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6 Best Countries to Invest in Asia



The Most Attractive Countries In Asia to Invest Your Money


If you are considering investing in another country for the first time, I know it can be overwhelming sometimes. Investing in an environment that you have no complete information about is riddled with various scenarios and situations that can decimate your returns. You are supposed to analyze various factors about the location of your investment to avoid any risk that may arise due to the evolution of the locality. Look at the mid-to-long term status about any existing factors that may be consistent for the investment period. The second thing that you should consider is the purpose and the investment horizon. Some investments such as real estate are coupled with low liquidity and high-value investment and hence lacking clarity on purpose may lead to unexpected results such as financial distress.  





Here, I have carefully analyzed and came up with six of the most attractive destinations in Asia.  

1...Investing in Japan

The improved condition of the world economy has helped increase confidence among the Investors in Asia. The Japanese Economy is steadily recovering from deflation and so many investors have their eyes cast in the future economic stand of this giant. With the nomination of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, there are hopes that the country will be able to revive its economy and attract a large number of investors. Another important aspect that makes Japan the next investment hub in Asia is the advancements in technology. Japan is widely known as the leading producer of high tech robotics through its medium sized firms. Most of these medium sized companies are only focused on manufacturing high-end components in their own factories and they often own their own supply chain. This provides a flexible entry point for international companies that can concentrate in the production of the same high-tech components on larger scale and own dominating supply chains.  




Despite the aging population of USA and other countries of the world, Japan still owns a relatively young and educated population. It is common knowledge that if you are investing in a country with an aging population, you have to first of all look at how their consumption patterns change. Economists believe that those countries with a younger population are likely to be at the top of the economic growth in some years to come. They use a measure called dependency ratio which measures the dependency rate of the country’s population. Japan has a high level of labor force participation and low dependency ratios as compared to several other Asian countries. This means the country will place a lower burden on the working age population and therefore the consumption trends of the population will be promising. If you consider investing in real estate then Japan is the best destination. The most successful professional real estate investors will always tell you that analysis of current and future population trends is the first thing that you should think about.  




The Japanese government is working tirelessly to remove or reduce language barriers. The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) and the Japanese External Trade Organization (JETRO) are the government set agencies to help the foreign investors thrive in the existing business environment in Japan. They have together created a ‘’one-stop shop’’ for foreign investors with a single Tokyo location with language assistance. Those seeking to establish a company in Japan can process the paperwork here and proceed with their normal businesses. There are also a few cultural challenges that create friction and misunderstandings that can impact to your business returns in Japan. The government has established cross cultural awareness training programs such as doing business in Japan that will increase organizational awareness of the cultural challenges as well as how to utilize those cultural challenges to make your business thrive.

2...Investing in Malaysia

With one of the largest economies in the world, Malaysia is making a level battle ground for local and international investments. This country has a steady growing economy, a supportive government, developed infrastructure and a relatively educated work force.  Malaysian government is creating the most favorable economic and political environment to attract foreign direct investment day by day. There is a high potential in the real estate sector in this country which is not fully exploited by the local investors. The increased local and international tourism in the area is setting a high demand for high class hotels and gorgeous residential areas. Malaysia is well located within the Asian pacific and the ASEAN and hence this means there is a high influx of visitors both local and international. The government’s main policies for economic growth are to encourage tourism and investment in the country.

World Bank ranked Malaysia as the 6th country that is easy and friendly to do business. This is an open proof that Malaysia is truly on track for its economic transformation and the government is able to pose a place of international investment. The Malaysian currency has been one of the most performing currencies in the world. The strength of a currency is a clear indication that the economy is stable and free from political disturbances. The domestic stocks in Malaysia have also gained around 8%. The brightening prospects of the Malaysian economy received an upgrade of the growth prospect from 4.5% to 4.8%.



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There is an advanced technology in Malaysia which has become an integral part of the Malaysia’s growth in the recent years. As a matter of fact, Malaysia is considered one of the most technological developed countries in ASEAN region. Technology encompasses a huge body of knowledge and tools that ease the use of the economic resources and increases efficiency.  The existing technology in Malaysia will also help your company save on time and money which impacts directly on the profitability.

Property prices in Malaysia are also growing despite worldwide slow economy. The appreciation of the KLCC area is between 5% and 10% for the last few years.

Malaysian infrastructure is very conducive for international businesses. The towns and the people are highly connected and hence your business can have the simplest ways of reaching the customers and suppliers. 





3...Investing in Singapore

Businesses have considered Singapore as the safest place to do business in Asia. Its economy is also thriving and the best entry point in the Asian market. Despite the country’s small size, its workforce is the world’s most educated and motivated. The country had to rely on the innovative macroeconomic approaches to increase its competitiveness in the global ranking.  This means that the workforce is highly efficient exactly what you need for your oversea investment. Singapore came first for Labor force evaluation according to the Business Environment Risk Intelligence Report of 2014. The workers’ productivity and general overall attitude is the best fit for any business in the world.  




The government has set stringent Intellectual Property laws and other rules that will make you feel secure investing in the country. Singapore is ranked 4th in the world and the first country in Asia to have strictly followed IP laws by the World Economic Forum’s global competitiveness report of 2015/2016. The government also has zero tolerance to corruption and other illegal doings in the business sector. This has greatly contributed to the ease of doing business between the government and the international investors.    




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Singapore is highly connected through her geographical position that makes it easier to access other markets such as Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia and Malaysia. The Singapore sea ports are linked to 600 other ports in 123 countries via 200 shipping lines that make it easy for international marketing and supply chain.

This country has a highly sophisticated physical infrastructure.  With a very serious and committed government, this country is highly connected through good roads, building, internet and electricity. The city’s physical infrastructure is highly exceptional with Mass Rapid Transit (MTR) trains, buses and taxis.  





4...Investing in Thailand

Thailand is now fast growing its economy and attracting experts from all corners of the world to invest in various business areas. This country was considered number 13 easiest and most friendly countries to do business out of the 181 countries by the World Bank in 2009.  




Thailand is situated at the heart of Asia hence its residence enjoy convenient and beneficial trading opportunities with the rest of the continent. This is a very crucial feature that will help an investor expand their business opportunities to china and India. This country serves as a gateway to the markets in the Southeast Asia and the greater Mekong sub region where business markets offer great business opportunities. This country is also one of the founder members of ASEAN and the ASEAN free trade area. This means that this country has the most influential ties with the member countries. Investing in Thailand means your products and services will have an easier way to the ASEAN member countries markets.  




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Thai government is so welcoming and friendly to the international investors through the Board of Investment (BOI).  The government in 2013 lowered its corporate tax level to 20% and this made it a good opportunity to exploit the existing investment gaps in Thailand. The government through BOI announced a 7 year investment promotion strategy in 2015 which was focused at enhancing national competitiveness. The government also outlined strategies to attract overseas investment in order to enhance the competitiveness of Thai business. There are very welcoming incentives on tax concessions, land ownership deals and streamlined investment procedures between the government and the investors.





 The government also established that any manufacturing company in receipt of investment promotion privileges will be exempted from both foreign equity restrictions and local content and export restrictions.  The government is also encouraging any activities that meet national development objectives through the use of import duty exceptions and/or reductions.

The Thai government is building skills through provision of good education to the young generation in order to make them think more independently.  The country also has a large and a very proactive workforce and therefore the foreign investors will find an intelligent workforce with the potential for further development. This makes Thailand one of the best places to do business in Asia.

However, Thailand has some language barriers and cultural challenges for investors from many countries in the world. As a rule of thumb, when establishing business in Thailand, you should consider a cultural awareness training course such as Communicaids Doing Business.    




5...Investing in Indonesia

Indonesia is a very active country in Asia for doing business. Many investors think that in terms of Merger and acquisition, Indonesia remains a favorable country to do business. The country has one of the rapidly growing private consumption rates in Asia which makes up to 55% of Indonesia’s GDP. This is a very attractive feature to international manufacturing companies from all corners of the world.  

Indonesian high population and low labor costs means that businesses will be incurring low costs doing business in the country and hence maximize on their profit. Compared to other Asian countries, Indonesia has the most attractive hourly wage meaning that the production costs are low in this country. The country is also the 4th largest in terms of population and this means that the consumer purchasing power is high for both local and international products.  




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Indonesia has one of the fastest growing, vibrant and competitive economies in the southeast. While many Asian countries were in deep recession from 2008-2011, Indonesia’s economy was still stable and attracting the most prominent world investors. Statistics show that Indonesia was the only country in southeast that had a real economic growth in 2011.

The Indonesian government is highly focused on Infrastructure, manufacturing and tourism. Therefore, the government is working tirelessly to ensure there is a very conducive foreign investment climate. This is done through discouraging corruption, removing cartels and setting other incentives such as tax holidays to new foreign companies set in the region.

Indonesia boasts of one of the youngest and an increasing middle class population. Its population is mostly young, sophisticated optimistic and a highly productive population. Statistics show that 25% of the Indonesians are under the age of 14 years. What this means is a very productive working class in future. Indonesia also has a wide variety of ethnic groups which means that your business has a lot of options to choose from when selecting your business niche.

This country also has one of the most stable governments and hence setting a minimum risk environment to foreign investors. Most of the countries in the world have political instability and this is keeping risk averse investors away. Since the emerging decades of autocratic rule several years ago, this young democracy has been able to establish and maintain political stability.

The country is also endowed in a wide range of natural resources including tourist attractions, natural gas and the mining industry. The increase in tourism in Indonesia shows that the country has very many investment opportunities in real estate ranging from hotels and accommodation.

6...Investing in Philippines

The Philippines economy is growing, the first quarter of 2017 posted a 6.3% growth and this means there is high potential in this economy. The private domestic consumption of Filipinos is very high and so creating market for both local and international products.

The majority of the Philippines population is still young and sophisticated and so this is fueling consumption which creates a very demanding market for products.  Majority of this population is at their active working years. What this means is that there will be more income generation that will eventually result to a bigger consumption rate. The labor costs in Philippines are also very low that means your company will have reduced production cost and high profits.

The government has invested tirelessly on building and improving infrastructure in this country. There are well constructed roads for your transport or manufacturing company. There are new airports that will increase the number of tourists in the country and hence you can be sure of increased demand for hotel and accommodation services.  




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The government is granting investment incentives to foreign direct investors coming to Philippines. The Omnibus investment code and the Special Economic zones laws are the best known incentives that really encourage FDI. The investors can enjoy tax breaks for a maximum period of six years. There is also tax deductions related to expenses on labor and infrastructure works and lastly tax credits for manufacturing companies.

It makes sense to build your own nest and lay your own eggs while you can. This is the ultimate reason why people seek to invest their money rather than consuming and/or saving.  Before investing your money, you should analyze clearly all the existing factors that may impact on your profitability. There are different factors existing in different countries that need maximum attention for a profitable foreign direct investment. Asia is endowed with a vast of natural resources as well as human resources that make it conducive for investors from all over the world. As a matter of fact, very many top world investors are established in Asia and they are making huge profits from their investments.

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