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4 Ways You Can Make Money From Pig Farming Business



You probably enjoyed rearing pigs as pets, but you are not aware that you can as well make a lot of money from it. Many who are aware of this gold mine is probably asking a common question of how many pigs will be required to start making a profit from the business. In as much as this question seem impossible to answer, the good news is, making money from pigs rearing is not about the number of sows (female pig) you have, instead, it is majorly on how well you are able to manage the ones you do have, and the number of piglets they produce.


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Making profit from pigs rearing is a matter of how much you understand the needs of your sows, the nutrition's role, disease control as well as the market expectations. Pigs rearing can be a profitable source of income when the pigs are well taken care of and are in a good quality condition, free from diseases that are not only harmful to the pigs themselves, but also to human consumption. Nutrition plays an important role in pigs rearing, as it determines the success or failure of the pig business.

One of the many reasons why pig farming is very profitable is that they multiply very fast, one female pig (Sow) can give birth to as many as 8 to 18 piglets at a go, and sows can give birth twice in a year. This, however, means that one sow can produce between 16 and 36 piglets per year, and these piglets reach up to a market size of about 70 kg in six months and can be sold for a price up to $300 per one. Imagine having just 5 good sows to start with, and each sow produces 20 piglets each twice a year. Pigs are highly adaptable animals and are easy to farm. There is currently a huge demand for pig farming products, both in the domestic and international or export markets. These are some few ways you can make money from pig farming.


What Are the Ways That You Can Make Profit from Pigs Rearing?


1. Selling Pig for Meat - Pig meat commonly known as pork is a regular food for all, it is very nutritious meat with high fat and low water content as well as a valuable by product with a high market demand from all over the world. Rearing pigs for meat also mean investing in plumping them by feeding them with only pesticide free and commercially produced feeds. Because pigs are not choosy animals when it comes to feeding them, your household food remnants can be used to feed them. Pigs are known to have a high feed conversion efficiency coming second to boilers and produce more meat from a given feed as compared to other animals. One full-grown pig of about 70 kg can sell up to $300.

2. Fertilizers Produce - You can make a lot of money from pig manure. As a pig farmer, you can collect the manure and convert them into good fertilizer components. Pigs are a good source of fat from which there is a rapid increase in the demand from soap making, paints making, poultry feeds as well as in the chemical industries. The hay used to line up your pen can be collected, leave them for about a week and can be sold to another farmer or probably a known fertilizer company.

3. Going Organic - Organic pigs are pigs that are cared for, making use of the highest grade of feeds as well as laid down procedures for animal welfare in the industry. People are more concerned with the quality of food and meat they take, with regards to their health. Going organic will allow your customers and prospective customers enjoy pig meat with much less effect on their health. Going organic will bring about more prospective customers when you are known for making use of only organic feeds.

4. Auctions - Knowing how to properly mate the pig when you have a set of mixed pig breeds efficiently, will allow you to have a complete set of different pig breeds. You will be able to auction them on a farm fair or perhaps, on an annual auction in your locality.


How Can I Get Started With Pig Farming?

Depending on your budget, and assuming you have a piece of land already in place, you should purchase at least two pregnant female pigs (sows). The price for each sow should be about $300 at the prevailing market price. This indicates that you will need just about $600 to buy the sows.

Depending on transportation costs in your locality, you will also need to have some budgeted amount for transportation as well as for feeds and other little expenses that may arise. Within a few months, since you already have two months old pregnant sows, with proper feeding and care, the sows will produce between 8 and 18 young piglets per sows, leaving your community of pigs with about 16 to 36 young piglets. It will take about 6 to 7 months for young piglets to fully mature before they are ready for sale.

A major secret to rearing a pig in order to meet the market specification for size and leanness is to rapidly grow the pig. Pigs are known for the ability to lay down bones and muscle during their early periods or months of life, this is the period where you should take advantage and not skimp on their feeding, as well as making sure that they are properly fed to meet the standard nutritional requirements of pig farming.

Pigs are omnivore's animals, so they need a varied diet in order that they may obtain all the necessary nutrients they would need for their growth, maintenance as well as in their production. This includes the combination of protein sources with energy as carbohydrates, which they can get from scavenging their environment.









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