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14 Ways on How to Make More Money on Craigslist Posting Ads


Craigslist Money Making Opportunities: A Creative Guide to Successfully Make a Full-Time Income Selling on Craigslist -  (Tips to Make Money on Craigslist)


The key of being a very successful sales person on Craigslist is to find out what category is more demanded in your area. Your negotiation skills is also very important because it is where your profit will be determined by the price you purchase the used item and then the investment you put into raising the value of the product and also the patience you have when you list the item for sale.  



Always do a lot of research in your area to find out what the demand and supply is. If you do this very well, you could be looking at running a very profitable business. Cities usually have a demand that is very high. The constant flow of college students and the working class moving in and out of a city normally keeps the Craigslist market going strong.

Now let's take a look at some of the most famous ways that you can use to make money on Craigslist by selling stuff.  


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1...Research leads for your business

Lead generation actually describes the marketing process of capturing and stimulating interest in a service or product for the main aim of sales pipeline development.

Lead generation makes use of digital channels mostly, and it has been going through substantial changes in some recent years from the onset of new social and online techniques. To be specific, the abundance of information that is readily available online has actually led to the rise of the buyer that is self-directed and then the emergence of new methods to easily develop and also qualify potential leads before they can be pass to sales.  



Lead generation is important because the buying process has changed a lot, and marketers will have to find new ways to simply reach buyers and then get heard through the noise. Instead of them looking for customers with email blast and mass advertising, marketers will now have to focus on being see and learn to build relationships that is continuous with buyers.

One of your very top priorities should be direct customer engagement because most businesses actually choose to go with in-direct engagement – such as FAQs but the fact remains that this is not really the most proper way to engage.  



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Direct engagement, normally makes use of forums, live chat and help centers – where representatives of customer service are normally present all the time in order to make sure all query is properly handled.

The truth is that more engaged customers always results in better word-of-mouth and more leads.

Now according to statistics, outbound marketing is actually more effective than inbound marketing. But, that doesn’t mean that you have to forget about inbound marketing. You have to always deploy both approaches in a manner that is balanced as this will be very helpful in leads generation and then your business.

So from an inbound perspective you can personalize your email communication and get active in online communities by always sharing content that are informative, and also solving common customer problems. This will simply assist you to build more leads and establish healthy relationships with your customers.  


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Latest technology actually sets the trend in the market. For instance, smartphones are simply trending all over the world, because a lot of people normally access their mail or just browse websites through tablets or smartphones; this actually shows that you will have to invest in making your marketing efforts very compatible with these devices, this will allow you to reach the highest amount of customers.

So you will have to always keep an eye on channels and technology that are emerging through which you can easily get more leads for your business.

Twitter can also be used as a source of potential leads for your company, so it is not only a social networking website. Now with the assistance of Follower wonk, you can simply categories like; the very time your followers normally tweet, necessary information about followers etc., so that you can easily reach the audience which is associated with your niche.  



You also know that content is actually a very great source of the web traffic – because it normally result in more leads. But it also needs to be very informative so high quality content can easily be an asset for you as it normally attracts traffic to your website even after the day it was publish. Always try to include video, infographics and images to easily increase engagement and share counts.


2...Find your niche

You want to start selling on craigslist, but now the only thing which is holding you back is the market niche, the truth is that you need to choose. And, honestly, this is very tricky: You could list all of your passions and interests and still come away feeling as if you haven't really hit upon that very singular thing which you were actually meant to do.

The fact is that you will have to do your due diligence by selecting a very viable niche on craigslist.  



3...Write a great title

When you are actually posting items on Craigslist, the title you go with can easily make a very big difference in the success of the post. Whether you are looking to rent out an apartment or you are selling items, the wording you decide to make use of can always be the difference between you being ignored and getting lots of replies.

When most people are browsing Craigslist for an item, they normally have a price in mind which actually fits their budget; they may decide to use the price as an immediate indicator if or not they can actually afford a home or an item. So to make your title stand out, you will have to include the price at the very beginning or even at the end of your Craigslist title so that it won’t be hard to find because when it is place in the middle, it may be very hard to find.  



Now in order to be able to attract people that are looking for a particular thing on Craigslist, you will have to always make use keywords in your titles. So instead of a description that is generic, just choose keywords that will actually describe the exact thing you are offering. For instance, if you are selling a stereo, you don't have to refer only to the brand name; just include the word "stereo" in the title. Doing so will assist people to easily find your ad when they are searching or scanning for a particular word.

Your title is mostly the main opportunity that you have to draw a customer in; so to always make sure that you attract the right people, you will have to aim for a medium-length title. If it too short, then you risk readers passing through your ad; if it is too long, then you might lose them halfway through. So for instance instead of saying "bike for sale," you can mention the size, make, price and model of the bike to draw people in. Only include details that will assist potential customers to narrow down the selection: price, model, year, make, and number of bedrooms or any other special features.  


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The actual way you write a Craigslist title can easily assist you to make it stand out. You can simply add in a little bit of humor or a personal touch with just the use of "I" to give it something absolutely different. It is very tempting to put out ads with titles written in all capital letters, but always avoid the temptation; because it will make your ad look so much like spam and can easily irritate potential customers. Always proofread your title in order to make sure that everything is punctuated and spelled correctly so it can show up on search engines.


4...Honesty is the best approach

Always let the buyers know in the post if the item you are selling works very well. And if you are selling electronics, it is better you take a picture of the item while it’s turned on to prove to the buyer that it works like you say it does.  



5...Research items

When searching for the market price, you can easily start by going to EBay to check the ‘completed listings’ because this will definitely show you what has actually sold and for how much. This will then give you a very good idea of what the demand is for your specific item. But if you see that there is no demand then that means your item will not sell very fast. Another good option is to go through the current Craigslist listings in your area for products that are similar and see what they are actually going for.

But if you are selling a large ticket item like a boat or car, you can simply check prices online through sites like NADA or Kelley Blue Book.  



6...Be Willing to Negotiate

You will have to always be ready to negotiate or else you may end up stuck with the products that you are trying to sell. People normally feel very good about what they buy when they get a deal. A very good expectation would be to plan to sell your product for less than 10-20% the list price. You can simply list your item for $220, but in your mind expect that you would sell it for $200. One of the first things your potential buyer will ask you is what your lowest price is. You can tell them that you just listed it and the lowest that you can go is $200.


7...Flip items for profits

The concept of flipping items is not actually new. It has to deal with purchasing an item very cheap, refinishing so that it will look better, and then selling it at a very high price, but in some cases, you won’t even have to improve the item you bought before you can sell to make money.  



8...Here are some of the top items to flip on craigslist for profit.

·        Computers and technological devices

 The fact remains that we interact with technological devices and computers on an everyday basis. They are actually a part of almost every working and learning activity which we normally engage in today. Now because of constant use, computer peripherals and other technological devices normally get worn out quickly. So they sometimes malfunction or break. As a result, technological devices and computers are actually some of the very best items to flip on Craigslist. There are people out there who are constantly looking for this product to replace their broken or malfunctioning ones.


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·        Automobiles

 A lot of people purchase cars on Craigslist almost every day. In this online market, automobiles are a very common and famous item to flip. You can easily find some cars which are in relatively good condition for a price that is very low. So many people are looking to sell away their old cars and purchase some new ones. So there is a very good supply of cars to buy on Craigslist. After some tuning and refurbishing, you can simply go ahead to flip them and make a very good profit. Now in addition to cars, you have to know that there is a ready market for trucks.


·        Power tools

 These are always in high demand on Craigslist. Contractors always like to post and buy these tools online. Some are even selling theirs in order to purchase new ones for a different job and some others are buying so as to be able to accomplish a new job which they signed on to. You can purchase these tools at a very low price and simply sell them at higher but price that is affordable right in Craigslist. With so many contractors looking to purchase some tools, you can generate big profits and make many sales and over time. A very good advantage is that you can easily use them on your own personal project even as you are waiting to sell them.  



·        Furniture

 Almost everybody needs some furniture in their house. So if you can give them well-finished and high quality furniture, they will purchase it at a very quick notice. You can easily find different types of furniture to flip on Craigslist. There is contemporary, Victorian and even modern furniture in this online market. Just purchase some, then refurbish it and flip it on Craigslist for a profit that is very good. The best advantage of furniture flipping is that somebody is always there ready to purchase some. So there is always constant demand.


·        Baby and child items

 Craigslist is actually very popular for is affordable child and baby supplies. Families who are looking to save some money see Craigslist as a very important source to shop in. You can easily make a good profit by flipping these products. Some examples of these child and baby items include baby furniture, children's clothes, toys and strollers. There are a lot of people selling while some others are purchasing these items on Craigslist. They are actually among the top products that can be flip on this online market.  



·        Electronics

 The truth is that everyone actually needs some of these in their places of work and in their homes. They normally assist us to complete our work and even give us a means of entertainment. Examples of these are devices for gaming and tablets, televisions. Despite their prices are high, electronics always sell very fast. So they are a very good item to flip on Craigslist. Simply find the ones that are selling for the lowest prices and flip them at an affordable price. Some may require simple repair. Buy these, refurbish and sell them for a very good profit on Craigslist.


·        Appliances for use at home

 In retail stores, home appliances are normally priced very high. So, a lot of people usually go over to Craigslist in search of used ones. Appliances that are common such as dishwashers, dryers, refrigerators and washers are always in very high demand. Therefore, they are always ideal products to flip in this online market. Some of them are normally posted in a state where repair is needed on them. So you can easily purchase them, repair them and then flip them just for profit.


·        Construction supplies

 There are always some leftover supplies after building has been completed. These include scrap metal, lumber and steel bars. These products are usually in high demand on Craigslist and this is mainly because of the high price in retail stores for brand new building supplies. People who have renewed their house will actually know how high these prices can easily get. So, people always go to Craigslist to simply search for construction supplies which are affordable. You can purchase them from the sellers or just find some around you for a price that is affordable. Then you can easily flip them on Craigslist and make lots of profit on the sale. You will have to learn the prices of these products by conducting some research at retail stores which sell construction supplies such as Home Depot and Lowe's.  




·        Mobile phones

 Almost everybody has one. Also known as cell phones, they help us to stay in touch with each other across distances. They also assist us to get online for work, education or play. Craigslist is actually full of cell phones and people who will like to purchase them. Because most of them have been already used, you can simply get good deals on low price cell phones. Immediately you purchase them, you can simply flip them at a price that is higher, but still affordable and make your profit. But as you purchase and also sell items on Craigslist, always look out for scammers. Because not all the sellers are actually honest people.


·        Event tickets

 In the U.S. some cities are known for their very vibrant culture. Some examples of these are cities like Los Angeles and New York. A lot of events actually take place every day in these cities. You can always find tickets to these events on Craigslist. So if you can simply find a way to purchase them in bulk for a very low price and flip them in this online market, you are going to make a lot of money. People are out there constantly looking for tickets at a bargain price and you can supply them on Craigslist.  



There are so many people who make a very stable living out of just flipping products on Craigslist. They normally deal in the products listed including so many more. You can simply join in too and make a little fortune for yourself. Just flip these products for some quick profits and then easily expand your reach as your enterprise grows.


9...Post good photos - Pictures, Pictures, Pictures!

People normally want to know the quality of an item before they can create the time that they will use to come and see it. If the pictures of your product are taken from the Internet that will tell the buyer that you don’t want to reveal the real condition of the item. If you take poor quality pictures that have poor lighting or that are blurry, they might make the product which you are trying to sell look in bad condition than it really is.  



You are not expected to have a very expensive camera in order to take good photos for Craigslist, but it is very necessary to make sure that the pictures are very clear and taken in natural daylight for the best results. In addition if there is any form of damage or scratch on an item, also add a picture of it as well so that people will know what to expect up front.

So you have to know that using high-quality and attractive images is a good method to enhance a post on Craigslist. The truth is adding images that are poor or not putting any images at all with your ad on Craigslist actually increases the likelihood that some potential clients and customers will disregard your listing completely. The Craigslist posting method actually reformats and resizes images to fit within a particular size, but this does not have to completely limit your ability to share good and high-quality images with the people that will view your listing. You can simply include bigger pictures by linking to images hosted elsewhere.  


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10...Adding images through direct Upload

Start by visiting Craigslist to select the right section for your ad. Then in the top right corner of your browser, click "post."

Now enter the necessary details into the fields for description, post title, etc. Then click Add / Edit Images—but if this option is not available, you will have to follow the alternative method in Section 2.

Click on the Choose File button and then locate the image on your hard drive. Craigslist only let you to directly upload just four images in one post and the website will simply decrease the size of bigger pictures to a maximum of 300 by 300 pixels automatically, so it is of no use to upload especially big images. If you will like to preserve the resolution of a picture without uploading big images, you will have to use the PNG file format, it is actually available as a savable format in so many software applications for image editing. The interface of Craigslist will always reduce the size, so you have to make use of the alternative instructions in Section 2 if you will like your image to be bigger.

Now you can click on "Continue" to see a preview of the image you uploaded. If you think the image still looks unsuitable, you will have to click "Edit" to try another different image or you can just follow the alternative method in Section 2.  



11...Off-Site Images

You will start by visiting a free image-hosting website like Photo bucket, tiny pic or Imgur. Follow the instructions of the website's to upload your high-quality photo and then copy the URL which is listed in the Direct Link field.

Now open Craigslist in a different browser tab or window. Simply select the right section for your ad and in the top-right corner of your browser, just click "post."

Then enter the details that are relevant into the fields for description and post title etc.

Now you will have to skip a line under the end of your description and enter the HTML code for pictures into the field and then paste the URL of your image into the source.

Click on "Continue" to see a preview of the image you uploaded. If you think the image is too small or big, just return to the hosting website of the image and make use of the available resizing tools to reduce the size of the image. Sizes that are around 500 by 500 pixels will be very good for presenting a high-quality picture without actually overwhelming your potential customer or client.


12...Set a fair price

Immediately you’ve done your research and then checked out the market price, you’ll have to price your item very competitively. You can easily do that by pricing it slightly or similarly less than your competition own in a similar condition to yours. Also know that just because something is listed at a particular price, doesn’t actually mean that somebody will be paid that price for it. So if there are items that are very similar to yours that is listed, you’ll want to have the better deal.  



While there are some cultures that actually emphasize the art of negotiation, big corporations and retail stores have taught us that prices are usually fixed things. Some of us even think that the price of a product should be the cost of labor and parts, including small fraction more.

The truth remains that there is no real objective "correct" price—only of what somebody is willing to pay. There is a concept in economics which is called willingness to pay. Put simply, it's actually the biggest amount that a person is willing to pay for a service or products. In every trade, everyone has this set amount. For instance, some people may not be willing to use a dime on a smart watch. Others may even be ready to pay up to $1,000.  



Now when you decide to sell off your old stuff, your costs have been paid already, so you won’t have to worry about a business model that is sustainable. All you will have to do is look for someone that is willing to purchase your item at the highest price possible. The very practical upshot about this is that you can simply set your price very high as you want and then the worst thing that will happen is that it won’t sell and you can simply re-list later.

The fastest method to know what your stuff is worth is to take a look at what some other people are selling those similar products for. Say you want to get rid of a black leather futon that is old. You can search your area for same futons. Then you will see that similar listings are going for about $100-200, depending on the conditions and features.  



Now, the main thing that you will have to remember here is that these are just for sale prices, not actually what they are going to sell for because those listings may not even sell at all. They can be negotiated down. You have to know that just because someone is listing a product for a particular price doesn't actually mean that is what the market is going to pay for it. But it can give you an idea of where to price your futon. So if you wanted $500 for your futon, you won't be able to sell it while every other person is actually pricing theirs for $200 or less.

You will also be able to make use of price tracker like CheckAFlip to simply compare completed listings to the ones that are currently active for some specific search criteria. This will also let you know the average number of listings which have be sold successfully for a particular category or item. Not only is this going to give you an indication on where to actually set your price, it will also tell you how very good it is to keep selling it even if you have not be able to find a buyer right away.  



Now if you will really like to go in-depth, you can also make use of use trackers for each product just like you would if you were actually buying. There are some featured services such as NotiCraig which will send you an email when a product you have be looking for shows up. You can simply make use of these same tools to just watch products that are similar to the ones you will like to sell and then see how much some other people are selling them for.


13...Provide potential buyers with a clear description

You can start by having this question in mind when you decide to list the product, “If I were the person buying this item, what exactly would I want to know?” 


Below are some very good answers that you can think about when determining the right information to include in your Craigslist description:  




·        Condition

 Does it actually have any damages or flaws, and is it completely functional? The more you describe the condition of the item, the less stressful the conversation will be when the potential client comes to have a look at it because they already have clearer expectations when they actually see the item in person. The chances of purchase are actually higher when a person already knows the exact thing to expect when they are coming to see your item. But if you list your product in “good” condition and it’s full of tear and wear, potential buyers will definitely be disappointed and the walk away.  



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·        Specs

 What are actually the main characteristics? A lot of people are looking on Craigslist for an item or products with some certain specifications, so if you always list the specs, you will have a very good chance of these kinds of buyers finding your listing. For example, if you decide to sell a car on Craigslist, you will have to think about listing the size of the engine, whether or not it is a 4 wheel drive, current mileage, how many miles does it normally gets to a gallon etc.


·        Accessories

 What really comes with the item? Now listing the accessories is very important because it could actually be the main reason someone will buy your item or product over that of somebody else’s. For instance, when listing a cell phone some accessories that should be included is a car charger, a case or even an extra wall charger. When you decide to sell items such as cars, you will have to talk about accessories like power windows, heated seats, CD players or DVD players, etc.  


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·        List a Reason

 What is the real reason why you decided to sell it? This does not necessarily have to be very long. One sentence will be very fine. With this method people will know the reason behind the listing and this will make them to be more comfortable about giving you a call. Most times when the price is very low and there is no actual reason for it, people will avoid calling because they actually think that it may be a scam. Or they might even be thinking that you are trying to get rid of an item with poor quality. But if you always have a very good reason why you decided to sell, people will definitely take a second look at your listing.


·        Telephone Number

 You will have to always list your phone number in order to sell it very fast. Most potential client don’t even contact people that has just an email address because most times they are scams or even marketing ploys just to simply get your contact info. Also, you will have to use the digits like this: 601-444-4444. Don’t do this: Six 0 One 444-444Four. This is very annoying because most times a lot of prospective buyers like to call from their cell phone, so if done right, they can simply touch the number when they see the ad and it places a call instantly. This won’t be possible if you decide to list it the latter way.  



·        Special Features

 Is there something about this item which is different from others listed? If there is, you have to make sure that you put it as well. You have to share special features even without criticizing listings that are similar – the goal here is to share what your item is actually all about which makes it worth taking a look at. This can easily be the difference between potential buyers purchasing yours or another item they find.  



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 14...Meet at a location other than your home - Stay Safe

The truth is that craigslist is a very good way to simply sell and buy items, but unfortunately, it is not actually safe. So don’t ever make the mistake of putting your home telephone number or even home address in a listing. Just provide your cellphone number or email address where prospective buyers can simply contact you. If you sell items that are very small, you can meet up with the buyer at a place that is public and very busy to make the sale. But if you have a big and heavy item to sell and the buyer will have to come to your house, always make sure that there are other people who are in the house with you when he comes. So many buyers are actually interested in your item, but some very few ones can easily use your personal information against you.  



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