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20 Genuine Ways To Make Money: Here Are Some Business Ideas To Get You Started (Surprisingly Easy Methods To Make Money)


  Whether you're actually trying to pay off the debt you owe, boost your monthly income, or even save more money toward retirement there are so many methods that you can use to make more money. Depending on your skills, situation and schedule, there are so many different routes you can easily take which normally includes thinking about a new job, just taking on different gigs on the side or maybe opportunities at your current workplace.  


Listed below are some of the methods which you can surprisingly use to earn money


1...Metal Detecting business

The idea of writing a business plan is very difficult for most people who are aspiring to become metal detectors business owners. And the truth is a robust business plan is very important because it serves a lot of purposes, not the least of which is the ability to usually influence investors, lenders and strategic partners.

Now once the plan has been completed, its effectiveness will actually depend on the next step you take. A distribution strategy for a business plan normally represents the very backend of your business planning requirements. To assist in monitoring your progress, you'll actually have to implement a system that is used to track business plan distribution in your startup.  


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2...Start profitable basket-weaving business

Starting a basket-weaving business that is successful normally takes more than just talent or even enjoyment of craft-making. The truth is that the willingness to sell baskets online and also in-person, by renting a booth at a flea market or trade show, normally increases sales and allows you to be able to reach more customers. While there is always a market for those people who buy one-of-a-kind crafts such as baskets, the marketplace is very competitive and it usually need owners of business to use the time to sell their items with the same passion which they use in making them.

To start with you have to determine if a market actually exists locally and online for your baskets. You can contact office supply stores, local consignment shops, small boutiques and some other retailers that are into sales of baskets to determine local interest. You will also have to visit online auction and craft retail websites in order to know if there are enough people who bid on or buy baskets directly. Understanding your market assist in creating a very realistic budget, determine total cost in addition to shipping, materials, shipping supplies, this will give you an idea of the number of baskets you will need to sell on a monthly or even quarterly basis to always remain profitable.  




You will have to rent studio space or even create a work space or home office. Studio space normally gives you lots of room to work and a work environment that is quiet, but when starting out rent may be too costly. So you have to create a home office that has a workspace in order to save money and to be able to work with more freedom whenever you want. Your workspace will have to include a comfortable chair, a long table and storage. You will also need a computer that has Internet connection and computer software to assist in tracking inventory, invoices and also maintain bookkeeping.

Buy basket-weaving supplies and materials that are needed in order to create different styles of basket. You can also visit flea markets, discount craft stores or even discount online crafting wholesalers to always get the very best deals on materials. Purchase a lot of materials, when possible, in order to save money. Buy supplies such as glue gun, ribbon, needles, yarn, scissors, glue and other products that you may need.  



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Now you have to determine where you will like to sell your baskets. You can think about renting a booth at a flea market, art fair, farmer's market, craft trade show or any other community retail event. You can easily contact retail stores that are small, florists, consignment shops and other local businesses in order to directly sell your baskets to retailers. You will also have to create an online portfolio by designing a website with lots of pictures of your baskets. You will have to include the dimensions of each materials list, basket, price, shipping information and contact information. You will have to also create profiles on auction and craft retail websites which let owners of business to sell items online.

Always donate baskets to charity auctions, hospitals or non-profit organizations. Leave your business card and ask the people which are in charge of these events to hand out your business cards to the potential customers.  

3...Commercial-scale guinea fowl business

If you've for once take a relax evening drive down what you actually thought was a blissfully deserted country road, only to have your relax drive dramatically stopped by what seem to be like a crazed flock of tail-less, screaming mini-turkeys descending on your car from out of nowhere, then you will easily conclude that you don’t wish to see or even hear a guinea fowl again.

But if you decide to raise your own flock, then you will definitely come to like instead of dislike these wacky birds. Their caterwauling would become music to your ears, since the cacophonous sounds will always keep you rest assured knowing that your faithful feathered "watchdogs" are always there at work alerting you to any strangers approach . . . be it animal or human.  

In addition this foul which looks like turkey is actually one of the most efficient natural pest controls that are imaginable. If you give them the freedom of your garden and yard, they will eat grasshoppers, mosquitoes, chiggers, and Japanese beetles just to name only a few of their favorite morsels. The best thing is that these birds won't even devour your young greenery or even scratch up your garden, as chickens normally do. When you put guineas on garden patrol be rest assured that your vegetation is very safe.

Now besides insect-control duty and serving guard, guinea fowl can simply supply their owners with food. Their eggs are very tasty although it is small . . . and you can also serve the birds themselves in delicious meals.


4...Backyard plant nursery

A backyard plant nursery is a lucrative business for any person but you must have the hobby of gardening and then you can easily transfer this hobby into a more lucrative venture. In addition the small infrastructure cost normally makes the business revenue-wise more profitable. Furthermore, you can easily start this business not only in the big cities but also in the towns that are small.  

5...Start a commercial lavender farm business

Commercial lavender farming is a very lucrative business opportunity even for the entrepreneurs that are small. But, a big piece of land normally ensures better profit ratio.

Lavender is a very important economic crop. But proper marketing is needed to bring out the long-term success in the business. Actually the common use of lavender is for decoration. In addition there are some other famous methods people normally make use of lavender. Some of the ways which are more popular include essential oil, culinary, crafts and U-pick.

Lavender flowers normally yield lots of nectar which mostly yields a high-quality honey for beekeepers. Lavender varietal honey is actually produced primarily in the countries that are around the Mediterranean and marketed all over the world as a premium product.


6...Shrimp farming business

Have you ever tasted fried, boiled, or even smoked shrimps; then you will definitely agree that shrimps indeed are a very big asset when it actually comes to culinary adventures. Shrimp is eating in all the countries all over the world and it known as one of the world’s healthiest foods. Its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant content makes it very desirable by those who are very careful about their intake of cholesterol. It is seen as a marine creature and it is very simple to come by most especially in riverside and coastal area.  

Shrimp farming has gone from small scale to a global sector in a lot of countries where it is done and it is actually known to be a business that is very profitable. Countries such as Thailand, United States, Japan, China and even South American Countries have been farming shrimps on bigger scales for a very long time. Nigeria is also getting very close to the trade because there are so many people in the riverine areas whose only profession is shrimp farming.

So if you actually like to go into the sea foods business, then there is good news because you can’t get it wrong with the shrimps business, most especially if you stay around coastal areas. It is very cheap to maintain, simple to start, and it takes a very short time to get a good return on your investment if you know the ropes well.  

7...Start hydroponic retail store business

The fact is that when you grow plants hydroponically it eliminates the need for soil, so it can easily be done anywhere. A lot of gardeners are simply getting into this form of gardening so that they can be able to grow plants which they otherwise wouldn’t be able to grow. In order to grow plants hydroponically, gardeners need to have some equipment and supplies which are specialized and hydroponics stores normally sell the specialized supplies and equipment which hydroponic gardeners need.

Now according to IBIS World, the store which sells hydroponics growing equipment industry has yearly revenue of $654 million and it has been growing at a rate that is over 8 percent. There are actually no companies with a dominant market share, thereby leaving lots of opportunities for new businesses.

Anybody who likes to grow plants and talk with people will easily enjoy starting a hydroponics store business. The truth is that selling hydroponics equipment is more rewarding if you also have a passion for gardening because customers most times are looking for advice on or even have some questions about hydroponics, this is the reason why it is important for you to be a good people person.  

Running a hydroponics store business usually involves assisting customers, reordering inventory as necessary and selling equipment and supplies. In between customers, staff and business owners normally use their time to straighten inventory, cleaning, restocking items and tending to any plants which a store has growing.

A hydroponics store business’ ideal customers are actually gardeners who intend to grow their plants indoors and without soil. Some passionate gardeners will definitely like to grow a lot of plants and, therefore, need a lot of supplies and equipment.

A hydroponics store business usually makes their money by simply selling hydroponics equipment, nutrients and supplies. Equipment sales can easily be for big sums, while nutrients and supplies normally bring recurring sales.


8...Perfume making business

Starting a perfume business usually add business know how and artistic personal expression, and if approached very well, it can easily result in a very good profit margin. You don’t need to have a very strong knowledge of science and chemistry. All that you actually need is the desire to easily experiment with different scented essential oils, the ability to research wholesale suppliers of the materials that are important and the zeal to create resale contacts or even put in the effort and time for a sales website.  

You can start by drafting a very good business plan for the perfume business. At the lowest, you can include a mission statement; initial goals statement; statement of three-, six- and 12-month goals in terms of the right amount of product offerings; the right number of retailers who are reselling the products and the needed cash flow; and also financial forecasts, which includes costs and budget for startup, loss, profit, income and cash flow statements. You will have to always tweak and update the business plan with real-world numbers once they become available.

Research some perfume recipes, or you can make distinctive blends by buying some little sizes of essential oils in fragrances that you are interested in. Just use some time to get familiar with the scents. Now you will have to start adding scents together, make notes and then use this experimentation to arrive at a few favorite scents to produce in bulk.

 9...Create Job Portal for Job Seekers

There are a lot of people out there who are always going to need jobs, so starting a niche job board can easily be of great help to assist some of the millions of job seekers who are out there! Nowadays people who are searching for job normally go online to look for work.

Now what if you are able to get even the lowest slice of the online-job-seeking pie? It will fetch you lots of money that will make you to earn a pretty good living! There are so many niche job boards out there who usually charge between $50 to $500 for every 30-day job listing posted. Even if it is just 10 new listings you get in a month that is actually not too bad for a business which has small startup costs or monthly maintenance fees.

Although you won’t be able to compete with the big job boards such as Indeed, Career Builder or even Monster. You can carve out a very good small spot for yourself in the job board market by picking a particular niche.

AuntMinnie, Dice and ProBlogger are all very good instances of how a job board can simply thrive by providing industry-specific jobs to a certain market.


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10...Nail polish making business

If you are someone who keep with fashion trend or maybe you are a fashionista, then you will know that a nail polish is make sure as a very important accessory that is needed to complete the dressing; and almost all ladies now make it as a fashion rule to ensure that the color of their nail polish matches the color of any clothing they are putting on at that very time; which means they get their nail polish done almost on a daily basis.

You can simply take good advantage of this to start a nail polish producing company which main focus will be to be producing nail polish remover and quality nail polish for ladies.  

You don’t actually need to have a lot of capital to start and run a company the produce nail polish. All you actually need is just basic money to rent a space, buy few raw materials which is needed for packaging and production, and just some money which you have to spend on marketing and advertising the nail polish product; once you are done with production.

Another important thing which you have to put in place is to get a validation or license from (FDA) which is actually the body that is in charge of food, drugs and related products licensing. This is just to certify that your products are fit for human consumption.


11...Leather bag making business

You can easily startup leather bag making business with just a moderate start-up capital and even from home location. Anybody who has a training or idea in fashion designing would actually like to break into the leather bag making business. You will have to come up with a line of designs that you can easily get into retailing or manufacturing. Bags produce of synthetic material are always considered as consumer durable item. The raw materials and machines which are used for its production are easily available from local sources and not much technology is involved in production.  

In some recent years, the demand for Leather Goods industry has actually grown. Because according to a research, industry revenue is going to reach $91.2 billion by the year 2018, with a CAGR of 3.4%, in the next five years. Consumer demand has been going toward the innovative leather products and new design with changing fashion trend and lifestyle.

The scope of producing this product is increasing because of the growing demand of bag users who use it carry different type of things such as a notepad, laptop, and office files in their daily business and official activities.

The demand for leather bag products such as wallets, handbags, belts and purse are a never-ending one. So as a result, this business is known as an inflation-free business.


12...Glass etching business

The application of monograms, lettering or designs on glass is called glass etching. This business that is still unknown in most part of the world can easily be started in a shop, garage and it normally work into something that is very profitable. Glass etching is done by covering the glass with a pattern and then, blowing "sand" to the surface with the help of a special machine.

At the place where the glass is not protected, it simply becomes "etched" as the sand continues to strike and "pits" the surface. This method is different from the old metal etching ways where the surface is covered with resin or wax, a design is normally scratched into it and the material normally immersed into acid.  

Some examples of glass products that are etched are lettered windows, designed mirrors, monogrammed glassware, key chains and letters or numbers which is applied as identification marks.

Glass etching business is actually an artistic and profit making business idea which can be done from home location. An entrepreneur who has a very creative mind and passionate about glass etching, can easily start this business with just a small capital investment. Customized glass etching business normally includes products such as gifts, awards and décor products for both corporate and domestic business clients. The method use in glass etching is very easy and there are different ways you can always try to get a beautiful and elegant etched item.

One of the very simple ways of glass etching is to use etching cream and to get a design that is etched; a stencil is actually placed on the glass before you are able to use the etching cream on it. You can easily custom cut the stencil using hand or even a cutting machine. In this method etching cream is used to brush the substance over the stencil which actually lightly frosts the glass surface that is uncovered.  

13...Start a designer blouse making business from home

A blouse is a readymade garment for women that is very important. Actually, this apparel was very famous in the Asia Pacific region in the old time and women used to put on blouse as their daily wear.

But these days with fashion style changing, the designer blouse is becoming very popular all over the world. And women can simply wear designer blouse with lehenga, sarees and even with some western outfits.

There are a lot of several types of designer blouses that are famous now. But these blouses normally come with a wide range of patterns, colors and designs.

Some of the most famous cuts are Asymmetric, Boat Neck, Peter Pan Collar, High Neck, Collar Neck, Jacket Style, Knotted Blouse etc.

If you are really passionate about making patterns and designs, then this business is actually perfect for you. In addition if you have an educational background in fashion designing, then this will definitely be the best self-employment opportunity for you.

Again moms and housewives can simply earn a very handsome income from this home-based business and you must have a zeal for crafting patterns and designs in order to be able to start this business.

 14...Starting and running a florist business

As long as we are talking about starting a business, a flower shop is actually one of the easiest ones to start because they do not need license that is specialized although you will still likely need a state license, professional schooling and certifications and also relatively low cost of starting. Also have it in mind that, while getting started is not as hard as in some sectors, it’s also very simple for new competitors to easily start as well.

Always be sure to write a business plan for your flower shop before you go into this business. While there are so many people who will write a business plan in order to get a loan for a flower shop, the plan should just be your roadmap so that you will know exactly what you want your business to become. Immediately you finish writing it, just share with so many business minded individuals so that you can minimize any costly mistakes.  


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Now when compared to some other retail businesses, there is actually a few costs that you can use to start a flower shop as there is also a little amount of furnishings for a retail location and there isn’t actually much in the way of starting supplies for a flower shop to purchase either. The first big cost to starting a flower shop are the coolers that will be used to keep your stock fresh for long, but fortunately you don’t have to always replaced them often.

Inventory normally run between 40%-50% of sales, thereby making inventory management a very good skill because flowers make up almost half of a flower shop’s expenses. Now what makes this critical?  Flowers are easily perishable and they have a shelf life that is limited. No shop owner will like to sell wilted flowers and nobody wants to buy them either. Also be aware that you need to be very good at arranging demand for the peak holidays such as Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day but you don’t have to order too much and have inventory go to waste.

Labor is actually the next highest expense, just about 20%-25% of sales. You don’t have to disregard the importance of employees to the very success of your business because employees that emphasize good customer service will definitely keep customers coming back. So you have always be sure to treat and pay good people very well in order for you not to lose them.

  15...Start a sunflower farming business

Sunflower is actually not only one of the most necessary oil seed crops, but it is also a very good source of vegetable oil in the world that is consumable; it is a very good oil when simply compared to some other vegetable oils. Now because of its health appeal, people are now turning to sunflower oil. So starting a sunflower farming business would actually need a very cool climate for it to germinate and then let the seedlings to grow.

Once the seedlings get to a certain stage of development, they will be grown in warm weather so that it can reach the flowering stage, and immediately it get matured, hot and sunny weather is required. Because the sunflower is actually a crop that is photo-sensitive, it can easily be grown in any season, only with the exception of freezing climates.

Another big advantage to sunflower farming is the fact that it can easily be grown in any kind of soil. This actually means that it is fairly simple to grow sunflower as they normally pollinate without having any need for much insects, they are drought resistant and also not too prone to diseases.

Before you start a sunflower farm, there is however some questions which you will need to ask yourself such as, if you have a space that is big enough with which to grow your sunflower and if you also have the market for your harvested sunflower.

Also, you will have to know the variety of sunflower that you intend to grow, because each variety normally defines the end use; it can be oil extraction or as a snack and even food ingredient or garnish. Sunflower seeds are very valued because they are used to produce oil; apart from that, the sunflower seeds are normally milled and then sold to the birdseed market.

Although farming is a business which is labor intensive and mixed with mechanization, you will still need to have a business plan if you actually intend to make a big success out of your business. I know it might be hard for you to write a business plan, but you have the option of going online to download a template you can use as a guide in writing yours or simply hire a business plan writer.

  16...T-shirt printing business

Nowadays, the T-shirt printing business is actually one of the very few businesses which can easily be started with a very small capital and it promises big returns in so many countries around the world. All that is required is just small money and a lot of hard work and dedication.

If you have are good in fashion or you just have an interest in and you are ready to make a career out of it, the T-shirt printing business is a good way to start, and there are so many resources available on the internet that you can  easily learn from.  

The T-shirt printing business needs you to have a good strategy and understanding of your targeted customers. You need to know their likes and the current trend in the market, and then with the assistance of a designer or you can even do it yourself, just create your designs and transfer them to the plain T-shirts through a way that is very suitable. Immediately the item is ready, you can easily market to the target customers through several channels such as various physical stores or the internet.

Now although the T-shirt printing business is actually focused on creating custom printed T-shirts, you can easily extend it to include a service where you will have to produce “custom printed gifts” for corporate companies. The gift business is normally complementary for those who make use of heat presses to print T-shirts because with a good and quality heat press, you can print on blankets, number plates, glassworks, wood or any other flat surface.

 17...Matchstick manufacturing business

Matchsticks are normally used to start fire under controlled conditions. They are used in almost all homes around the world for starting fire for cooking. They are also used in different industries to start fire when heat energy is required and for burning waste materials.

Matches are actually sold in quantity and there is the wooden type, which is packaged in boxes always. And paper matches are also available; they are mostly clustered in rows and stapled into matchbooks.

Now because matches are used in almost every home around the world and in every industrial establishment, the demand for matches is always on the high which then means that there is big profit potential in the matchstick production business.

So if you are considering starting a very lucrative business of your own, then you will have to take a look at venturing into the match stick production business.  

Match production usually requires wood as the main raw material and the wood is normally cut out into fine little sticks, and some special chemicals are added to the sticks in order to ensure the safety and burning. The sides of the matchbox are always covered with paraffin premix and phosphorus for inflammation.

So if you have abundance of wood in your country, then you can simply start your match production factory, because the main raw material needed is readily available.


18...Embroidery business

Embroidered, custom apparel and accessories is a big business which is actually simple to start with a basic business skills and embroidery machine. Although it can be a little tricky to choose equipment and find the perfect customers to target, it's actually very possible to start small in your free time and then build a full time embroidery business.

You can start by joining embroidery and custom apparel associations in order for you to get the latest trends, news, and ideas for how to start an embroidery business. You will also have to attend trade shows so that you can network with embroidery professionals and some suppliers. Also read books and journals about custom embroidery.

The customers that you sell to will actually determine the type of accessories and clothing that you produce, which will assist you to choose supplies and equipment and also help to focus your marketing activities and advertising. The commercial market, giveaways, other marketing items and creating custom embroidery for uniforms is one type of customer. Private customers look for custom embroidery on clothing and gift items.

Most machines use for embroidery normally connect to a computer and it includes software that is use to produce digital designs. You can look for a machine which gives training, support and warranty since mastering the software can be very hard. So you have to choose a machine that will actually fit your goals of production and the type of material that you are planning to work on, and also software that will create the results which you need. You can start small with embroidering by hand or a home embroidery machine and then gradually invest in a bigger machine once your orders start growing.



Starting a cartoonist business can be a very profitable career; you will simply get to tell stories through visual drawings while you are growing as an artist. But it can also be a very precarious career, the Bureau of Labor Statistics does not actually have any in-depth data on this very profession, so this may indicates that it is very difficult to make a living through it even as a full-time cartoonist but most cartoonists are actually working as freelancers or maybe they actually have an added specialization which normally allows them to draw cartoons as a secondary job. The truth remains that with some dedication and planning, you can easily make cartooning a part of your professional life.


20...Graffiti removal business

Starting a graffiti removal business is a very lucrative business most especially if you are actually working directly with the government of your country maybe their agent.

It is the duty of the government in most parts of the world to make sure that they remove graffiti from all public facilities and to maintain a decent and very clean environment. Now since it is mainly the responsibility of government to actually maintain the beautification of public facilities, it is therefore advisable for you to position your graffiti removal business in order to be able to get contract from the government to assist remove graffiti in your environment.

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