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43 Ways to Make Money on Pinterest


The Ultimate Pinterest Strategies: Pinterest Strategies to Quickly Grow and Drive Huge Traffic To Your Website or Blog - Make Pinterest Work For Your Business (Pinterest Marketing Tips and Strategies)


When it comes to making use of social media to drive traffic to your website, Pinterest is actually one of the best networks out there. In fact, PewResearch in a research found out that over 28% of adults that are online today use Pinterest, thereby making it one of the most famous social networks (behind Facebook and LinkedIn).



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1...Plan your Pinterest Strategies

Pinterest is actually one of the social networks that is growing very fast, with high effectiveness for home business marketing. You can make use of Pinterest in marketing to share host contests, videos and blog posts, promote affiliate products and so much more. But just like every other social media resources, it can be very overwhelming. A lot of experts normally suggest pinning 10, 20 or even 30 pins each day across many boards. Now you can simply see how Pinterest normally end up taking a great deal of time.




Fortunately, with a few tools and a social media strategy, you can easily make Pinterest a very effective marketing tactic without actually using a lot of time.


2...Prepare Your Pinterest Account

So before you start making the pinning strategy of your Pinterest, you will have to make sure that your Pinterest page is very ready to work for you. 



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Here are some few things that you have to be very sure you’ve done:


You will have to switch to a Pinterest business account.

It’s still very free to make use of Pinterest as a business; in addition you’ll get so many additional resources such as pin analytics.

3...Complete your Pinterest profile.

You need to have your picture, website and also bio on the profile page of your Pinterest.





4...Optimize your boards.

Always have it in mind that your goal is marketing, so you will have to create board titles that attract your market.

5...Create graphically interesting pins.

The very first thing which attracts people to a pin is actually the graphic and then the text. There are a lot of great resources for low-cost and free graphics, and you can also make use of tools such as Picmonkey or Canva to make pins that are attractive for low cost or free. Currently, images are needed to be vertical, having a ratio of 2:3. You can pin these graphics directly to your board, or shared from your website or blog.



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6...Have a goal for your pins

What exactly do you expect the pin to do? Will you like to have people buy from your Etsy store, read your article, or sign up for your newsletter? Just like any other marketing tactics, you are expected to have an end goal result and then call-to-action on your pins.

7...Optimize your pin descriptions

Similar to your board titles, you will like your pin descriptions to grab attention. If you decide to pin from your blog, you can easily set the description in the code of graphic. Or you can also create descriptions from within your Pinterest account.



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8..Add rich pins to your account

 Rich pins normally allow Pinterest browsers know where a pin will link to if they click on it. This assists them in deciding whether or not to click and it also makes them feel safe in following the link. Current rich pin categories are articles, apps, products, movies, recipes and places.

9...Select your top three boards to highlight at the top of your Pinterest profile.

 Pinterest pages normally have up to 500 boards. Even if you only have 20, that’s a lot of boards for people to go through. You will have to organize your boards, but the best thing is to have your top boards scrolling on the top so that followers can get your best details easily and quickly.




10...Make your Pinterest account easy to find

Pinterest has more than 70 million users all over the world. The site normally drives more referral traffic than Reddit, Twitter and LinkedIn combined, so that’s a lot of traffic. Now if you intend to take advantage of it, your pins will have to be seen not only by the users who follow you, but also by users that are new.


Here are the tips:


11...You will have to optimize your boards, pins and name for Pinterest search


Your Business Name

Many branded organizations normally make the mistake of only using their branded name for the user account name of their Pinterest. This is not very ideal, as they mostly lose out on people that are looking for them with other terms.

  You will have to add a descriptive keyword which you want to be known with at the end of your business name in order to increase the chances of your Pinterest business account being seen through a search for Pinners.




  Users normally search for Pinners whenever they are looking for some particular people and brands to follow. This doesn’t actually refer to the URL that Pinterest will assigns to you, but your “Business Name.” You can easily edit your business name by going to Settings, and then Edit Profile.

  You will have to add keywords to your business name in order to assist you get found within Pinners search. Always be sure that your business name on Pinterest has both keywords that are branded, and keywords you will like to be seen with.




  Although users won’t be able to see the keyword in your business name on a Pinner profile search result, but including a keyword in your business name will definitely get your Pinterest account indexed in the Pinner search results.

  You are also expected to put keywords in the titles of your Pinterest boards so that other users can easily find them through the Boards search option.



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  Pinterest users normally search for some particular boards that are related to a search term under the Boards search option. Always title your boards with keywords in order to assist them show up in Pinterest search results and for you to rank very high in Boards search results for some particular keywords, try to always place them very close to the start of your title.

  Now for you to increase the opportunity of showing up in Pins search results, you will have to include the keywords which you will like to be found for as quickly as possible in the description of your pin. So for you to find out the words people are making use of when they are searching for something on Pinterest, all you will need to do is just type words that are related to your industry in the search box and common suggestions will pop up automatically.

Keep your keyword descriptions very simple and short in order to show up in relevant search results.




12...Pin Always

  Pinning consistently can assist people in seeing your pins and also increase the number of followers that you have on Pinterest. You can aim to always pin 5-10 items a day if you find yourself short on time. But if you have all the time and will like to aggressively grow your Pinterest presence, then pinning 20-25 items daily is the very best way to go according to a Pinterest content distribution network called Ahalogy.

  Try to pin on a daily basis, don’t pin 20 pins a day for a week straight, and then nothing at all for the next three weeks.




  Sephora is a very good example of a brand which pins a lot of content consistently, but they are always careful not to overload their followers with so many pins all at once.

Sephora normally pins something to one of their boards every 4 or 5 hours.


13...Pin at Optimal and Different Times of the Day

  Pinterest actually works 24/7 and pinning at various times all through the day and night will assist your pins to be seen by new local and global audiences.




  You will have to test and then make use of response data in order to determine the very best times to pin to your boards. Use a Pinterest analytics tool such as Tailwind App to see the days and the times that are generating the most likes and repins for your pins.

  You can also schedule some of your pins with Viral Tag in order to reach pinners in another time zone.



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14... Repin Your Old Pins

  The fact is that not every one of your followers is actually going to see all of your pins. That’s the reason it’s very necessary for you to repin some previous pins from weeks and even months ago.

  If you’re already gaining some new followers, this method will assist them discover lots of great content from the past that’s buried under your other pins.




  This is normally good for offline retail businesses because old pins repinning actually reminds people of products which they might have already forgotten. According to a research done by Vision Critical, when people that participated were asked the way Pinterest affected their in-store purchases, over 17% responded that, “It reminded them that they wanted to purchase that item.”


15...Participate on Pinterest Group Boards

  A lot of successful group boards have a lot of contributors with so many followers so they are a very good way to get your pins in front of a targeted audience that is big in a very short time.





16...Choose the Appropriate Category for Your Pins  

Including a Pin to a category that is irrelevant is not only a very bad practice that doesn’t reach the right users; it will also make the Pin appear downright spammy or untrustworthy. You will have to create the very best experience for users by placing your Pins in the right place.





17...Encourage user-generated content

The fact is that promoting and encouraging user generated content (UGC) is actually a very effective and great tactic that normally yields a lot of benefits from building a stronger community to enriching customer experiences. Now according to Nielsen, over 43% of consumers are more likely to buy a product after knowing about it on social media, which is a popular distribution channel for user generated content.




While there are a lot of social channels you can use to promote user content, Instagram has been an increasingly common platform for brands that are interested in visual storytelling and can be a very effective network for both small and large businesses to encourage users to generate content.

From running a social contest to having an on-site photo booth in your retail stores or integrating Instagram photos in your web properties, there are a lot of methods you can use to encourage your customer base in order to take and share images of your products and offerings on Instagram.




18...Verify Your Website or Blog for pinterest

Verifying your blog or website on your Pinterest account assists your business in just two ways: it normally signifies to Pinterest users that you are the owner of the content that was pinned from your website and it will also give you access to Pinterest Analytics. Once it is verified, your visitors will be able to see a checkmark close to your business name.

It may even surprise you to know that a lot of recommended search engine optimization (SEO) strategies also apply to Pinterest. Not only are your pins and boards indexed externally by search engines, but Pinterest normally indexes its own content just to feed its internal search. It doesn’t matter if consumers are seeing your business’ Pinterest content through a fast Pinterest search or through Google; you’ll need to make use of the right keywords to get their attention.




19...Optimize Your Pinterest Boards

The descriptions and names of your Pinterest boards are very important because not only do they tell users what they are needed to expect exactly, they also help users in finding your content.

These titles will have to match the keywords that people would search in order to find your Pinterest boards. WeddingWire, for instance, has be able to create a combination of boards that has general titles such as “Wedding Dresses” and more specific titles such as “Glam Wedding Dresses” just for them to capture a variety of keywords.




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It will also be very good if you are able to optimize the description of each board. There is actually a 500 character word limit, but always try to keep it very brief – you can write your board description in the same method you would write a meta description for an article or a blog post. Try to make your point in about 160 characters or even less, and be very sure to use the same keywords in your board description just like you did in your board title.

These actions alone will assist you boost website traffic from your existing boards and also assist more users find your content.




20...Optimize Pinterest Pin Descriptions

Now in addition to creating some descriptions that are targeted for your Pinterest boards, you’ll also have to write descriptions that are engaging for your individual Pins. Pin descriptions, are sometimes overlooked or even underutilized, but it assist users understand the context of the image that is being pinned. Pin descriptions assist in driving user engagement with your Pins in the form of comments, likes and re-pins.

A research by Dan Zarrella who is a social media scientist suggests that Pin descriptions that have about 200 characters are the most repinnable. Just similar to when optimizing the boards of your Pinterest, you need to aim to be very descriptive and make use of keywords that users who are trying to look for your content would query.

Pinterest normally support hash tags, but you will have to avoid using too many. Always have it in mind that a Pin description is actually supposed to describe your Pin, and a lot of hash tags can be off-putting and then affect your Pin’s ability to be found in search negatively.

Pin descriptions are mostly the reason why users are able to engage with your Pin and also visit your website, so try to keep this in mind every time you write one. Pin descriptions actually need the most strategic thinking and forethought - but they are normally worth the effort!




21...Use Pinterest Rich Pins

When Pinterest was launched newly in 2010, there was just one type of Pin. But now Pinterest has different types of Rich Pins which allow your business to append more details on your Pins.




Currently there are six types of Rich Pins

 Product, Movie, Place, Article, Recipe and App.

Rich Pins normally take much of the risk to users out of the equation because it is a lot more transparent where the Pin will go when they click it, making it very likely that a user will definitely click through to your website. The two Rich Pins that are more important for wedding professionals are Product and Article Pins, since they are mostly the types that are broadly applicable for businesses that are looking to drive website traffic.




Also in addition to the image you have decided to pin, Article Pins actually include your article’s author, headline and story description that is below the image. Product Pins are very good for e-commerce businesses because they normally append availability, pricing and where users can purchase the product on the Pin.

A Product Pin normally includes availability, real-time pricing, and where to buy.




Rich Pins actually needs more work than the other Pinterest strategies because you’ll have to include Meta tags to your website and then simply apply to have Rich Pins enabled. But the fact is that these Pins normally stand out and also make the whole user experience better.


22...Increase Engagement

One vital thing that you are needed to remember when you are crafting your bigger social media strategy is that social networks will have to be social. This might sound very silly or redundant, but what I actually mean is this: You don’t only have to push your content out there - always engage with some other users in the process.





Traditional marketing channels such as email are all about pushing details to people, while social media marketing normally opens up a line of communication between a brand and its audience.

You can take advantage of this by engaging with your followers and some other Pinterest users because the more active you are in commenting, liking or re-pinning, the more likely your business will become very visible to your target audience. In addition being active on Pinterest actually means that you will have to be generating fresh content constantly, which is a major factor in search engine optimization.



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23...Install the “Pin It” Button

The other Pinterest strategies in this post all assist your business drive lots of traffic back to your website, but this strategy actually assist your business empower your prospects, customers or readers by simply putting them to work for you.

By now, you may have be seeing Pinterest’s Pin It button on different blogs, websites, online stores or e-magazines. It’s actually a button that let users to be able to pin an image in just a few clicks of the mouse, thereby making the process very easy and fast.




Now because the Pin It button is very simple to use, users will be more likely to share your content by making use of the Pin It button than they are to do the other alternative which is — copy your URL, open up Pinterest, and then share.

The very good part about the Pin It button is that immediately you install it, all your work is done! Your website readers and visitors can simply pin your content for you, and their followers will be able to see the activity on Pinterest as well, thereby making the impressions increase and hopefully clicks your content receives.





24...Have an awesome cover photo

At present, Pinterest only let a single profile image sized at 165 x 165. But technically, when you are able to create a board and start including pins to it, the board will then display one pin as a "cover" and then 4 other pin images as thumbnails in order to show what's within that board. If you edit the board, you can then pick the pin you will use as the "Pinterest Board Cover Photo." While you won’t be able to upload a different image or even resize the selected pin image, you will be able to adjust up or down what will be displayed. Pinterest board cover photos are normally displayed at 216 X 111. Therefore, you can easily create images to that scale (i.e. 432x222) and then Pinterest will show them at the correct height.




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But you have to know that an image sized to 216x111 will not actually display the right and left margins, approximately 12%. You can shift the image right or left when choosing it as a cover for any of your Pinterest boards, but you'll have to make sure that the most important elements are in the middle within the remaining 76%.

Now to upload a custom board cover for Pinterest, you'll simply have to upload the image to that board first as a pin from your computer, once you have uploaded it, you can then edit it and also give it a link to your website or wherever. You will then be able to edit that board and then select that pinned image to be the cover.


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25...Engage influencers

You will like to get noticed by influencers don’t you? But the trick is not to start yelling “me, me, me” over the rooftops. Listed below are some ways to build a relationship with influencers before asking for anything.


26....Respond to their audiences’ questions in comments

  What do influencers value most? Their audience, of course! What most influencers love is when someone sparks a discussion on their blog. After all, the very point of writing content is to spark conversation.

The question can be originally to the influencer, but you can be the first person to answer. Once you have been able to break the ice, more comments will start flooding in.

Most influencers actually love to see this! Try to do this a few times on their blog, and they will always remember you.




27... Invite them to an interview or a podcast

Always invite influencers to a podcast or interview, people actually like to be featured, most especially influencers. Because that is what got them there in the very first place.

And after that you can simply take good advantage off that new personal relationship to just get a link (possibly even to that very same podcast – see how it works?).


28...Send them a gift for instance an amazon book

You can always send them a gift image for engage influencers. We can stop thinking digitally, just for a moment. We normally tend to default there automatically since we all work online. But it’s not all that difficult to go out of it; all we just have to do is ask for someone’s physical address or phone number.




29...Offer to meet in person and buy them lunch

Now you might be thinking that they have a lot of money and maybe you don’t, so why would you be the one to buy them lunch? Always remember that it’s not actually about the money but it’s about the gesture.

Offering to buy them lunch is just like saying that, “I know your time is very important. In exchange for spending it on me, i will like to treat you to a nice lunch”.

  This method will let you move levels over your traditional, social / entrepreneurial class, and the cost of lunch is not even worth the advice which normally costs so much per hour.


30...Leave them a review on iTunes or Amazon or you can simply give them a testimonial

  Positive reviews are how a lot of search engines work, such as Amazon, iTunes and Trip Advisor.

But they are normally a pain in the butt to get, because they normally need the person to create an account, log in, and then post something once they’ve already received all the value there is to get.

They have no incentive to leave a review, which is the reason so many good products and podcasts have very few reviews. So if you will like to stand out in the crowd, a very simple way maybe 5 minutes, is to write someone a very good review.

A spin on that is to send someone an offer for a testimonial then about a month after you can provide them with the testimonial


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31...Offer them your product for free

Have you thought about offering your products for free? This is a very and super way to get a few folks on board if your product is digital or inexpensive.

People love free things, this works very well in tandem with a product review if you are marketing Saas or an eCommerce website.


32...Join their newsletter and respond to their questions

Sign up for the newsletters of your favorite influencers and then let them know that you are following along by always responding to their questions.


33...Introduce them to someone such as a connection or a potential customer

  This is actually one of the best and valuable things you can do for someone. In addition to assisting two people at the same time, you’ll also be assisting yourself by tightening your own network.

And the truth is if the two people get lots of value out of meeting with each other they will never forget who made that introduction.

·        Become a case study for them

·        Send them birthday wishes on G+ or Facebook



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34...Implement Pinterest SEO - Add keywords to your board descriptions

Keywording is actually a process of including some particular words from your niche which let Pinterest users to find the content which they are searching for.

It’s a way to assist in organizing content. For instance, if I’m a user that is searching for DIY Floating Shelves then Pinterest will simply pull all pins that have those words in the pin description. They may even pull some other relevant content with Shelves, DIY, Floating, etc. Their platform is still very much evolving so you might get some very few items which are not related directly but it’s actually going to very close as it can.

Now why do we want to keyword this first? Because when someone pins your pin, this particular alt text will then be pulled up as the description which ‘travels’ with the pin.

So let’s say you have just made this very good post about DIY Floating Shelves and spent some hours on it and you are so happy to have it rock Pinterest. You then release your post and people start to pin it but the alt text says “image o8315”. Whoops! And if you don’t actually have Rich Pins, then people won’t be able to tell what it is that is beside the image. And Pinterest won’t be able to read the keywords in the pin description because they were actually in the alt text.

If you don’t really know how to start in updating your older posts with the alt-text, it is better you go to pinterest.com / source / yourdomain.com and take a look at what people are actually pinning from your site. You will then see which posts really need to be updated.

But if you have already filled in your alt text, you will not have to do anything when you pin a pin. But if you will like to upload a pin directly, then you will need to include a pin description.

Keyword is not actually a way to game the system. It’s a way to make sure the right people are the ones who see your content. And you don’t have to sweep very wide here because most people say that it is better to maximize for all areas such as DIY, quotes, fashion, food, Style, etc. But, if none of those areas actually have your target person, do not keyword for them. Always be strategic and specific with keywords.


35...Follow Your Pinterest Competitors

You can easily get lots of Pinterest followers by using a variety of methods but one strategy in particular that actually require a slightly sneaky tactic. This strategy will require you to get more Pinterest followers from the boards of your competitors.


Here’s how to do it:


36...Try and identify your direct competitors on Pinterest

Direct competitor actually means an organization or a person that sells the same service or product like you. Now just for an example, the direct competitor of Nike is Adidas because they are both sellers of running shoes to regular folks and athletes.

So what about you? Do you know your direct competitor? Just find them in Pinterest and then note down their Pinterest accounts.


37...Follow your competitors’ boards

It is actually said that you have to keep your friends close and your enemies very close. This is actually true for this strategy. Try to follow your competitors’ boards always.


38...Click on their Followers and follow their boards too

The truth is that it’s not just enough to follow your competitors’ boards. You will also have to find out who their followers are. This information is simply viewable in Pinterest.

Just go through and follow their followers’ boards on a daily basis. You can do this for like two to three weeks each day.

While you will have to be conscious in balancing your Follower count with your Following count, following boards doesn’t really affect this balance at all because these boards aren’t actually counted in your total following count.

You can also look for potential followers by making use of hash tags that are related to your product or service.


39...Create your boards

Every week, you will have to create about 3 to 4 boards. You can create boards around a range of several topics.


40...Pin your content

Try to always pin high quality content from your website to your several boards. Don’t ever be lazy about including long descriptions to every pin. Always try and optimize your post with about 2 to 4 hash tags.

Don’t ever use more than 4 hash tags because Pinterest users normally find this overkill and off-putting, do not flood feeds by posting pins all at the same time. Always space your pins and if possible give 15 minutes space between each pin.


41...Repin content from your feed

Always repin about 10 pins to your different boards on a daily basis. Try to experiment and then see the ratio which works very well for you but the idea is to pin your content and to repin a little percent of content from your feed. Maybe 20% would be a very good number.



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42...Use Different Image to Link Back to Your Site

This is a mistake that is very common which a lot of new businesses make on Pinterest and it is a mistake that anybody has complete control over and it can be easily avoidable. This mistake is not actually linking uploaded content back to a URL or product page that is desired.

If you upload a picture onto Pinterest, it normally asks you to select a board as well as to also fill in a description. What Pinterest doesn’t normally do is to ask you if you will like to put in a URL that you want the pin to redirect to.

So in order for you to do this, you will have to go to the desktop version of Pinterest and then hover over the pin that you have uploaded. A pencil icon on the top will definitely show. You can click on it, and then a button with a pop up box will show. Now at the very bottom of this pop up box is actually the “Source.” You can simply change this to any URL that you want.


43...Cross Promote Your Pinterest Pin to Increase Followers

Because Pinterest is very new, a lot of brands have already invested resources and time into development of audience over Facebook, Twitter, and email. So why don’t you take advantage of these audiences that are pre-made with a small cross-promotion? By actually making use of Twitter, Facebook and email subscribers to assist in promoting your Pinterest page, you can simply gain lots of followers who are currently engaging and who will like to engage with your brand.



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