List of Jobs Immigrants Do in the United Kingdom - What Jobs Do Immigrants or Foreigners Do In the United Kingdom, Most In Demand Immigrants Job In UK - List of shortage occupation in the United Kingdom


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  List of Jobs Immigrants Do in the United Kingdom




Skilled, Unskilled and Highly-Skilled Immigrants Jobs in the United Kingdom: Britain's Most In-Demand Immigrants Jobs Revealed - High Demand Jobs For Foreigners In The United Kingdom (Jobs In The United Kingdom For Foreigners or Immigrants)



The truth is that travelling to another country can be scary and very hard, most especially a Western economy that is competitive like the United Kingdom but you will be excited to know that getting your very first job in Britain isn’t as difficult as you might think.  




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Here are the most in-demand Immigrants or Foreigners jobs in the United Kingdom  

Now do you know that a lot of things have changed after Brexit? But that doesn’t actually mean the job market of the country will just yield to an incessant free-fall. The many effort of the new administrations in bringing up the economy have paid off. And as the economic editor of Guardian’s Larry Elliot put it, “The job market is catching up slowly.”  




So in other words: there are still a lot of jobs for everybody because so many employers that are locally based are still on the hunt for those people that can easily fill in positions that are vacant in their different organizations. After all, what exactly could a ‘steady’ and ‘buoyant’ job market mean apart from more jobs for everybody?  

Listed below are some of top jobs which are always to be in high demand in the UK:  

·        Developer

 Now according to UK-based recruitment website Adzuna, some of the people that are most important in the digital market which is booming are developers.

 They are the most sought after people because they are the ones with strong Java knowledge; they are the ones who can design websites, programs, and software; most especially those that deal with strengthening data security and organization operations. It’s a role that is highly desirable too.  




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·        Designer

 The fact is the digital boom will never be complete without the designers because as businesses in UK build their presence on the online world, the demand for web designers will definitely remain very high. These demands that have sky rock even raise their basic starting salary to £40,000; which is a very big increase from a mere £20,000s some years back.  

·        Finance Manager

 In 2014, London has already become the king of the global fintech market, and despite it suffering from different repercussions because of Brexit, it has continuously manages to be a global leader in a very new industry.  



 Now as it finds its way back to the very top, those that has bachelor’s degrees in accounting, finance, economics, and business administration are highly needed both by companies who have actually lost a lot or by a few lucky ones that plan on expanding. The average salary here is usually said to be around £43,000-£60,832 per year.  

·        Recruitment Consultant

 If there is anything that is satisfying about the current economic state of the United Kingdom, it will be the prudence that it normally imposed on owners of companies. Nowadays, owners of companies are more meticulous about the type of people that they normally let in into their companies.  


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 So they are going to need a very competitive recruitment consultant that will oversee their Human Resources department and / or that will strengthen the brand of the company towards some potential applicants. The average salary here normally plays around £36,000, (sans commission).  

·        Office Administrators

 There is no way offices can exist without them; Office admins are normally very consistent in being amongst the jobs which are most sought-after in the UK. At £21,000 annually, turnover and attrition rates in this segment are very high, but it can also be easily used to springboard a career, most especially for fresh grads.  

·        Engineers

 In 2014, James Dyson who is a billionaire businessman said that the future of the UK was in the hands of engineers and he even went as far as persuading the government to sponsor some potential students to take a course in engineering. 


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 Also, a research from The Royal Academy of Engineering has showed that a deficit of over 1.8 million engineers will have to be solved and the average salary reported is £28,000-£38,000 a year.  

·        Sales Executive

 Those people that have a knack for demonstrating and then selling products, approaching potential clients and customers and then organizing sales visits will never find it very hard to get a job in the United Kingdom. The average salary here is £28,000, but it is most likely to be propped up by commission and some other bonuses.  

·        Nurse

 Despite opening the country for a lot of foreign health workers in the past, the government of United Kingdom said that more than a thousand positions in the nursing segment has actually remained vacant. The normal salary starts at around £20,000 level, but with experience it can be stretch to £32,000.  



·        Teacher

 The whole of the UK is actually suffering from what the people who are experts call the ‘teacher crisis.’ The issue is very difficult because it has remained unsolved up to this day.

 Sciences and math teachers are highly needed not just in areas that are disadvantaged but also in some high-end communities and the £29,500 above-average yearly salary, however, doesn't actually seem to be enough to take care of the problem.  



·        Chef

 Now not having enough talented young chefs in the United Kingdom could easily change how the country eats, said Tony Naylor of The Guardian. That may not be all because it can also easily affect the restaurant boom in the country. Anybody that has listened to the House owner of two-Michelin-starred Midsummer Daniel Clifford will actually know the gravity of the problem. ‘The chef crisis is gradually going to the point where almost all restaurants in the UK are now short of staff,” he said. The average salary a chef receives starts at £22,000.


Healthcare, specialist nurses and other medical professions  

This is actually in high demand in the United Kingdom just because of the dense population, the vacancies in nursing, healthcare and some other medical professions are also on the rise again. Latest health service information actually suggests that over 20% of the new nurses in British hospitals are foreign workers or Immigrants from countries such as the Philippines and Spain. Now in regards to salary, some senior healthcare jobs can easily earn up to £100,000 per year, but also at the other end, entry-level nursing positions can easily start as low as £20,000.  




Aerospace engineering, transportation specialists, bridge maintenance

United Kingdom has a very bad shortage of engineers, right from aerospace engineering, to transportation specialists, then to simple bridge maintenance. This has been a problem that has be ongoing in Britain for so many years – according to Adzuna, so many engineering jobs are vacant and this is very high when you consider the specialist nature of the sector. The so many years of study that is needed before entering the engineering industry makes this a very hard sector to enter for foreigners but the study load will surely pay off in the end because graduates can expect to make up to a whopping £30,000 every year in just entry-level positions, and then the long run pay packages for senior engineers is even more rewarding.  



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The education system in London and the United Kingdom actually gives a lot of flexibility in terms of where teachers are going to work. Most of the jobs that are offered through Teach Away are always in England, in the greater London area to be specific. A lot of teachers normally choose to supply teach whenever they arrive in order to gain some experience, and then get a feel for the several types of teaching assignments. The curriculum of British is straight to the point and also simple to pick up, thereby allowing foreign teachers from countries such as Australia and Canada to quickly pick it up.

Holidays are very extensive and it usually offer more breaks than teachers in Australia and North America might get. Working in the United Kingdom for foreign teachers normally bring about the excitement of teaching in an educational system that is very new, while also maintaining a very distinct familiarity to the systems in Australia and North America.  




In the United Kingdom, there are only two common routes for teachers from overseas. The very first route is actually supply teaching. Supply teaching is a very famous option for teachers that are just arriving in the United Kingdom as it normally let the teacher be able to work in a number of various schools and then gain some experience while working with the British curriculum. In addition, supply teaching normally offers flexibility and variety in scheduling. The actual rate for supply teaching is £120 a day. Most times, supply teaching normally lead to a very long-term contract position. If the teacher is actually a very good fit for the school and a then a very good position opens up, the teacher can be able to take on a good long-term posting. The positions of supply teaching are normally available all through the year, thereby letting teachers to simply start their United Kingdom teaching assignment mid-term.  




Now the other route is to go and apply directly for the long-term positions. The United Kingdom has a high demand for secondary Science and Math teachers always, though positions are normally available in most subject areas always. If a teacher is actually hired for a position on a long-term, they can expect to earn a yearly salary that is in the range of £22,000 – £24,000. Now applying for a long-term position directly normally allows teachers to be able to know where they will actually be working, and it is mostly an option that is very attractive for teachers who have be doing supply work or who would rather like to work in only one school. Some contracts that last on a long-term basis (i.e. throughout the school year duration) may simply lead to a permanent position.  




Long-term positions actually start at the very beginning of every term, so the best time to simply apply for these positions will be 2-3 months before the start of the new term. The three major intakes for the long term positions are mostly in February, June and July and November.  

There are actually 4 main types of schools in the United Kingdom which are:  

·        Religious schools – privately funded, open to the public

·        State schools – funded by the government, open to the public

·        Independent and/or private schools – funded through tuition fees, may require entrance exams

·        Grammar schools – funded by the government; students must complete entrance exams to be considered for admission  




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The school system in the United Kingdom normally categorizes age groups just according to “Key Stages”. The Standard Attainment Test (SAT) is actually carried out at the very end of Key Stage 1, Key Stage 2, and Key Stage 3.

Teachers who are ready to work in the United Kingdom must be licensed in order to teach in their state / province. Please you will have to know that any teacher that has an undergraduate degree but has no teaching credentials is not going to be considered for any teaching job in the United Kingdom. All applicants will be needed to provide a criminal background check in order for them to be allowed to teach in the United Kingdom.  




In the United Kingdom, the school year normally runs from September to July, with most of the schools usually operating a three-term system (fall, spring and summer). Each term has a break in the center (a week off which is normally called “half-term”.) Schools also take break for two weeks during Christmas and two weeks for Easter.

Actually the school day start at 9:00 am and it ends at 3:30 pm with a lunch break mostly at midday. So as a teacher, your school day will normally include supervision of student activities, meetings and some other duties as assigned to you. But the exact school hours usually differ from school to school.  




Now in the United Kingdom, QTS which is also known as Qualified Teacher Status is actually the certification for teachers. So to be able to attain this status, teachers will have to pass standardized exams and complete some specific training. Teachers that are not from the United Kingdom are only able to teach in the United Kingdom for a maximum of four years before they are made to obtain QTS. So if any teacher has the plans of working in the United Kingdom for more than 4 years, then they will have to complete an NQT which is known as Newly Qualified Teacher year which will be under the supervision of a principal / teacher from their school. After the successful completion of a Newly Qualified Teacher year, a foreign teacher will then be granted their Qualified Teacher Status (QTS).  

Accounting and Finance

Accounting is actually a very useful skill for your long-term career prospects and it is also a very good skill for the general running of a business – but despite this there is still a distinct shortage in the United Kingdom. Accountants are becoming high in demand all over the United Kingdom, and companies are now taking up young and semi-qualified students in order for them to fill the vacancies. Accounting is actually a stable employment and the sector doesn’t change very fast, nor does it also change because of the downturns in economy. Specific jobs that are always in demand actually include auditing, as well as entry-level accounting jobs and risk roles.  

Demand for IT professionals

Now the growth of the digital age has actually seen an influx of some new jobs in the IT industry, and it is very clear that the demand for IT professionals will continue to surge because according to the online job listings by Adzuna, in recent times about 105,000 IT jobs were actually listed online, which is a rise of 6.5% from precious ones listed. Of all those IT jobs, more than 13,000 of them needed the skills of Java programming. The knowledge of Java programming has actually become the commodity that is most valuable in the IT job market, maybe because interactive software – like software for iPhones, apps and tablets – mostly needs some basic Java programming. Computing graduates are mostly able to make £35,000 a year with just a year or two of experience in the IT sector. If you are a foreign worker that actually has this computer skill, then you can simply make the most of them.  




Recruitment consultants

Recruitment consultants are the people that are actually responsible for attracting candidates and then matching them to permanent or even temporary positions with client organizations. They work with client firms, building their relationships in order to get a very good understanding of their recruitment requirements and needs.

Recruitment consultants are the people that also attract candidates by drafting advertising copy that is very good to be used in a range of various media, as well as by headhunting, networking and through referrals. They normally screen candidates, they also interview them, and they do background checks and then finally match them to their clients.  




Consultants are the ones who also give advice to both candidates and clients on salary levels, career opportunities and training requirements.  


Recruitment consultants give an important link between candidates and clients. 


The role is very demanding and also diverse and it has to do with:

·        Using business development, marketing techniques, sales and networking to attract business from client organizations;

·        Visiting clients to develop and build relationships;

·        Developing a very good understanding of client organizations, their sector, what they normally do, also with their work environment and culture;

·        Advertising vacancies by placing adverts and drafting in a range of media, for instance websites, newspapers and magazines;

·        Making use of social media to attract candidates, advertise positions and then build relationships with employers and candidates;

·        Headhunting - Approaching and identifying some very suitable candidates who may already be in work;

·        Making use of candidate databases to simply match the right person to the client's vacancy;

·        Receiving and reviewing applications, managing test and interviews and also making a shortlist of candidates for the client;

·        Requesting references and then checking the suitability of applicants before finally submitting their details to the client;

·        Briefing the candidate about the salary, benefits and responsibilities of the job that is in question;

·        Preparing correspondence and CVs to forward to clients in regards to suitable applicants;

·        Organizing the necessary interviews for candidates as actually requested by the client;

·        Talking to candidates about their interview results;

·        Negotiating salary and pay rates and then finalizing arrangements between candidates and client;

·        Giving advice to both candidates and clients on training, career progression and pay rates;

·        Working towards an exceeding targets which may simply relate to the number of candidates placed, a value that will be billed to business leads generated or clients;

·        Reviewing recruitment policies to make sure of effectiveness of some selection techniques and recruitment programs.  




 Their Salaries normally varies across locations and sectors, but it actually includes a very basic salary and a performance-related commission or bonus. This can either be a branch, individual or even team bonus. The basic salaries are normally higher in London.

Some vacancies normally advertise high OTE which is known as on-target earning salaries even for trainees. Now promise of an initial high salary very much relies on your sales performance.  




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The roles of recruitment consultant are mostly open to graduates not regarding the degree subject. Employers actually value drive, skills, experience and abilities also with the determination to be successful over some specific qualifications. So applying to an organization which specializes in an industry or market that is related to your degree subject, for instance IT or engineering can easily increase your chances.  





Going in with a foundation degree or even an HND is very possible but entry without a degree is also very possible for those people that have relevant skills, experience and abilities. Postgraduate study is not very important. You may even find out that relevant skills and experience are very useful.  






You will also have to show some evidence of the following:  

·        Very good communication and interpersonal skills;

·        Negotiation and sales skills;

·        A goal-orientated approach to work;

·        The ability to be able to handle so many priorities;

·        Problem-solving ability;

·        The ability to meet targets and deadlines;

·        Determination and the ambition and to succeed;

·        Tenacity;

·        Self-motivation and confidence;

·        Organizational skills and time management;

·        Team-working skills;

·        Creativity.  


British Army

It is actually so many people dream to be a part of the prestigious British Army. The truth is Commonwealth soldiers that are serving in the British armed forces have a very long and proud history. Because of the changes in legislation it has now become very hard for Commonwealth citizens to be a part of the armed forces at present.  




The Army now needs all commonwealth citizens to be staying in the United Kingdom with little Leave to remain or have lived there for over 5 years at the very date of application for going into to the army. You are also needed not to have been out of the UK for a continuous time of more than 6 months within this period of 5 years. This has narrowed the pool of some applicants that are eligible from Commonwealth Countries.  




Currently at present, it is no longer very possible anymore to be able to apply directly without having lived in the United Kingdom first, unless of course maybe for instance there is an ancestral entitlement to British citizenship based on the heritage of a person. But if you have British citizenship, then the residential requirement does not apply.

Now having this in mind, you will need to first immigrate to the United Kingdom for a period of 5 years before you can be able to apply to be a part of the army. You can go over to the United Kingdom on an ancestral permit for instance (a 5 year permit) or even the Tier 2 work permit scheme, but you will also need to explore some other immigration options first, before you will be able to actually join the armed forces.  




But if you are already serving currently in the armed forces, Immediately you have be able to complete 5 years continuous residency in the United Kingdom, and you also meet the other requirements that is applicable, you will then be able to apply for British citizenship. The very good news is that currently you can easily add up the time which you have served in the armed forces with yet another permit, for instance an ancestral visa or working holiday, provided there was not actually a distance between both of the statuses.  




Now when talking about your dependents, please known that you can simply apply for your civil partner, spouse or even unmarried partner, and of course children under the age of 18 and that are dependent on you, for dependency visas. They actually have several options that are open to them in terms of the applications; it depends on how many years the soldier has be serving in the armed forces at the very date the dependent decides to apply. Actually dependents will be giving Indefinite Leave to actually remain in the United Kingdom if all the options, including that of the residence requirements, are simply met. After 12 months, in so many cases they will then be eligible to apply for British Citizenship.  





Delivery drivers

Delivery van drivers are people who collect goods and then deliver them to customers.  

This job actually includes:

·        Collecting goods from a warehouse, depot or even a pick-up point

·        Loading the car in an order that matches the deliveries which will be made

·        Planning the route in order to make sure that deliveries are always made on time

·        Unloading goods at the right addresses

·        Asking and getting signatures for goods delivered and then giving invoices immediately the delivery has been made

·        Recording mileage and also the amount of fuel bought

·        Often making use of a hand-held computer to update delivery records

·        Returning items that are undelivered to the base

 Their vehicles normally vary in size; it sometimes depends on the load. Some vans are 3.5 tones or some times less, but this role may even drive vehicles between 3.5 and 7.5 tones.  




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If the delivery driver is working for a security company and they are delivering valuables or cash, their role will actually has to do with driving a specially adapted van that has a time-lock safe and some other security features.  





In order to work as a delivery driver, employers will actually expect you to have:  

·        Good eyesight and color vision

·        Basic math and English skills

·        A very good driving record and the correct license

 The main type of delivery vehicle that you can easily drive will actually depend on when you passed your car driving test.

If you are the type that got your car driving license before 1st of January 1997, you will be allowed to drive vehicles that are up to 7.5 tones without having the need for a different license. But if you actually got your car license after 1st of January 1997, you will have to drive vehicles that is up to 3.5 tones with your car license. In order to drive a vehicle that is between 3.5 and 7.5 tones, you will then need to have some further training to get a category C1 license. You will have to be at least 18 years old, and then pass theory, medical and practical tests.

All delivery drivers will also have to complete a very short course in order to get a Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC).  




You will be able to begin this job by going for an apprenticeship with a delivery company. But you will have to check for the schemes that are available in your area. So many employers normally tend to look for the people that are aged 18 or even over.

Employers normally include manufacturing companies, courier services and retailers all over the country. In some recent years, there has actually been a very high increase in delivery opportunities, mainly because of online shopping growth. Some other options actually include pharmacy deliveries and cash-in-transit driving.  

Road and Rail Maintenance

Rail track maintenance workers are the people who normally inspect and then repair bridges, railway tracks, viaducts and tunnels. You will need to start as a trainee with a rail track maintenance organization. You will not be required to have any formal qualifications but GCSEs including English and math will be very useful.

Having experience in construction or even engineering and then mechanical and also maintenance engineering qualifications can easily be of assistance.

You can easily get into this job through an apprenticeship with Transport for London or Network Rail.  




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In order to start this job, you will need:

·        To be very good at mechanical and practical work

·        To have a very excellent team working skills

·        An awareness of safe working practices on the railways

Your day-to-day tasks will include the following:  

·        Installing and also renewing embankments, track, cuttings, tunnels, level crossings and bridges

·        Checking parts of track are the correct distance apart and right height

·        Inspecting tracks for any form of defects

·        Clearing and reporting some potential obstacles, for instance after some very bad weather

·        Surveying part of track to know the maintenance needs

·        Reporting incidents and accidents

·        Performing hand signaling and lookout duties during trackside operations

You will always make use of pneumatic drills, hand tools and welding equipment. You will also use heavy machinery for some major repairs and to lay new track.

You will also have to work in shifts covering days, nights and then weekends, no matter the weather conditions. You will be given clothing that are protective such as overalls which are reflective, safety boots and a strong hat.

You could be tested at any time because there are always strict policies on drug and alcohol use just for some safety reasons.

With experience, you can easily be promoted to a team leader or even a supervisor. And with some further training, you will become an inspector of track, engineering technician, track manager or even designer.  



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Getting a Job in the UK Security Industry  

Security is very high on the agenda of United Kingdom and now, there is actually no big private or public company without a team that is dedicated to managing the issues of security. The market is very strong, and it is expanding rapidly.

The in-house security team that is within every business is only one part of the sector. There is also a whole sector dedicated to providing solutions on business-to business-security. And some security professionals will be involved in providing crime and awareness advice, thereby working to lower vandalism on urban estates, protecting buildings for clients who contract their services and monitoring behavior on our streets.

Another aspect of the profession is devoted to selling, installing or even manufacturing the newest digital security technologies.

Official figures showed that more than 144,000 people were hired in the investigation and security-related sector in the United Kingdom only in 2004 and industry experts have said that this has been growing rapidly by three per cent per annum.

Agricultural and Farming Jobs

Now as a farm manager you will actually work with animal production, dairy or crop production, although it's very possible that you will have to work with all three. The livestock on farms usually tends to be cows, pigs or even sheep, while crops normally cover rapeseed oil, vegetables, cereals and then salad. You will implement plans for higher yield, organize the administration of farm, work with machinery and then manage any businesses and staff associated.

Farms are actually run by single-owner farmers or management companies and they must satisfy the regulations that are set by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) for high-quality and safe produce that is farmed in an environmentally sustainable manner.  




Hospitality sector

The hospitality sector is very famous for casual and entry-level work, but some graduates also have the opportunity to build a very successful long-term career  

Hospitality jobs are normally available in:

·        Restaurants and coffee shops

·        Contract catering/food service management

·        Leisure attractions

·        Hotels

·        Pubs, bars and nightclubs

·        Self-catering and holiday centers.


And also opportunities to work in events normally include:  

·        Fundraising

·        Conference management

·        Entertainment and sporting events

·        Corporate days out and product launches

·        Exhibition management

·        Weddings and parties.

 Organizations in the hospitality industry also hire graduates to so many ranges of head office functions such as IT, human resources (HR), finance, customer services, property and legal, sales and marketing, and then general management.  

Some examples of organizations that operate in the hospitality sector include:  

·        Marriott International

·        Merlin Entertainments (includes Legoland and Alton Towers Resort)

·        Mitchells & Butlers (pubs and restaurants)

·        Compass Group (contract catering)

·        Greene King (pubs)

·        The Deltic Group (nightclubs)

·        Travelodge

·        Wetherspoon

·        Whitbread (include Costa Coffee and Premier Inn)

·        Hilton Hotels and Resorts

·        InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG)

·        Sodexo (contract catering and event management)

But the majority of United Kingdom restaurants and hotels are very small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and are owned independently while so many of the bars and pubs are small businesses, hiring less than 10 people.  

Warehouse / Factory Operatives  

In a much globalized economy and a time of online shopping, a lot of goods / items are inventoried, shipped and then stored each day. Warehouses are actually an important part of the circulation and distribution of products of all sizes and shapes, and warehouse operatives are actually the professionals which keep those storage facilities efficiently running.

The main job of warehouse operative actually has to do with a broad range of duties. These can easily be from shipping and receiving, to paperwork, to inventory, to forklift, to operation, to checking for goods that are damaged, and then general strategic organization.

There are only few barriers to going into the profession. These normally include being able physically for the strenuous work sometimes, being able to follow details very closely, being methodical and being able to work well on teams.


Some very important skills that are required to work in warehouse operations are:  

·        IT Skills: For data inventory and entry.

·        Forklift Experience: Knowing the right way to use a forklift will open up so many employment opportunities.

·        Spatial Thinking: If you can easily visualize ways to organize for maximum efficiency then you will have a very big advantage in this work.

·        Securing Loads: A very necessary skill to bring to the work is to be able to tie down loads very fast and securely.

·        High-Energy: Being a self-starter with a very high level of energy will definitely assist you to excel in this job.

·        Cleaning Experience: The job actually involves cleaning up of the warehouse space.




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