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Investing for Beginners: Simple Practices to Help You Reach Your Investment Goals - Build Your Investment Portfolio to Maximize Returns


What makes so many people fail very woefully when investing is that they go into it without understanding the rules regulating it. The truth that is very obvious is that you won’t be able to win a game while violating its rules. But, you have to know the rules before you can think about how to avoid violating them. Another main reason lots of people fail in investing is that they get into it without understanding what it is all about. This is the actual reason it is very important to know the meaning of the word, 'investment'. Now what is an investment? An investment is a valuable that generate income.






How to find the right investment for you  

In today's market, there are lots of opportunities for people to invest money and make good profit. The main reason people don’t invest is because they find it hard to choose what the best options are for their specific situation. With a few simple tips, investing can be highly easy and profitable.







To start with all you have to do is find investments that you can trust. The easiest way to do this is to research very well a stock company that you have some interest in.

Always remember to use only the companies that have a very long history of public trading and are also successful in their specific business market. These are the kinds of stocks that are the backbone of any successful stock portfolio because they offer security, stability, and predictability.

Use the information you will get to know if this is the type of company you really want to invest in. After making your choice you have to stay informed. Normally seek out periodic information about all your stock investments. A company that is stable today can easily slide into the red without you even knowing about it.  





Another good way to pick up vital stock tips is keeping up with business news. Business news stories can give some important indicators of where the market is and where it is going. The value of the company and its stocks can also be influence by these news stories.

Top business news always includes the success and failures of public companies as they develop. Most especially when dealing with the scandals of big companies. Big scandals can easily crash stock prices and you keeping up to date on the news can make you to be able to sell shares before the price actually drops. The same is true with positive news.  




Mergers and upcoming events can be good indicators that a company's stock prices are about to go up. All you have to do is invest in their stocks prior to these events.

Another great way to make money are Technology stocks, because of the advancements in technology, most especially in health care and drug companies, occur very fast and offer increased earning power. New technologies normally increases stock prices associated with these types of companies.  





Do you know that learning about technologies that are new and keeping a very close eye on their development can help you in knowing the right companies for your portfolio. Remember that not all technologies actually succeed so that is the main reason why it is very important to be an investor that is up to date and educated.

The power to predict the right investment platform will become very simple with the time and effort you spend on research because while so many short terms investments have the potential to make money fast they also have the potential to clear out your bank account so short term investments have to be balanced by long term investments in companies that are solid.

You can always ask co-workers, family, and friends, for help and advice or any tips they have. Most people are very willing to share with you their successes. Now you have to remember to balance advice with sound research and invest in companies you trust and like.





The most important thing when considering your investment plan is your ability to maintain discipline. Ideally, your investment plan was created based on what was discovered following your planning discipline. After adjusting for the factors you have control over we seek to find a portfolio that best achieves the return you need to reach your goals while taking the least amount of risk to get there.  






Persistence is the act of continuing to do something in spite of difficulties. It is the ability for one to tarry in whatsoever he is doing until he achieves a desirable end. A persistent man does not see obstacles the way others see them. To him, obstacles are stepping stones to his destination. A persistent man is not easily dissuaded, he is like a tree that is cut down but geminates again because it has its root in the ground. A persistent man sees rejections and failures as opportunity for him to start afresh. In a statement - he is immovable.  




For everyone who wants to generate wealth and flourish in it, he / she must be persistent in whatsoever he / she does. The popular saying that winners never quit and quitters never win is applicable in this illustration. A man with feeble minds cannot flourish in wealth because to acquire wealth is not an easy task. There are always obstacles on the way to success. Your friends may turn against you out of jealousy and envy. But you must not give up because you are conscious of your destination. All men are moving but few are conscious of their destinations. Those few are the ones that persist in their pursuit for success and wealth. You must be persistent in the journey of life.  





One of the reasons why you should be focus and persist is because there are dreams killers and discouragers in the journey of life. People are out there who would not want you to surpass them in life. They are the mediocre, maintaining the status quo. They hate you when you are succeeding and they can do anything to dissuade you from prospering. But, as a persistent man, your dream should drive you and make you cross the hurdles of life.  





Persistence is the key to wealth! Do not quit that business because you have failed once, twice or anytime. If the business is genuine and profitable, you should continue in persistency. All you need to do is to learn from past experiences and plan out new business strategy for your success business. The ability for you to remain while others are quitting makes you a lord in that business.

What I am saying is that whatsoever you are doing that is of interest to you; and that has the capacity of generating wealth for you should be taken with persistence and seriousness. Never you quit because people are quitting.





For example, in stock exchange business, the right time to invest is when market is down. People quit at this point, but a persistent man would invest seriously in it, knowing fully well that tremendous wealth would be knocking on his door immediately market is up. No man makes wealth without persistency in his daily endeavour. Wealth could come in a platter of Gold but you need to maintain the source of that wealth with persistency. Any vision you have must be maintained in order for you to have a maximized destiny.  





Conclusively, wealth is the desire of every human being on earth. Unfortunately, many still remain poor and die wretched. People who could have become world icon and legend, but lack of perseverance robbed them of God's given wealth. Some people commit suicide for first failure, others relent in their effort because of disappointment, not realizing that they could have taken just one more step. Just one more trial could make a difference and change a man's destiny. Try that thing just one more time, just try it again and you would record high success. Persistence is the key to wealth.





Taking control of your money

The fact is, the people who are financially successful are those who devote time into managing their money. They put all their energy into budgeting, saving, eliminating debt, and finding income producing assets. They have the discipline to educate themselves.

It is not difficult to get financial education because we do not suffer from lack of information. Financial literacy is hardly taught in schools or at home. There are thousands of books, seminars, and coaches who could teach you all you have to know.

Most people learn through others mistakes and some others never learn at all and it doesn't matter what economic bracket you are in because there are a lot of entertainers, athletes and lotto winners who fail to take control of their money.  





Get out of debt

Those who want to get out of debt really have to make lots of changes in their life. Your debt proves the fact that there is something very wrong with the way you once lived your life. So that means you seriously need to change something to make sure that you will never go back to the same debt situation again. This will either be minor or a total turnaround - depending on the amount of debt you are currently in.

As you begin on your road towards financial freedom you have to always do things the right way. That means starting with a plan. Nothing can ever beat proper management techniques in handling your debt. So how do you intend to plan for your debt relief program?  






To start with, you have to make a monthly budget. This is not just an easy plotting of income, expenses and debt. You need to think about where your money goes. Decide which ones should be stopped so you have more to put into your debt payment fund.

Always separate your wants from the needs in your expenses list. As you are doing that, check out any expense that you can take away. For example, the gym membership that you don’t use most times can be cancelled, also with the cable subscription that you are not maximizing. Now once you have finished the savings that you can easily get from your expenses list, get the total and remove it from your income. This is your disposable income - which is the money that you can simply use for your debt payments.  





After accomplishing that, go ahead with your debt list. You have to put in writing all of your credit obligations. You need to make payment plan that you can easily monitor by creating a list on how much you need to pay for every month... The goal here is to check if your disposable income is enough to pay for your monthly debt obligations.

If the answer is yes, then you have to categorize a couple of debts so you easily finish them quickly. The truth is, working on your debts one after the other will help you experience success faster because after you have finished paying off one debt, you will get the right motivation needed to pay off the rest.  






Now if your disposable income is not enough to cover your monthly debt requirement, you will have to research on debt relief programs that you can avail. Your choice will also depend on the balance of your debt and unique financial capabilities. Growing your income or selling off some of your assets to add to your disposable income is also a very good idea.




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Start investment early

When you start by taking some little steps into the working world, a step that normally comes hand in hand with finally moving out on your own, there are so many places your money will suddenly start disappearing to. Not only will there be an onset of bills like you may have never thought about but there will also be the desire to buy all those things you were always wanting to buy. It is always very hard to stop yourself now that you finally have the money to get that bigger TV, the car and gadgets you have always wanted.  



The issues so many people have when they normally get to this position is that the money vanishes faster than they would have ever thought when they do all of this spending. The fact is the value of a dollar never does not show itself fully until you start making what you supposedly think is a lot of money and then watch it add up to nothing.  




Now in other words there is nothing wrong with this. It is a stage of life like that normally comes with its own lessons to be learned. Avoiding any significant debt is the most important thing to keep track of during this period; this is doubly true if you are just getting out of school and already have that education debt hanging over you.  

If you are one of the very few people who learn how to handle that and then manage their money wisely then there are some other steps which are just as important, to take. Most of us have never been taught what we are expected to do with our money and also how we can make it work for us. Some people manage to avoid debt and even find a way to save chunks of each paycheck in a bank account but very few of them don’t do anything more with their savings than that.  





Leaving money sitting in a bank is a bad idea for so many reasons; one of the reasons is because by the end of each year the bank is very likely to take more fees than it gives interest. While leaving a lot of liquid funds to get by every month is important, taking big funds and investing them is also very important. Now for people who do not have bid amount of funds it is even more important that they find a way to create them.  




By practically investing the money wisely, let’s say starting off with profitable investments that build slowly but steadily, then you are able to better make sure you have lots of money for your later years. And just because your later years are somehow far away doesn't mean you should wait to invest. You have to know that the best investments are the ones that normally take lots of time to pay off. The ones that will instantly make you rich over night are very few and they are also the ones that are also risky enough to make you very broke overnight as well.  

When you start investing those few extra dollars you are always able to put aside early, they will be able to turn into bigger dollars in the years that follow. Take for instance, twenty dollars a week going into an average paying fund will not turn into thousands after some few years; but if you start that twenty dollars a week when you are young, then it will be worth something significant when you really need it.

Take advantage of the power of compounding

Do you know that one of the most popular investment tactics that most people wish they had implemented is the "start investing young" tactic? With this investment tactic rates of return are assume to be compounded, but most times the idea of compounding is assumed to also come from income-paying investments like term deposits.

To the contrary, compounding can also come with gains in mutual funds, dividend reinvestment plans and unrealized gains on equities or other assets. So, thinking about the magic of compounding with the magic of unrealized gains can also bring about the results so many investors seek with their investments.  



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For instance, an equity that has gained as much as an average of 8% in value every year could be said to have a compounded rate return of 8%. This is a good return rate, especially over a long period of time investing.

Which brings us back to the reason investing young is such a very important thing to start doing as young as possible! For instance, at a compounded rate of return of 8%, saving $1,000,000 by age 70 would cost a 25-year old just $2,587.29 per month, versus $8,827.44 per month for a 40-year old.  




An investment program that is started at a very young age not only allows the benefits of compounding to take effect, but it creates a very healthy financial safety net when non-tenured employees are cut back during hard economic times. Since most companies usually lay off workers who are less tenured, the younger employees are mostly in the cross-hairs when it comes to getting laid offs. When you establish a savings plan while still very young, it allows the most-vulnerable workers to draw on savings instead of credit.  

Starting very young normally establish a savings culture within the household. While purely psychological in nature, savings programs are extremely hard to start implement and this behavior becomes even harder to get started as we age. Starting young will allow us to avoid the saying that teaching an old dog new tricks is (virtually) impossible.  

Starting early also allows for greater net worth, which will result in good rates on mortgages, and more financial flexibility in ways of financing purchases that are larger as well as overall debt loads that are less. While the opposite of borrowing is often seen as savings because they often mostly go hand in hand. Someone with a great net worth will hardly have poor borrowing habits (and a poor credit score). Savings at a young age will instill better financial views and objectives in the long-run.  




Aside from the power of compounding working to a young saver's advantage, there are a lot of other behavioral, financial and psychological advantages to starting very early. Also by knowing the fact that compounding does not only works for straight interest payments but also for other investment rates of return, people that are new to investing can quickly see the potential benefits to starting an investment program as early as possible.


Spend some time reading investment books

Quality investing books offer lots of good advice on topics relating to wealth creation, which is quite wide-range and covers so many investment choices. The purpose of these books that are based on investment is to give the reading a very good comprehension of all risks involved and the potential benefits from investing in such things as bonds, stocks, property, and currency.

In the past years, a lot of the very best knowledge and secrets that is related to investments has made its way on to the bookshelves. A number of successful and good investors have written on paper about their extensive knowledge and experience, which makes it very easier for the keen, first-time trader to invest with a great deal of intellect which brings greater profitability chances.  

There are two types of books written about investment that you can examine, and they are much related to those targeting the professional and the complete beginner. On the bookshelves are so many books about investment to sift through, some very good and some are bad, so it is always difficult to choose the perfect one for your particular needs. Most of the books on investment take a particular approach, because they are most effective for the author, so the ways given to invest on the same subject matter are often different from one book to the next. It is therefore very important to make a research about the possible choices and choose one that gives information you can use yourself in the real world.  


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Make Investing a Habit  

The best way to acquire lots of wealth is in developing the habit of putting money where it can do the most for you, adding to your investments regularly.  Your rewards will be abundant. Now let’s say you put $5,000 in a savings account where it gives you 2% interest rate, compounded yearly. Then after twenty years, you’ll have $7,430. But on the other hand, if you put $5,000 in one-year certificates of deposit (CDs) giving them instructions to use the profit for a new CD every year.  Then in addition, every month you also buy a $100 CD and give the same instructions. Over 20 years you earn an average of 3.44% yearly. This nest egg will become more than $44,000. Don’t you think this is a lot better?  

Setting Investment Goals

The most important step towards financial independence is to set investment goals. Identifying the type of investments you are interested in is the process of setting goals. For instance, do you want to make money that you can easily use right now? Do you want to invest your money because of your retirement, or do you want to easily make investments that will improve your net worth?

After setting your investment goals, the next step required will be to identify investment products that can help you reach your investment goals. In doing this you have to use investment research tools like tables, calculators, case studies and lists. You can easily find these tools online.  

As you start investigating investment products you will have to start selecting investments that you are interested in. When you find four or five investment products that you are interested in, then you can start researching these products. To know about these products you have to review the history of their performance, you can easily talk with the company that offers the product, and you can also read through the product's promotional material.

Talking to an investment professional is the last step in setting investment goals. They are the ones that will be able to tell you the right investment products that are best for achieving your investment goals. They will also be able to tell you how good the investment products you have selected are. Before you visit with your financial professional make sure that you have a list of investment goals that you want, as well as a list of questions that you have about the investment products that you have researched.

Monitor Your Investments

Do you know that monitoring your investments is very important and it is one of the best ways to establish a very fruitful and secure investment portfolio? Many people always get involved with investing and when it wears off, they normally forget about their investments. Again, so many people believe that there is no need to always monitor investments, most especially long term low risk investments. These are all bunch of excuses to be lazy because not one of them is actually true. It can be very stressful to keep record of your expenses and your investments but however it is not impossible.

Learn from your mistakes

The act of making a mistake is mostly seen as a failure because no one really want to make a mistake in life but if one can actually learn to always grow financially or personally from these blunders, then they will achieve what over 95% of others have not done. When some people make a mistake, they normally try to justify their actions so that it won’t look like one. They will beat around until no one remembers the mistake and they will never have the chance to learn from it.

The fact is the most important aspect about making mistake is admitting to it. If the mistake affects you alone, then make sure that you are well aware of what you did and write about it. But if it also affected others, then you have to confess to the mistake and talk about what could have simply been done to avoid it. You also have to write about this as well.

Keep Your Emotions in Check

Man has the most developed brain among all species because it is a rational being. But, in all this, man is also governed by his emotions. You have to know that man is ruled by the heart more than his mind. And his emotions always play a big role in man's investments too. This is one of the reason which sees a particular person at one time might want to invest in the stock market, while at another time might find the same too much of a risk.

The company one is investing in is often controlled by emotions. Generally brand loyalties normally come into the picture here too. For instance, if someone prefers buying his sportswear from Nike, then he may want to also invest in its stocks, although the stocks of Reeboks may be doing better. It is very good to conduct a good research and check the new trends rather than following your heart blindly. You have to always know that you are not dealing with the super market but the stock market.




The very next important thing is the stock price. I believe we all know the fact that a Ferrari is far better than a Civic. But even the Ferrari has a price range, because it has more features and is better than the Civic does not mean you should pay an exorbitant amount, which is far greater than its price tag. A similar logic has to be applied while investing in stocks. Even when going for your favorite brand, remember that the reason you are investing is for you to earn a profit and not because you prefer the stuff they produce.

You need to know that no matter how hard we try to we cannot actually eliminate our emotions from playing a role while investing. But what we have to do is apply same amounts of logic and common sense. You have to know that it is your money that is going to be affected in this venture. Always calculate the fair value of a common stock that you have to invest in. The fair value of an investment is based upon the profit that came out from it. If, over a period of time, organization A does very well than organization B, then organization A will surely be more valued than organization B. While investing, stay cool and always go in for the firm with the better fair value. This will ensure that you are a very happy investor, earning lots of profits on your investments.  

Diversify Your Investments

Spreading your risk among different investments normally diversify the risk you take. Now this is very important for the average investor, the new investor and the small investor. By going into different investments, you decrease your risk and this most times doesn’t lower your average expected return.

Types of assets is the first part of diversification because this is most often see among stocks, bonds, cash and even real estate. The longer you normally invest your savings, the higher a percentage you will also have to invest in real estate and stocks. But the more you fear risk, the greater a percentage should be invested in bonds and cash. The amount you invest in each type of asset actually depends on your individual preference and situation.

Each type of assets is the second part of diversification. Normally with this diversification, you always get something for nothing. Spreading your investment among various assets within one type is not going to reduce the return you have to expect on average, but it is going to decrease the risk involve.  

When investing in stocks it should not only be from one company. You should buy shares in many companies and in different industries. If you invest in shares in 20 different banks, you have only succeeded in diversifying the risk from each company, but not the risk from the entire banking industry. To diversify the industry risk, you have to always buy shares from companies in different industries - for instance, a transportation company, an industrial company, a bank, etc.  

Now to diversify your bonds investment you have to buy a bond that has different nominal interest rates and different maturity dates. You can also buy bonds from different institutions. Although you need to be very careful with corporate bonds. They can be very hard to evaluate and some of them are very risky.  

Now to get it just a little more complicated, you don’t have to over-diversify, because when you invest in too many things, you will find it very hard to focus on all of your investments, and your risk will be lowered only a little. If all you have is about ten stocks, a few bonds with different expiration dates, a little cash and maybe some real estate, then you will have what it takes to diversify your risk.

Here is a quote to think about from the world famous investor, Warren Buffett, he was quoted as saying: "Wide diversification is required only when investors do not understand what they are doing". That is good for the small, the average, and the new investor. They actually don't know much about investing or they sometimes want to spend a lot of their time planning out what to invest in. But what if they just decide to diversify, they can do all right, anyway.  






Success in investing can be obtained by using all of the tips mentioned above, but you don't have to limit yourself to these, life is a constant learning process, no investor out there actually knows everything there is to know about investing. Find out what will actually work best for you and then just get out there and have a go so that you can achieve your investing success.  


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