s fulfillment services assist very fast in scaling their business and also bringing more exposure and traffic. Do you know that taking part in FBA means that your customers can easily take advantage of Prime two-day shipping? This is actually a big draw for so many Amazon shoppers. Being an FBA member can also increase your chances of winning the “Buy Box will also be increase when you are an FBA member thereby letting your item/product to be the product which customers will always see as an option that they will add to their cart immediately. According to Amazon, over 71% of FBA members who participated in a survey around 2014 said that their sales had increased by over 20% since being a part of the program.

While making use of Amazon’s fulfillment centers has cleared the road for so many owners of eCommerce business, there are different elements which you have to also keep in mind.  



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It’s very important for online sellers to know where their products are being kept in warehouses because that is a trigger for nexus in so many states. Thus, FBA can easily cause a requirement so that you can collect and remit sales tax in a new state. In your Seller Central portion of your Amazon account or by using a third-party app like WhereStock you can find out where your inventory is being stored just by running an Inventory Event Detail report.

Although almost any eCommerce seller can easily sign up for FBA, because the application process is strict, Amazon does not actually have requirement and rules regarding sales.  





6...Now listed below are some of the requirements for making use of FBA:


·        You will have to double check the list of prohibited products

·        A scannable barcode is required in all products.

·        Liquids will have to be sealed twice.

·        Product listing titles should be concise, avoid all caps, avoid seller or copyright information, and include the most critical information.

·        Photos should be on an all-white background and they have to be clear and professional.


The requirement which was listed above is just a little thing of some of the most necessary things for making use of FBA as a seller. A very big list of all requirements is on the selling page of Amazon.


7...Make it a habit to scout for inventory daily


One of the backbone to success as an Amazon seller is actually Amazon inventory management. You can find the right product/item, create the best badass branding of differentiated product, but what if you always get the dreaded “Currently unavailable” on your listing? You don’t have any products to sell to customers, and consequently Amazon will drop you just like a bad habit. Your best Seller Rank will plummets, sales flat line, and you check on your shipment status more often than your Facebook feed in the meantime.


8...Sending bulk items to Amazons warehouse for fulfillment  


As soon as you have all your products/items in your shipping plan, it’s time to ship your products finally. In order to do this you will have to go to “Inventory” -> “Manage FBA Shipments” and then click on “Continue with shipping plan”.

After that you will have to enter how many units of each product you’re sending. Then if your product needs prep but most don’t, you will have to select whether you or Amazon will prep them and then you will also have to select whether Amazon or you will label the product.  




Immediately you approve your shipment, you can buy shipping from Amazon. All you just need to know is how much your package weighs. You can simply put it on a bathroom scale, or just estimate based on the products inside the package. As soon as you print out your labels, just stick them on your package and they’re ready to mail! Then drop them off at your local UPS.


9...Set an income goal  

To earn at least $4,000 per month, you will have to get around 150 books every week (this actually depends more or less on average profit per book). To earn $5,000 a month, you may have to get about 200 books every week. You have to set an income goal and a goal for the number of books you intend to get every week.  



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10...Give it time

Don’t expect to make so much money right from the very first day, if you are new. It is possible that you will only make a few hundred the very first month or maybe more if you work hard very well. With this business, any time you send in the books to Amazon, it will sometimes take about ten days for them to get your inventory sorted and live. Then your money will keep growing as you keep adding books. This business is actually not a get rich quick business, but it is a business that can never fail and which can make you a full time income if you stick with it.


11...Niche selection is important  


The most important thing here is that the niche you select is a very necessary decision you can make. Most people love to target physical product focused keywords and niches.

It’s very easy to make money using Amazon’s affiliate program if the people who come to your website are looking for a particular product which you have already discussed in your website. It’s more difficult when trying to use a website such as a blog to make money by linking to physical products because the people comes there are searching for advice on how to make money online and not what iPod speakers they should buy.


12...Link to products inside your content  

The truth is roughly half of so many people Amazon money comes from basic text links which is posted inside the content body area of a page or blog post.

Text links which are simple and are in the content of a blog post are the best and most effective way to get web visitors to click. A lot always trust the body of the content on a page more so than some other area of the website.


13...Make product images clickable affiliate links  

Another good thing to a simple text link is to make use of images of the item or product you’re talking about and simply make them clickable.

Over 15% of most people total Amazon money has come from simply making all of the product images on their websites clickable affiliate links.  




14...Link to Amazon many times in an article if doing a product review  

Am very sure you know that each link that is inside one of your articles is another chance for a visitor to click through and easily make their way onto Amazon.com.

It’s common for most people to simply link to Amazon about three to even six times in just one single article (even more when they are doing a product review).


15...Product review articles convert the best  

Doing a quality product review for a product which is directly related to your niche is a very simple method use to garner higher click thru rates and then increased sales, but it is a must that your review is of higher quality.

Let’s say you contact the PR agency or manufacturer’s marketing team and simply get them to send you a demo unit of the product which you want to review, but you have to know that this takes a lot of time and effort and at the end it may not be worth it most especially on a smaller traffic site (at first).  




You will have to simply persuade the reader to investigate their buying options by the time they are through with reading an article, which is why most people always add links to all of the products they mention in a review at the end of the article. That way it’s very simple and easy transition from learning about the item/product during your review and then at the very end it will be time to make a purchase.


16...Build an email list  

I believe you have probably be hearing this so many times from those people who tell you to build an email list from the internet marketing and blogger crowd, but you have to know that building an email list is very simple on a physical product oriented website.

Now why did I say so? Most people don’t actually have their guard up when they are making research for a physical product to buy (when normally compared to other online purchase decisions i.e. digital goods). So what most people like to do is just give out some type of freebie such as a buyer’s guide or some other type of information that gives more details about the products they’re actually researching.  




For most people newsletter provider they normally use Aweber and I strongly recommend them. In total most people can easily attribute at least five to ten percent of their total income due to their email lists because they normally like to promote items/products heavily to their lists during the holidays.


17...Make money on Amazon Associates (Affiliate Marketing)  

Amazon is actually one of the world’s largest marketplaces. Although there are a lot of affiliate marketplaces all over the world, so many bloggers, and large organizations prefer to use Amazon to sell their items / products.

Their affiliate program normally pays up to 15% of the sale amount and, depending on the type of sale you are making; it’s a very good way you can use to make some big money.  





This is actually true if you are a mobile or gadget blogger. You can just write a full review of a phone and then give an Amazon affiliate link. By just using only 15 minutes of your time to find the best mobile deal, you can increase your income substantially.

So depending on your target market or geographical location, you should register for the Amazon affiliate program.

For instance, let’s say your target audience is in U.S., you will need to register for Amazon U.S. Associate Program. But if your target audience is from India, then you have to register for Amazon India program.

Now what if you decide to promote items/products which are from Amazon geographical location, you will have to register for Amazon affiliate program for all countries such as .jp (Japan), .au (Amazon Australia) etc.


18...Amazon Trade-In  

The Amazon Trade-In program normally let customers receive an Amazon.com Gift Card in exchange for hundreds of thousands of products that are eligible which includes books, video games, Kindles and more. This is a process which is very simple and also convenient with an instant offer and free shipping.  






19...Work At Home for Amazon  

Amazon recruits people to work from home as human resource professionals, virtual call center agents, and call center managers as well as some small tech jobs. The biggest part of home-based workers is virtual call center agents, and they are not independent contractors but employees and may work part or full time for an hourly payment.


20...Useful tools for new Amazon FBA sellers  

There are always tools which is use to make a business much easier when it comes to running a business of any kind. So having an Amazon FBA business is no different. As a new seller you are expected to stick with the very basics to keep costs low.  




21...Below is a list of some useful tools for new Amazon FBA sellers.

·        Laser Printer

·        CamelCamelCamel

·        Profit Bandit

·        Price Blink

·        Amazon Seller App

·        Dymo Label Printer

·        Stretch Film

·        Avery Labels

·        Scotty Peelers

·        Self Seal Poly Bags


22...Price your items competitively

Now why is it very difficult to simply get your pricing right on Amazon? You want to actually win the sale, but you also want to make some profit. Any MBA student will tell you that no matter how skillful a business owner is at building, marketing and also distributing items, only the actual efforts around pricing will bring money (and hopefully profits) into your business.  




So no matter how beautiful the Amazon marketplace may seem to a third-party seller, you won’t get long-term success if you don’t have a comprehensive understanding of how to price items profitably. Unfortunately, so many retailers / sellers under-invest in building good pricing strategies.

Even if you’re just getting started selling on Amazon, or you’ve already being at it for so many years, pricing is one of the best steps to success. Before internet retailing became famous, customers have been choosing products based on prices. Now, pricing is actually one of the main pillars which hold up the holy grail of success on Amazon: the buy box.

So how do you intend to set that price? Pricing is, like so many things, a balance of rules and instinct. Now see it like this: let’s say you’re an event photographer and as a photographer, you depend both on an artistic eye and knowledge to make beautiful photographs.  




Pricing is also the same, because as you set prices, you will have to make use of a mixture of gut instinct and rules. Same as photography, you’ll actually like to get very comfortable with the rules before you start allowing your gut lead you to make some big pricing choices.


23...Write sales and do promotions during the holidays  

Most people always make between $500 and $1,000 a day every day during the week of Cyber Monday, Black Friday and Cyber Week. It is sometime low during some other holidays such as Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day and Presidents Day etc. But you will still be able to promote different sales during the period of these holidays also. They normally target every holiday just because Amazon normally creates a standard dedicated sales page when ever any of these holidays comes up and the deals that are shared on these pages are always generally good too.  




So what they do is put together a content of all the top products which are on sale in their niche using the tips that has be discussed earlier such as linking as many times as possible, or making the product image clickable and then sending out an email to their list etc. So that they will get even more conversions.

For the structure of these articles they normally like to target a keyword which is frequently searched such as “Cyber Monday Discounts” etc. because they also know lots of people search for “Cyber Monday” and “Black Friday” a lot of times every year but they also search a longer form version like “Cyber Monday (My Niche) Discounts”.


24...Sell large quantities of cheap products to boost your income  

One thing which most of them do is to simply have websites which are set up in competition niches that are low where the products / items typically aren’t as costly and where it’s very simple to sell these products in bigger quantities ($70 or less). Then they also have some other niche sites which normally sell more costly products/items at prices which are much higher ($XXX – $X, XXX) which are sold less frequently. So this way they usually get to use the quantity of sales that is increased from these small priced product websites to assist them get up into a higher payout brackets so instead of them to make 5% on that high end item they will get 7% instead.  




25...Use multiple tracking ids for your products  

Automatically Amazon always assigns everybody one tracking ID such as blahblahblah-20 but you will have to create some additional tracking ID’s which is up to 100 in total. Whenever you get to that total you will have to always ask for more so with your creation of tracking ID’s for your websites feel free to be liberal.

You definitely won’t install the same code of your Google Analytics on every single website you own right? Of course you won’t, because you wouldn’t be able to know the right amount of traffic each of your websites were actually getting individually. Now the same thing can also be said for tracking the money you normally make on your own websites and yet so many people still say that they use only one Amazon tracking ID for all the websites / facepalm that they own. In the past there are some people who have gone so far as to create about 15 different tracking ID’s to make use of on a single website.


26...Automatically populate information to save time  

One of the methods which most people have also been using to make good money with Amazon is to actually populate information from a WordPress plugin which they had produced based on the needs they had for building the centric websites of Amazon. The result is actually EasyAzon. The plugin let you to put information and also affiliate links to Amazon in a way that is much faster than creating the links by hand yourself from Amazon.com.

Actually what the plugin does is let you to quickly insert the image of the product as an affiliate link, a text based affiliate link, a product information grid, and also convert US Amazon links to UK, GR through link localization etc. And it has all those things of be affiliate links to Amazon.com so it does a good job in improving click through rates.

The plugin is available at EasyAzon.com and it is very cheap


27...Insert buy now button into your articles  

This is actually one of the things which EasyAzon can easily do for you, but if you don’t want to use the money needed you can just insert your own buy now button and then turn it into an Amazon affiliate link.


28...Creating a product comparison grid for all of the products  

Creating a product comparison grid for every product that is within your niche and letting people sort by different features is a very good way you can use in getting some additional sales. So many people normally used this tactic on their different websites and the product comparison page alone can easily add an additional 5% to 10% money increase for a website. If you normally do it manually then you’ll have to use the WordPress plugin that is called WP Table Reloaded and what most people do is to add different columns for information about the item / product and in the last column they use a buy now button which people can simply click to know more info about the product.


29...Publish a post every week with the best deals  

If you have be looking for a way which you can use to mention products which are most frequently on sale on your website then one of the best methods a lot of people have been using in the past is to simply do a weekly deals post. So what they do is just publish a post each week with the best deals for their niche and then add all of the previous tactics which have be discussed above to simply link the products on Amazon.com. Now depending on how you frequently publish content you could do it more or less often (There are some websites I have seen people do this style of contents every single day).


30...Publish a bestseller list  

There is a bestseller page at Amazon which you can simply find at Amazon.com / bestsellers and so one thing most sellers do on their site is just publish a bestsellers list and then name the current bestsellers which are trending. Generally speaking the cream rises to the top so if you write a content which talks about the bestselling items / products, those will likely be the best products which your visitors have been looking to buy also.

All you have to do is just go to Amazon.com / bestsellers and search for your respective niche category and simply shoot for top 5 or top 10 items / products.


31...Use native shopping ads over static banner ads  

Most sellers prefer to use Native Shopping Ads over static style Amazon banner ads because it allows for bigger flexibility. You can easily display products mainly by recommendation by search, from the content, or with some other options.

You can easily create the Amazon Native Shopping Ads within your Amazon Associates account and you will be able to manually add items / products or you can just display some bestselling products / items from a particular category.


32...Use a website or blog layout that improves conversions  

The fact remains that the layout of your website actually matters a lot when it comes to how well it converts casual visitors into affiliate sales.

When you have this understanding you’d think that some people would use more time in testing their theme or website layout to know the optimal way to make more money with their website? Well, there are still some of the worst converting themes around.

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