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  Coming up with a very good idea isn’t a fixed process; there must be so many trial and error. The best way I’ve found to create ideas is to always write and write. Make lots of lists each day of things that you will enjoy, and try to think about ways you can simply make money doing them.  



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Each of these outlined ideas below are some business ideas to make as much money as you want and most of them are very easy to start, some can also be done as a sole proprietorship from the start (what this means is that you don’t actually have to file any legal documents before you can start, though it will be important for you to do that if it starts to take off). Some of these ideas can be started at home in your spare time, and in your spare space, too.

Go through it to see if there are any ideas below that fit you well. If you see any idea you like, do some kind of research or look for a guide on how to get started in that area.  




1...Make VOIP business

A market that’s expanding in a very fast pace these days is the VoIP market. A lot of companies, businesses and homes want to save some money on their phone bills and this is the best possible way to do it. Now with such a big and high demand for VoIP services, there is a lot of potential for people who are willing to start a VoIP company, because if rightly done, then it will definitely become a very profitable business.  


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2...Micro money lending business

Do you know that there are so many budding entrepreneurs that have a lot of business ideas in their heads that are very profitable? But on a sad note, almost all of them don’t have the required money to start their dream businesses. And for this simple reason, a lot of business ideas have been forgotten for years.  



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Now with so many micro-lending institutions starting up everywhere, the story has taking a new twist; a lot of budding entrepreneurs can now easily start the business of their dream, and there are so many new, small and medium-scale businesses starting on a daily basis.

This is a trend that has made micro lending a very lucrative and profitable business in itself. So if you really want to start your own business, then one of the best opportunities you can simply grab right now is starting a micro lending company.


3...Freight brokerage business

Now you have to be aware that this is one of the best periods to be in the freight brokering business, and there are so many reasons to consider starting your own brokerage now. With the United State economy growing on a daily basis, a highly strong and growing sector, and with the increase in demand for new brokers, you have all the external conditions that can make you become a freight broker with lots of success.

But before you take the necessary steps to start your freight brokerage, you will have to take a look at the role of the broker in the sector, because apart from making lots of money – a lot of freight brokers normally earn up to $90,000 per year – they’re also crucial for the transportation of goods and cargo. Freight brokers are very important because they keep the economy running.  



If you are interested in starting a freight brokerage, then you have to love paperwork. When starting freight brokerage you are required apply to the government for broker authority, then register your brokerage with the government, and also take out a surety bond to cover any issues that may arise. The best thing about this is that almost all of this can be easily done online. Internet and software are a necessity in managing a freight broker business.


4...Cleaning services for businesses

There are a lot of businesses and civic institutions that are in need of people who can clean and tidy their offices and common areas outside of the normal business hours. So if you’re willing to start working at nights and weekends, then you can easily build a cleaning side business and get in shape all in one fell swoop. This is a very profitable business because you will always charge them for your services.



There are so many people out there who actually don’t enjoy cleaning their homes and are always ready to pay a good amount of money to have someone do the work for them. This is a good way to earn some extra money in a very easy way, particularly if you have time off during the workweek. And also since you are working for yourself, you are able to choose your own perfect hours, terms, and pay.  



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6...Pet sitting

Do you know that when people go on trips or travel out of the country, they’re sometimes troubled as to what will happen with their pets before they return. That’s where you can easily come in — just offer yourself as a good place to keep their pets, or you can also go to their home to take very good care of their pets. In so many cases, people are always very willing and happy to pay a pet sitter that is qualified in order to stay away from sending their pet to a professional kennel.


7...Pet grooming

You can also expand your services from pet sitting to include pet grooming as an additional side hustle. To do that, you'll need to have the required training, maybe a license to operate depending on your location, and the right pet grooming items. Do you know that according to Pay Scale, some pet groomers get an average salary range of $17,600 to $48,500? That is not bad as side money if you can look for a way to get in most of your clients on the weekends.


8...Junk removal service

Now you have to know that without people working to clean up everybody else’s junk, then the world would be so much dirtier than it is already. Although the job isn’t that glamorous, but you are actually making the world a cleaner place while making lots of extra side money. All you will need to start this business is a sturdy second-hand truck and some equipment that are standard like rakes, sledgehammers, shovels, wheelbarrows and garbage cans.


9...Car washing business

There are so many car owners who simply don’t have the time to personally wash for their vehicles, not to talk of sparkle with some little equipment such as tire black, car shampoo, polishing wax, sponges, a pail and a sturdy hose, you can take advantage of this and start making a good side hustle money by washing cars and making it look very fresh in your spare time after work and on weekends.  



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10...Catering Business

If you actually love to cook, then you can take the easy way and start a home catering business. A business that is well arranged to benefit those who plan very well is catering, and it can simply fit rightly into weekends, which can easily work well if you are planning to start a business outside of normal working hours.


11...Wind farm business

With the popularity of natural power sources on the rise, it won’t be a surprise if you are interested in starting a wind farm business.

Wind farms has started to get the attention of people all over the world due to the dwindling supplies of fossil fuels and their very costly prices, which in turn is contributing to power expenses rising on a daily basis. The use of fossil fuels to create electrical power is also not very friendly to the environment due to the pollutant nature of fossil fuels.

People normally like to invest in wind power because of just two reasons which are to save up on the expenses of power by depending full time or part time on wind turbines to get electricity; and to become more environments friendly. So no matter what the actual reasons may be, you can also take advantage by staring up a wind power business.  





12...Make floor tiling business

One of the best business ventures to start all over the world is floor tile business. This is just because a lot of people need the product to design their homes. But you have to be aware that, floor tile business is a very demanding, yet it is a very profitable business. You need some money to buy the floor tiles.

Most of the people who own floor tiles business do not purchase floor tiles from the people who manufacture them but they normally buy from local sellers and wholesalers. Most of them buy floor tiles from the floor tile processing plant when they are in need of it and some just open floor tiles business as a franchise of Floor tiles manufacturing plant or company.

There are different types of floor tiles that are always needed by people. But currently the most needed floor tiles are the ceramic floor tiles.


13...Hospitality business

Do you intent to start a business in the hospitality sector, be it a very small bed and breakfast, an event planning business, a hotel or motel, even a tourism company can be very simple with the right planning and knowing of the requirements. The fact is that the hospitality sector offers a lot of opportunities for employment and growth, but a business in this sector sometimes can be very hard to keep if you don't know and take the right steps to success.  



Now just like any other type of business, selecting the perfect entity for the needs of your business is the most essential first step you will have to take. You will also want to be very certain that your private assets are well secured just in case of any circumstances that is unforeseen. Let us use people with hotel accommodations for example, if a customer were to fall or become injured on your property due to an accident, do you know you could be sued? If you are the owner of an event planning company, you may also be required to rent equipment or supplies that are high in cost, and if mistakenly anything were to happen to that item, you could be easily held responsible for the debts incurred. This is the main reason it is very necessary to protect your personal assets by filing a corporation or LLC.


14...Entertainment business

If you will like to start very little and then persist, you will surely have a very successful entertainment business in the future that will surely give you some huge amount of profits because currently in this modern world that we are living in, when we talk about entertainment, then almost everyone would accept that entertainment business is one of the best and fastest growing business and it is also one of the important aspects of a country’s economy. Entertainment business normally gives lots of information as well as so many other things that are in relation to entertainment. This business usually needs a lot of hard work most especially if you only have little contacts at the very beginning. But, you don’t have to be concerned about that because you can just build your reputation as you go along and have a very long lucrative business for so many years.


15...Parrot breeding business

Do you know that breeding parrots can be challenging but also very profitable? Making a profit from breeding birds takes some time, and some species can only breed once in a year. Good nutrition, adequate housing, and maintaining a sanitary environment are very important to success, as avian diseases can easily spread quickly through an aviary that is not rightly taking care of.  




You have to make a lot of good research in order to know the best species of parrots to raise. Now some factors you will have to consider when choosing the perfect types of birds to breed include climate, housing requirements, breeding seasons and the average number of chicks the species tends to make on a yearly basis. You also need to be aware that supply and demand plays a major role in the value of the parrots you raise. Normally, the less offspring specie is able to produce, the higher the value of the birds. Birds that are simple to raise usually produce a larger quantity of offspring who will be less costly to buy. Also have it in mind that some species are mixed with other types of birds in the aviary they will never breed. Some parrots such as cockatoos and Amazons, are unable to be sexed visually. Unless you totally and completely trust the breeder you are buying birds from, you also have to request DNA testing to be sure you are actually purchasing a male and female pair. All that is needed for DNA testing is just a small blood sample and is fairly inexpensive to have done.


16...Make face painting business

Now do you normally like painting faces as a hobby? Do you find it interesting working with children and adults? If so then you can easily turn your artistic hobby into a money making opportunity.

All you are required to do is learn a couple of various designs. Usually skeletons, butterflies, tigers and Spiderman are some of the most popular ones for children. It will also be very useful to be able to do some little designs such as flowers and abstract patterns. There are a lot of resources on the internet which can get you started.

Body painting is a form of art that is considered by so many people around the world as the oldest form of art. Body painting is a temporary thing, usually painted onto the human body, and lasts from some few minutes to a few weeks.  



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So many people in various sectors around the world have painted their faces and bodies for so many years. Face and body paintings are mostly worn at football matches, at parties, and at some certain festivals. In some recent years, this has become very sought after among children at parties, theme parks, and festivals all over the Western world.

A lot of small designs are very simple to paint and need little more than the basic supplies. If you intend to venture into the world of face paints, the simplest place to start is small design because without the right training, it is still very possible to create some simple designs that are very beautiful and also eye-catching. The best way to accomplish appealing designs is cheek art.

One of the best benefits of making simple (or cheek art) is saving time because in a fraction of time, you can easily paint a small design or character on a little child's cheek, arm or body and create the same kind of "wow" that you would if you spent lots of time on a longer painting for elaborate full face design.

Adaptability is a big advantage with most simple small designs because it can be adapted and painted on the face/cheek, neck, shoulder, legs, and arms. A simple snake normally looks very good slithering up the arm and a rose or other flower looks very beautiful on the shoulder.


17...Launch a niche PR agency business

After so many years of in-house or agency work, you’ve finally decided to simply go out on your own and then start your own public relations company. Make some resolution on your own terms because you have to represent clients that fit your own very beliefs and passions. Shape your company from the ground up. It’s very good and exciting! But with all of these good sides of starting your own business, there are also many things that you should thoughtfully consider, so you have to make lots of research and talk to people who have already started their public relation business.  


Ski instructor business

Now have you ever imagined becoming a ski instructor so that you can easily work at resorts all over the world? When becoming a ski instructor getting started is usually very daunting. There are a lot of various course providers who all offer a lot of various courses in so many qualification systems that are different and all of them will definitely tell you a lot of different things.



18...Become a franchise consultant / broker

Franchising is a very large business, and the franchise brokerage sector holds the keys to the kingdom. There are a lot of compelling reasons to become a franchise broker, but for so many potential franchisees who are interested in becoming a franchise consultant, the matter usually comes down to a pragmatic question: What does the process look like?

A Franchise consultant who is also referred to as a franchise broker is a person that works with a Franchisee and a Franchisor to work out a franchise deal. Anything that has to do with an agreement to give a business rights and trademarks to another business to make gains in swapping for a start up license fee and an annual franchise renewal fee is called a franchise in the business or the entrepreneurial world.

The business or person giving out the franchise license is called the Franchisor, and the Franchisee is an entrepreneur or business owner who makes use of another business’s franchise and trademark to run their business. The actual work of a franchise consultant is to help a Franchisee search for the best franchise that they will invest in and his work to a Franchisor is help him look for Franchisee to invest in his business trademark.  





You can easily opt to start a franchise consulting business. Some of the actual work of a Franchise Consultant include; setting up franchise agreement for a Franchisor with the help of a lawyer. Helping a Franchisee look for a franchise that matches his business needs and requirements, and also carry out the right research on the franchise to make sure the franchise is very liable and profitable. Other roles include some advisory roles, as well as become a marketer for a franchisor.


19...Solar panel sales and repair business

If you are a person that is motivated and you have some great skills in business, also with some knowledge of electrical contract work, a background in construction, and an eager marketing plan, then you can easily make a big success out of this fast expanding industry.

A solar panel business normally conduct on-site surveys of potential installations, they also create a solar plan for the location and work with the owner on financing and installing the units. Some maintenance positions around the company provide lots of support for the new owners when repairing and maintaining panels to make certain of greatest productivity and return on the investment. This business needs well structured personnel with quality skills in electrical, construction, and basic understanding of science and solar energy.

Solar power is one of the renewable energy revolutions and it is a very profitable business to venture into. All you are needed to do is just choose a niche, get the right licenses and learn some incentives.

Solar power is actually one of the cornerstones of the renewable energy sector. There are so many opportunities for profitable business startups because opportunities do exist in all area of solar power, from sales and service to installation and repairs. If you want to start a solar power business, then you have to find a niche in the sector that isn't filled up in your area, and then prove yourself as an expert when it comes to home energy needs, solar energy rebates and power to work with utility companies.  




You will need to do some research on the biggest needs in your area. There are some solar niches which are already at filled up points in local markets. Although some solar companies usually give more than one product or service, most only concentrate on a niche that is underserved and that they can easily excel at.

You can also become a seller of solar items because solar equipment is actually more than just the solar panels. This actually covers everything from the replacement batteries to solar water heater products. Nowadays there is also a growing trend for some personal solar items, such as phone chargers, backpack panels and other items based on solar power.


20...Language translator business

Do you know that you can easily earn a living as a translator if you are very fluent in some foreign language? Although technology is now handling some translation services, human translators are still needed for good quality and accurate translation.

If you work this business very well, then starting a one man proprietorship interpreting and translation business can be more profitable than working for a translation agency or any company. You also have to know that owning your own translation business also gives you the option to easily select and choose the right projects for you and to also bring on some independent contractors if your workload seems too heavy.

21...Property management business

Do you know that there’s still much money to be made in property? Currently with so many house sold at a very high price, buying a home is now out of the reach of so many people, this has made lettings and property management companies to be doing very well.

A property management company normally takes care of property portfolios for their client base. Clients usually range from a landlord of one property through to some other people who own and rent out hundreds of properties or those who leasehold buildings.

Services rendered by property management companies usually include searching and vetting tenants (property management company normally do this when they are also acting as a letting agent, which most of them are), they also draw up legal tenancy contracts, they are required to also check on how tenants are taking care of the property, they deal with maintenance and repair issues, they manage liaising and financing between the landlord and the tenants. Property management services are very much in demand all over the world, because so many landlords have decided to make their own lives easy, with the additional benefit of knowing almost everything in compliant and legal. A property management business is a very lucrative business too, with most management business charging an upfront as well as a monthly fee.


22...Soybean oil production business

The soybean oil business is one of the most profitable businesses in the United State of America because the oil is consumed all over America. Soybean oil is usually contained in products such as mayonnaise, imitation diary, salad dressings, most margarines, shortenings as well as baked foods. The oil is also used in every home for cooking and frying.  

Soybean oil production might be a profitable business; but, the procedures for processing are very complicated. The soybean is normally dehulled, cleaned, and then dried before the process of extraction can be started. Now the process of extraction usually involves cutting the soybeans into chips, placing them in a percolating extractor before dipping in a solvent. The oil is then refined to take away the dirt in order to make it very edible. This usually needs a lot of machines and equipment.

Now due to this very fact, in addition to needing lots of experience to run and become a success in this business; employing a business consultant who has the needed knowledge of this industry is also very necessary, as the consultant will not only help you draw out plans and help kick start your business, but will also give you some suggestions and tips that will definitely improve your business in the long run.

It is for this reason that a good business plan is normally written, as it usually acts as a guide that will assist in influencing the actions and decisions needed to be taken during the period of running the business.


23...Make wheat flour mill business

If you have some knowledge about wheat flour mill process, then it is an opportunity for you to earn so much money because wheat flour mill business is one of the most profitable businesses these days.

One of the best things about starting a wheat flour milling business is that it is very simple. All you need to have is just some amount of money and the right pieces of wheat flour milling equipment as well. When you already have these items / equipments, working on the other stages of business would just be so simple. Now, how can you start up your own wheat milling business?

The first thing you must do is to have a plan; you actually need to have the right strategy to ensure that everything is going on very smooth. The financial plan is the very first aspect that you will have to add in your business plan because this will serve as the building block of everything. You will have to list various pieces of financial information.

The other aspect you seriously have to look out is the perfect location for your flour mill business operation. The fact is, it has to be in a location where potential clients will be able to quickly locate you.

The next important aspect after this is buying the required supplies and equipment. To ensure that you will save a large amount of money, search for the best deals.

Immediately everything is set, then you can start employing people but they have to be experts in making use of flour milling machines. You will also need to get business license and permits just to make sure that your business will operate legally.


24...Outsourcing agency business

Companies all over the world are continuously looking for outside vendors to outsource some of their business needs, from information technology services to payroll. The advantages of using a third-party supplier can easily range from convenience to cost savings, and forming a strong and good working relationship with a contracted supplier normally leads to lots of repeat business and referrals. Although starting an outsourcing company usually involves a lot of financial support and research up front, the long-term rewards can be very many.

You can easily start a small business to fulfill the need for a bigger business which is trying to outsource in a particular niche. Mostly in a recession, big companies are looking for ways to cut costs in every aspect of their business. They search for the cheapest way to keep their business lean and mean and going on smoothly. Most times, all they fall back to is outsourcing rather than paying very high salaries and benefits employing staff for their company.


25...Massage therapist business

Do you want to start your own massage business? You like the idea of always taking control, by making something your very own and generating your own employment? Running your own massage business could become a very good, positive and rewarding experience for you provided you have enough get-up-and-go and the commitment to see things through,

Starting a massage therapy business can be very simple with the needed information. You will have to go learn what’s actually involved in starting a massage therapy business: from the startup costs and the perfect business licensing requirements to marketing tips and some insider advice.


26...Photography and Videography   

If you are a very creative person, then having the right deal of business sense can assist you in becoming an entrepreneur. Starting a photography and videography business will give you lots of creative control over your work. You actually won't need to answer to any other person; you will also be in charge of looking for clients and also keeping them. Talent is very necessary when starting a photography and videography business. All the business sense in the world cannot make the innate talent and technical skills that you have improve. Once you are aware that your skills are on a professional level then it is a hint that you are now set to start your photography and videography business.


27...Nursing home business

Do you know that home health care is growing in popularity? Thanks to an aging population's penchant to request for medical care at home which is usually very cheap and also more convenient when compared with hospital or nursing home care. So when it comes to home nursing, there is some couple of options for starting your own business such as purchase a franchise or start your own independent agency.


28...Career counseling business

Currently there are a lot of employees who are either thinking of ways to move into a new line of career, some facing lots of stress in their work or some have even be dismissed from work.

Now the job or role of a career counselor is to help these employees by assisting them in finding or searching for another job.

In order for a person to be able to give career consultation, then he or she must first get a degree on career counseling but the fact is the requirement of the career counseling degree usually varies on the type of specialty on a particular occupation and state licensure and certifications. So because of the requirements variations, it makes career counseling few to only a little audience or target market. You can only study and give career counseling services to some few people with a precise occupation at a time. This is the reason it is very necessary that you carefully and easily study your target audience and know which among the occupations available you can best give good advice with.  

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