6 Vital Positive Thinking Techniques - Positive thinking everyday


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6 Useful Positive Thinking Techniques





Manage Your Mindset And Reap Positive Results


If you want to be successful in life then you need a positive mindset. This means positive thinking everyday, and eradicating negative thoughts and beliefs that will hold you back from achieving what you want.  

1...Your Thoughts are Critical

All the things that you have in your life, and all of the things that you don’t have, are the product of your thoughts. If you let negative thoughts rule your life then you will not be successful. Thought control is the most important thing that you can do to ensure positive thoughts everyday, which in turn will lead to the achievement of your desires.  

2...Start the Day off right

You need to start your day off in the right frame of mind. If a negative situation occurs at the beginning of the day such as waking up late, this can put you in a negative mood for the entire day. You will believe that it is just a really bad day – but what is really happening is that your outlook has been pessimistic due to the initial negativity.

Use positive affirmations every morning even if you wake up late. This will stop any negative thoughts dominating your mind. Do your affirmations standing up, and in front of a mirror if you can. Use statements such as “I am going to be really great today” and “today is going to be awesome”. Over time you will see a lot of improvement.  

3...Focus on the Positive however small

During the course of your day you will meet with challenges and obstacles. This is inevitable, and having a perfect day is just a fantasy. When faced with these challenges see the positive side to them no matter how insignificant they seem. Revel in the fact that you overcame these challenges.

Treat each problem as an opportunity. If you are in a traffic jam then think about how you can do something productive with this lost time. Maybe you can record your thoughts on an upcoming project using your phone’s voice recorder as an example.  

4...Learn from your Failures

We all make mistakes and we all fail from time to time. This is human nature, so you need to accept this and not beat yourself up every time you make an error. A lot of people take this to a whole new level by continuously reflecting on the mistakes they have made in the past. The past has gone, so use it as a reference and don’t dwell in it.

Don’t focus on how you failed but think of what you will do better the next time around so that you can learn from this failure. Learning from mistakes and failures is a positive step forward that you must take.  

5...Convert those Negatives into Positives

It is likely that you will experience several negative thoughts during the course of a day. The way that you handle this negative self talk is very important for your success. If you don’t manage them well then you can form limiting beliefs about yourself in your subconscious mind which are difficult to change.

When a negative thought such as “I can’t do this” enters your head you need to challenge this with a positive thought immediately. In this scenario you can think to yourself “I am great and I can do anything” and then add “there is always a way”. Positive thoughts have a more significant impact on our brains than negative thoughts do, so practice this all of the time.  

6...Avoid Negative people and find Positive people

In your circle of friends, your colleagues at work and your family there will be a mixture of negative and positive people. Avoid the negative people as much as possible as they will see the bad in just about everything. Even if you just won 10 million dollars on the lottery they will find a way to make you feel bad about it.

It is important for you to have a support system of positive people, especially in the early days. You will know who these people are as they will have a very positive outlook on life, and they will use positive affirmations and positive stories all of the time. This will have a very significant effect on your own thinking and the development of your positive mindset.

Remember that positive thinking everyday is the quickest way to success.  








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