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12 Great Jobs for Stay At

 Home Moms and Dads




Legitimate Work From Home Job Opportunities For Stay at Home Moms and Dads That Are Easy to Start (Unique Side Hustles Business Ideas and Great Second Jobs For Extra Money)


These days work from home jobs is more famous than ever. When you decide to make the family decision that is important to be the one staying with the kids at home, there are a lot of things that you may have to take a look at before you make the leap because being a stay at home dad or mom normally takes some serious planning if you will like to get it right. As a stay at home mom or dad, you will have to make sure that your family makes money that will be enough to live on, also put money into savings and then have enough for college, vacations and some other things that’s very important to you.  



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What does work at home success truly require?

You may have heard a lot of ways to work at home successfully. But, it all comes down to just one key to be very successful when working at home and prioritizing is that key. If you are able to prioritize, then you will be able to work at home. It sounds very easy, but it can easily challenge us mostly when you are always home constantly balancing everything, every day of your life.  




There are so many tricks and tips to working at home, but if you are not able to get the key of prioritizing then you will have a very difficult time mastering how to work at home. Now what is so necessary about prioritizing? You are ultimately responsible for your own schedule when you work at home. So even if your work-at-home job has some particular hours that you have to work, if you are not able to prioritize; you will not always be able to work your hours, you will then as if you are be rushed and you will not be able to produce the work which you have the potential to do.  




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Immediately you learn the right way to prioritize for your work-at-home-job you will then find out that a lot of the other tricks and tips will easily fall into place. So in order to prioritize you will have to first pick your priorities. Because it looks good to an employer when you actually say that you will really like to work all the time. But they know that it is not true because it is not realistic. Perhaps your family is your top priority. You will need to ensure that you put your priorities in order. If you feel that your main priority is actually your family then you will have to work around your family. So many people work while their children go to daycare, school or activities. If you need to pack for a big trip, run errands or clean house; then you will have to first prioritize.  




In so many ways working at home is just the same as working in the work place. You are still expected to log out of your life and then go into your career. Be it mentally or physically, just be sure that you handle day to day tasks and always stay on top of things for all of your main priorities. By being in charge of day-to-day tasks, you will be very sure of having time to start working always.

Prioritizing also means picking a work-at-home-job and a schedule which works very well for you. So now that you have figured out your priorities; just find a work-at-home job which you know that you can make a big priority in your life along with the others. Some people prefer working at night; others prefer mornings. Some prefer deadlines; while some prefer to make their own hours. It actually depends on your preferences and the job. However, the work-at-home job is actually supposed to be something which can easily transition into your life without wreaking havoc and without disrupting a lot of things.  


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So, what are the top work-from-home jobs for stay-at-home Parents?

The days of the one income family are long gone because times have changed. A lot of families out there won’t be able to accomplish all their goals financially if one parent decides to stay at home without working to generate an income. The best thing about changing times though, is that it’s now way simple to work at home than it normally used to be!

There are a lot of jobs that you can do from home which doesn’t involve stuffing envelopes or any other lame and scammy activities and in most cases, you will be able to set your own hours and make so much money in order to keep your family financially above water. The best part is that, you will also have all the time in the world to raise your kids!  


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1...Social media manager

More than 90% of marketers normally make use of social media in order to attract new business, but just about 15% are actually confident in their execution. This has opened a big market for interested freelancers. A lot of people right from direct sales consultants and bloggers to big brands is searching for social media managers. And, the very good news here is that you won’t even need a formal degree to start a social media manager from home.

Social media management can be described as so many things and it actually has so many aspects of the online marketing portfolio such as:  




·        Social media strategy

·        Content marketing

·        Community growth & management

·        Public relations

·        Customer service


Some of the tasks you may be required to offer your clients are:  

·        Scheduling social media updates

·        Setting up profiles

·        Responding to customer service issues

·        Sourcing viral content for sharing

·        Creating social media images

·        Community growth & outreach

·        Reporting on reach, traffic and growth SEO – yep, social updates need keywords too

·        Paid advertising

·        Sharing popular posts & sales pages on a regular basis  




It is not a must that you offer everything that is on the list, but you will need to be able to provide a very good overall strategy because a client will not like to hire three different social media managers just to cover the basics. At least, as a social media manager you should be able to provide the following:

·        Source Engaging Information – In so many cases, you are the person behind the social profile. You are the one that interacts with followers and then share information that is interesting. You are the one keeping tabs on the newest industry news and then passing it across to spark engagement and discussions.

·        Respond to Customer Service Issues – People does not have that patience to wait 24-48 hours for an email reply these days. They prefer their concerns or questions to be addressed as soon as possible. As a result a lot of them turn to social media channels. You will be keeping an eye out for issues that is both directly and indirectly (mentions on social media or blogs that are not necessarily addressed to you personally).

·        Grow the Community on a Continuous Basis – Now as a blogger or business owner yourself, you actually know that the new customer outreach will never end. It is sometimes very aggressive in the start, but you will have to get your client’s name out there continually. This is the place where hashtags, industry news and trending topics can get you ahead.

·        Stay on Top of the Latest Platforms, Best Practices and Policy Changes – You don’t need any one to tell you that things change constantly around here. Always keep an eye out for some new platforms that may be of good interest, changes to advertising and privacy policies and how the competitors of your clients’ are generally connecting with followers.

·        Be Able to Bring New Ideas to the Table – One of the strongest things about your job is actually going to a client to tell them, “what you’ve been doing is just wrong and it really isn’t working.” The truth is if a train wreck is foreseeable, you will have to bring attention to it. If there is actually a method that you know will increase conversions or engagement greatly, just say something.

·        Know How to Report Successes and Failures – This is actually a job that is results-driven, which is one of the reasons a lot of people love it. Analytics are now available for almost all the platform today, whether it is through an app or onsite. Just know the right place to find this information so you can always provide it to your clients. Just show them “on paper” the changes that can be made and the results which you anticipate or are experiencing.

·        Always Remain Professional and Provide a Consistent Voice – Always try to make sure that followers never know when another person is behind the social media helm. If you decide to be working with one or two other people, don’t ever tell them to, “wait until after 3 in order to voice complaints on Facebook because that’s the time nice people come on” from your clients’ followers. Just let it be seamless.

·        Be Accountable – The truth is that there is going to be some experimentation with social media so whenever things refuse to go as planned, just own it.  




Because of the large range of tasks and skills which a social media manager may employ, salary normally goes from around $22,000 to $115,000 per year. However, if your skills are entry-level and the things that you can bring to the table are limited, you will be looking at a lesser pay scale. But, the truth is social media is very much a self-taught skill. You will be able to learn more and do more for your clients as you see fit.

You don’t have to be formerly trained before you become a freelance Social Media Manager. But if you will like to work with Kraft, then you might be needed to get a marketing degree. However, as a home business owner or an average blogger, you will not.  


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2...Web Developer

A web developer is actually the lifeblood of the internet, slaving away in front of a keyboard and monitor, thereby pouring their sweat, blood and tears into the digital landscape in order to inform, amuse and then connect us to one another. They are the people who build and maintain websites. Web developers are very important and they are actually one of the most necessary groups of professionals that we have in our world today. A web developer job is very vital, to the world economy and to our personal lives because should the internet go, we will go with it quickly.  




This is the reason why web developers are needed to learn different set of skills in order for them to do their jobs. And again the jobs themselves have to do with a dizzying amount of responsibilities and tasks.


Some of the tasks are:

·        Writing the code that is needed to become the interface of a web page with a variety and combination of several markup languages.

·        Understanding the right way to cater their web pages for the very best User Experience, which is UX, by providing the ideal User Interface, which is UI, for that particular page and its very unique visitors. (Always keep in mind that the people who are looking to find like-minded people that are ready to discuss the new Star Wars movie are mostly looking for a very different experience than the people who want to buy designer clothing).

·        Being able to take a website creation tool such as Wix, WordPress, Squarespace, or another and then construct a completely functional web site from the very start. But while some web developers who are more advanced may still make use of these tools often, they can also add them altogether and then construct full htm pages without a website builder in order to guide–and occasionally limit–them.

·        Be able to expertly and quickly create website / webpage prototypes and mockups that you will show to potential clients what you can offer. You don’t have to be worried if you are still a complete novice. As long as your ideas are very strong and your work ethic is robust, you can simply learn the coding and make use of a wealth of premium or free tools to help you in this process.

·        You will need to understand HTML and CMS a little. But there are a lot of coding languages that are different, and more are still being developed all the time because it is an evolution that is never ending, but you don’t have to be discouraged, because most of these languages are built on each other, so once you learn the easiest, it becomes simple and simple to learn the ones which have grown out from them.

·        You can develop web-based applications and websites that are both functional and appealing. In fairness, this is actually a set of duties whose difficulty will inverse as time goes by. Actually, the “functional” part will seem more difficult in the start while the “appealing” requirement will seem very simple. But, immediately you have learned the basics and seen all there is to see, the “functional” requirement for a website will be very simple, but coming up with very good and unique design which is appealing will be very far and more daunting.

·        Maintain and update the websites you have created. This is usually one of the easiest responsibilities. Immediately you have gotten the right skill to create a website very well, you will have to generally be able to maintain it with just little difficulty–assuming your code was strong from the start.  




Becoming a web developer actually has to first start with learning the necessary skills that is needed to make and maintain websites. However, the coding languages that are required for website development are not very complicated and it does not actually take as long to learn as traditional programming languages such as Haskell or C++.  




3...Search Engine Evaluator

The truth is that one of the most famous work-at-home jobs at the moment is becoming a web search evaluator or search engine evaluator. If you have actually done any extension research on the internet before, then you will know that Google doesn’t always get it very right. Your job as a search engine evaluator is to always analyze search results for quality and relevancy.  




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The need for this work always arises as those results that are given to you after doing an internet search are normally determined by a computer and these fancy things that are known as algorithms. What’s actually missing from algorithms is the human part because robots aren’t too good at predicting or interpreting what you are looking for most especially when it comes down to a string of words that are unrelated. So many people don’t type actual questions into Google after all. Some are looking for things like “services to offer.” This can actually mean a lot of things to different people. Search engines have showed that those people might be searching for freelance service opportunities and they have just crafted their query results to reflect that.  




Most openings in this sector report earnings around $12 to $15 per hour. So many people really enjoy this type of work. The schedule is usually very flexible. It is a non-phone work. The pay is very decent for not being on the phone. You won’t also need any special training or equipment. Many openings only need high speed internet and a Windows-based personal computer.

There are a lot of organizations that contract at-home workers to check search results. It is very important that you go through the job description completely. Don’t ever blow your chances at future work by failing to follow the rules.  




4...Technical support providers from home  

If you are technically savvy and technically inclined and if you also enjoy troubleshooting and do you also know how to describe technical issues in everyday language? Then maybe you will have to think about working from home as a technical support person. There are a lot of organizations that you can work for in this day and age with so many others popping up all over.  


5...Airbnb Host

No matter the kind of room or home that you have to share, Airbnb makes it very secure and easy to make lots of money and also reach millions of travelers that are looking for very good places that they will stay, just like yours.

With Airbnb, you will be in total control of your prices, availability, house rules, and how you will interact with guests. You are also going to set check-in times and also handle the process just like the way you like.  




All that you need to create your listing is free and very easy to create a listing on Airbnb. Just describe your space, and how many number of guests you can accommodate, also add details and photos.

You can get to know guests before they arrive by messaging them on Airbnb platform. So many hosts normally clean the spaces that guests use, and provide essentials such as towels, toilet paper and clean sheets.

Guests are normally charged before they arrive, and you will be paid automatically immediately after check in, minus a service fee of 3%.  




6...Make YouTube Videos

Once you have signed up with YouTube and built a very good amount of followers / views, you'll then get an email asking if you will like to monetize your videos (all you have to do is click on yes). You will then be able to choose your best videos that you will make money from.

The basic gist of this is that some organizations pay Google so that they can advertise on your videos, and you'll get a cut of the profit.  




Just to be clear, you need to know that you won’t be able to monetize any videos that have copyrighted material in them. So you don’t have to nick the stuff of other people.

So it normally depends on what you are planning to capture on film, you will need to get the right set-up sorted from the very start.

There's actually no point recording the very best and hilarious video that is ever seen on your iPhone – just a very good set-up will go in a long way towards proving to people that you are very serious and having them respect your videos.  



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You'll need to have:

·        A very good camera – Quality is very necessary and you will have to record your videos in full 1080p HD.

·        Video editing software – Both Macs and PCs have very good video editing software such as iMovie and Movie maker but Adobe Premier is a very good option for some advanced users (or just grab an alternative that is free).

·        Sound recording equipment – A lot of cameras come with a microphone, but if you will like to look for top sound quality you might need to buy a very decent microphone.

·        Lighting – Splashing out on lighting isn't important, but a lot of top You Tubers swear by it. Time to get creative with every lamp in the house!

·        A decent backdrop – If you are filming a vlog, you will have to set up a very good backdrop. You can easily stick with a very plain color or you can jazz it up a bit with some collection of posters for instance (although plain actually works a bit better).  




7...Start a Blog  

Most of the bloggers that you see on the internet today aren’t making lots of money. But on the other hand, there are some bloggers that are also making very good money.

If you will like to make money blogging, then you must have a blog. If you don’t already have one, a self-hosted WordPress blog is what most people normally use.

Immediately you have a blog, always write content that are useful. So you can draw from your experience and expertise to write posts and articles about your chosen topic that is informative. Always make sure your content is very good.  

Your content can be based on how to

·        Solve a problem

·        Relieve a fear

·        Teach something new

·        Explain how to reach a goal

·        Entertain

Now in order for you to make money, you are needed to have blog visitors. But for you to get blog visitors, you must have content that is worthy of a visit.  




Now while you are creating very valuable content, you can start building sincere and genuine relationships with some people on social media and around the web and with a lot of social media sites, it’s very difficult to know where to start.

Apart from being active on social media, here are some other ideas: you can simply participate in Facebook Groups, join forums or comment on some other blogs. You can find or simply start a mastermind group. Also you can simply reach out to the people in your niche by just tweeting them.  




Just find those people that can make use of the information which you provide. Interact and get close to them, always be friendly and helpful by offering no-strings-attached tidbits of your experience and expertise because word about you actually spreads best through the people who know, like and trust you.  




You have to keep growing in the knowledge of your craft so that the content which you create gets very deep and valuable. Use your blog to build authority, gain trust, get exposure and be helpful.


8...Providing child care

One of the highest issues facing families in American today is taking good care of their children while the parents work. The number of working parents which includes single-parent families, and families that has both parents employed--is very high thereby creating a need that is ever-growing for quality child care. That need is actually creating a very good entrepreneurial chance for the people who are in love with children and that will want to build a business caring for them.  




Child-care services normally range from little home based operations to big commercial centers and it can easily be started with just a small investment. You can stay very little, by just creating a job for yourself, or you can also grow it into a very big enterprise that has potentially millions of dollars a year in revenue.

You also have a very good amount of flexibility when it actually comes to the real services that you decide to offer. You may also limit your clientele to children in some particular age groups or you can also tailor your operating hours to meet the needs of a specific market segment. You can even give transportation between the children's homes or schools and your center.  





The basic work you'll be doing here which has to do with caring for other person children has a lot of responsibility and it normally requires a very serious commitment. When you have the children in your custody, you will be the one responsible for their well-being and safety. You are also going to play a very vital role in their total development and might also be that important someone they will always remember all their lives.


9...Be a virtual assistant

Becoming a virtual assistant is a very attractive option for moms and dads who will like to work from home. Although friends and family may not like your decision to actually become a full-time virtual assistant, they may not be aware of the profitable opportunities that might arise from the rapid adoption of remote computing technology.  




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Now in an office setting, a traditional administrative assistant is normally available for the organization to use on demand. A virtual assistant actually gives the same services remotely for a company. Also, there is a lot of evidence which shows that a virtual assistant could potentially work more than an administrative assistant.

An administrative assistant can be disturbed at the work place while a remote virtual assistant normally focus on the task that is at hand because there is no outside interference. Companies are now wising up to the very benefits of hiring a virtual assistant.  




These days the potential for earning lots of revenues as a virtual assistant is actually unlimited. From the start, you will think that you can only work a particular amount of hours for a specific agreed upon rate with your client. The truth remains that, virtual assistants that are very good have more employment offers than they can simply handle.

When you are starting out for the very first time, you may have to build up your portfolio with some positive reviews in order to get business from clients that are willing to use some very good amounts of money per hour on your services.  




10...Take Online Surveys and Make Money

There are so many ways to earn money online which includes taking online surveys or company offers. The truth is that you can get paid for giving your opinion.

You (most probably) won’t get lots of dollars in a week, no matter what the ads try to tell you. Now the truth is that, when you take part in a lot of high-roll surveys on a daily basis you can make a very good amount, but things don’t normally work out like that.

Those high-roll surveys will actually be a very sporadic surprise, instead of routine, and it also depends on how many organizations aims that you hit or miss (do you really handle the budget at home, or do you normally live off your parents? Are you still a nerd or a jock?), the number of surveys that you get can differ greatly. Also, when thinking about the hourly earnings – some surveys normally take up a lot of time – and you won’t be well-paid.  




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But if you decide to enlist for a very good number of survey services, you can actually score some extra bucks and the best of all is that you don’t need to be able to actually do things, all you are need to have is just an opinion – and the truth is that everyone has that. Just know that this will be a little extra money.


11...Home beauty salon

Do you have the skills for cutting hair, facials, hair removal or nail care, then you have to know that the possibility of starting a beauty salon at home is an opportunity that is real. There is actually a very big demand for cosmetology services and, without overhead costs, so providing these same services as a salon normally allows for competitive pricing.

Having salon experience will actually provide lots of confidence for going out on your own. But if you do not have the needed experience, yet you have a flair for manicures, hair design or any other cosmetology services, you can start out by working on friends, neighbors and family in order to make sure you have got the skills which can be marketable. Now to get some additional training, just check out local colleges and schools. Courses are always affordable and you can also be making use of the skills that you are learning right away. You will simply be certified once you complete training and you can proudly display this certificate in your home-based beauty salon.  




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Now as with any business opportunity, it is very important that you follow the state and local laws before you start your own salon officially. Go and register your little business with the office of the secretary of state in your state. Also check with local ordinances for ways to set up a home-based service business in the home. There may also be a need to insure your business just in case anything takes place when a client is receiving services at your home. So contact your insurance agent to actually discuss the options that are available.

Then you will need to look for a working space in your home where there is actually lots of space with access to electricity and water. If you are looking at the garage or basement, make sure that there is also adequate air conditioning, heat, if needed, and also good access to fresh air. Have it in mind that wherever the location is, there will have to be an entrance that is accessible and clutter-free for all potential clients. If this area is also going to be claimed on income taxes for use of business, the entrance will need to be specific for the home business.


12...Flip on Craigslist and Make Money

The aspect of flipping items is not really new. It actually has to do with buying an item very cheap, then refinishing in order to make it look much better, and also selling it at a very high price. In most cases, you don't even need to improve the item you bought and sell to make money.  




For instance, you can buy a Lane Rhythm credenza for $250 then you can sand and stain in order to make it shine. After that you post an ad on the site and then you might be able to sell it for more than $500.

You will start by looking for the terrible ads because ads that has the least text or images normally scare away buyers. But this is also an indicator that the seller only wants to get rid of the item by not really placing an effort on making the ad look very good. Also, by posting a classified ad that is haphazard, the seller doesn't actually care if he or she gets the complete amount of money for the item.

Try to bargain always because there is no harm in asking if you could purchase the item on Craigslist at a very low price, most times, they will just agree to your offer. The chances will definitely increase if you are able to target the ads that are crappy.



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